2023 Globe Life Insurance Reviews You Need To Know

2024 Globe Life Insurance Reviews You Need To Know

February 16, 202417 min read

We have created a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of final expense insurance for you in order to provide you a fair assessment of Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company.

In actuality, these are based on consumer reviews of Globe Life Insurance’s final expense insurance product as well as reviews of Globe Life burial insurance.

Is this just another Globe Life fraud? Find out now!

There is no 2-year waiting period policy at Globe Insurance Company, thus you would need to meet certain medical requirements. We shall discuss a number of insurance companies that offer better options for life insurance.

For instance, let this be the judge and jury for Globe’s deceptive website!

We anticipate that this will help you make a more knowledgeable choice regarding your requirements for and purchase of life insurance.

Let’s face it: burial life insurance can help with both burial fees and, if necessary, hospital expenses. This kind of life insurance is intended to insure and safeguard family members.

The death benefit is additionally given to the beneficiary. Since there are only a few standard health-related inquiries, the underwriting procedure is relatively straightforward.

Furthermore, burial insurance outperforms preneed funeral insurance by a wide margin.

The death benefit must be paid promptly, and your family must receive more than accident insurance during the first two years, above all else.

Getting the finest insurance policy is ultimately what matters.

Who Is Globe Insurance Company

Is Globe Life a reputable provider of life insurance?

Above all, Globe has been in business since 1951 and offers term and whole life insurance for customers of all ages as well as coverage for accidental deaths.

Globe Life’s insurance plans are simple to obtain and don’t require medical examinations, but their whole life insurance policies have much lower coverage limits than those of its rivals.

Age affects how much term life insurance policies cost.

If they want a day-one death benefit, all applicants must provide their health information in order to be considered for the policy.

Actually, all that is needed are your answers on paper and no diagnosis or disease, which makes it ideal if you are busy at work but still want security in case something were to happen.

Globe is a direct-to-consumer life insurance provider that offers individual life insurance policies over the phone and online.

However, it could be preferable to contact alternative insurance providers who focus on pre-existing conditions if you have a health concern.

They don’t employ agents like other firms, so you may get free quotations without making an appointment or having someone come to your house to sell you something; some of their life insurance products are also deceptive.

Globe Life provides a wide range of insurance options. In addition to life insurance, the organisation offers additional health care plans, such as critical sickness and accident insurance, to fit your needs.

Moreover to more conventional kinds including those that might be required for hospitalisation or cancer.

image2023 Globe Life Insurance Reviews You Need To Know

Pros And Cons Of Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life: Is it a fraud? Decide for yourself!

The Good

  • Get your first month of this life insurance for free for a limited time! After 30 days, if you decide you don’t like it and want to cancel with no questions asked, just let them know. There is no need to submit anything other than the shipping label because they will reimburse 100% of what was paid in premiums. But these are all life insurance policies.

  • Get coverage that could save your life today in only a few minutes. There isn’t a two-year waiting period, so your coverage immediately kicks in!

  • You can also obtain life insurance protection through its final expense insurance policies without having to worry with scheduling a visit to the doctor or a medical examination. You will still be asked health-related questions, but it’s much simpler for everyone!

The Bad

  • Your premiums for term life insurance from Globe Life may go up as you become older and enter new five-year periods. Even if it’s only for a year, these term life insurance hikes could be considerable, making them costlier for the remainder of the time under this plan.

  • The Globe insurance policy has a two-year waiting period, right? This Life insurance might not be the firm for you if you want to be able to get last expense insurance, also known as whole life insurance, a policy without having to answer any health concerns or submit to an examination of your personal information. All applicants must go through underwriting procedures where factors such as age, financial stability, and customer satisfaction are taken into consideration in order for their customers’ demands to be met. Furthermore, they are very tight in their underwriting, so if you apply for Globe Life insurance but are declined, that doesn’t imply you can’t obtain day-to-day coverage elsewhere. To get inexpensive burial insurance Get further insurance details by calling us!


  • Customer complaints about The UGLY Globe are substantially greater than normal. Compared to other businesses of its size, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has received a lot more complaints, and almost all of them were against the way policies are handled or how claims are processed. When compared to the industry average of 1.00, they have a consumer complaint index that ranges from 3.61 to 7.19.

In general, due to these grievances, the following inquiries are frequently made:

Globe Life Insurance Complaints

It’s critical to understand how many complaints this business receives from customers. Would you send your automobile to a technician that has more than 200 complaints and a 1.19/5 star rating, to put it simply?

So why would you get life insurance, a policy that will shield your family from these situations?

Here are a few reviews taken from the BBB website. At best, customer service is poor.

Is Globe Insurance a Scam?

They simply receive considerably more complaints than any other life insurance firm, therefore it’s not a scam. They also depict their term insurance as their entire life, and I am aware of this since I virtually always replace them with seniors who are still living well.

Does payout?

On average, claims take more than 30 days to process. Whether it is term life insurance or whole life insurance, the claim form must be submitted with the death certificate.

Globe Life insurance lawsuit?

Yes, the majority involve deceptive claim techniques.

Does Globe provide reliable life insurance? 

There are a tonne of better possibilities, I’ll accept the fifth place on this one.

Is Globe‘s life policy legitimate?

Depending on how you view them, you decide with a 2/5 overall rating.

What Type of Insurance Does Globe Life Offer

The organisation provides five distinct types of life insurance, but there is no need for a medical evaluation to buy one. Your application may still be rejected in light of your medical history and what is discovered throughout the screening process!

This is true of their term life insurance policies as well as their whole life insurance and last expense coverage. If you keep paying premiums, they will still pay a guaranteed death benefit.

Therefore, you shouldn’t count on getting coverage from Globe if you have Parkinson’s disease. However, we may arrange for two carriers to provide you with level immediate coverage.

Just complete the form on the right, paying particular attention to AETNA/CVS Health and Foresters.

Some of the available policy kinds are typical for grandparents.

Take a moment and read what our customers have to say about us.

2023 Globe Life Insurance Reviews You Need To Know

Term Life Insurance By Globe

Life Insurance, term Global Globe Term life insurance is a great way to safeguard your possessions and keep them out of the hands of nefarious people.

In accordance with the buyer’s age at the time of purchase, Globe offers plans with up to $100,000 in coverage for 10–20 year terms at prices that vary by state.

In fact, regardless of your age! Depending on how long it has been since the last policy renewal date, term premiums can also increase. So use caution while purchasing life insurance and when speaking with a qualified insurance agent like us.

Additionally, younger individuals will pay less each month than older individuals do due to shorter claim waiting times for younger individuals as well as seniors dying at a higher rate, resulting in shorter lifetime benefit packages overall (especially considering health care costs continue rising).

  • Age Range: 18 – 79

  • Coverage Available: $5,000 – $100,000

  • What States Are Available: All 50

  • Do you have to take a Medical ExamNo

  • Health Questions Asked: Yes

  • Is There A 2 year Waiting Period: No

  • Is this Permanent Coverage: No, Term Length

  • Builds a Cash Value: No, Term Length

The term life insurance policy’s 80-year expiration date presents a challenge for any seniors over 85 who intend to use it to pay for final expenses or burial expenses. We advise buying a term insurance and making sure you understand what will happen after it expires in order to prevent future issues.

$1 provides coverage for $100,000. A marketing cliche used to advertise their plans as inexpensive but eventually costly in the long run due to premium hikes that were larger than anticipated after one month of timely payments and no life insurance claims had been filed yet!

The following health requirements for a term coverage with Globe Life Insurance…

  1. Is the proposed insured currently wheelchair-bound, confined to a hospital or nursing home, or incapacitated as a result of a medical condition?

  2. Has the proposed insured received a diagnosis or treatment from a medical professional in the previous three years for any of the following conditions: cancer, coronary artery disease, heart disease, brain disease, or liver disease? b) Muscular disease, mental or nerve disorder, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, drug or alcohol addiction, or being admitted to the hospital for diabetes? c) Test findings showing exposure to the virus causing acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex (ARC), or both?

  3. Does the proposed insured have any recurring medical conditions that require regular care or could lead to surgery in the future?

  4. Has the proposed insured’s driver’s licence been suspended or revoked in the last five years? Has the proposed insured been found guilty of any felonies? Is the proposed insured already behind bars?

Any affirmative responses would result in an immediate rejection. While 90% of these diseases will be covered by our several carriers starting on Day One!

Globe Life Insurance Rates For Male and Female

The Globe Life Term Life Insurance prices for men and women are listed below. Remember that your cost will rise as you enter a new age bracket. The volume of coverage, though, won’t change.

The concern is, after contributing for so long to this policy, will you seniors who are on fixed income be able to handle the increases?

For instance, your coverage increases by approximately 700% from age 45 to age 80!


Globe Whole Life Insurance

Globe Whole life insurance also provides an affordable method to provide $5,000–$50,000 in coverage for your family and future generations.

Because it is already integrated into your whole life insurance policy, you never have to worry about the cost of your life insurance increasing.

No matter how old we grow or what occurs in the world, as long as we pay on time each month, we will be protected.

  • Age Range: 18 – 79

  • Coverage Available: $5,000 – $50,000 (depending on age)

  • What States: All 50

  • Medical Exam Required: No

  • Health Questions Asked: Yes

  • Is There a 2 year Waiting Period: No

  • Lifetime Coverage: Yes

  • Cash Value Accumulation: Yes

Whole life insurance programmes fix the monthly premium you pay, so rate increases won’t ever be a concern. Each and every person wants this!

Whole life insurance policies are wonderful since they remain constant throughout time. Because your insurance can provide death benefit coverage indefinitely, there’s no need for renewal or an increase in premium payments as long as you have it!

Children’s Life Insurance By Globe

Children’s Life Insurance By Globe

Only if you purchase life insurance or a complete life insurance policy for your children or grandchildren can you secure your future.

This could be one of the best choices that will help them when they need it most, with whole life insurance coverage starting on their first day and benefits available up to $30k!

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

You can do this to shield your family from unforeseen events. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 69, a guaranteed issue or modified life insurance policy will provide you with $50,000 up to $350,000 in coverage. Mortgage protection policies are ideal for couples because they will stabilise your financial obligations in the event that one of you, the breadwinner, passes away.

Accidental Death Life Insurance

You may be familiar with Globe’s accidental death insurance policy. It has the following features and offers up to $250,000 in coverage for covered losses without a medical examination:

  • To raise the death benefit in a joint accident for the surviving spouse of an insured individual is a Common Disaster Benefit.

  • Any bodily accident that causes the loss of one hand or foot is covered under dismemberment coverage. If all four limbs were removed simultaneously and fully, an eye and part of the way up the remaining three would also be covered.

  • If your loved ones pass away while travelling on a commercially scheduled airline as an insured passenger, you may be able to make a larger claim thanks to the Commercially Scheduled Airline Benefit. Bodily Injuries will receive up to $100k in total compensation at a rate of 200% of the principal benefit!

  • What if the primary insured perished as a result of an accident that was covered? Each dependent child between the ages of 15 and 22 would get an additional 10% from Globe. There is no cap on this educational benefit as long as you are participating in the family plan, which is where it is solely offered.

  • Globe Seatbelt Benefit will pay 10% more than the initial sum when an insured person is saved as a result of wearing their seatbelt.

  • For many people, receiving the Paralysis Benefit means the difference between living in chronic agony and being able to enjoy your most active years.

  • The primary insured’s benefits will rise by 5% annually thanks to this policy’s inflation benefit until they reach a maximum amount or turn 70, whichever comes first.

Globe Life Insurance Available Riders

What conditions apply to the Globe life insurance policy?

The available riders are listed below:

  • If you are diagnosed with a qualifying terminal disease, you can add the Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit special rider to your policy, which will give you 50% of benefits before they are due.

  • If you are disabled and have the Waiver of Premium rider on a policy, they will temporarily lower your premium. Make sure it’s there on that date or it will cancel at age 60!

  • You can include an extra rider for your kids in the case that you have a term or whole life insurance policy. They will be provided with an additional $10K in benefits at any time between the ages of 30 days and 23 years, up until their 25th birthday! That is possible with our unique “Term To 25” Rider.

Globe Term Life Insurance Quotes

How much is Globe insurance?

For those in good or excellent health, it has a price that ranges from average to worse than average. State-specific rates vary, but if the $1 monthly premium is taken into account, they’re actually rather affordable!


Don’t allow Globe’s requirement that candidates identify as male or female deter you from applying if you’re nonbinary.

There are still other options even if most life insurance firms haven’t revised their underwriting procedures to incorporate gender issues and may be in some ways archaic or restrictive.

A Globe Life policy will be backed by organisations like:

  • American Income Life (American Income Life Insurance Company)

  • (Globe Life Accident And Insurance Company)

  • Globe Life Employee Services Division (Employee Services Division)

  • Globe Life Family Heritage Division (Family Heritage Life Insurance Company Of America)

  • Globe Life Liberty National Division.

Children’s Life Insurance By Globe

How Can I Cancel My Globe Policy

The most generous 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by Globe. If you’re not happy with it for any reason within that time span, they’ll refund the entire policy! The majority of life insurance providers provide a “10-day Free Look.”

Make sure you carefully read any policy documents before signing given the volume of complaints regarding the way the company manages policies and accounts.

Clients have often complained to complainants about how the business treats customers who wish to leave at any moment and without cause!

Consider the 30-day introductory period and then carefully review all of your documentation before cancelling if you have a Globe insurance policy.

Verify that there are no additional or unexpected costs!

By contacting (855) 468-8900, you can cancel.

Alternatively, call their customer care line at (855) 468-8900.

Globe Life Insurance Bill Payment Login

Many of our customers have complained that Globe would let their insurance lapse if an auto payment was not taken. Therefore, if you don’t have an insurance with us, we’ll help you maintain your coverage.

Online insurance payments can be made through Globe’s eService Center. You can pay for your Globe Policy by logging in. If this is something you have never done before, register by clicking HERE.

Globe Vs The Competition

The Globe policy does not call for a medical examination, but it has the power to refuse coverage based on your medical history. But there are so many more advantageous choices available.

Many consumers pick Colonial Penn or AARP for people who require immediate coverage, according to our research. However, given that they are the two leading consumer complaint carriers, we STRONGLY advise looking for other options.

TruStage is another carrier you should avoid using!

Although the company provides no medical exam necessary guaranteed issue coverage for persons between the ages of 50 and 85, premiums are also fixed at a reasonable level.

However, the Colonial Penn 9.95 plan (units) reduces coverage annually owing to age, as we already discussed in another post.

Here is how Globe and Colonial Penn compare:

If your employer has life insurance but isn’t offering enough coverage, this policy offers the ideal answer for you. Waiting periods are unnecessary while using Globe! Supplemental plans might be purchased devoid of any medical examinations.

What Are Some Restrictions You Need To Be Aware Of

A term life insurance plan could seem like an appealing choice if you’re in your 20s and just starting out. The majority of Globe’s customers, however, are elderly.

Prior to purchasing one, be sure to enquire about any age limits.

In actuality, Globe only provides coverage up until the age of 80 or 90, and multiple complaints have been received from customers who paid thousands of dollars in premiums only to learn that once they lived over this age, they would no longer be eligible for any benefits.

Furthermore, the fact that many customers had no protection at all after paying the first premiums rendered these plans essentially meaningless. This is the reason we frequently replace these insurance policies.


The Globe policy has MANY downsides and is NOT a good choice for individuals who desire the security that comes from knowing they are completely insured.

First off, there are restrictions on coverage quantities, and premiums can be higher than you would pay elsewhere.

Globe has never had a reputation for being a customer-focused business. In reality, this life insurance provider receives an astounding number of complaints, hundreds per month.

Therefore, it would be smart to spend some time researching Globe’s policies in advance when making decisions as significant as whether or not to enrol in life insurance.

For the finest alternatives, contact us. Remember to be suspicious if something is clogging up your mailbox or if a paid spokesperson on late-night television is urging you to buy.

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