2023 Open Care Senior Plan Reviews What You Need To Know

2024 Open Care Senior Plan Reviews What You Need To Know

February 03, 202412 min read

Authenticity of Open Care Senior Plan

Open Care Life Insurance Company: Who Are They? Well, they are an agency, not an insurance company!

Okay, but how effective are Open Care final expense plans?

In order to keep you up to date on this product, we shall go over Open Care Life Insurance Reviews.

If you’ve read other Open Care Senior Plan Reviews and wondered how much it costs, we’ll go far beyond the surface to reveal the truth.

Overall, working with an independent insurance company that provides a high-quality life insurance plan is the best method to identify the ideal final expense plan. We do just that at DiabeticInsuranceSolutions.com

This post will examine the Open Care Senior Plan reviews in-depth to determine its suitability for you. However, in general, you should constantly compare policies from several insurance providers with a free agent like us.

This Open Care Senior Plan Review aids you in comprehending all of the choices offered by a strategy that need to be customised to the requirements of your loved one.

The Open Care Senior Final Expense Plans are discussed in general detail here.

Open Care Final Expense Coverage Plans, Who Are They

Open Care Seniors, a Florida-based company, is a reputable independent insurance company that focuses on selling final expense life insurance without a medical exam.

Legitimateness of Open Care life insurance agency

For individuals who require it, they also provide term life insurance policies, along with Medicare plan options for accidental death coverages, to help you avoid running out of money.

Three different forms of life insurance are available through Open Care Senior Plan:

  • Final expense insurance, 

  • Term life insurance, and 

  • Guaranteed issue life insurance.

Despite having term life insurance, it is likely that you will outlive your protection since only 98% of term plans ever pay out. They provide coverage for persons ages 18 to 75 ranging from $25,000 to $500,000.

It’s difficult to obtain information about this company, but our inquiry turned up some fascinating details, such the extensive TV commercials they run highlighting the $25k in complimentary perks that are only accessible through the insurer’s services – talk about effective advertising, huh?

You should never take an open care final expense life insurance coverage seriously. The fact that this organisation offers such a wide range of tariffs, some of which start at little $7.49 per month, is not surprising.

Another Gimmick? Also, READ THE FINE PRINT!!

Another Gimmick? Also, READ THE FINE PRINT!!

Don’t be deceived by Colonial Penn’s identical choice, which would cost your family $9.95; if something were to happen to even one member of our family who is covered by it, they would discover that the amount of coverage decreases as you age.

Consequently, it’s crucial to ensure that you have a respectable business that pays final expenses with a guaranteed death benefit. However, in general, life insurance policies offer immediate day-one coverage, which is what you need.

In contrast to previous gimmicks like the Colonial Penn $9.95 Plan, the death benefit of these insurance remains constant.

Speak with a national independent agency like us to inquire at various businesses. You can find many better alternatives than a waiting period policy, such as Mutual of Omaha or Trinity Life, if you are in good to moderate health.

What Is The Process Of Open Care Life Final Expense Plans

Open Care last expense plans are offered with a death payout of up to $50,000. It’s a lifetime policy with unchanging costs.

In fact, knowing that your loved one’s funeral costs would be covered will give you piece of mind.

most essential, hassle-free and stress-free. It even increases financial value, too!

There are two insurance alternatives available under the Open Care senior plan.

You are not required to respond to any health-related or medical inquiries under the guaranteed acceptance plan. Even if you are ill or have previously been ill, you are certain of approval.

You won’t receive any death benefit payments if you pass away during the 2-year waiting period, which starts before the death benefit kicks in.

Remember that we can help you even if you require home health care because you are unable to complete ALL of the activities of daily living.

Additionally, the monthly cost is typically much larger. Thus, be certain that this is your last resort. Read the small print ALWAYS.

For applicants who are in good health, however, the process is simplified. All applicants are required to provide basic information in the form of answers to questions about their health and medical histories.

Like AETNA/CVS Final Expense, these simplified issue life insurance policies are typically more affordable.

The type of Open care senior plans will be dependent on if you medically qualify.

A senior insurance plan or necessity for end-of-life insurance is the Open Care final expense plan. The distinction between this and the standard Opencare plan is that once authorised, you are not instantly covered.

This is a guaranteed-issue policy with no health-related inquiries.

Even though it is a full life insurance policy, it is far from the greatest option. A decent GI is offered by Gerber Life. Yes, the infant food manufacturer is Gerber Life.

Rather than requiring a further two-year waiting period before coverage starts, during which time your premiums are returned with interest tacked on (interest rates on death benefits).

In fact, we only provide these sorts of coverage to customers who suffer from serious illnesses including dementia, cancer, kidney disease, or heart disease.

Therefore, you shouldn’t purchase a two-year term waiting period policy if you don’t have these.

Instead, you ought to be covered by a level-benefit whole life insurance policy like Mutual of Omaha Living Promise with reasonable premiums to cover funeral costs.

In this manner, you will be able to handle the funeral and other final expenses when that time arrives.

Since we are a nationwide insurance brokerage, we can match you with the most suitable insurer for your particular situation.

Another Gimmick? Also, READ THE FINE PRINT!!

What Is Opencare Term life Policy

For people 18 to 75, the insurance company offers a temporary senior plan with a $25,000–$500K cap for short-term needs. Only those who meet the medical requirements for the Opencare life insurance policy can purchase it as term insurance.

Open Care Final Expense plans are a great tool for handling transient commitments like living expenditures, even though most people don’t utilise them to pay for funeral expenses.

For instance, if you have term life insurance plans that offer added benefits for the duration of the term and you pass away before your mortgage is paid off.

However, there is no option for guaranteed approval, so make sure you are eligible before submitting.

Make sure to compare prices while shopping for life insurance for your grandparents to pay for final expenses.

Open Care Final Expense Insurance Plans, How Do They Work

Open care senior plans are burial insurance or final expense life insurance that offer peace of mind. It is just like standard life insurance from an insurance company, but with one significant exception: you are exempt from having to undergo a medical examination.

Simply purchase a policy, and you’ll be good to go. It will cover everything, including cremation urns and headstones, so that there won’t be any problems at the funeral home’s front desk when a loved one passes away. like a Gerber life insurance policy.

Contrary to term life insurance, get the greatest burial insurance and never be concerned about outliving your death benefit.

Open Care Senior Plan Whole Life Final Expense offers the following:

  • No one may cancel permanent protection owing to old age or poor health as long as you pay your premiums (and don’t pass away before getting elderly);

  • For EVER, no premium rises will apply! The finest burial policy is not to have any at any age; it is a long-term investment that can be used for today AND tomorrow.

  • First-day coverage provides total coverage regardless of a death’s natural causes, such as cancer or an accident. Even though this is a discussion about life, who knows what can happen now, so why take a chance?

A wonderful approach to make sure that you have everything covered is to purchase burial life insurance. It’s never too late to get peace of mind with an Open Care senior plan, which provides $5K to $50K in protection without a medical checkup.

What are Open care Final Expense Plans Cost

What is the price of Open Care? We will contrast Open Car rates with our best prices below.

The cost of an insurance will vary depending on a number of variables, including your medical history.

There’s no need to worry about your costs increasing if you’re in good health because they have a reasonable base plan accessible for $7.49 per month.

This applies to nonsmokers and those who quit smoking more than a year ago.

Prices start to rise for people who want more extensive medical care or who want coverage amounts beyond those offered by this fundamental plan, nevertheless!

What You Need To Look Out For Before Buying A Open Care Final Expense Policy

The waiting period is the only thing you need to be mindful about. Open Care often and conspicuously promotes the fact that, for customers 85 years of age or younger, they cannot refuse a death benefit for their product.

A 2 year waiting period is always required by companies that sell guaranteed issue life insurance, which isn’t too bad given that the majority of current policies provide at least this level of protection.

It’s likely a good thing they didn’t get an Open Care insurance if you lost a loved one who was 40 years of age or older because it stops them from having their death benefit disallowed.

Other last expense insurance providers are listed below.

Pros and Cons Of Open Care Final Expense Plan

A great alternative for senior citizens seeking for a way to pay for their funerals and graves is open care burial insurance.

When you select the Open Care Senior Plan, a certified funeral director will assist you and handle every detail, including the viewing and burial.

Depending on how much money you want to cover funeral and burial costs, you can select from a variety of plans.

Numerous options are now available, such as cremation services, open-casket funerals, and caskets that can be customised with family photos and other keepsakes.

An open casket funeral can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per service, depending on whether it’s held at home, in a funeral home, or in a chapel (plus any other fees).

Before your funeral, you can also arrange an open-casket visitation, which is very useful if none of your immediate family members can make it (or if they live too far away).

It can assist in releasing any tension that could have developed over the past 30 years as you’ve struggled with the guilt and grief that came along with your dying.

Why Open Care Final Expense Plan Is NOT the Best Place To Purchase Final Expense Insurance

Negative online evaluations seem to be the only way to determine for sure whether a company is reliable and trustworthy or not.

You are forced to believe them when they claim things like “we deliver amazing service” because there aren’t any of those on their website.

In a world when terrible news seems unavoidable, we can never be too cautious about who we put our trust in!

That being said, having a variety of insurance providers offering comparable burial life insurance coverage will help ensure that you obtain a good deal without settling for a subpar product by evaluating specific offers from each provider before making your final choice.

American Amicable and AETNA CVS/Health from Accendo Life Insurance Company, as well as Mutual of Omaha, are two of our go-to life insurance providers.

Other carriers we work with include Guarantee Trust Life (up to age 90), Prosperity Life Group (only smokes considered tobacco rates), Liberty Bankers Life, and Prosperity Life Group (great for bipolar disorder/COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Open Care Life Insurance Facts

Adults 18 to 75 years old can receive up to $25,000–$500k in brief term life insurance coverage under an Open Care life insurance policy.

Term life insurance policies are available through Open Care life insurance agency to applicants who meet certain medical requirements.

The Open Care Life Insurance Plan offers a short-term obligation coverage option, although most customers don’t use it to pay for funeral costs.

There are no guarantees of acceptance, so check your eligibility before applying for Open Care Senior life insurance or an Open Care Final Expense Plan.

To be sure you qualify, read all Open Care Final Expense reviews.

The following are some significant aspects of Open Care Life Insurance:

  1. Our coverage area begins at 2000. $50,000 is the maximum amount of coverage available through Open Care Final Expense policies.

  2. Open Care Senior offers whole and term life insurance as well as senior housing coverage.

  3. Open care policies have a 2-year waiting time.

  4. To be eligible, you don’t have to pass a medical examination.

  5. Seniors without life insurance are best served by an open care policy.

Is Opencare Final Expense Plans Worth It?

How to compute is as follows: Consider a 60-year-old woman who decides to purchase $10,000 in final expenditure insurance. To make sure her family has $10,000 for any final expenses, she will contribute $32 per month. She will be susceptible to:

Death within two years: If our insured dies within the first two years of her policy, her family will be entitled to a lump sum payment of $10,000 even though she may have paid 24 x $32 = $768 in premiums.

Living to be 85 years old: If our insured had lived to be 85 years old, she would have paid $9600 in premiums (25 years x 12 months x 32 = $9600), but her family would have gotten a $10,000 payout instead.


In summary, the Open Care Senior insurance plan is a fantastic approach to protect your loved ones. The programme offers a variety of economical coverage options.

This is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a cheap approach to cover your loved ones.

A team of knowledgeable, qualified agents at DiabeticInsuranceSolutions.com is dedicated to locating the greatest life insurance coverage for you. In fact, regardless of your health or present state.

We have extensive knowledge in this area. In addition, we’re committed to giving our clients the best support available.

We sincerely hope you find the knowledge in this page useful. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about our final expense plan.

We welcome your queries and can be reached at DiabeticInsuranceSolutions.com or by phone at (855) 468-8900.

As a family-run independent agency, getting you the best value is our number-one priority. In order to maintain families’ peace of mind, we emphasise no waiting time policies.

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