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6 Final Expense Companies To Avoid At ALL Costs

February 03, 202410 min read

Above all, choosing the finest carrier and knowing which final expense firms to stay away from are equally crucial.

Above all, older citizens who want to take care of their end-of-life requirements without burdening their families should be wary of misleading final expense companies.

Seniors who deal with the best final expense insurance businesses are actually put in danger. For instance, anything that ends up jumbled in your inbox due to an index card or a late-night TV ad from a paid spokesperson.

In conclusion, elderly are wise. Sadly, some of these businesses are simply better at marketing.

These burial life insurance providers will be covered in this post so you know who to avoid. Our main objective is to inform you and keep you from becoming one of the seniors who contact us in need of a new insurance policy.

When this occurs, it typically means that either the cost has increased, the coverage has been reduced, or the insurance policy you purchased has expired. Unfortunately, this typically occurs between the ages of 75 and 80.

I’m sure that this sounds extremely familiar to several of you.

First, Know How To Search For The Best Final Expense Companies

Is it generally true that you begin your quest for ultimate expense life insurance with a straightforward Google search? This is advantageous if you can cut through the clutter of “paid” advertisements and gimmicks to reach the desired website.

Company names including AARP, Colonial Penn, Globe Life, and Lincoln Heritage are frequently used in paid advertisements. State Farm and a few others, too. These products fall under the category of “hybrid.” I’ll go into greater detail as you read on.

In general, you should pay attention to the professionals. They are frequently found beneath sponsored advertisements. But be careful—the carriers we described have started to conceal themselves beneath the paid advertisements in order to seduce you. In this essay, we’ll also describe another item.

We are a family-owned company at and we offer you a friendly experience that will make you feel at ease criticising us and recommending us to relatives and friends. We also have relationships with over 30 A/A+ carriers.

These Are The Final Expense Companies You Want To AVOID

Let’s get started by explaining why you should not do business with the following companies.

Because of the comments from our customers, we are mentioning these businesses. Additionally, we replace these carriers the most frequently.

I think what these final expense firms do to seniors is really awful.

Imagine living a moral life and purchasing final expense insurance to provide for your family, only to discover in your senior years that it was not what you had believed it to be.

These are the top 6 burial insurance providers to stay away from!

Colonial Penn

This carrier is a disgrace, as is the way they lure senior citizens in with their cheap late-night ploy. Additionally, they promote their Gimmick plan for less than $10 through paid spokespersons like Alex Trebek.

What he promises you is that for $9.95 a month, you can have a graded death benefit that won’t ever go up in price and won’t stop providing coverage.

That assertion is totally false!

What it truly is, though, is a deceptive sales strategy. In actuality, as you age, your final expense coverage decreases.

Colonial Penn, for instance, charges $9.95 for each unit. Therefore, if you were 60 years old and purchased 10 units, your monthly payment would be $99.50. You would receive $12,140 in coverage for this.

At 65 years old, you would still pay $99.50 per month, but your coverage would be reduced to $9,320.

You would pay $99.50 every month, which Alex assured you would never increase, but……

age 70 and older Your insurance would be for $7,170.

Age 75, $5,600

80, $4,260

85, $4,180

You would have paid for this policy for 25 years by the time you were 85. You would have spent $29,850 in premiums during that time for $4,180 in coverage.

You would have had $32,462 in coverage with Mutual of Omaha if you had purchased coverage from us at age 60 and with a $99.50 budget.

What are you going to tell yourself when you see a late-night commercial with a paid spokesman after knowing all of this? See our in-depth assessment of Colonial Penn’s GIMMICK under $10 programme.

We award them one out of ten.


Globe Life

Another carrier that deceives and unfairly disadvantages elders may be found here. Despite the fact that you can purchase coverage up to $100,000, they strongly promote term insurance and imply that you are purchasing entire life insurance.


That is awful!! I lose count of the number of times a week that seniors tell me Globe gave them a better deal. Then I have to tell them what is actually happening.

They advertise Globe Life as a whole life plan, however it is actually a term life insurance product, as you can see. It is a 5-year renewable term policy, nevertheless. Thus, the rate increases every five years. Additionally, coverage expires at 80 years old.

So allow me to elaborate.

We’ll utilise the same illustration as in the previous carrier overview. Suppose you paid $99.50 per month for $32,462 in coverage and were 60 years old. The bait and hook here is that you would pay $43.49 per month to Globe for $30,000 in credit.

It certainly seems like a decent deal. Attend to it.

The cost would increase to $76.99/month at age 66, $104.99/month at age 71, and $152.99/month at age 76.

Oh, and you won’t have insurance when you become 80 years old and blow out your birthday candles!

If you bought that same $30,000 now at age 80, the monthly payment would be $288.89.

This severely hurts seniors, especially if you’re in good health, have never had a physical, and have a lengthy life expectancy in your family.

Furthermore, how can a life insurance firm have a 1/5 star rating on customer reviews but an A+ rating with AM Best?


Click HERE to view their complaint index in comparison to that of their peers; it is over four times higher than the typical complaint index.

Their BBB rankings are listed below.

The old adage “You get what you pay for” and “If you chase cheap, you get cheap” apply here.

We award them a two out of ten.

Find out what our customers think of us.


And AARP is right here. I’m sure they’re a fantastic business, but wait, they’re actually New York Life’s marketing department. But I agree with you that with a membership, they provide us discounts on a variety of items including travel and auto rentals.

But life insurance is the topic at hand!

The policies of AARP are universal. Seniors in good health are being treated unfairly because they are receiving the same product as someone who has cancer or another serious illness.

They are also significantly more expensive than the other guaranteed issue whole life insurance policies we provide.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Proof.

Despite having excellent ratings from all the major rating agencies, including AM Best, Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poors, they have a terrible track record when it comes to consumer complaints. How is this even logical?

Do I want to work with a company that has a 1.25/5 BBB rating, poor customer service, fee increases, and cancelled final expense policy, according to consumer reviews?

It also only offers coverage up to age 74 and has a low rate of accidental deaths.

The only product that AARP offers that is reasonable compared to their rivals is the simplified issue whole life policy, which is superior to both their term (32% higher) and normal whole life insurance policies (20% higher).

Be aware that this coverage is not for you if you are in good or average health because you can find better elsewhere.

We award them a two out of ten.


Lincoln Heritage

Above all, I don’t see any justification for using Lincoln Heritage to get insurance. In fact, Lincoln Heritage had the ninth-highest monthly premium for a 65-year-old healthy male getting $10,000 in coverage out of 9 carriers.

That’s the last last! Visit THIS PAGE for evidence!

Now, they provide a “FREE” Funeral concierge programme as their justification for charging a hefty charge (30–150% higher).

Do you really believe it is free, though? In other words, your price is 30–150 percent higher than that of the competition.

If you total up all the additional payments you would have to pay for this plan, the funeral insurance will probably be completely covered.

They created the funeral advantage programme as a ruse to get you to spend more. By clicking here, you can view the best carrier’s rate comparison.

They do, however, provide a decent Modified plan, although it is still not competitive with other options.

We award them a two out of ten.

AAA Life

AAA I prefer my life to be doable. I will phone AAA to send a tow truck if I get trapped on the side of the road.

I’ll admit it.

And what about life insurance?

Okay, this final expense policy provides seniors aged 45 to 85 with coverage up to $25,000. It is a complete death benefit, though.

Thus, if you are healthy, you will receive the same insurance coverage as someone who has cancer, dementia, or another fatal illness.

Do you think Jack Lalanne would understand this rule now? No, he would come to us instead and pay 30% less for level day one coverage. So why would you purchase this protection if you are healthy?


Despite having an A rating with AM Best, they have a terrible history of consumer complaints. With the BBB, they have a terrible 1 out of 5 stars. Click here to find out for yourself.

According to general assessments, they have serious invoicing problems and a very long processing time for death claims.

Given everything, it’s probably not a wise decision to purchase life insurance.

However, they are good in my book if you need a tow or to get a tyre changed.

We rate them three out of ten.

State Farm

Okay, I’ll admit it: I adore State Farm because they offer the best auto and homeowners insurance. Their ultimate expense life insurance policy, however, is terrible.

They only provide coverage up to $10,000. Therefore, if you’re searching for burial insurance to cover last costs, look elsewhere.

Click here for a more thorough assessment.

They provide coverage for people 50 to 80. There is no year-long waiting time because it is a level product.

They get favourable ratings from S&P and AM Best. But with 1.23 stars out of 5, the customer ratings are poor.

Click here to view State Farm’s BBB rating and decide for yourself.

Wow, they’ve received over 1300 complaints in the past 36 months. This is at a little bit more than 25% completion. Poor customer service and billing problems consistently receive the most criticism.

Therefore, go elsewhere if you need something other than home and auto insurance.

We rate them three out of ten.


Overall, keep in mind that late-night TV ads are a gimmick! Stacks of index cards in the mailbox are nothing more than junk mail! Discard it.

Speak with an independent insurance agent if you want the finest coverage possible. Call us right away for a straightforward approach, and discover why our clients rave about us.

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