8 Best Final Expense Insurance Companies With Rates 2023

8 Best Final Expense Insurance Companies With Rates 2024

February 17, 202417 min read

Many individuals are not aware that there is final expense insurance, and they only understand how crucial it may be when they are dealing with the death of a loved one.

The average cost of a funeral home is $7000, so if you don’t have money set aside to cover this fee, your final expenses could start to mount up rapidly.

A short, simple approach to ensure that your loved ones have the resources necessary to cover any funeral costs is to purchase affordable final expense insurance.

Here are some details about them. In other words, what kind of burial life insurance coverage it offers, who is eligible for a last expense policy, and other significant considerations that could affect your decision to choose one company’s goods or services over another.

This article lists 8 of the top final expense life insurance providers in the insurance business to provide you with some piece of mind about your family’s financial security in the future.

Is Burial Insurance Worth It

An excellent method to provide your family peace of mind and financial stability is to buy or check into final expenditure insurance coverage for seniors.

Burial insurance will assist in covering the final costs in the event that you pass away suddenly because funerals can cost up to $10,000!

Burials are significant because they provide loved ones who have lost a loved one a chance to grieve.

Above all, research all available possibilities from various companies before making any selections that can have a significant impact on them.

The best approach to safeguard your loved ones in the event of an unforeseen disaster is with final expense insurance.

In general, before making a choice, make sure you are researching the top final expense life insurance providers.

Is Burial Insurance The Same Product as Funeral Insurance

Is Burial Insurance The Same Product as Funeral Insurance

Funeral coverage or “final expense coverage” are two frequent names for final expense insurance.

The rates for this sort of life insurance are reasonable and are intended to cover all necessary costs in the event of an accident death.

If desired, cremation fees may be included. In actuality, there are no exams necessary for this kind of admission, and major health conditions won’t bar acceptance.

There are some crucial facts you should be aware of when buying life insurance to pay for funeral costs:

Rates are fixed for the rest of your life and cannot go up, thus the cost of your coverage will never change;

Since coverage never declines (guaranteed! ), you don’t have to be concerned about rate increases in the future or other unexpected changes that other types of term life insurance can cause if anything unexpected occurs after purchase;

Finally, it also increases in value over time.

Keeping track of the various funeral insurance packages available might be challenging.

Funeral, burial, and ultimate expenditure are not merely three words with distinct meanings. They actually refer to three items that are quite similar!


How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

Any elderly consumer should consider purchasing final expense insurance. Your age and gender will influence the price. Additionally, pricing between permanent life insurance providers vary.

Furthermore, health history, but it can cost as little as $30 per month, with some firms offering $10,000 in coverage to as much as $200 if you are older and have major health problems.

What Are Our Top Funeral Expens

e Insurance Carriers

The top burial insurance plans, funeral insurance policies, and the carriers that provide them have all been thoroughly reviewed by our team.

The following insurance providers offer full coverage for older customers regardless of health. Overall, if you let it be, looking for final expense insurance can be straightforward.

Here are our Top 8 final expense life insurance Companies:

  1. Mutual of Omaha

  2. AETNA

  3. Royal Neighbors of America

  4. Trinity Life/Family Benefit Life

  5. Liberty Bankers Life

  6. American Amicable

  7. Guarantee Trust Life GTL

  8. AIG

Our Top 8 Of The Best Final Expense and Burial Insurance Companies

Finding a reputable business doesn’t have to be a headache when you can rely on us!

We ensure that your final expense insurance is taken care of using our expertise and knowledge.

Pick one of the businesses below that specializes in your particular type of risk if necessary. Don’t worry, though; they all have reasonable costs.

Mutual of Omaha

Founded in 1909 at 7:00 a.m. BBB Rating: A+ Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

Living Promise level advantage, the product name

Simplified whole life insurance policy is the type of policy.

Waiting Period of Two Years: Not Two Years

Contestability: Yes, Health or Suicide Misrepresentation

Cash Value: Yes; Amount of Available Coverage: $2,000 to $40,000

Applicant Age Requirement: 45 to 85

Can I Buy a Parental Insurance Policy?


10-15 minutes to a few days for approval

Health Impairment Niche: Smokers, Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis, Seniors Over 80, Sleep Apnea,

One of the top providers of life insurance in the US is Mutual of Omaha, which has an A+ rating from AM Best and consistently inexpensive premiums.

The majority of applicants can choose from Mutual of Omaha’s burial insurance, which are the most easily available and competitively priced.

They boast that their living guarantee product will pay for your funeral bills if you need them, without any unpleasant surprises or additional fees, and all at extremely affordable prices!

One of the greatest providers of last expense life insurance that we provide is this, our flagship carrier.

Your insurance policy’s lifespan is not over just because you become 85. You are covered until you pass away.


Founded in 1853 around 5:00 a.m. Best grade: A (Excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Policy Type: Simplified Whole Life Insurance Product Name: Accendo Preferred/Standard

Waiting Period of Two Years: Not Two Years

Contestability: Yes, Health or Suicide Misrepresentation

Yes, Cash Value Accumulation is Possible; $2,000 to $50,000 in Available Coverage Age Limit For Applications: 40-89

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

10-15 minutes to a few days for approval

Obesity; over 85; COPD; lupus; pacemaker/defibrillator; heart attack within the past year; MS; Parkinson’s; stroke within the past year;

The company Aetna has been operating since 2008. Even if a person has a high-risk medical condition, they can still get affordable rates on their senior last expense life insurance thanks to their existing A rating with AMBest.

These AETNA/CVS Health Sample Rates by age and gender, up to age 89, are provided. This is one of the very few burial insurance providers that is still in business at this age.

Do you ever reach the age of 89 and feel as though your entire life has just passed you by? This year marks the end of the policy, but it continues for all future applicants.

In actuality, 89 is the youngest age allowed to apply.

Royal Neighbors of America

Business Started in 1895 A.M. Best Grade: A (excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Simplified Whole Life Insurance Policy: Product Name: Simplified Issue Whole Life Level Policy

Waiting Period of Two Years: Not Two Years

Contestability: Yes, Health or Suicide Misrepresentation

Available Coverage Amount: $7,000 to $30,000 Cash Value Accumulation: Yes

Application Age Range: 50 to 80

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

Approval Time: ten to fifteen minutes

Health Impairment Niche: Diabetes-related neuropathy; blood thinners; extreme obesity; TIA mini-strokes; blood clots; tumors; home health care; retinopathy; numerous cancers; irregular heartbeats; blindness

You may rely on Royal Neighbors as a firm. They have been in operation since 1895, and they continue to hold an A rating from A.M. Best.

The first life insurance firm back then to offer coverage for women and children as well!

Additionally, they have some of the greatest final expense plans and flexible underwriting! Most importantly, Royal Neighbors is fantastic for diabetes.

When it comes to final expense insurance companies, Royal Neighbors offers some of the greatest deals.

Because its policies never expire and its premiums remain affordable, you may be confident that your family is receiving what it deserves without having to worry.

Yes, the insurance coverage continues after you are 80. Once issued, it is perpetual!

New applicants may not be older than 80!

Trinity Life/Family Benefit Life

Founded in 2007 at 1:00 a.m. Best Grade: A (excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Golden Eagle, the brand Simplified Whole Life Insurance Policy: Policy Type for Final Expense Plans

Waiting Period of Two Years: Not Two Years

Contestability: Yes, Health or Suicide Misrepresentation

Accumulation of Cash Value: Yes Amount of Available Coverage: $2,500-$25,000

Application Age Range: 50 to 85

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

10-15 minutes to a few days for approval

Health Impairment Niche: Seizures | AFIB | Type 2 Diabetes | Multiple Sclerosis | Heart Attack | Stroke | Heart Surgery | Circulatory Surgery |

For non-smokers, Trinity Life/Family Benefit offers competitive prices in their market.

Smokers can purchase coverage, and the rates are also quite affordable!

The underwriting is straightforward and liberal. In actuality, your application won’t require a lot of papers or a lot of phone calls. Overall, all that is required is a single online form.

They are financially sound, so if something were to happen to you (and they are trustworthy! ), the full death benefit could be assuredly paid out without hesitation or debate.

It is accurate to say that the Trinity Life/Family Benefit policy continues after age 85. But for those who have already enlisted, it continues indefinitely!

In fact, Trinity is one of the few providers of final expenditure insurance that is forgiving of furosemide/Coreg usage.

This obviously suggests that they accept new applications up to the age of 85.

Liberty Bankers Life

Founded in 1958, morning Best grade: A- (excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Simplified Whole Life Insurance is the standard policy type for the product SIMPL Preferred.

Waiting Period of Two Years: Not Two Years

Contestability: Inaccurate Health or Suicide Reports

Coverage Amount Range: $3,000 to $40,000 Cash Value Accumulation: Yes

Application Age Range: 18 to 80

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

Approval Time: ten to fifteen minutes

Health Impairment Niche | Hepatitis | Kidney Disease | PVD/PAD | AFIB | COPD | Emphysema | Chronic Bronchitis | Bipolar | Schizophrenia | Depression | PTSD |

For patients with COPD, Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company offers a special coverage option. They have some of the finest prices around and provide quick protection! They are perpetual and their premiums never change. Children’s benefits riders, grandparents’ benefits riders, accidental death riders, and dismemberment riders are a few examples of accelerated death benefit riders that may be added.

American Amicable

Established in 1910

A.M. Best grade: A (excellent)

A BBB Rating

Senior Choice is a brand of product.

Simplified whole life insurance policy is the type of policy.

no waiting period of two years

Two-Year Contestability: Health or Suicide Misrepresentation

Accumulation of Cash Value: Yes

Range of Coverage Amounts: $2,500-$35,000

Application Age Range: 50 to 85

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

Approval Time: ten to fifteen minutes

Health Impairment Niche: Blood Thinners, Not Wheelchair-Restricted, All Smokers, AFIB, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression,

AM Best has always given American Amicable an A rating.

For seniors who may have common health issues like smoking or high blood pressure, which in some circumstances can cause strokes over time if left untreated, they provide final expense insurance that is quick and simple to obtain.

Discounts from other businesses will also be offered by American Amicable if you decide not to use any tobacco products at all.

But wait, there’s more! They also offer prices specifically for cigar/pipe smokers who smoke on occasion; regardless of how frequently it occurs, every applicant deserves excellent protection, including non-cigarette tobacco users!

You can trust your coverage with American Amicable since their policies never expire and their rates never change.

Guarantee Trust Life (GTL)

Established in 1936

A.M. Best Score: A- (Excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Heritage Plan, the product name

Simplified Whole Life Insurance Policies are one type of policy.

Two-year waiting period: Yes, graded policy; first year’s ROP is 105%; second year’s death benefit is 50%; and third year’s payment is 100%.

No contestability for two years

Accumulation of Cash Value: Yes

Ages 40 to 85: $2,500 to $20,000; 86 to 90: $2,500 to $10,000.

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

Few days for approval

Oxygen Use (Not Continuous) | Age 90 Coverage | Health Impairment Niche

If you want to buy funeral planning insurance products, Guaranteed Trust Life Final Expense is a great choice. With the exception of NY, CA, and MT, this policy is beneficial in every state.

Additionally, a phone call still offers a 24-48 hour turnaround on application processing!

for those looking for the graded Heritage Plan plan.

Overall, GTL’s Graded Whole Life Insurance Plan provides you with A+ Award Winning Customer Service and Graded Death Benefit Coverage.

You may rely on Guarantee Trust Life because of its sound financial standing.

This company gives its clients the best of everything when it comes to life insurance, including guaranteed acceptance protection for all requirements that underwriters must take into account and great ratings from A.M. Best!

With insurance available for those between the ages of 40 and 90, with the only need being that you be at least 40 when you apply.

AIG (American General)

Business Founded in 1919

A.M. Best Grade: A (Excellent)

A+ BBB Rating

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy

Simplified Whole Life Insurance Policies are one type of policy.

Yes, graded at a two-year waiting period of 110% ROP.

Suicide, Two-Year Contestability

Yes, cash value.

Amount of coverage obtainable: $5,000–$25,000

Candidate Age Range: 50 to 80

I am able to get a policy for my parents.

10-15 minutes to a few days for approval

Any health impairment falls into this category.

AIG has been around since 1919 and specializes in providing life insurance.

They provide guaranteed issue insurance without a physical, health-related inquiries, or medical evaluations.

Meaning that if you accept this type of coverage, you will automatically receive life insurance and there will be a 24-month waiting period before any payments are made.

However, if something unexpected occurs while you’re being considered for purchase within those two years, AIG will reimburse 110% of your premiums!

Once you are 80, the policy doesn’t expire. Since it was issued, it has no end! Therefore, an applicant’s maximum age is remains 80.

How Do I Choose a Burial Insurance Provider

Life insurance for final expenses is a prominent topic for good reason. Burials are expensive!

Therefore, it’s crucial to research the top final expense insurance providers before choosing one.

How much will you need to ensure that your loved one receives the greatest care possible when they are laid out on their final resting place?

Read this advice to make sure nothing is overlooked:

Think about the many types of coverage that are offered: Some insurers offer life insurance policies that are especially designed to cover funeral costs, while others do so as part of whole life coverage;

Look at the pricing options; some businesses offer a variety of pricing options for their services, starting with monthly fees.

The amount of coverage varies depending on the insurer, but some policies include $50,000 worth of coverage!

Typically, the entire application procedure is conducted online or over the phone.

How Do I Choose a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy

It can be challenging to bury a parent or other close relative. The procedure can go more easily for everyone when you get final expense insurance!

Before choosing which company would be best suited for all of those criteria, it is important to compare quotes from various suppliers in order to receive this type of coverage.

Second, you want to identify the carriers that see you positively if you have any health conditions, like as Type 1 Diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis. Contact us; we are the ones!

Actually, if any of them inquire for a patient’s medical history during the application process, please let us know so we can find the appropriate carrier.

What Does Burial Insurance Mean

A special type of whole life insurance known as “final expense insurance” positions itself to pay for final costs like burial and cremation costs.

This sets it apart from conventional life insurance, which is typically bought to cover regular living expenses or replace lost income while totally excluding death!

Alternatives to typical life insurance that are more economical include last expense insurance. For instance, a $25,000 burial policy would provide your family piece of mind and not call for any more medical testing beyond what is already on record with the MIB.

In general, this gives you access when you need it without having to deal with insurers who frequently refuse coverage due to medical issues like mental illness or heart disease.

What Does Burial Insurance Consist Of

When you need to make long-term plans, final expenditure insurance is ideal.

The money can be spent in any way that appears appropriate at the moment, so it might pay for a standard burial with vault and plot or, if someone prefers it, an alternative option like cremation.

But also expenses like medical debt racked up in their final days and credit card debt!

You can schedule an appointment to have your final intentions documented after discussing them with a funeral director or representative.

This is crucial because it guarantees that the funds from last expense insurance are used to pay for the services of our choosing rather than just the one that happens to be the cheapest!

When there will be more than enough money flowing in after taxes upon death, there is no need to pay upfront. In addition, we might prefer something else if it wasn’t covered by the insurance yet (like flowers).

Can an Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Death Claim

The best approach to ensure that your loved one won’t be forgotten is with burial insurance.

It is often “guaranteed issue life insurance,” which means that as long as premium payments are made on time each month until the age of eligibility, when insurers no longer demand payment from policyholders, you cannot be rejected or have premium payments increased for medical reasons.

It’s critical to check if your final expense insurance is still valid. Before acquiring any policies, you should always read the terms and conditions, but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Much is Funeral Insurance Per Month

Those who are likely to outlive their money must get final expense life insurance plans. Depending on your age and health, you could spend as little as a few dollars or as much as several hundred.

However, there is a solution that can meet all of these requirements at once, so don’t worry!

The purchase of final expenditure insurance is a significant financial choice that must be carefully considered.

Before deciding what form of protection is most appropriate for them or their loved ones, take the time to request a free estimate from several different providers so you can compare plans depending on your needs and preferences.

Does Burial Insurance Make Sense

If you’re concerned about paying for final expenses, it can be worthwhile to purchase final expense life insurance.

Although seniors who are ineligible for regular life insurance with greater limits typically acquire burial plans, their premiums are less expensive as a result.

But with this policy, you’ll always have piece of mind! The purpose of insurance is to safeguard you against the unexpected. What happens if your insurance doesn’t provide complete coverage?

Well, for your own peace of mind, it’s worth verifying before you buy anything!


Though it can be difficult to consider, death is a fact of life. And if you don’t have a will or a funeral insurance plan in place, your loved ones can find it difficult to deal with the aftermath of losing their main provider.

Here are 8 of the top burial insurance providers on our list so far this month based on the rates offered—compare them right away to see which one is best for you and the people who are important in your life.

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