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Ethos Life insurance 2024 Review You Don’t Want To Miss

February 03, 20246 min read

You won’t want to buy final expenditure insurance from Ethos Life Insurance again after reading this review. They have a two-year waiting period, and we’ll explain how their website is deceptive.

Is ethos a legit company?

AAA Life Insurance Company underwrites Ethos Life. Ethos provides a whole life insurance plan with guaranteed acceptance and no health requirements.

Although it has a very long waiting period and is not suitable for everyone, 130% of your premiums will be reimbursed if you pass away before the end of your term.

Ethos’s whole life insurance coverage is uncomplicated and simple to comprehend. All the features are listed below:

Everywhere except New York, where it has not been approved by state authorities, is available; there is a two-year waiting period if applied within 30 days of purchase; non-accidental deaths are not permitted during this time frame. Premiums won’t increase, coverage never expires (as long as you keep paying), and applicants between 66 and 85 years old are guaranteed approval.

How Do Ethos Life Insurance Competitors Stack Up

We support openness in all parts of the transaction because we are aware that you just want the best for your family.

Because of this, Ethos is NOT the company that can confidently and honestly fulfil its assurance.

However, they provide a cheap burial insurance plan that is assured to be superior to any other one offered at such a low price! Thanks, Life insurance from AAA

Above all, we provide really ill customers with these types of coverage. We can locate an immediate permission burial carrier for you if you do not have dementia or cancer.

Ethos Flaws You Cannot Ignore

Our examination of the Ethos website suggests that they are not being completely accurate.

We’ve detailed some significant variances between what you’ll see here or elsewhere on the company’s website and how things actually function with this particular provider because the organisation appears to have many inconsistencies in its policies and marketing:

For instance, they make a wholly incorrect and misleading claim that you will receive immediate coverage.

There is a two-year waiting time per their policy. If you pass away within those 24 months, you just get your premiums back.

Look to us; we can help you locate no waiting time funeral insurance.

So much for “Instant Coverage”

Their false marketing strategy is a major flaw in it.

Their website guarantees rapid coverage, but if you print “Instant Coverage,” every senior will believe there is no two-year waiting period and they are immediately covered. This completes the circle for us!

The number of people who fall prey to scams like this one from Ethos may make it seem like common sense in today’s world.

Though we at have directly conversed with customers who dealt with Ethos, we always replace the insurance.

There is a minimum two-year waiting time for all programmes like Ethos GI. There are no exceptions to this regulation, even if you pass away while still being covered by your policy due to an accident or mishap—but don’t be concerned!

This time period also accounts for unintentional deaths, so the additional coverage won’t end just yet.

Above all, it’s critical to behave honourably, craft accurate and truthful messaging, and anticipate how customers will react to commercials.

They choose to be dishonest rather than being on the high road.

So much for “Instant Coverage”

Ethos Quotes and burial insurance cost?

When you utilise their website’s quote feature, it begins by presenting a variety of costs but leaves off the amount of coverage they just quoted.

It makes me wonder if my family and house, which are the most important things in my life, are receiving enough security.

The last thing you need is an insurance provider seeking to raise the premiums they charge simply because they can.

If it has a written “HIPPA consent” statement, they could ask for personal information like your Social Security number or medical data.

I can’t even imagine giving my Social Security number! I’m only receiving a quote; why would I need to divulge such personal information?

And how is it possible to expect anyone to receive quotes without first providing their HIPPA-release handle?

When purchasing life insurance, there are numerous causes for anxiety.

The first is that you don’t know the price range of your coverage, which can result in underquoting by providers who quote too lowly and costing you money!

How immoral! Ethos accomplishes this flawlessly with their cunning method of obtaining our numbers without even providing us with anything worthwhile!

These costs are identical to, or extremely similar to, those that Ethos provides. Just keep in mind that they are selling AAA’s assured acceptance coverage!

Don’t Be Fooled By Ethos, There Are Much Better Plans Out There

In addition to having no waiting period and being less expensive than an Ethos GUARANTEED ISSUE PLAN, the majority of people can qualify for a senior last expense insurance that inquires about their health.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that you should contact AAA directly at (888) 523-1863 if you’re considering purchasing this type of coverage but want or need GUARANTEED APPROVAL POLICY instead (which may actually cost more) because they deserve your business far more.

Your first choice for high-quality burial insurance is

We examine all the leading insurers in your state, on behalf of the more than a dozen highly rated businesses we represent, to determine which one (if any) offers a no waiting period coverage at a competitive price.

Overall, with rates that are more affordable than those provided by the majority of competitors! Call us right now to speak with the final expense department at 855-380-3300, ext 2.

Ethos Life Insurance Company Background

Ethos offers to provide coverage using data so customers won’t need to undergo a medical examination.

They achieve this by utilising their knowledge and algorithms, which were developed with input from specialists in a variety of industries, including genetic engineering and medicine, among others, and are all focused on what’s best for you specifically!

Contact information for Ethos Life Insurance may be found at (415) 322-2037.

Corporate office: Suite 2000, 75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, California 94105


We advise anyone who has been thinking about getting final expense insurance to do their homework and select the kind of coverage that would best suit their circumstances.

Check out our article on the definitive senior burial insurance advice.

Others might not need the protection as much as they think, even though some people think it’s a smart investment.

In order for this significant purchase to go well from beginning to end, we want to make sure that our readers are informed about their options.

Fill out our contact form or give one of our friendly staff members a call right away to get started!

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