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If I Quit Smoking, How Will It Affect My Life Insurance

February 02, 202410 min read

If you smoke and have decided it’s time to quit permanently, you may be concerned about what will happen to your life insurance rates.

Sadly, the truth is that there are other factors that must be taken into account when determining how much of a premium change smokers would experience when purchasing life insurance coverage.

It’s true that many businesses provide non-smokers with lower premiums;

Yet, depending on their age and other criteria, some smokers may still receive better rates than nonsmokers in those situations. Hence, get in touch with our specialists right away if you’re a smoker and want to learn how quitting might impact your life insurance premium prices. Based on your requirements, we’ll assist you in locating the ideal business.

If I Quit Smoking, How Will It Affect My Life Insurance

This article may provide what you’re looking for if you need more motivation to stop smoking. As you may already be aware, smokers typically pay at least twice as much for life insurance as nonsmokers do. Life insurance can be challenging to obtain for cigar smokers. If you smoke too many cigars, you’ll be viewed as a specific danger, which will eventually effect the rate. Also, if you give up smoking, the cost of life insurance after a DUI will be lower.

Indeed, this is true for all tobacco smokers. Prices for those who use any type of smokeless tobacco or who chew tobacco can be equally pricey. It’s never too late to stop, though, and that’s what we’re here to tell you. Above all, we’ll demonstrate below how it could affect your life insurance prices.

Also, the majority of life insurance providers will classify customers who use marijuana as cigarette users when they are shopping for life insurance. States are now, however, either legalising the usage for medical and, as of late, recreational uses in California, thanks to laws that have lately been established. The life insurance industry will likely become more tolerant and reduce their underwriting standards in the future.

What Are Life Insurance Rates For Someone Who Only Recently Quit Smoking

It’s entirely feasible that you’ll be approved for life insurance at the usual premium if you can stop smoking a year before you apply. But, high-risk life insurance prices apply if you haven’t stopped for at least a year. This is a significant price difference, as you may be aware.

Remember, you want to create the best first impression when applying for life insurance, and giving up smoking beforehand is one of the finest things you can do to get a reduced insurance quotation. Also, the cost of life insurance after stopping smoking is determined by age.


Hassan Sanders, from Diabetic Insurance Solutions

You can save a lot of time, money, and hassle by working with an independent life insurance agent. In order to increase your chances of finding the right policy, we at Diabetic Insurance Solutions can put you in touch with the top insurance providers. In actuality, we only understand A.M. Rated as the best rating agency for assessing the financial viability of life insurance companies.

Because each insurer will make you a different offer, we always advise consumers to shop around before deciding on a life insurance policy. Comparing several companies is the best approach to obtain the greatest bargain on your life insurance. For instance, it’s crucial to work with an agent who is familiar with the top carriers who focus on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes if you need life insurance for diabetics. In conclusion, we will get you the greatest deal with the best carrier whether you’re seeking for life insurance in your 30s, life insurance over 50, or senior life insurance over 75.


Keep in mind that different life insurance companies have different medical underwriting, which means that they will analyse your degree of risk differently. Several businesses provide a regular rate to those who have been smoke-free for six months. Others may never be able to get affordable life insurance for ex-smokers. The most important thing to remember is that quitting smoking while having underlying problems like treated high blood pressure and/or treated cholesterol will significantly lower your rate. In fact, stopping smoking can help patients with multiple sclerosis feel better (MS). Also, if smoking has been discontinued, life insurance for cancer sufferers will be more advantageous.

An agent will be aware of which firms are more forgiving in particular areas, so they will know where to go for the most affordable plans. It’s up to you, but typically speaking, investing in an agent is a wise move. As a former smoker, you may wish to research a few high-risk life insurance providers like Banner Life, AIG, or Prudential. A 20-year term life insurance policy, for example, is a cost-effective alternative to a whole life policy.


Follow these steps if you plan to apply to a life insurance provider who has given up smoking or is thinking about quitting:

  • On a life insurance application, be truthful and avoid lying about smoking. These companies are worth billions of dollars; THEY WILL FIND OUT!

  • Get quotes from various life insurance providers. Be clear of imprisoned agents. Use only independent agents; contact us at 855-468-8900 right away.

  • Ask your agent how to qualify for nonsmoker rates if you purchased life insurance with a rating of tobacco user; at Diabetic Insurance Solutions, we’ll come up with a plan for you.

  • It is foolish to put off getting life insurance!

  • For instance, until you quit smoking, you’ll only pay more or put your family in financial danger. As a smoker, find the most affordable coverage you can, and once you’ve quit, find out how to be classed as a nonsmoker. This secures a policy for you in the event that you later develop health problems that render you uninsurable or that result in extremely high premiums. You at least have the policy RIGHT NOW!

  • Set a target! Join a program to stop smoking. You may get advice and resources on the website run by the national administration, and many businesses and organizations offer them gratis.


According to general agreement, when someone smokes, society assumes they are smoking cigarettes.

In other words, they are usually correct.

Most life insurance providers assign costs for any tobacco use and advice on quitting smoking. However, a few carriers, including John Hancock, will charge non-smoker rates if you use other types of tobacco products.

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss the best choice based on these characteristics.

The same situation applies to e-cigarettes. Because almost all carriers currently treat them just like cigarettes, you will pay smoker pricing. However, the national government has begun studying e-cigarettes more recently, so if findings demonstrate that they are less dangerous than regular smokers, we might see life insurance firms follow suit. For instance, Prudential will provide non-tobacco rates to customers who admit to using e-cigarettes even if a nicotine test is positive.

In the end, depending on the carrier, smoking cessation products can cost you Smoker charges. During the physical examination blood test, insurers will look for smoking, and the level of nicotine in the blood from smoking cessation medicines will typically be detected.


There are 1,400 life insurance companies, and each of them will view you in a different way. That also applies to smoking. In some situations, a person applying for life insurance must have abstained from smoking for at least a year. Two years in some carriers. A life insurance provider giving a non-tobacco rate based on cigarette smoking would be rather unusual. The general rule is to offer preferred rates after three years, at the very least. Always keep in mind that statistics are the foundation of life insurance firms. So, there is a strong probability you won’t start this habit again if you put it down for three years.

When applying for a new policy or trying to update their health evaluation on their current coverage, a company will typically have the same time requirements for someone to receive a nonsmoker score. However, this doesn’t always need to be the case, so it never hurts to check with your insurance provider.

How does stopping smoking affect the cost of life insurance?

If at least a year has passed since you last smoked, please use our comparison tool to examine prices for new coverages.


Once more, every insurance provider views you differently. Also, while the best tobacco companies have varied policies regarding cigars, e-cigarettes, and/or chewing tobacco, some handle all tobacco products precisely the same. Call us; we’ll help you find the right fit for your background. You can hire an independent insurance agency like Diabetic Insurance Solutions to aid you in your search. We are aware of the carriers that will provide you a favorable underwriting review. We specialize in locating the most affordable premiums for smokers as well as those with health problems. We are experts in the field since we are familiar with the regulations for numerous carriers.

We will guide you through the procedure and pick just one carrier out of all the leading firms based on your past.

Independent insurance agents, as opposed to captive insurance brokers, represent dozens of insurance providers across the nation, enabling them to pass on the best rates to you.

Your life insurance plan will benefit from time and money savings by working with an independent insurance agent. You should not wait any longer to acquire the insurance coverage you and your family need because you never know what will happen in other places.


One of the most crucial choices to make when purchasing life insurance is this one. You’ll need to take a number of things into consideration. We’ll go over a few things that you might want to include in your life insurance policy, and at the end you’ll need to figure out how much it will cost.

  • Any loans or mortgages

  • To replace your employment or retirement income, a starting point of 10 times your income is typical.

  • Your final costs, which typically total around $10,000 alone, including funeral and burial fees.

  • Personal expenses that you want covered, such as paying for your kids’ college tuition

Even a cheap term life insurance policy can offer your family a significant amount of financial stability following your passing.


Life Insurance Prices and Smoking Cessation

Giving up smoking can significantly lower your life insurance rates. In actuality, even if you’ve simply abstained briefly before applying. The ideal time frame for quitting is often one year. Yet, if you don’t have any major medical concerns, many insurance firms will provide you conventional life insurance premiums. After giving up smokes for a few years, you can qualify for some of the best rates on no exam life insurance. Nonetheless, you can always purchase a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy if you have significant health difficulties.

There are many further options available to you. For instance, giving up smoking can help you receive the most affordable life insurance premiums. This entails altering your diet, upping your exercise frequency, lowering your blood pressure, etc. Verify that you only do business with the top life insurance providers.


As you may already be aware, smokers typically pay at least twice as much for life insurance as nonsmokers do. In fact, due of the elevated risks, life insurance premiums after a DUI can be challenging. It’s time to stop smoking if you want to reduce your premiums and live a longer, healthier life. Call us or fill out our free quote request form today, and we’ll help you locate an inexpensive plan that meets your needs and, in most cases, has no tobacco surcharges.

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