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The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

February 05, 20246 min read

If you were unsure whether Jonathan Lawson’s glowing testimonials about the Colonial Penn 995 plan were genuine, you were misled. He is compensated for his opinions.

Above all, I’m sure you’ve seen the Colonial Penn advertising with Jonathan Lawson. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid noticing them, especially if you’re a senior looking at your alternatives for life insurance.

Overall, you should look at reputable life insurance firms while searching for burial insurance since you do not want to be pressured into making a purchase by Jonathan Lawson simply because he is nice and well-known.

We will delve into a topic senior customers need to be aware of in this post, as well as what a Colonial Penn commercial might influence you to do.

We’ll also examine the effects of the Johnathan Lawson Colonial Penn advertising on potential purchases.

As I discuss Colonial Penn whole life insurance possibilities with hundreds of seniors like you each month, we will be extremely direct.

We don’t sell this item. We strongly advise against it. I’ll explain why.

So take a seat, listen attention, and we’ll show you how to potentially save hundreds of dollars.

The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

How Much Does Colonial Penn Pay Jonathan Lawson

You may have seen paid actor Jonathan Lawson in Colonial Penn advertisements promoting the $9.95 plan.

Like Alex Trebek, he is a new actor or salesperson who promotes and markets Colonial Penn’s TV commercials.

In actuality, there is a two-year waiting period and this plan is guaranteed admission. These guaranteed acceptance plans typically cost 30 to 50 percent more than the best options.

You should purchase life insurance from an insurer that offers you level death benefits and immediate coverage. It is not the type of life insurance company that Colonial Penn is.

In actuality, there are no waiting periods for significantly superior funeral insurance packages offered by other insurance firms.

Although you could be asked a few health-related questions, you won’t be constrained by a crazy unit plan structure in terms of how much coverage you can have.

Does Jonathan Lawson actually work for Colonial Penn?

Colonial Penn’s parent firm, CNO Financial Group, employs Jonathan Lawson. According to internet records, Jonathan Lawson’s pay at Colonial Penn is roughly $400,000.

What is Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Net Worth

Once more, Colonial Penn Commercials pays Jonathan Lawson to serve as a spokesperson. He does, however, retain the position of Director of Quality Assurance & Escalations at CNO Financial Group.

How much is Jonathan Lawson from Colonial Penn worth

Jonathan Lawson works for CNO Financial Group, the parent firm of Colonial Penn. According to online sources, he is valued between $15 and $17 million.

He served his country for a while in the marine corps as well. He served in battle and as a master instructor during his 14 years in the United States Marine Corps.

Thank you for serving our nation, Mr. Lawson.

The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

How old is Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Spokesman

In Dunedin, Florida, on June 3, 1980, Jonathan was born. He is so 42 years old. Aged 18 when he graduated from high school, he attended Pierce College and received his BBA.

He has worked for Colonial Penn for more than eight years, first serving as a telesales manager and subsequently a manager of customer service.

For many years, he has promoted Colonial Penn life insurance as the greatest strategy and coverage.

Do you truly believe it’s a good deal with premiums that are higher than the top carriers and a two-year waiting period before a policy pays out? Furthermore, do you merit a two-year waiting time if you are in good health?

Who is Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Wife

That’s a really good question, because there isn’t anything online that either confirms or dispels Jonathan Lawson’s marital status.

In fact, his LinkedIn profile is sparse as well, with the exception of a few details about his military service to our nation in the Marine Corps.

You may think that someone who pushes a message like this would be a little more approachable. The person is advocating for seniors about life insurance products, mostly for burial insurance.

The Truth About Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Actor

Colonial Penn Commercials and Advertising Practices

It’s difficult to take paid spokespersons seriously when they receive compensation. In actuality, once you realise what kind of thing Colonial Penn 995 per unit is, it doesn’t sell itself.

Limited coverage, no health-related concerns, and an ambiguous cost per unit.

Again, it’s false that there are no questions asked and that seniors automatically qualify. There are numerous, superior solutions available for both genders.

In their commercials, they promote costs and perks, which are terrible for senior citizens.

Seniors won’t benefit from Colonial Penn life insurance products for the first two years, according to Jonathan Lawson.

Additionally, if you are in good health, the premiums and coverage are too expensive.

This is quite reminiscent of the ways that Globe and Life Insurance Savings Group advertise!

Jonathan Lawson and the Three P’s

The three Ps—Price, Price, and Price—are always mentioned by Jonathan Lawson in Colonial Penn TV advertising.

They never mention age, though, or how the coverage of the unit you can buy declines with age.

He talks about prices that you can afford, prices that won’t go up, and prices that fit into your budget. Of course, a senior’s budget will be able to support $9.95.

Seniors and prospective customers, regardless of gender, can obtain far better insurance coverage with better companies thanks to such deceptive articles and advertisements.

Colonial Penn Clients Complaints

Additionally, customers complain about this product three to four times more frequently than the typical life insurance firms in the market due to deceptive television commercials by hired spokesmen like Jonathan Lawson and, before, Alex Trebek.

How do I file a complaint against Colonial Penn?

The Better Business Bureau received the majority of complaints about life insurance, and its rating is a pitiful 1.23/5. With a quick Google search, you may quickly locate other articles on these complaints.

The majority of them result from poor customer service, overcharging customers’ accounts, failing to provide the correct death benefit to the bereaved family because of the incorrect unit, and other issues.

Here’s an illustration of Colonial Penn insurance protection.


Do not visit Colonial Penn if you are looking for life insurance coverage. They lavishly compensate their representatives for promoting how excellent their coverage is. In truth, though, it isn’t.

Commercials for Colonial Penn starring Jonathan Lawson are costly, and your options are few.

You will be let down by Colonial Penn if you cover adequately. Call us, and we can qualify you and connect you with an A/A+ carrier in a matter of minutes.

This will be done without a spokesperson telling you what is best for you; instead, we will be outlining why it is.

Fill out this form by CLICKING HERE if you want to be proactive and receive a preapproved offer from the finest carrier.

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