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Finding Affordable Burial Insurance In North Carolina In 2024

February 16, 202411 min read

Or is it simple to find affordable funeral insurance in North Carolina? Which of the approximately 1000 available funeral insurance providers is best for you? It all relies on whether you’re speaking with the appropriate agent.

Health insurance or life insurance come to mind when most North Carolinians think about insurance. Burial insurance North Carolina is another sort of insurance that is as crucial.

This kind of insurance aids in defraying funeral and burial expenses so that your loved ones won’t have to shoulder the financial strain. Finding reasonable burial insurance in North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

The typical funeral expense in North Carolina is $7,000. When burial ground costs are included, the average price rises to $9,000 per person. This represents a financial burden that many families cannot bear.

A cost-effective approach to be sure that your loved ones won’t be left to bear the cost of your funeral is to purchase burial insurance.

Continue reading if you live in North Carolina to find out more about burial insurance and how it might help you and your family.

What is Burial Insurance In North Carolina

A type of insurance called burial insurance aids in defraying funeral and burial expenditures. It is also known as final expenditure insurance or funeral insurance.

After you die away, this kind of insurance can lessen the financial strain on your loved ones.

Whole life insurance policies with a face value of $5,000 to $25,000 are common burial insurance policies. The policy pays money upon the death of the insured, and the premiums are often paid in monthly or yearly instalments.

If you live in North Carolina, you might be unsure whether you require burial insurance. The response is based on your specific situation.

This kind of insurance might not be necessary for some people, while it might be a useful supplement to their entire financial strategy for others.

North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

What Does Burial Insurance In North Carolina Cost

Funeral insurance, usually referred to as burial insurance, is created particularly to pay for a person’s funeral and associated costs.

The quantity of coverage chosen, the insured’s age, and the insured’s health state all affect the price of burial insurance in North Carolina.

Burial insurance policies are typically less expensive in North Carolina than other insurance products, such life or health insurance.

This is so because policies often have lesser coverage levels and shorter terms. However, the particular policy and provider will determine the precise cost of burial insurance.

Here are some examples of North Carolina funeral insurance rates:


To get an idea of how much burial insurance might cost in North Carolina, you can contact insurance providers and request quotes for different coverage amounts and policy terms.

It’s essential to compare quotes from multiple providers to get a sense of the range of prices available and to find the policy that best meets your needs and budget.

North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

Who needs Burial Insurance In North Carolina

Anyone owning a burial site, a cemetery, or even a grave monument needs insurance. It might include close friends, family members you’ve never met, and even distant relatives.

Anyone who has bought a burial site for oneself or a loved one is also included.

Anyone who wants to guarantee that their funeral will go as planned and who want to have the event at a cemetery or funeral home must also carry burial insurance.

Because it offers peace of mind, it is essential for everyone involved in funeral planning.

The costs of cancelling the funeral service in the case of an unexpected event, like a death, are high and could put everyone concerned in financial trouble.

How Does Burial Insurance In North Carolina work

Burial insurance offers the recipient a death benefit should the covered person pass away? It is not meant to pay for funeral costs or settle debts accrued after a death.

The recipient must apply for the payout under the policy within a particular time frame, and it is not retroactive. To get any benefits, the policyholder must submit a claim within one year of their passing.

There is no interest accrued and the rewards are given out all at once.

Although a 10-year insurance will offer more coverage than a five-year one, the amount will depend on the type of policy selected and the number of years it is good for.

North Carolina’s Leading Causes of Death 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists the following as the top ten causes of death in North Carolina:

  • Heart Disease

  • Cancer

  • Accidents

  • Stroke

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Flu/pneumonia

  • Kidney disease

  • Septicemia

    North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

Free Look Period In North Carolina 

Depending on the type of sale, North Carolina’s free look periods vary. For brand-new life insurance policies, the free look period lasts ten days.

There is a 20-day grace period for replacing a life insurance policy. If you don’t like what you see, you can alter your mind throughout the free look period.

Regardless of the cause, the corporation is required to return all premiums.

Remember that when the first free-look time has passed, you can always cancel your life insurance policy. No insurance company may bind you to a lengthy payment schedule.

However, you won’t get your premium money returned if you decide to cancel your insurance after the free-look period has passed.

What does Burial Insurance Cover

The following can be covered by burial insurance:

  • Cemetery and funeral costs. It covers the price of the funeral home, mortuary, coffin, and other funeral-related expenses.

  • funeral services. Burial insurance will also assist in covering the cost of cremation if you choose that option for your last disposition over burial.

  • monuments and grave markers. For friends and relatives to commemorate a loved one after their demise, a headstone or marker is necessary. Monuments and features can be paid for with burial insurance at no additional expense!

  • other costs related to death. It may cover expenses for final medical care, estate administration, probate, and any outstanding debts your loved one may have left behind.

Take a moment and read what our customers have to say about us.

North Carolina is crucial for senior citizens.

North Carolina Life Expectancy

One of the most important aspects in choosing the right sort of funeral insurance for you is life expectancy. North Carolina currently holds the 35th-highest life expectancy in the entire United States, with an average life expectancy of 78.1 years.

No Exam in North Carolina

No medical examinations are necessary in North Carolina, thus the insurance provider may present you with a policy without one. The policy will cover any pre-existing conditions you may have.

If you have one or more medical issues that have existed before the application date, that is a pre-existing condition. You cannot obtain a funeral insurance coverage from North Carolina if you have any pre-existing conditions at the time of your application.

It will also be difficult for you to buy funeral insurance from North Carolina if you have ever received a cancer or illness diagnosis.

North Carolina’s Burial and Funeral Expectations

Making last arrangements for someone who has passed away requires a number of steps to be taken.

Anyone taking care of the deceased in North Carolina is required to notify the authorities within 24 hours (“Notification of Death” forms are available at your local registrar’s office).

When a person is cremated, the medical examiner often determines the cause of death within 24 hours of the death and grants permission for the body to be released.

What is Burial Insurance In North Carolina

Death Certificates

A medical examiner’s office death certificate must be signed by a doctor or another authorised individual. Death certificates must be issued in North Carolina within three days of receiving the request.

Burial Requirements

In North Carolina, house funerals are permitted, and graves on private land can also be buried as long as no limitations are put in place by the county or municipal.

However, a cemetery is where most individuals choose to be buried. Even if you cannot pre-specify a casket or vault, cemeteries may have different criteria than funeral companies. Before making any choices, find out the cemetery’s preferences.


In North Carolina, embalming is not necessary for cremation or immediate burial. A funeral home cannot compel you to use this service. If the body will be displayed to the public or if the burial is postponed, it can be necessary.


Additionally, a body must wait 24 hours before being cremated. You must make use of cremation containers in accordance with North Carolina legislation. After being chilled at the funeral home, the remains are often available for viewing by family members shortly after that.

Basic Funeral Services

The majority of funeral establishments must provide at least a certain level of services.

The cost of this service, which can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more, includes using the funeral home, filling out the necessary paperwork for the death certificate, notifying the authorities of the death, consulting with family members and the clergy, and making arrangements with the cemetery or funeral home of your choice.

Moving the body, a casket, or preparing the body for the service are not typically included in transport.

What is Burial Insurance In North Carolina

What are the benefits of Burial Insurance In North Carolina

Affordable burial insurance has a number of advantages in North Carolina, including:


You may easily locate a burial insurance policy that fits your budget and can be acquired for a reasonable price. It implies that you won’t have to be concerned about being able to pay for all of the costs associated with having a funeral service.

Peace of mind:

Your family won’t have to worry about covering these costs if you have funeral insurance. There is no need to worry about whether you will be able to purchase a coffin or cremation urn because burial insurance is designed to cover all funeral expenses, including them.

Financial support:

If someone you care about has a burial insurance policy that covers funeral and burial costs, your life will be more secure.

If something unexpected happens, such as a death in the family or a sickness that renders a family member unable or unable to pay for their burial services, the money will be there if needed.

More adaptable

Plans for burial provide you the option of selecting the funeral director and tailoring your plan to your requirements. It implies that you can select the items that best meet your specific needs from a wide range of choices.

Simpler to manage:

Since you don’t have to renew the policy annually, you won’t have to worry about doing so when the time comes.

It is simpler than other types of burial insurance for people who desire flexibility in their coverage but don’t want to commit to long-term plans because you may add or remove coverage as necessary.

If you choose this sort of coverage over conventional life insurance policies, you may be eligible for savings on your final expenses in particular circumstances.

Simpler planning:

Burial insurance can help ensure that your loved ones don’t incur an additional unforeseen expense after your passing.

It is among the most economical ways to budget for funeral expenses and provide your family with comfort.

Burial insurance is a better approach to assist friends and family members with their funeral expenses in the event of an untimely death, and it can provide you peace of mind during this difficult time.

How do I Find the North Carolina Burial Insurance

It need not be difficult to find the best funeral insurance in North Carolina. Many of our clients contacted us after having trouble locating a last-expenses plan that was reasonable for their loved ones.

Do not be discouraged if this applies to you; you are not alone.

There are several excellent companies in North Carolina’s funeral insurance market. Not all insurers are active in all states.

Our expertise enables us to identify which businesses in North Carolina employ and which businesses offer premium, reasonably priced insurance. Here’s how to find the finest final expenditure insurance provider.

You can choose the finest burial insurance plan in North Carolina by working with an independent firm that represents several burial insurance providers, such as

Due to our independence, we can shop around and compare rates with all of the leading final expenditure insurance providers in North Carolina to help you choose the most affordable plan.

Our extensive experience also enables us to thoroughly comprehend the underwriting procedure, ensuring that we can match you with the correct businesses that will favourably assess your health, leading in cheaper rates and quick protection.

If you like to acquire more particular information, contact us in a few minutes to learn more about inexpensive burial insurance in North Carolina’s major cities.


Finally, burial insurance is an excellent strategy to make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of after your passing.

It might give you piece of mind knowing that your family won’t have to worry about these things and is an affordable method to pay for your funeral and other final costs.

Get a price on burial insurance right away if you reside in North Carolina.

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