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How To Get a Cheap Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period?

February 02, 202427 min read

Do you have a relative who is getting close to old age and is concerned about the price of their funeral?

Proposals for burial insurance You will be doing your loved ones a great favour if you decide on a final expenditure life insurance policy that pays for funeral costs and then some, a specific final expense insurance policy, or funeral pre-payment.

If so, you are not by yourself. According to a recent survey, Americans spent $8,000 on funerals on average in 2016.

Consider buying or researching burial insurance policies with no medical exam as a type of life insurance for seniors to avoid this cost and make sure your loved ones will be cared for when you die away.

In the very competitive final expense insurance market of today, several businesses provide these products at reasonable rates with no waiting period, allowing you to buy coverage right away.

In addition to these savings, many insurance also provide advantages like pre-paid funeral or cremation charges, which could help to further reduce expenditures!

What is the total amount covered by your current life insurance policy? Have you got enough?

The Truth About No Waiting Period Life Insurance

One of the most frequent inquiries I receive from clients is: “Will my life insurance policy pay out if I purchase one today and pass away tomorrow?”

You must be asking yourself the same thing. In this essay, we’ll talk about fast life insurance acceptance, but mostly burial life insurance with no waiting time or physical.

Overall, traditional life insurance for seniors comes in a wide variety, and it’s crucial to understand the many burial life insurance policies available.

In actuality, the total amount of life insurance coverage and/or the death benefit will depend on whether you choose cremation services or a traditional burial.

For instance, you might only be able to receive a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy if you have a health condition like cancer or dementia.

Even though there is still no medical exam required for this life insurance, the beneficiaries do not receive a death benefit for the first two years.

We shall thus concentrate on the immediate coverage provided by burial insurance plans that will pay for both traditional burial and cremation charges. These are the kinds of policies that the life insurance company will not demand a medical exam for, unlike a term life insurance policy.

These life insurance policies can be easily obtained with fast approval, and as long as you continue to pay your premiums, your policy will remain in effect.

Hence, when the time comes to make arrangements with the funeral home, these are the policies that will be available whether you are seeking for a regular burial or a cremation insurance policy.

How Can I Find Cheap Burial Insurance Policies For Seniors

What does “no waiting period” in life insurance mean?

The majority of customers who are approaching retirement need to know how to buy the best burial insurance policies, and no waiting period life insurance has become more and more well-liked!! But most importantly, inexpensive funeral insurance!

What does the “senior final expense life insurance scheme” entail, and what does it represent to you?

It will always be very difficult for your family when you die away. Above all, don’t depend on them to pay for your funeral.

However, even inexpensive funeral plans are expensive and require funding! Be on top of it; it’s our responsibility!

Once more, a funeral is not inexpensive! You must locate a reasonably priced burial life insurance plan that will pay for your casket, flowers, and other related expenses. Typically, the cost of a funeral alone is around $10,000.

A lot of people have questions

How much do funeral insurance policies cost?

While coverage typically ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 with some carriers going as high as $100,000, this will vary.

Is it wise to purchase burial insurance?

Sure, because you won’t want to put your family’s finances at risk. They’ll be faced with a $5,000–$15,000 funeral expense if you don’t have the money!

Can you purchase burial insurance plans on behalf of others?

It depends, as long as the potential insured is aware and you have an insurable interest!

How can I purchase funeral insurance?

Dial us. With clearance after just a few questions, we have more than a dozen of the greatest burial insurance providers.

What distinguishes life insurance from burial insurance policies?

Nothing; a tiny whole life policy that covers burial insurance. They simply market it under the terms “Burial Insurance” or “Final Expense”.

Final Expense Senior Care Life Insurance For Burial

It’s crucial to understand how last expense insurance policies operate before making a purchase. Life insurance salespeople all too frequently promote guaranteed issue or graded policies as senior funeral insurance.

Above all, your health will ultimately influence the cost of funeral preparations if you are over 65.

So why would you desire a coverage designed for elderly citizens with serious health difficulties if you are a healthy senior?

A guaranteed issue policy will cost more overall. The level day one coverage, however, will provide what you need right now and is often 30% less expensive.

Moreover, before you make any decisions, be sure to read our article on prepaid burial/funeral plans because they are not at all a smart idea.

The Truth About Funeral Expense Insurance

Over all, you should ensure that the final expense firms you work with offer the greatest burial insurance policies out there.

Making sure you are with a top burial insurance provider is more important than finding the most economical burial insurance policies and the best burial insurance.

Therefore, finding affordable burial insurance is not difficult. Let’s face it, you purchase this form of insurance to safeguard your loved ones as well as to cover your funeral costs.

Paying premiums, for instance, will reveal whether you have any health problems. To sum up, the best life insurance plans will be determined by your responses to health-related questions.

Again, if you work with a seasoned independent agent, they will be able to provide you with the finest funeral insurance price because they are familiar with the various health profiles that can be underwritten.

Keep in mind that every life insurance company has a distinct perspective on you, and choosing the wrong one can affect your premiums.

The good news is that since these are straightforward whole-life insurance, you won’t need to undergo a medical examination.

We only provide the best funeral insurance plans with carriers who promise that your death benefit will NEVER decrease and that your premiums will never increase, unlike scams like whole life insurance firms Colonial Penn.

It is now easier than ever to obtain the greatest funeral insurance rates now that you know how. Applying for and receiving coverage for burial insurance online can take just a few days or up to a few weeks.

This, as opposed to the standard life insurance that businesses provide, will give you comfort when you need it the most.

We can always secure our clients a guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance policy, even if they have serious health conditions.

They occasionally accept credit card payments. Most have a two to three week waiting period before the death payment is paid. Make preparations with the funeral home after you know how much the funeral will cost.

Is Burial Insurance Worth It? What are the Pros and Cons?

That depends, I guess. If you’re the majority of customers, it’s likely that you don’t have $5000 to $15,000 set away for burial or funeral costs. Regrettably, there are no free funeral insurance coverage!

You need waiting period burial insurance if you don’t have this kind of money saved away. Otherwise, the expense will fall on your loved ones, who, let’s face it, shouldn’t be responsible for paying it.

The availability of many funeral insurance companies is a wonderful thing. You therefore have a variety of options if you’re wondering how to use life insurance to pay for a funeral.

In order to find the best fit for you out of the more than 30 carriers we work with, it is crucial to understand your rate categorization. Fill out the form on the right to put this into action! 👉👉👉

Low-Cost Burial Insurance And How To Apply For Coverage

It’s crucial to shop around and receive the finest burial insurance quotes while seeking for affordable burial insurance rates or affordable funeral arrangements.

In fact, speaking with an independent life insurance expert like Hassan Sanders will ensure that you pay the least amount of money for funeral expenses and burial insurance.

Moreover, the most affordable burial insurance is not necessarily the best choice. Also, the finest funeral insurance for seniors may be found by comparing products with the best options.

Ask an independent agency, for instance, if there are any potential hidden benefits.

Once more, inexpensive funeral insurance with unstated benefits like a remission of premium or a rider for nursing home confinement may be worth the extra money.

We offer inexpensive burial insurance with the aforementioned characteristics. Make sure you ask a representative.

What Is Burial Insurance And What You Need To Know

The best approach to shield your loved ones from financial worries after you pass away is with burial insurance. It is sometimes referred to as waiting-period-free funeral insurance.

The death benefit is given to your recipient after your passing. This aids in covering their funeral expenses.

You should ask your independent agent for advice when deciding which final expense provider best suits your needs. This is the finest course of action if you’re looking for economical burial insurance.

In a single phone call, we will compare your case with several funeral expenditure insurance providers. This helps you save a tonne of time and hassle.

In actuality, it’s the ideal method for getting a cheap funeral policy.

What distinguishes burial insurance from life insurance?

The response is, “NONE!” Life insurance includes burial insurance.

Low-Cost Final Expense Insurance

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re seeking for senior burial insurance that’s reasonable. Regardless of health problems, we specialise in affordable final expense coverage.

Is it feasible to find affordable final expense insurance? YES!

We collaborate with the top twelve same-day carriers, all of which have an A+ rating. We will place the greatest product at the lowest price, as opposed to State Farm Funeral Insurance, which is 50% more expensive.

For people under 50, we also have carriers who will provide inexpensive funeral coverage in the form of funeral insurance.

Once more, contact a burial specialist to get affordable final expense coverage by calling or using the quote box on the right.

Funeral And Burial Insurance Policies, What's The Difference

Of course, since insurance for funeral and burial costs differ greatly, you’ll need to decide between a burial and a cremation. In this article, we’ll talk about it in greater detail.

Alternatively, your agent will assist you in locating the appropriate Burial Insurance plan for your needs.

After all, getting the best possible life insurance policy coverage is crucial for a decent funeral service! Hence, in order to find the affordable funeral insurance you require, you will need a private agent.

Even if you have a health issue, be mindful of the following if you want to get the greatest funeral insurance.

Low cost life insurance for burial

State Farm burial or State Farm funeral insurance, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, and funeral coverage with AARP life insurance are the three life insurance providers to avoid when it comes to burial coverage.

Although they claim it is free, Lincoln Heritage will also include membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.

Seniors will be astonished to learn that one is typically 30% more expensive and that the other is not a lifelong assurance.

In order to get a burial plan, it is crucial to acquire the appropriate type of policy with the appropriate carrier.

Funeral Coverage With No Waiting Period

A funeral benefit programme helps seniors, above all, to ensure they have the right protection so they don’t leave a financial burden on their loved ones.

It’s also crucial to note that there is no waiting period for ANY funeral insurance schemes. Also, there is no waiting period for funeral insurance.

Yet, if you obtain a guaranteed issue whole life policy, there can be a two-year waiting period depending on how convenient it is for you to have serious health concerns.

It is crucial to understand that there is no waiting period coverage, regardless of whether it is AARP burial insurance senior coverage (which we do not advise).

Also, if you have a reasonable budget funeral plan, you won’t let the coverage lapse. After two years, these policies start to accrue monetary value, and the majority of carriers offer this up to age 85.

We occasionally have persons that are over 85. We provide products that provide coverage for seniors up to age 89, but not 90.

Funeral Insurance For Under 50

There aren’t many options available if you’re looking for funeral insurance for people under 50 without a waiting period.

Burial insurance typically covers those between the ages of 50 and 85.

But, we do provide a few products to our customers as young as 18 years old. Below are some examples of the rates that we have.

It is always advisable to purchase burial insurance frequently and early.

How To Get An Affordable Funeral Policy

Which final expense policy is the most affordable?

There are often two things to safeguard when you reach social security age and all of your children are adults. Your spouse and family will be financially burdened after your passing.

Let’s face it, health problems can certainly occur when you are in your mid-sixties. To ensure that your funeral expenses are covered, you should purchase last expense life insurance.

Ultimately, this will provide people peace of mind because they won’t have to worry about paying the funeral home out of pocket.

When acquiring burial life insurance for seniors, you should ensure that the amount of coverage will cover not just the cost of the funeral but also, potentially, any associated hospital expenses.

Above all, you should work with a reputable burial insurance provider.

Really, you’ll want the insurance the organisation provides to be the kind you’re looking for.

Certain types of life insurance do not call for a medical examination.

Of course, you will save more money if you are healthy. The three types of life insurance protection you can get when looking for a burial policy are listed below.Each of these will have a unique premium payment. The good news is that there are policies that offer coverage guarantees even if you have a serious health condition.

Remember that these policies typically have a 2-year waiting period, after which time your premiums will be returned plus 10% if you pass away from a covered condition.

What Are Burial Insurance Prices For Seniors In Your 50’s

It’s crucial to be aware of the greatest prices that are offered to you.

For instance, you can have several funeral insurance agents tugging you in different directions when you are looking for the best deals.

It’s critical to identify the creators and counterfeiters.

The prices for level, graded, and guaranteed issue for both sexes, ages 50 to 89, are listed below.

Inexpensive Funeral Insurance for Seniors

You are now in your seventies. You ought to be retired by now, playing with your grandchildren, and possibly occasionally swinging a golf club.

To keep you active, you can still be working, perhaps a part-time job. In general, you’re undoubtedly considering the costs associated with dying, especially when you witness older people passing away.

Or perhaps you have witnessed some of your close friends struggle to carry out a loved one’s final wishes.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT if you are considering taking steps to ensure that your loved ones don’t face financial hardship.

Affordable Burial Insurance In Your 70’s

Age 70-79 burial insurance rates

Burial Insurance Rates for age 70-79

Age 70 Burial Insurance Gender & Rate Class

Senior Burial Insurance Program [Be Aware]

First off, State Farm is great for both auto and home; I personally have them. But despite not being aware that I am a life insurance agent, my state farm agent attempted to add a policy to a bundle.

First off, it’s a sales trick; life insurance can’t be bundled because it’s “ONLY” an add-on item. Second, it typically costs 25–40% more than the best prices.

According to AARP, burial insurance covers you for the rest of your life. But AARP does not offer burial insurance.

Although it will increase with age and years, that is true in theory. Therefore, if you have the money to pay for it, yeah, it’s for your entire life.

Yet, if you are over 70 and on a fixed income, a price increase of a few hundred dollars may cause you to stop buying bread. Also, to qualify for the discount, you must be an AARP member.

In actuality, AARP is NOT EVEN AN INSURANCE COMPANY; it is New York Life burial insurance.

The Truth About Lincoln Heritage Burial Insurance

Last but not least, Lincoln Heritage advertises on late-night television that they will handle every aspect of your funeral, particularly if you are an elderly person over the age of 80. Really, it’s a complete fraud. As I refer to it, the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program helps elderly swindle.

When you pass away, they promise to make all of your funeral arrangements by taking you to nearby funeral homes and speaking with a funeral director. All of that is theatre!

In actuality, your price will be 30% higher than the best prices. Funeral insurance is not cheap.

If you’re looking for a life insurance burial coverage, BEWARE, AVOID These 3 Carriers!!

I frequently receive calls like this!

Cheap Final Expense Burial Insurance 50% off

For senior individuals, it is possible to acquire reasonable burial insurance covers. The range of insurance coverage amounts is typically $2,000 to $40,000.

There is no reason to leave these costs to your family, as the majority of carriers offer this product up to $25,000.

You won’t face any difficulties obtaining a guaranteed acceptance or guaranteed issue coverage, even if you have a lifestyle issue like a DUI or a health limitation like diabetes.

A sure-fire problem life assurance A life insurance policy called no medical exam no health questions won’t look at your medical history.

However there is a two-year grading period. This is the amount of time the insured must wait before receiving the entire illness-related death benefit.

The insurance pays out completely after the two years are up. Remember that these are long-term insurance plans. We choose AIG, UHL, and Gerber as carriers for life insurance with guaranteed acceptance.

Above all, Mutual of Omaha, whose product is called the living promise, is our preferred carrier.

When compared to AARP funeral insurance, Lincoln Heritage, and State Farm burial insurance, you will typically experience a premium discount of up to 50%.

Also, MOO’s Living Promise is a far better product!

Without a doubt, the living promise is the ideal sort of policy for inexpensive burial insurance. They are among of the least expensive burial insurance.

What Is The Best Affordable Burial Insurance For Seniors

You’ve been looking around for a long, and you might be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You’re asking yourself the urgent question: What is the cheapest burial insurance?

The lowest option isn’t necessarily the best.

It is usually a good idea to ask your agent for carrier comparisons. Every carrier has a certain market.

If you’ve been reading, you’ve probably guessed who we think offers the best funeral insurance for people over 70.

Life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product, though, and occasionally a particular plan is needed for a unique circumstance. That particular sort of coverage might only cover funeral and final expenses.

Here are the top 5 burial insurance providers we’ll introduce to our customers. They offer the most affordable burial insurance on the market.

These funeral insurance providers are some of the best. Our top choice is United of Omaha burial insurance.

For individuals under 50, they also provide burial insurance, which begins at age 45.

Low-Cost Final Expense Coverage

Is Burial Insurance A Good Idea

Burial Insurance Is A Wonderful Option If You Want Affordable Last Expense Coverage

The basic operation of buying affordable burial insurance is the same as that of any other last expense life insurance policy.

In fact, it is intended particularly to pay for any debt, including credit card and medical bills, as well as ultimate obligations like burial or cremation costs.

You must be at least 50 years old to be eligible for funeral insurance with many insurance providers.

But from the ages of 45 to 85, Mutual of Omaha will provide funeral insurance with face values ranging from $2,000 to $40,000. Our overall grade for this carrier’s expenses is A+.

A set premium rate typically applies to burial insurance. In general, your costs won’t increase as you age.

Furthermore, when it comes to burial insurance, life insurance premiums differ for all age groups.

It is less expensive the younger you are. Above all, it’s crucial to compare prices and services, so give us a call and let’s take care of it for you!

What Is Covered By Burial Insurance

Finding affordable funeral insurance quotes is one thing, but you probably want to know what is covered.

It’s critical to understand what a burial policy covers so that your family won’t be in the dark on that terrible day. Often, it is used to pay for funeral and/or cremation expenses.

These two funeral insurance premiums are extremely dissimilar.

You can find these for as little as $1,000 if you’re okay with having your relative cremated and having their remains given to you in a bag and zip-lock.

Burial insurance varies in price on a national level. Yet, a little service, an urn, and a dignified farewell can cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

An average funeral can cost between $10,000 and $12,000, and up to $25,000.

Above all, it’s critical to understand how much insurance your loved ones will require in the event of your passing.

It’s crucial to have that talk.

Funeral Cover With No Waiting

How does funeral insurance operate?

Pre-Paid versus Pre-Need?

Despite the fact that there are several insurance options, there are only two types of funeral plans: pre-paid or need-based.

Pre-Need insurance policies are ordered directly from the undertaking organisation.

You are committed to a certain funeral home when you choose this option. Your loved ones will choose the funeral home if you have pre-paid funeral coverage.

Whether talking about burial life insurance for seniors over 60 or funeral insurance for parents, this is crucial.

What Are The Pros To Getting Burial Insurance

Above all, waiting-period-free burial insurance is fantastic. The most obvious benefit is that a final expense coverage will cover any final costs.

Yet, burial insurance has certain additional advantages.

Knowing my life insurance alternatives is usually a good idea. A few of these are listed below:

Final expenditure policies, particularly those offered by no medical exam life insurance companies, typically have cheaper rates than conventional life insurance plans.

Obtaining burial insurance is typically a relatively simple and quick process. You won’t need to undergo a medical checkup, and acceptance is typically rather lax.

Unlike with a regular life insurance plan, those in bad health won’t be turned down for burial insurance. This is often no-waiting-period senior life insurance.

Who Needs Burial Insurance And Who Is The Right Fit

For those who are no longer covered by life insurance, final expense coverage is available.

Also, they can no longer afford life insurance or have been refused life insurance. It’s crucial to estimate your total costs before making a purchase.

Pay attention to expenses like the price of your burial site, cremation or casket shipping, etc.

Keep in mind that you can still obtain a burial coverage even if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Additionally, if you have multiple sclerosis and need life insurance, you can still purchase a guaranteed issue policy or a burial policy. Even seniors with life insurance who are over 75 can purchase a burial coverage.

AETNA’s final expense programme, which offers burial insurance to people over 85, is now being handled by us.

I’m sorry to keep saying it, but MOO is by far the greatest final cost or burial insurance in the business.

The underwriting is quick, and the rates are among the best in the business.

In reality, it includes riders for terminal sickness, hastened death benefit, and nursing home confinement. For more information, see above.

They are our preferred provider for seniors over 80 who need burial insurance.

The best burial insurance is still provided by MOO, according to

How To Buy Burial Insurance for Parents

Can someone else have their funeral insurance purchased?

There we are now or one day we will all be. It’s fairly usual for parents to search for senior burial insurance. As our parents age, it’s possible that they won’t be able to handle their own funeral arrangements.

In fact, when this occurs, a family may suffer a serious financial blow. Typically, we are starting a family or have middle-aged children when our parents are close to death.

All things considered, the untimely death of a parent can be a severe financial blow if you are not well prepared. So, it is crucial to consider high-quality funeral insurance options.

“Go Fund Me” pages and taking on debt that will take years to pay off are things you frequently see. So, a last expense life insurance policy will typically work the best for your parents.

Also, it’s crucial for parents to get funeral insurance.

Having said that, none of us have money set aside just for someone else’s burial. But there is a solution.

An insurable interest is the most crucial factor in evaluating whether you can get a burial policy for your parents.

In layman’s words, insurable interest indicates that in the event of your parent’s demise, you as the family member will suffer a financial loss or incur debt.

Above all, when thinking about purchasing life insurance for your parents, you don’t want to postpone or kick the can down the road.

When their bodies gradually begin to degrade as they reach retirement age, individuals become more vulnerable to health problems.

The price will change when these breakdowns occur and as people become older. In the end, delaying it will cost you thousands extra.

A sudden death will also require you to raise $10,000 or more. Or, even worse, planning a funeral against the desires of a loved one.

For instance, you might want a funeral but be able to only afford cremation.

The fact that you didn’t give your parents the funeral they wanted because you weren’t ready will undoubtedly upset you the most for years to come.

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

Most family members who are thinking about purchasing a burial policy for a parent have no idea what the costs will be. Yet, we are aware of the importance of finding you the Finest low-cost funeral insurance, and we want to assist you in doing so!

The cost of burial insurance or funeral insurance varies between carriers.

Going to the agent who sold them their homeowners and/or vehicle insurance is the top error people make that results in them paying more than necessary.

These representatives typically sell exclusive goods and are captive. They mostly sell you the “bundling” gimmick as well. Life insurance is only available as an add-on and cannot be bundled to save money.

Hence, avoid these sales tactics to avoid paying over 35% extra.

Fast Quote Burial Insurance

The ideal time to handle a burial policy is when you are thinking about retiring or are already retired. At this age, you typically have few health issues, so you stand a good chance of benefiting.

For seniors looking to purchase a burial coverage, now is the greatest time to compare prices.

Burial Life Insurance for Elderly Parents

Let’s face it, it’s typical to have middle-aged parents and to wonder about funeral insurance for older parents.

For instance, did they take care of this for when they do pass? When a family needs to come up with thousands of dollars on short notice, it can be incredibly stressful.

Above all, no one has $10,000 set aside in a bank account for another person’s burial. We’ll give you some examples of burial costs down below.


You should request quotations from several of the leading final expense companies when wanting to obtain a cheap burial.

MOO is an illustration of a reputable and reasonably priced life insurance provider. It’s simple to get quotations because you don’t have to buy their coverage in order to get estimates on rates.

It’s important to note that you won’t need to get a physical when you apply for final expense coverage.

In actuality, this greatly improves the process’s manageability.

But, you will have to answer a short questionnaire that includes some personal questions about your age, occupation, whether you smoke, etc.

Burial insurance will not be impacted by cigar smoking.


Many people turn to final expense insurance since they can’t get life insurance protection because of their age or serious health issues, including diabetes or any other high-risk health condition.

They may nevertheless be protected by life insurance. They only need to look into senior life insurance no medical exam.

Over all, this will offer your family much greater protection than final expense coverage.

That will, however, cost extra, of course. Premiums for medical exams cannot be outrageously high.

A burial policy is the sole option because some unique risk coverage is not covered by the conventional term life insurance.


Yes. You can name the funeral home as the beneficiary of burial life insurance if you only intend to utilise the policy to cover your funeral costs.


Hey, that’s a simple response! Quotes from Pinnacle

For a final expense policy, we at will know which carrier to put you in touch with and which life insurance firms to steer clear of.

Among the top 10 final expenditure carriers on the market, our experts can assist you in finding the most affordable burial insurance and last expense products.

You’ll probably save a tonne of time and money by working with us.

But, burial policies include age restrictions if you’re in your 30s and seeking for life insurance. But, burial policies are available if you’re looking for life insurance over 50.

In fact, a few of our cemeteries provide voice signatures with same-day approval.

We simplify things…

Trust that you want to work with an independent agency while looking for affordable life insurance, not just affordable burial insurance.

In reality, all 50 states have granted a licence as a nationwide independent life insurance agency. originating in Jacksonville, Florida. In actuality, we are in Duval County. The football team’s stadium in Jacksonville, the Jaguars’ home!

We have connections with a large number of carriers.

These companies focus on all facets of life insurance, including universal life, whole life, and term life insurance in addition to burial coverage.

In any case, if you’re searching for a straightforward procedure, let hold your hand and walk you through the whole thing from beginning to end.

More importantly, feel free to contact us at 855-468-8900 if you have any questions about affordable funeral insurance, funeral insurance for parents, or any other questions at all.


You want to get a burial policy that is reasonably priced while still providing your family with the advantages and coverage they require.

Let us assist you in locating a low-cost, no-waiting-period funeral insurance plan so you can be confident that your loved ones will be taken care of when the time comes.

You only need to answer a few questions about yourself and submit a form for approval because we deliver quotations from several suppliers in minutes. Get started right now by requesting a quotation!

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