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2024 Life Insurance Savings Group Reviews Seniors Must Read

February 16, 202410 min read

The Life Insurance Savings Group is well recognized for marketing term and final expense policies. However, has their record of delivering quality coverage been consistent?

Do they have any reason to worry about giving you a death benefit? Have you seen the concerns against Life Insurance Savings Group?

We checked them out, but many individuals are still unsure as to whether or not the company’s strategies will end up saving them money in the long run.

They don’t measure up when compared to the top life insurance providers in the market. You could be concerned about their ability to pay claims in the future given their Mother Company Select quote's most recent results.

Which life insurance provider is the best? Life Insurance Savings Group

….. WE SAY NO! More elite businesses provide better life insurance with a death benefit for eyesight costs.

Speak with one of our insurance experts, but first, let’s carefully examine this business.

Life Insurance Savings Group, Who Are They

Above all, Life Insurance Savings Group, also known as focuses on recruiting candidates for last-expense life insurance.

Life Saving Group also serves as the marketing department for one of the biggest telesales companies in the sector. SelectQuote, you may have heard of them.

In fact, when I founded DiabeticInsuranceSolutions, the parent company of, I was one of their top-producing licensed agents. I am now one of their rivals.

Overall, the fact that the client was never put first in these companies was the main factor in my decision to leave and start my independent agency.

They also have a small selection of ultimate expenditure insurance providers.

The top objective should be to choose the best life insurance plan for you.

By fusing the best elements of popular health plans like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Life Insurance Savings Group provides you with the most dependable and practical way to pay for medical and funeral expenses and save money on health insurance (HRAs).

2023 Life Insurance Savings Group Reviews Seniors Must Read

Final Expense Insurance

By offering a little amount of coverage, policyholders with final expense insurance can assist their loved ones in covering funeral and burial expenses after the insured passes away.

The utilization of the death benefit is typically unrestricted. It can also be utilized to settle debt from unrelated items like credit card debt and medical bills.

The majority of life insurance savings clubs promote policies that include death benefits up to a maximum saving commitment of $25,000.

Additionally, they provide clearance without a medical checkup to those between the ages of 45 and 85.

Most coverage starts right away. The number of payouts made during the first two years following an injury may be restricted by certain guaranteed plans, though.

Term Life Insurance

The usual term life plan from Life Insurance Savings Group lasts between 10 and 30 years, though you can request that it be shortened or extended.

Some life insurance contracts promise constant premiums. Additionally, policyholders have the option of paying their premiums quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or monthly.

They have less expensive premiums and coverage but there is no medical exam requirement.

What Are The Plans That Life Insurance Savings Group Offer

The website’s lack of life covering details was the first thing I noticed about it.

Even though the small amount of information in the fine print could use additional clarity, at least we were able to get a few details from it!

Actually, the makes me think of another business named Haven Life.

These programmers' operation is quite straightforward. Simplified issue whole life insurance is available from Life Insurance Savings Group. These include funeral expenses when premiums are paid.

In actuality, this is permanent life insurance, meaning the value of the coverage never increases or decreases. Unlike a general rule.

Most people find that UL plans at this age are unnecessary and will result in them having less life insurance.

Additionally, with minimal health difficulties to the questions posed when applying, you can receive a full 100% first-day death level payout for natural causes of death if granted. This is a standard offering from the finest insurance providers.

The programmed is available between the ages of 45 and 85; there is no medical test required; and there are only a few health-related application questions.

All of these are items that Insurance Savings Group does not provide coverage for. You can acquire access to a fund of money that can be used immediately for medical, dental, and eye care by paying a set monthly amount or making a “savings contribution”.

If you don’t utilize the plan at all, your donations are entirely refunded.

Therefore, you could be eligible for as little as $2k in life insurance coverage and as much as $40k in total. Once more, dealing with a rival life insurance provider is not unusual.

The death-graded benefit of term life insurance is guaranteed up until its expiration date, which is a temporary plan.

When you reach the expiration date, the coverage is no longer adequate to meet your demands, making it both pricey and useless.

A life insurance savings club will offer to renew at a lower cost than buying whole life or universal life policies, which, depending on the kind bought, can endure until maturity (e.g., term).

Term agreements frequently come to an end at 80 years old or even before! Since the word coverage is vague, it is impossible to predict when and if rates will increase over time.

However, the life insurance provider or providers we work with have an age limit of 85 or 90.

Anyone living on a fixed income may have a serious issue with this if your premium increases over what you can afford. Seriously, after contributing to life insurance, you cannot be without it.

Making ensuring your family receives a death benefit in the event of your passing is of utmost importance.

It’s not surprise that many customers stop using this product after just one unforeseen price increase occurs over the course of its existence given that they haven’t provided any information about their policy details or how much they would adjust annually without notice.

Check out our posts on carriers RNA and AMAM if you want to look into one of our top final expense life insurance providers for transparency. These both offer excellent life insurance coverage and are A/A+.

Are they Partnered With United Of Omaha

Are they Partnered With United Of Omaha

The company’s policies are written by United of Omaha, a superb final expense insurance provider.

This is an illustration of one such product because it offers some advantages not present in other coverage plans provided by mutual firms like this one!

Here Are A Couple Of Sore Points That May Hurt

Not sure about you, but I’m constantly searching for a good price. Furthermore, if a deal appears too good to be true, it probably is!

Because they keep speaking as if your acceptance of their service (whatever that may be) would never alter, it sounds like this company has something special up its sleeve.

In actuality, acceptance assurances, and all that stuff, but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

The fact that all guaranteed acceptance programmes had a two-year waiting period immediately raised a massive red flag in my mind.

similar to Colonial Penn. They won’t provide your beneficiaries any death benefits if you pass away during this time!

Get a no-waiting period policy as soon as you can if you’re looking for final expense insurance.

You see, we only provide these final expense policies to customers who are seriously ill, have active cancer, or have dementia.

The sooner your beneficiary receives their money from this kind of coverage plan and is able to use it without any restrictions or commission costs, the sooner they will actually see a penny!

A business that doesn’t meet the standards for reliability? You shouldn’t anticipate Life Insurance Savings Group to be an insurance company.

Do they provide fundamental details like their address or the price of policies?

Unfortunately, this dubious company does not permit any transparency in its business practices at all. There is no site available outside of which can quickly turn away customers who are seeking information about rates and plans before purchase (not even through email!).

Are they Partnered With United Of Omaha

Mike Ditka Is A PAID Spokesman For Life Insurance Savings Group Commercial

You’ve certainly seen former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka, a well-known promoter of the Life Insurance Savings Group, touting its advantages.

He is renowned for his powerful message and words of inspiration, which may be heard in advertisements or when discussing endurance sports with friends at gatherings!

The next time you see the advertisement, be sure to pay attention to it. It is filled with falsehoods. Read the small print and press the pause button, in fact! You’re Welcome ahead of time!

Discover the top life insurance provider in each of the 50 states by clicking the link below. These are simplified issue whole life insurance policies with perpetual coverage that will lower your premium costs.

What Companies Does Life Insurance Savings Group Offer

The insurance company’s website is covered in logos from numerous different companies. And if their advertisement isn’t sufficient to alert you to the fact that they represent Mutual of Omaha, perhaps these logos will!

Life Insurance Globe. We may not be able to confirm this because of the opaque nature of their websites, but AIG, Trustage, and Americo may also engage in these tactics.

What Kind Of Rates Can You Expect At Life Insurance

A well-known website that provides life insurance quotations is Life Insurance Savings. Unfortunately, they don’t disclose their costs up front, and you must speak with a salesperson to learn more about purchasing coverage at all!

It’s deceptive since a website rarely lists the cost of final expense insurance.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? (SARCASM)

The majority of individuals mistakenly believe they will see an actual estimate from their provider when, in fact, it can only be obtained through commercial adverts or through other means other than what you would discover while searching on Google for “final expenditure policy pricing.”

I’ve never encountered a bait that wasn’t fishy-smelling. Come on, really!

The truth is that all of their commercials are deceptive advertising, and you should merely pick up the phone when they present us with this seemingly inexpensive price to grab our attention.

So be cautious when examining the specifics of that plan. Has So Much More To Offer; call Us!!

We would never advise purchasing final cost insurance from Life Insurance Savings Group.

Because their website doesn’t offer any information on this subject whatsoever, Life Insurance Savings Group is extremely discreet regarding who they represent, what plans are included with the purchase, as well as how much the funeral expenses under those policies are!

I don’t know about you, but I won’t do business with any organization that runs in this manner. We’ve done the whole thing before.

We actually have more experience than any other business and can assist you with your final expense insurance requirements quickly.

Here are three key justifications for visiting us:

  • Customers love us so much that they give us ratings! Online customers that dealt with our business gave us a rating of 4.9/5 stars, which is “Excellent.” Just a few of the comments people made regarding theirs are listed below:

  • We are so open with our pricing that it is posted online. There are no unforeseen costs or surprises when it comes time to pay, and you can know what you’ll spend beforehand. You make a set payment each month!

  • Our experts will put in a lot of effort to identify the finest life insurance provider for you. Since we represent over 15 different companies in our network, we can usually get coverage right away, and there is always one that will approve!

Are they Partnered With United Of Omaha


For final expense insurance, we believe Life Insurance Savings Group is a poor option. We think that because The Life Insurance Savings Group operates in secrecy, they must be keeping something from you.

It is difficult to learn anything about them because they won’t disclose who their insurance providers are or the specifics of the plans they offer.

Give us a call right away if you need an honest broker with lots of transparency.

Fill out our form on this page to the right to get started.

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