Accurate Final Expense Quotes And Oxygen Use in 2023

Accurate Final Expense Quotes And Oxygen Use in 2024

February 17, 20246 min read

When contemplating death seems a little more realistic, you know you’re getting older. What will happen to my family if I pass away? Will they have enough money for my funeral and other last costs?

If not, I will require assistance. Last Cost Insurance can help in this situation.

To relieve the financial strain on your loved ones after your passing, it can pay for things like your burial or cremation charges, cemetery plot costs, and other costs associated with settling your estate.

Final Expense Insurance Quotes And Oxygen Use

The insurance company views use as risky above anything else. In truth, you must be accountable in addition to receiving it when you have a serious health problem.

The good news is that it is included in our list of eligible health conditions for same-day coverage.

Millions of people create estate plans to guarantee their loved ones’ financial security when they pass away.

But many people overlook one important factor: funeral coverage.

These are also referred to as “final costs,” and they can be covered by comprehensive burial insurance plans that are created to cover a funeral and other final costs.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, even a modest funeral may be out of reach for many households since funeral costs are typically much higher than people expect.

Basic service charges, products, and services are available, and these could include embalming, caskets, burial preparations, and much more.

Nobody wants to consider that their loved ones are having financial difficulties while making plans, paying for a funeral, and in the months or years that follow.

In other words, burial insurance, often known as a final expense insurance plan, covers all funeral expenses, relieving your family of any stress and financial strain.

Burial Insurance And Oxygen Use

What About People with Medical Issues

What does burial insurance cover?

More and more consumers have included this coverage in their plans throughout the years, but many are hesitant if they have a chronic or life-threatening ailment.

For instance, a person with serious cancer might believe that after receiving a diagnosis, they would not be eligible for burial insurance.

While some insurance providers do not provide coverage for some pre-existing diseases, not all do.

However, many oxygen users won’t even bother looking for burial insurance because they are sure that their usage of the treatment will make it impossible for them to be covered.

The good news is that this misconception is untrue.

High-Risk Burial Insurance and Oxygen

Almost any health condition can be covered by “high-risk health issue” carriers, and many of them can have a policy in place the day after coverage is sought.

The millions of people who must utilize oxygen to stay healthy regardless of pre-existing diseases are covered by these companies because they specialize in providing coverage for those with some of the most prevalent conditions or concerns.

What does it matter if you use oxygen? Not at all.

Several carriers will extend the quote after receiving clear responses to some qualifying health concerns rather than requesting that customers undergo a medical examination.

Then, let’s look at how you may still safeguard your family’s money by choosing the right carrier for your final expense insurance coverage. First, let’s analyze why oxygen treatment might be such a difficulty for some insurance carriers.

Buying Burial Insurance When Using Oxygen Treatment

There’s a strong possibility that you need oxygen to stay healthy, whether your doctors refer to your usage of it as “supplemental” or “therapeutic.”

Your illness prevents you from breathing normally enough for you to acquire adequate oxygen, thus doctors prescribe oxygen.

You may have a lung problem, such as lung illness or trauma, but it may also be brought on by one of the following:

  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),

  • asthma,

  • heart failure,

  • sleep apnea,

  • pneumonia, and more.

To determine the level of oxygen in your blood, your doctor likely had you undergo a blood test or used a pulse oximeter.

They probably decided to put you on oxygen if you had insufficient oxygen and showed signs of low oxygen (rapid heartbeat, breathing trouble, wheezing, etc.).

This could imply that you have on-demand concentrators, portable oxygen gas tanks, or liquid oxygen tanks (from the air around you).

It is often administered using a nasal cannula, but you can also use a mask or a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) equipment.

The advantages of oxygen treatment can be quite significant, and for many people, they even include life-saving advantages.

And even if you don’t find your requirement for oxygen to be particularly annoying or difficult, there are probably other problems that are related to it that can cause you some headaches.

And it has to do with buying burial insurance while relying on oxygen, as you can probably already predict!

The fact that most insurance companies are reluctant to give coverage to people with a variety of health limitations means that for many people, this process will soon become difficult.

Famous Carriers Make Burial Insurance Available to People Using Oxygen

The majority of final expense insurance companies won’t accept you if you’re currently utilizing oxygen to help breathe.

An issue with a guaranteed issue policy will arise. Yet it’s okay since your ultimate objective remains the same. preventing financial hardships for your loved ones.

You probably know the names of insurance companies that are happy to provide coverage to individuals with health conditions or impairments that could typically reduce their chances.

Furthermore, many of them also reimburse payments to beneficiaries if death should occur during the first few years of coverage, which makes them much more alluring than their outstanding reputations and willingness to offer coverage.

This indicates that a larger sum is returned than the customer may have initially invested.

It doesn’t hurt to also shop about for the best deal, even while it is intended as long-term coverage to support your loved ones during what is certain to be a sorrowful and trying time.

Best Funeral Insurance Learn How Now!

Final Expense Insurance Quote

Who has the best burial insurance?

You can utilize a straightforward tool at to get immediate rates, contrast the specifics and costs, and purchase coverage all on the same day.

You can obtain the necessary burial insurance through the website and gain access to some of the leading final expense insurance providers.

In fact, even if you or a loved one is presently using oxygen and battling a challenging medical condition

Click here to read more about the use of oxygen.


Acquire final expenditure insurance to prepare for the future. With so many unknowns in life, it’s more crucial than ever to plan ahead and be ready for anything.

Get an estimate on final expense insurance immediately to shield your loved ones from monetary distress.

We want you to live a long time, so the day you need coverage might be tomorrow or next week. However, don’t wait until it’s too late (and get lots of oxygen)

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