The Truth About TruStage Life Insurance Reviews For 2022

The Truth About TruStage Life Insurance Reviews For 2024

February 03, 20248 min read

It’s crucial to do your homework and compare policies when looking for life insurance to ensure that your family receives the entire death benefit.

In order to help you choose the finest life insurance provider for you, provides reviews of the leading providers.

Just to be clear, because TruStage Guaranteed does not pass our vetting standards, we do not offer it.

Online life insurance provider TruStage Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance makes it simple to get started without requiring a medical exam or the completion of a questionnaire.

We will examine the benefits and drawbacks of trustage Guaranteed life insurance in this article.

We’ll examine TruStage life term life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance, and permanent life insurance plans.

Although their plans cost more than those from other life insurance firms, they do provide you more convenience because there aren’t any tests or questions based on the life insurance products. Life insurance is typically not affordable because of this.

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Is TruStage a Real Company

The consumer-facing brand of CMFG Life Insurance Company, a fully-owned subsidiary of CUNA Mutual Group, is TruStage Insurance Agency. In actuality, Trustage is an agency rather than an insurance provider.

TruStage currently only collaborates with credit unions, and it seems that they won’t collaborate with conventional banks in the future.

They are in a special position because they only work with credit unions. However, term life insurance can still be purchased by non-credit union members.

Trustage Whole Life Insurance Ratings

BBB and AM Best ratings

  • Excellent grade of “A” from AM Best

  • Has a terrible 2.33/5 customer review rating and is NOT better business bureau accredited!

  • The most reliable insurance company has a Customer Complaint Index of.862, or a number close to 1.00.

The Truth About TruStage Life Insurance Reviews For 2022

What Products Does TruStage Offer

The life insurance requirements of people between the ages of 18 and 85 are catered for by Trustage’s products.

In fact, the business offers three various types of plans, each with its own special features and advantages.

  • You can apply for the Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance without having to go through a medical exam, and it will be approved even if your other applications have been rejected.

  • Whole-life insurance is also available at a fixed price through The Simplified Issue Whole Life.

  • Last but not least, there is an Increasing Premium Term that offers ongoing financial security until auto-renewals take place following each anniversary date.

What You Need To Know About TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance Review

With no or few health-related concerns, TruStage’s assured acceptance coverage is a straightforward whole-life policy. Whatever your circumstances, you will never be rejected!

Your premiums are refunded with the TruStage assured acceptance whole-life coverage if a person passes away during the waiting period from an illness.

Accidents, on the other hand, pay off right away. Even though you will only receive 10% interest on top of that, you have plenty of time to get this insurance!

What is trustage whole life insurance?

Highlights, features of the policy, and value of the policy

The common characteristics of its rivals are seen in this policy. For instance:

  • obtainable from the ages of 45 to 80

  • There are coverage limitations available that range from $2,000 to $20,000 minimum.

  • There will never be a rise in premiums or a drop in coverage.

  • It is a true lifetime policy, meaning it will never expire!

  • Our life insurance providers are exempt from medical examination requirements.

  • No health-related queries

  • Amounts accumulated in cash

  • Payday One: The two-year waiting period, ROP on illness-related deaths, and accidental deaths

Remember that we do not provide Trustage Guaranteed Whole Life insurance because there is never a situation in which they outperform their rivals.

In fact, we frequently change this coverage for clients who are still inside the 2-year waiting period.

Take a moment and read what our customers have to say about us.

The Truth About TruStage Life Insurance Reviews For 2022

Is this policy a good value?

It is not worth buying TruStage Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance.

For starters, the majority of people who want life insurance can be authorised by businesses that ask about their health while still paying less for their policies than those offered by plans with assured acceptance.

It’s also crucial to remember that only roughly 1 in 10 applicants truly meet the criteria for needing this kind of coverage.

How about other TruStage Whole Life Insurance Reviews

The guaranteed whole life insurance offered by TruStage is not your typical policy. Before they will cover anything, you must be medically qualified and furnish information about your prior health history.

First, certain fundamental inquiries are made, such as “Have I ever had significant surgery?

Or, What meds do I currently take?

They receive knowledge about potential difficulties from certain conditions that could develop in the future if they go untreated; after all, everyone wants to be protected.

There is no waiting period once coverage is granted, so you are immediately covered.

Policy Features For TruStage Whole Life

Typical whole life insurance with no waiting time after approval

There will never be a rise in premiums or a drop in coverage.

  • It is a true lifetime policy, meaning it will never expire!

  • Amounts accumulated in cash

  • available from 18 to 85 years old

However, the amount of coverage you can acquire will depend on your current age.

  • The coverage range for people aged 18 to 70 will be $5,000–$100,000.

  • Ages 71 to 75; $5,000 to $50,000 in coverage

  • Ages 76 to 85; $5,000 to $25,000 in coverage

How is the VALUE of TruStage Whole Life

First off, they do provide extensive coverage for burial insurance. Trustage Insurance is a choice worth investigating for yourself if you desire greater amounts or simply need to buy it at all!

There is no doubt that other insurance companies will offer better bargains than what we found here from a pricing perspective – think lower whole-life ultimate expense insurance premiums from elsewhere in this market.

Pros of TruStage Life Insurance Reviews:

No medical exam required:

It is a significant plus that TruStage does not require its applicants to undergo a medical examination. With this life insurance policy, you can still be covered if you don’t have health insurance.

Policies as low as $10,000:

The TruStage insurance plans are inexpensive and accessible to anyone. Use their online application process to discover the lowest rate available.

Easy apply online application:

Each step of the application procedure is simple and takes no more than a few minutes.

This process will be easy for you even if you have never applied for life insurance before or if this is your first time applying online.

Instant approval:

Within 24 hours of submitting your application for TruStage, they will send an instant approval notice to your email! It implies that you might get life insurance right away!

Additionally, they give you 30 days from the time they receive your application to pay the premium before cancelling your policy, but bear in mind that this firm never charges cancellation costs when you purchase from them!

Compare rates for life insurance right now!

What is trustage term life insurance?

Review ratings for TruStage Term Life Insurance

The ideal coverage for those who wish to be protected no matter what occurs in their lives is TruStage Term Life Insurance.

The cost will go up every five years, however this coverage fully expires on your 80th birthday, so make sure you buy it before then!

The Truth About TruStage Life Insurance Reviews For 2022

TruStage Term Life Features and Value

If you are thinking about purchasing a term life insurance policy via TruStage, it is crucial to comprehend the advantages. This item is comparable to Globe Life’s phrase.

1) $5,000 minimum coverage; $300,000 maximum coverage

2) Available age range: 18 to 69

3) The coverage WILL expire at 80 years old.

4) The cost WILL rise every five years.

5) You won’t need to get a physical, but you will have to respond to some basic health questions.

6) If accepted, coverage begins right away.

TruStage Term Life Insurance Rates and Value

If you require immediate coverage, Trustage life insurance is a fantastic choice. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t require an exam, but before purchasing life insurance, be sure to read the fine print since there may be some exclusions that apply.

Tru Stage has a term life insurance product that will meet your needs if you’re looking for coverage.

However, if you require coverage for more than $300K and need it right now due to an impending event or an immediate choice, make sure to look at other options, such as the American Amicable Term Made Simple policy.

Life insurance for seniors can be an expensive and difficult process. Term life insurance policies are typically not the ideal choice because there is always a chance that you will live past the coverage period, leaving you with no funds for last expenses should the unthinkable happen.


No of your health or present status, the team of knowledgeable, certified insurance agents at is dedicated to helping you find the greatest life insurance coverage.

We have a lot of knowledge in this area, and we’re committed to giving our clients the finest support we can.

Our company’s founder has over 26 years of expertise assisting clients with their insurance needs. We exclusively represent top-rated A+ insurance providers and hold licences in 49 states.

There are better life insurance products on the market, even though the TruStage insurance coverage is a decent choice for some people. We advise receiving our life insurance quotes from us if you’re looking for Trustage that offers more coverage for less money.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away so that we can assist you in locating the appropriate insurance for your requirements and financial situation.

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