How To Buy Life Insurance For Veterans In 2023

How To Buy Life Insurance For Veterans In 2024

February 03, 202429 min read

Our soldiers receive life insurance, often known as veteran life insurance, as protection for their families after they have served.

Older consumers should be aware of the Veterans Affairs Life Insurance Program since they frequently look for life insurance.

Many veterans who have served our nation have benefited from this programme. Term and whole-life insurance are the two forms of coverage that the VA provides.

While whole-life insurance are more expensive since they protect you for your entire life, term policies only give coverage for as long as you pay your premiums.

The VA also provides joint life insurance to spouses of veterans who passed away while serving in the military or from injuries sustained while serving, such as PTSD or cancer brought on by exposure to Agent Orange (not just in Vietnam).

If you’re an elderly consumer searching for some peace of mind, this information is crucial!

Military Life Insurance For Veterans

I have always had respect for the military, which defends this nation. My father, brother, and grandfather all served the country.

I was unable to enlist, though, due to my asthma. I believed I had betrayed the nation of which I was so proud. As a result, ever since the early 1990s, I have made an extra effort to be there for my serving brothers and sisters.

The least I can do, in my opinion, is to pick up the dinner tab in secret, make a donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation, or take part in the Wounded Soldiers project.

As an independent agent, I have the chance to help our service members get military life insurance and defend retired veterans.

For veterans of the military, life insurance is crucial.

Sadly, the best accessible prices for group life insurance for veterans are substantially more.

This is the reason I guarantee that you will receive the highest pricing possible to you, our HEROES, whether you are an active duty service member or a retired veteran!

This article will clarify the issue if you are a veteran or a spouse who is curious about whether military spouses have life insurance.

First and foremost…

We are a family-run company. We are strong advocates of both our armed forces and veterans. From our family to yours, as well as from

So, it is crucial that service veterans and their families have the greatest life insurance!

We appreciate your service and the daily sacrifice you make.

Questions and Answers

Are life insurance policies for veterans free?

Veterans who are totally incapacitated are “Eligible” for free coverage and also have the option to buy more life insurance.

Do veterans who have retired have life insurance?

Veterans typically have access to VGLI (Veterans Group Life Insurance), but purchasing a privately owned policy can be more affordable and have a longer commitment period.

Are funerals for veterans free?

No, although a veterans’ grave is often cared for at a national cemetery. Moreover, the VA would contribute up to $2,000 towards funeral costs incurred before September 11, 2001.

How lengthy are the benefits for veterans?

10 years following the veterans’ release date.

Low-Cost Life Insurance For Veterans

Above all, our soldiers should be provided with affordable life insurance to safeguard their families. Veterans with health problems are treated extremely kindly by our carriers here at

For instance, term life insurance is a great alternative for elderly veterans to keep costs down and have enough to adequately safeguard your loved ones.

Term policies are the best life insurance for veterans since the premiums will be level and the death benefit guaranteed for the duration of the term, unlike USAA where prices increase every five years.

Compared to VA life insurance prices, these are substantially better.

But, the most frequent query we receive is “Do veterans receive free life insurance?

” is “no” in response. We do, however, provide a variety of affordable choices with A+ Rated carriers.

Life Insurance For Elderly Veterans

Veteran life insurance eligibility will typically depend on age and health. Also, it will be based on any disabilities or injuries. In fact, TSGLI will be the greatest option if it was brought on by a disability related to the service.

Whether branch of service you were in or if you were a part-time SGLI employee will not matter. If you were a military member and are switching from SGLI to VGLI, you should look at the cost of insurance in the civilian market.

You should get your coverage as soon as possible if you are an aged veteran or senior.

Servicemen Group Life Insurance SGLI

What You Must Understand

Life Insurance for Veterans and Members of the Military

What choices do we have? Due to the high level of danger they face while serving, military personnel have unique life insurance options.

The Servicemembers Group Life Insurance, or SGLI, is actually the finest life insurance for military people.

Since its founding in 1965, SGLI has been accessible.

SGLI coverage was developed to offer our service members affordable term insurance in addition to their military benefits.

The government undertakes to cover the claim costs brought on by service-related risks.

There are a number of other low-cost life insurance choices for veterans after they have left the service. We are aware that transitioning from active military to civilian life may be challenging.

Planning Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Veterans

We aim to assist you in achieving your goals, whether you are looking for a 20-year term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy.

We want to make sure that we provide both active-duty and retired troops with the greatest life insurance.

Veterans can change their insurance from SGLI to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI). But, unless the policy is a commercial one, they cannot convert their VGLI coverage to whole life.

Remember that you’ll be better off if you can find coverage through a conventional life insurance policy. This is due to the high expense of VGLI.

The answer to the question “do VGLI rates grow as you get older” is YES!

*We shall talk more about this in our article.

Traditional term life insurance policies offer the same coverage at a much lower cost. Veterans can obtain life insurance with the aid and direction of your agent.

As we go on, we’ll talk about a variety of possibilities, including inexpensive cheap life insurance.

Death Bonus…

is a programme for service personnel in which the military gives eligible survivors a tax-free payout up to $100,000. These are military personnel who lost their lives while serving in the reserves or on active duty.

No matter what the reason of death, the death gratuity is the same. Therefore a widowed military spouse can utilise this money to reconstruct their life or to pay for their child’s education.

If a qualified member or former member passes away within 120 days of release or discharge, the Death Gratuity is also available. Included in this is release from the military.

The death due to disease or injury will be determined by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

SGLI vs USAA Life Insurance

In all, active military members can purchase SGLI coverage in increments of $50,000 up to a maximum of $400,000. Members who are discharged are eligible for free coverage for up to 120 days. We refer to this as separation.

You may receive up to two years of free coverage if you become disabled after separation.



Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI)

Protection Against Traumatic Injuries

Above all, it’s excellent for military men and veterans to have the option of TSGLI to help with their recovery from these severe injuries.

In reality, if an injury happens while you are receiving full-time SGLI, you are automatically covered by TSGLI. The National Guard, those serving on active duty, reservists, funeral honours duty, and muster duty are all covered.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to be eligible to receive TSGLI payment:

  • SGLI-insured at the time the injury occurred

  • Injury must result in a loss covered by SGLI.

  • The injury must have occurred while performing active duty.

  • A scheduled loss must occur within 730 days of the acute injury.

  • Must endure for a length of time that is at least 7 days after the day the injury occurred.

All SGLI participants have access to TSGLI coverage for catastrophic injuries up to $100,000. It’s critical to understand that TSGLI is not basic pay, military disability pay, or compensation.

In actuality, it has no impact on VA or DOD benefits for veterans.

Do VGLI Rates Increase with Age

YES!!! Rates for VGLI life insurance are rising! Here’s how…

Incorporated in 1974, Veterans’ Group Life Insurance is still in operation today.

The Prudential Insurance Company offers VGLI on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Its only goal is to take the place of SGLI.

VGLI: Is it worth it? After being discharged, the veteran has 240 days to enrol in VGLI. No physical examination is needed. Age is a factor in determining the VGLI premiums.

VGLI may be changed at any time into a commercial policy. There are other choices for life insurance for veterans who are not covered by VGLI, which we shall go over in more detail.

An important fact to Know about VGLI

  • When you get older, your VGLI premiums rise every five years.

As an illustration, the premium for a $400,000 insurance at age 40 is $68.00.

The premium is $88.00 at age 45; it is currently $144.00 at age 50.

If you maintain that same policy until you are at least 70 years old…

Currently, that identical policy costs $920.00 per month.

It is a staggering sum of money to pay each month!

It is best to think about comparison shopping before being released from duty. Comparison shop. Contact a free agent at Several carriers can be sent to you at once.

Term Life Insurance For Disabled Veterans

Are you trying to find the finest life insurance for veterans with disabilities?

A service-disabled veterans insurance programme exists (S-DVI).

Veterans who have received a recent VA service connection for a new disability are covered by life insurance through S-DVI.

Veterans who are completely handicapped are really entitled for free coverage and have the option to purchase more insurance. Thus if you qualify, it makes sense to submit an S-DVI application.

To qualify for S-DVI, applicants must fulfil the following four requirements:

  • Active duty was terminated on or after April 25, 1951. besides dishonourable.

  • Disability tied to service

  • Apart than the service-related impairment, good health

  • To be clear, you have two years from the moment the VA grants the service-related disability to apply.

VGLI Rates For Disabled Vets

If you are converting your SGLI over, the VGLI rates for handicapped veterans will remain the same. But, if you have TSGLI, you will also be able to take advantage of other benefits.

Veterans Group Life Insurance Company Phone Number

If you have special inquiries or need to meet with a VGLI representative,

Phone number for VGLI:

Call 855-468-8900

between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Life Insurance Policies For Veterans

What types of policies are offered? Veterans can purchase affordable life insurance right now!

Whole vs. Term Life Insurance

Which veteran’s life insurance provider should you pick? There are many options available for life insurance for veterans.

Term and permanent life insurance are the two main types. Term life insurance offers coverage for the death benefit for a defined period of time.

The length of the tenure is typically 10 to 30 years. Veterans Will Find Term Life Insurance Less Expensive Than Permanent Life Insurance Plans.

When the term is over, these policies become void.

You can convert or renew. Consult your agent for advice.

To be clear, there are a few causes for which you might favour a permanent life insurance plan.

One benefit of this veteran insurance coverage is that, as you may infer from the name, permanent life insurance provides ongoing security. As a result, there is no chance that you will outlive the term of your insurance coverage.

Permanent life insurance products also include a cash value build-up feature, in contrast to term life insurance. As a result, money can accumulate tax-deferred.

Specific life insurance policies come in a huge variety of varieties. For example, there are life insurance plans available for fat people.

In conclusion, you can examine all of your selections from the best life insurance providers, like Banner Life.

Veterans Life Insurance Rates

In the event of your passing, your family’s needs should be adequately covered by your insurance.

As a general rule, multiply your income by 10 before making any purchases.

This is due to the fact that, in the event of your passing, you want to leave your family with enough money to pay for the funeral costs, the mortgage, any outstanding debt, the children’s college tuition, and even any short-term debt.

The purchase of life insurance for soldiers’ spouses is very crucial!

After leaving the military, finding the correct insurance coverage can be intimidating. You may find it helpful to work with an independent life insurance agent during this procedure.

A few carriers offer services for veterans who have recently left the military. Yet when it comes to the amount of time you need for protection, they fall short of the finest carriers.

First of all, it’s crucial to find the most reasonably priced coverage upon leaving the military. Generally speaking, you want to ensure that your family is covered for the upcoming two decades.

Unless, of course, you want to spend more money, I advise avoiding these two carriers.

  1. Your SGLI will be replaced by terms from USAA that last 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. If you have a health condition like PTSD or another disability, replacement may not be a guarantee. Also, you must be a USAA member.

  2. You are eligible for coverage of up to $800,000 under AAFMAA. There are several definitions for the products they provide. This will all vary depending on your age and the duration of your demand. Because these AAFMAA term plans are 5-year renewable, it will be beneficial for veterans over 50 to work with an independent agency. Hence, there will be a price increase every five years. The majority of our veteran consumers who call me have recently turned 55, and their rates have increased.

AAFMAA vs USAA (Rates)

Although AAFMAA offers up to $800,000 in coverage, we’ll compare it to USAA on a 20-year term for a 50-year-old guy for $400,000 instead.

Veterans Life Insurance through USAA

Officers and enlisted members of the United States Military who are active, retired, or who have been dishonourably separated are eligible for USAA veterans life insurance.

In general, USAA’s term life insurance prices are higher than those offered by the nation’s best insurance companies.

USAA Term Life Insurance Lawsuit

Erin Peterson USAA

USAA has recently come under fire. A veteran from Colorado Springs is suing USAA after the company rejected her husband’s $1 million life insurance policy. She is currently filing an appeal after the judge dismissed her claim.

Ted Bobkowski and Erin Peterson both served in the United States. Aerial Force. We would want to thank them both for their service first and foremost.

At age 52, Erin’s spouse passed away suddenly.

Years ago, he made the proper decision to ensure that his family would be cared for in the event of his passing. Almost two years ago, he suffered an aortic aneurysm and died.

It’s incredibly uncommon to hear of incidents like this. Adjusters for insurance are taught to find excuses to reject either coverage or payout.

This is what transpired in this case, according to Erin’s attorney. Ted selected “no” in response to one of the questions on the life insurance application.

Have you ever sought treatment for asthma, pneumonia, or emphysema? was the query.

They will most likely say that the response should have been “yes.” Ted suddenly away from an aortic aneurysm. Some professionals will speculate that they might be related.

USAA Life Insurance Reviews

I personally searched Consumer Affairs and the BBB reviews. Despite not being BBB accredited, they received an A+ from the organisation.

Overall, there are an average of 80 reviews and complaints. Some favourable and some unfavourable comments.

In the previous year, little over 1500 customer complaints were resolved.

485 of those complaints came in the past year, out of all of them.

This is something that most businesses offer. Always read up on the business, regardless of which service you employ.

Ask a tonne of questions, and if you still have questions, contact We’ll help you find the Top A+ rated providers!

Life Insurance For Veterans No Medical Exam

Best Carrier Choices


  • Hero Life/Assurity

  • Prosperity Family Freedom Term

  • American Amicable Term Made Simple

​​We will discuss Non -Medical policies in more detail later in this article.

Simplified Issue:

  • Trinity/Family Benefit Life

  • American Amicable

  • Liberty Bankers Life

Guaranteed Issue:

  • Gerber

  • Great Western

How Much Is Life Insurance For Veterans

How Much Do You Want?

Of course, a variety of factors influence the cost of life insurance for veterans.

This comprises:

  • your age

  • your health condition

  • the kind of policy

  • the life insurance company

Other factors that may affect your life insurance premiums include your marital status, weight, family history, mental health, and smoking habits.

Life insurance companies would certainly view you as a high-risk candidate if you have any major medical concerns, such as diabetes.

This implies that corporations will have to raise their life insurance premiums for you.

You must have a medical checkup as part of the application process for the majority of life insurance plans.

Expect affordable rates on your life insurance if you can make it to the exam in excellent health.

No Medical Examination is an option…

Veterans with poor health, however, might have trouble getting their applications for life insurance approved. If so, you want to think about requesting a no-medical-examination life insurance coverage.


You won’t be turned down for coverage because of a medical condition because these policies don’t call for one.

A no-medical-exam life insurance policy usually starts paying off benefits nearly immediately.

Furthermore, depending on your preferences, these regulations can be either temporary or permanent.

Life insurance providers will naturally believe that you are a high-risk person since you are not having a medical examination, thus the policy may be rather pricey.

Can PTSD Affect Buying Life Insurance

Above all, buying Life Insurance For PTSD Veterans is entirely feasible.

Don’t give up, therefore. According to a research by the National Center for PTSD, 60% of men and 50% of women will suffer trauma in their lifetimes; however, 7-8% of people will eventually develop PTSD.

This is as a result of a life-changing trauma. Let’s talk about how PTSD affects your daily life.

A few of these are:

  • Military Experiences/Combat/Terrorist attack

  • Physical assault

  • Natural disaster

  • Death or injury of a loved one

  • Traumatic Injury

Veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD are NOT automatically denied life insurance.

Working with an independent life insurance agent who is skilled and able to walk you through the process is crucial for this reason.

It’s crucial to be open and honest with your agent about your medical background.

Veterans Life Insurance With PTSD

PTSD is less likely to become incapacitating in the future if you are leading a high-functioning lifestyle without interfering with employment, social activities, or family obligations, and you will also have a better underwriting experience.

The insurance provider, however, will examine your medical and family history and inquire about how well you are coping at home, at work, etc. if you have a history of PTSD.

The following is generally not in underwriters’ favour:

  • Alcohol/drug abuse

  • Poor health

  • A family history of mental imbalance

  • Behavior changes/violence

  • History of suicide attempts

First of all, having unfavourable circumstances does not automatically preclude you from buying life insurance.

Several risk classes are used by life insurance firms.

Remember that you can also be required to pay a higher premium.

Your independent life insurance agent will also compare rates from several providers and help you through the full procedure.

If you or a loved one is in need or if you’re wondering, “How can I help my father with PTSD,” read on.

Call the PTSD hotline at 1-800-273-8255 if you are experiencing PTSD, despair, substance misuse, or just need to chat.

Post 9/11 GI BILL

What is the new GI Bill after 9/11?

Excellent question! Together with tuition advantages, veterans also receive training perks.

The benefits under the GI Bill for education might last up to three years.

Additionally, the veteran may use for up to 15 years after becoming eligible.

How are qualifications determined? If you were on active duty for at least 90 days following September 11, 2001. Regrettably, the Post 9/11 GI Bill does not apply to the Active Guard Reserve.

When is the GI Bill transferable?

This is the great part about this measure, though! A service person may transfer any remaining benefits or unused Post GI Bill payments to their spouse or dependent children if they are not fully utilised.

Make sure you qualify for this before proceeding.

You are permitted to transfer up to 36 months’ worth if you are!

Consider sharing the benefit between your spouse and children if they are both enrolled in school.

The GI Bill never expires.

Ordinarily, 10 years after you have left the military. For more details, contact us at 855-468-8900

Life Insurance For Veteran Spouses

Members may be qualified for a variety of VA benefits if they are SGLI or VGLI spouses or family members of service.

soldiers who have lost their lives or suffered severe injuries while performing their duties. The advantages that they might provide in particular are:

  • VA- home loans

  • to advance in a career

  • get an education

  • supplementary income

Family Servicemembers Group Life Insurance SGLI

A part of the SGLI programme is FSGLI. The spouse and children of the serviceman are covered. The amount of coverage and the spouse’s age are factors in the group life insurance FSGLI premiums.

The maximum insurance coverage under FSGLI was $100,000 for spouses and $10,000 for dependent children.

FSGLI is offered in $10,000 increments. You are responsible for paying the rising premiums for your spouse’s insurance as they get older.

Life Insurance For Veterans Over 60

Indeed, retired veterans can get life insurance. Once more, due to the cost of life insurance for seniors over 60, we advise you to consult with your independent agent.

To be clear, they will help you every step of the way. You can compare several carriers at once.

You can then compare prices and select the carrier with the best deal.

Life Insurance For Older Veterans

Do veterans receive higher social security benefits?

When you apply for benefits as a veteran, Social Security will review your records. Also, you will receive additional credits or pay for your service if you have sufficient military service.

Remember that these credits will not be applied to your monthly pay but rather to your lifetime earning history.

VA U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs


What tasks are handled by the VA?

Veterans are given aid in numerous ways besides only financial benefits and services. in addition to their children and surviving spouse.

Services include medical facilities, clinics, community living facilities, and centres for disability compensation.

The Management of National Cemeteries

The National Cemetery Administration pays tribute to the Veterans who gave their lives for their country.

The phone number for the Jacksonville National Cemetery is (904) 766-5222, and the address is 4083 Lannie Road. Florida 32218, Jacksonville.

If you require assistance or want to locate a VA facility near you, CLICK HERE OR contact 855-468-8900.

Veterans With AGENT ORANGE

Was Agent Orange deadly?

Herbicide Agent Orange was used.

The United States utilised this. armed forces during the Vietnam War.

They utilised this to eradicate crops and forest cover.

Operation Ranch Hand was the code name for the project.

Almost 20 million litres of herbicides were sprayed across Vietnam.

Laos and Cambodia are also included.

Importantly, the time frame covered the years 1961 through 1971.

To clarify, this Agent Orange contained a poisonous chemical.

The substance is dioxin.

Together with our American service members and their families, dioxin produced terrible and serious health issues for the Vietnamese people.

For Example:

  • Cancer

  • Birth defects

  • Psychological problems

  • Neurological problems

Short-term issues include:

  • Skin darkening

  • Severe acne/skin disease known as Chloracne.

  • Dioxin is linked to type 2 diabetes

  • Immune dysfunction

  • Muscular dysfunction

  • Heart disease

  • Liver issues

In fact, a class action lawsuit on behalf of more than 2 million veterans who were exposed to toxic Agent Orange was launched in 1979.

It took 5 years for the litigation to be resolved.

This compound was created by more than six different chemical companies. Seven of them consented to compensate the Vietnam War veterans.

The actual compensation for the veterans and their surviving family members was $180 million.

Agent Orange was still a topic of discussion until around June 2011.

As a result, George H.W. Bush signed a statute in 1991.

Act against Agent Orange.

In fact, this law mandated that certain illnesses caused by Agent Orange, including Non-lymphoma, Hodgkin’s sarcomas, and chloracne, be regarded as acts of military service.



The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

That is 22 people who succumb to post-traumatic stress disorder every day. To be clear, that indicates that one veteran commits suicide once every 65 minutes. It’s deafening to hear the disintegration by branch.

Active duty rates per 100,000:

  • Army – 23

  • Marine Corps. – 23.1

  • Air Force – 14.4

  • Navy – 13.4

Mission 22 programmes were developed to provide funding for veterans to receive the care they require. from drug abuse, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and other problems they deal with every day.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit retreat, Boulder Crest is.

They contribute to the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of our veterans of war.

Boulder Crest is situated in both Arizona and Virginia. They offer their programmes to single people, married people, married couples, families, and Gold Star Families.

Regardless of the military branch—National Guard, Navy, Marines, etc. Your family and you can feel safe at Boulder Crest.

Boulder Crest Mission

Boulder Crest: a who? How do they behave?

to offer complimentary retreats to combat veterans’ families.

They want to heal our military and find a solution to the mental health epidemic.

They want the members of our armed forces to lead happy, content lives at home with their families.

And we agree!

Visit Boulder Crest’s website by clicking HERE for further details if you are a veteran or a family member of a veteran.

22 Pushup Challenge

We have the 22 Push-up Challenge, which is comparable to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Back in 2013, a nonprofit organisation called 22 Kill developed this challenge.

The author of 22 Kill is Andrew K. Nguyen, a former Marine.

He started a number of veteran organisations.

Andrew came up with the original 22 Push-up Challenge in 2011. as well as the group known as Honor Courage Commitment. has subsequently changed and expanded greatly.

In light of this, their objective is to motivate everyone to perform 22 million push-ups in order to increase awareness.

This is a gesture of support for our veterans and active duty personnel.

You perform 22 push-ups nonstop for 22 days to illustrate. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread awareness of the challenge.

You issue a challenge to your family and friends to follow suit. Put a hashtag in there, like #22PushupChallenge. In truth, a few famous people who took the challenge are

  • The Rock Dwayne Johnson

  • Kenneth Hart

  • AJ Watt

  • C. S. Pratt

Final Thoughts on Life Insurance For Veterans

Finally, if you’re a veteran looking for life insurance, we once again advise engaging a professional insurance agent to help you.

In fact, they’ll put you in touch with the greatest life insurance providers so you can get top-notch protection. Our expertise is helping you purchase life insurance while maintaining your own finances.

They can also help you save a significant amount of money.

You will have a greater chance of obtaining a life insurance policy at a reasonable price if you work with an independent insurance agent who is aware of the insurance firms with laxer medical underwriting.

Last but not least, having a professional on your side might be beneficial when applying for life insurance. Purchasing life insurance can be difficult, particularly for those who are older or have serious medical issues.

Nonetheless, there is no doubting the significance of purchasing life insurance. In reality, without it, it’s up to your family to cover your bills and final expenses.

A life insurance policy can also replace your income if you were to die, providing for your family.

The greatest approach to guarantee that your family would be financially secure in the event of your death is, of course, to obtain a policy.

Veterans United Home Loans

Having stated that, we will constantly provide any assistance or materials we can.

Sometimes, coming home after church might be daunting. We offer any advice or assistance we can out of love.

Veteran is my eldest son. He worked in America. Navy. I therefore want to say THANK YOU on behalf of all of our military personnel and their families as well as a mom of a military guy. I’m here to help YOU!

If we can assist you in any way, shape, or form, please contact us if you have any questions about VA life insurance or Veterans mortgage life insurance. Do not be reluctant to dial 855-468-8900.

I can be reached directly at

Veterans United Home Loans is a mortgage lender with 28 locations nationwide and a headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. The VA started offering home loans in 1944.

The purpose of this programme was to aid returning service members who wanted to buy homes. They might be able to help you find housing that has been specially modified.

VA home loans offer the following benefits, which set them apart from conventional home loans:

  • 0% down

  • Private Mortgage Insurance is not necessary.

  • Rates of interest are competitive.

  • Qualification is elementary

Contact 1-855-468-8900 for more details regarding VA home eligibility.

Free Vacations For Disabled Veterans And Their Families

Who are Operation We Are Here?

This is awesome!

Operation We Are Here is for PTSD and TBI-affected families.

Together with Wounded Warriors, this also refers to handicapped Veterans and ALL of their families!

Free vacations, retreats, and numerous opportunities are provided by Operation We Are Here. Among the attractions are:

  • Balboa Park (San Diego)

  • Busch Gardens

  • Sea World

  • Aquatica

  • Adventure Island

  • Callaway Gardens (Georgia)

  • George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

  • San Diego Zoo

  • Shedd Aquarium

  • World of Coca-Cola (Atlanta, Georgia)

There are a tonne more opportunities that Operation We Are Here provides, which is why we are so thrilled about this.

Including Operation Supply Drop’s “Thank You Deployments,” “Tents for Troops,” “Take a Soldier Fishing,” and a lot more!

Click HERE for more information.

The Gary Sinise Foundation

The actor Gary Sinise has shown a lot of support for our veterans and military personnel! He has supported our armed forces for more than 40 years!

“We can always do a little more to show our appreciation to our country’s defenders, even though we can never do enough.”

G. Gary Sinise

Many people are curious about Gary Sinise’s military service. NO, he wasn’t; however, the 2,606th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was given to him!

This was a result of his career as an actor, particularly the role of Lieutenant Dan in the 1993 film Forrest Gump. What a fantastic movie!

despite not being a veteran. His unwavering commitment to helping all of our service members and their families is unparalleled.

The Gary Sinise Foundation has greatly benefited our servicemen and women in the following ways, to name a few:

  • Specially adapted smart homes ~ Over 70 built so far and growing, 100% mortgage free!

  • Training grants provided for our first responders

  • Over 408 concerts performed worldwide

  • Emergency relief grants ~ provided for our firefighters, police, and EMT’s

the list continues…

The Gary Sinise Foundation Address

Gary Sinise Foundation PO Box 368Woodland Hills, CA 91365

If you choose to donate to the Gary Sinise Foundation, please do so by mail address above and reference CFC #27963.

Sierra Club Outdoors

Who is Military Outdoors?

An organisation that puts together trips for veterans and their families.

This is to create an easy transition to home life with their families.

Re-connect Moms and Dads with their young children after being away on deployment for so long. Foster mental and physical health to strengthen their mind, body, and souls.


Life insurance for veterans is a great idea if you want to make sure that your family will be taken care of in the event of an accident or death.

We know it can feel like life insurance is just another thing on top of everything else, but we’re here to help ease your worries and get you covered as quickly as possible.

If you are currently serving our country in some capacity (or have ever served), then don’t hesitate! Get yourself insured today with one quick phone call.

ABOUT US is based out of Chicago, IL. We will tailor-make you a life insurance policy based on what YOUR NEEDS are.

Our passion is to make sure your family is properly protected. And what you have envisioned for them financially, be kept intact long after you are gone.

Furthermore, Our goal is to make sure your life insurance premiums are affordable and you are not overpaying!!!

Hassan Sanders ~Founder/Owner of

In summary, if you have any questions regarding policy loans, policies that build cash value, term life policies, types of life insurance, or even estate planning, or any general question, please feel free to contact us at 855-468-8900. supports our Troops, Veterans, and their families.

Support Our Military

For more info on PTSD: CLICK HERE

For more info on Suicide Prevention: CLICK HERE

Veteran Resources: CLICK HERE for more info on HOMH ~ Help Our Military Heroes.

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