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2024 Guide To Affordable Life Insurance For Seniors Over 75

February 03, 202435 min read

How difficult is it to find low-cost life insurance for seniors over 75? Do you want ongoing protection or temporary protection? What is the price of life insurance for a 75-year-old?

It’s a frequent misperception that only young people need life insurance. Instead, term life insurance contracts are not available to people above the age of 75. This is FALSE!

The finest life insurance for seniors over 75 will be discussed.

It’s never too late, in actuality, to begin shielding your loved ones from the financial ramifications of your passing. Generally, term life insurance will continue to be the least expensive type of coverage at this age.

To help seniors over 75 learn about life insurance and how they can start protecting themselves right away, we’ve prepared this discussion.

The cost of life insurance at this age will depend on your overall health and any prior medical conditions.

What’s best?

To help you protect yourself without breaking the bank, we’ll even offer you some advice on how to reduce the cost of your premiums.

We offer the greatest alternatives if a health condition stops you from qualifying for term life insurance and they don’t include a medical exam.

This will provide a guaranteed death benefit to pay for your final expenses.

Learn more about the best life insurance choice for seniors over 75 by reading on.

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How much does 75-year-old life insurance cost?

The Reality of Purchasing Life Insurance After Age 80 Is Life Insurance Still Reasonable After Age 75?

Can a person who is 75 acquire life insurance?

the most. It is feasible to find the best life insurance quotes for seniors at age 75 and older, but you must be aware that insurance companies will view you as a greater risk due to the fact that senior health declines with age.

Given that mortality for males (77) and women (81) is within a decade, purchasing life insurance at this age is actually dangerous. Also, your objective should be to pay for your final expenses so that your family won’t have to.

Yet, if you are in good health, just take a few medications, and don’t have any serious medical conditions, term insurance rates for seniors may be within reach. Your premiums will remain affordable as a result.

Beware of Hybrid Misleading Products

One thing you should be careful of is hybrid items that advertise benefits that are illogical. Usually, these are guaranteed-issue life insurance policies.

These insurance are not appropriate for you if you do not suffer from a chronic or terminal condition.

For instance, late-night TV advertising from a paid spokesperson or mailers you receive in the mail are NOT GOOD for you.

They are hybrid products that can manually reduce your coverage, as with the Colonial Penn 995 plan, or increase your rate, as with the bait-and-switch term life plan from Globe Life.

In these situations, make sure you read the advertisement disclosure because your family’s survival depends on it.

Ensure that the death benefit is assured! If this is your objective, make sure you are looking at reputable term life insurance firms and term life insurance prices.

You will frequently come to the conclusion that these mailers and TV advertisements are merely gimmicks and not worth the paper they are printed on. You must be cautious while choosing a senior life insurance policy, after all.

Therefore be wary of plan 75’s money-back guarantee!

Term life insurance for seniors over 75

Speak to us if you’re seeking for senior term 75 life insurance. We work with the top providers of term life insurance, who also provide the best life insurance plans.

With A+ rated companies that focus only on the senior over 75 markets, we are the go-to source for finding the finest life insurance over 75.

Also, you should make sure that at this time you steer clear of standard universal life insurance products.

A guaranteed universal life, or GUL, policy is the ideal choice for everlasting coverage if you desire a longer, more cost-effective policy. If not, last expense plans will work to cover the cost of a funeral.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the typical funeral costs $7,848 in the US. This is fantastic for seniors over 75 who want life insurance without a medical checkup.

These are whole life insurance policies with a simplified application process that just ask a few health-related questions. If you are unable to obtain a term life insurance coverage, these are excellent alternatives.

Some life insurance plans also provide a guaranteed death benefit to pay for your final expenses and gradually accrue monetary value.

Is Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors Over 75 Possible

How much does 75-year-old life insurance cost?

We’ll examine the various life insurance options and their prices.

Finding the finest life insurance for seniors is an important purchase, regardless of your age, whether you are a senior over 75 or under.

There are so many options available that you could feel overwhelmed. You need a term life insurance coverage if you need to pay off a mortgage. Do you need full life insurance or a final expense life insurance coverage specifically for your final costs?

particularly for anyone over 75! The best approach to guarantee your family’s financial security after your passing is to do this.

Affordable senior life insurance

Above all, as you age, health problems are more likely to affect you.

Also, if you’re 75 or older, acquiring coverage will provide you piece of mind.

As the age limit for life insurance is 89, you should generally make sure the policy is for a long time and that the death benefits are paid.

In reality, the insured will want coverage under the policy to keep your debts from being passed on to your loved ones or to cover your funeral expenses.

Again, getting senior life insurance for those over 75 is never too late.

Naturally, people over 75 may be hesitant due to the high rates.

Don’t panic; it is possible for people over 75 to find reasonable life insurance.

Calling us will help us compare the best life insurance rates for you based on your personal information.

Low-Cost Life Insurance For Senior Citizens Over 75

This post will go into great detail on how to get life insurance for people over 75 at a reasonable price.

Seniors over the age of 70 must, above all, be aware of their options.

Sadly, seniors are told that they can’t get a cheap policy at this point in their lives.

The furthest thing from the truth is that those over 75 may still find affordable term life insurance.

Yet, the duration will not be 30 years.

Be out for late-night television gimmicks that have a hired spokesperson advising you what to purchase and what is good! Save the fliers you receive in the mail with your junk mail as well because that’s precisely what they are: JUNK MAIL! You should avoid using these items because they will fail you down just when your family needs you most. Seniors, you are intelligent and wise above your years; trust your intuition and instincts. owner, Daniel Ray

The key to finding affordable life insurance for people over 75 is who you talk to.

The bottom line is that if you speak with the appropriate specialist, you can find affordable life insurance for seniors over 75.

Appreciate the post because it has a wealth of information to help you decide what to do.

Can I Buy Life Insurance At Age 75 And Over, What Will It Cost?

It is still feasible to locate coverage plans that are reasonably priced.

In fact, there are numerous coverage alternatives to choose from when obtaining low-cost life insurance rates for seniors over 75.

Avoid delaying as doing so will only result in greater premiums!

If you don’t have the monthly payments locked up once you are 60, they dramatically rise every year.

If it’s a term insurance or ultimate expense, be honest while answering the health questions.

Life insurance for seniors over 75 without a medical checkup is an additional option.

Underwriting resembles senior health insurance without a medical examination in that there will be inquiries and perhaps a phone interview. Occasionally, a medical examination conducted by the MIB.

Keep in mind that when you buy the finest life insurance, it is for them, not for you!

For reasonably priced whole life insurance for elderly individuals aged 70 to 90, give us a call at855-468-8900 right away!

Questions and Answers

Can someone 75 years old purchase life insurance?

Absolutely, even if you have serious health conditions, we can get you a policy even though the underwriting requirements with most carriers will tighten as you age.

What is the best life insurance policy for a 75-year-budget? old’s

Given that we are approaching the death ages, it will undoubtedly be more than a 65-year-old (Male 77, Female 81). Yet, you can still find something reasonable!

When may a person purchase life insurance?

We provide life insurance for seniors up to the age of 89. Carriers are few, and most don’t cover those beyond the age of 85.

At what age may you purchase life insurance?

A GUL is the finest coverage for seniors or persons over 85 if you desire anything bigger! Sure, at 85 we have several carriers for burial insurance.

Can a person who is 88 buy life insurance?

The finest life insurance is available from us up to age 89, yes. AETNA, the same company that offers health insurance coverage, also provides burial insurance!

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Rates For Seniors Age 75-79

What Kind of Insurance Will I Have?

Can a 75-year-old purchase life insurance?

Overall, because you’re far less likely to require insurance for as long as you are over 75, finding the best life insurance rates at that age is very different from buying insurance at 50.

As a result, if you are above 70, you can get reasonable term life insurance for only 10, 15, and possibly 20 years.

For instance, the consumer can save a large number of money in this way.

For the most part, you should choose a term life insurance policy for peace of mind if you want the most affordable life insurance for seniors.

Remember that the majority of life insurance providers have a multiple of up to 5 times the annual income for the amount of coverage over 65.

This senior life insurance plan is a little more challenging in terms of assured acceptance full life insurance for people 75 and above.

For instance, the death benefit protection may not start working until several years after you purchase your policy.

The insurance over 75 age group may find this difficult.

This can be a major issue for high-risk people who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or other problems.

Nevertheless, seniors may pay up to four times as much for life insurance if they want the highest coverage for smokers.

Above all, speaking with an experienced specialist is just as crucial as locating the most competitive price.

An impartial agent will actually point you in the direction of the greatest possibilities.

Rates For Term Life Insurance for 75 year old

Below, we compare individuals between the ages of 75 and 79.

Also, we will contrast the rates for men and women.

Both term life insurance and whole life are the best options for 75-year-old men and women who are female.

What is the price of life insurance for a 75-year-old?

It is still possible to find reasonable life insurance for a 75-year-old man or woman.

The price of life insurance for a male and female 75-year-old is shown below.

As you can see, there is a roughly 200% increase between 75 and 79.

Also, you should be aware that the average carrier’s maximum entry age for life insurance is 75.

So, it is crucial to purchase affordable life insurance for 75-year-old men or women as soon as feasible.

Talk to an impartial agent, such as the experts at, before anything else.

They are aware of the insurers with a focus on more than 75 life insurance.

Hence, we will place you in the greatest position regardless of whether you’re looking for the best life insurance for a 74-year-old man or a 78-year-old woman.

The greatest life insurance for persons over 75 is still within reach of most people’s budgets.

Pros And Cons Of Life Insurance for Seniors Over 75

When purchasing life insurance after the age of 75, be certain that it will cover all funeral expenditures, independent of any underlying medical conditions.

While life insurance quotations by age differ, keep in mind that a 75-year-coverage old’s selections may be constrained.

Keep in mind that purchasing life insurance at age 70 might be around 50% less expensive than purchasing it at age 75.

Thus, don’t put it off since life insurance for seniors over 70 can still be reasonably priced.

You can find peace of mind, nevertheless, by purchasing a senior life insurance coverage if you’re over 75.

Term life insurance for those over 75 will be a terrific solution if you wish to have affordable life insurance rates.

although there might be a cap on term lengths.

You are likely on a fixed income, therefore these will keep your life insurance premiums modest.

Term, GUL, or ultimate expense insurance are all products that the majority of life insurance firms will offer.

Even elderly people with serious health problems might get a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy.

This is guaranteed-issue life insurance, and after two years, the death benefit is also guaranteed.

They will cost more than term life insurance rates, but they might be your only option.

In this essay, we’ll discuss this subject in more detail.

What Is GUL Life Insurance For Over 75 And Why It May Be The Best Alternative

It’s certain that there will be occasions when you require more coverage or a longer term than a standard term policy and/or burial policy can provide.

A Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL), often known as GUL insurance, will be useful in this situation.

A GUL can offer the appropriate coverage, for instance, if your mortgage will remain longer than 15 years or if your debt surpasses the amount covered by a $40,000 burial policy.

If you are in good health, it is also the greatest option available.

Let’s say that members of your family tend to live to reach 95 to 100 years old.

If you outlive that term policy, what good is it to you?

Here is a Term vs. GUL comparison example. We’ll demonstrate rates for a 75-year-old healthy male for $100,000 using this scenario.

Seniors Over 75 With Term Life Insurance Carrier Term Face Amount

Ten-year monthly rate $100,000 $149.85

15yr $100,000 $273.96

GUL Over 75 Carrier To Age Face Amount Monthly Rate For Seniors

Age 100 $100,000 $367.30 Age 95 $100,000 $334.80

Given that you gain an additional 5–10 years for around the same money with the GUL to age 95/100, it is obvious that this product is superior.

When it comes to these rules, it’s critical to understand the difference between a Non-Guarantee and a Guarantee.

A superb GUL with living benefits and payback features is also offered by American General Life Insurance Company (AIG).

For spouse income protection above last expenses, senior AIG life insurance is a fantastic solution.

Is Affordable Whole Life Insurance For Seniors Over 75 Still Available

Finding the most affordable senior life insurance is crucial when buying life insurance for anyone over 75.

Also, understanding the distinction between term and whole life is crucial to determining what is best for you.

Therefore, unless it is for the final expense or burial, getting a standard whole life insurance policy won’t be the greatest choice.

The currency value has a finite amount of time to accumulate, which is the cause of this.

But, if you perform a 1035 exchange, typical whole life insurance for people 75 and older may make financial sense.

A Guaranteed Universal Life GUL policy is the greatest type of permanent life insurance for anyone over the age of 70.

So once more, whole life should not be an economical alternative if you are seeking for an insurance exceeding $50,000.

What If There Is No Medical Exam Can I Still Obtain Life Insurance As A Senior Over 75?

What About No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors Over 75, Can I Still Get It?

In actuality, life insurance for senior citizens up to the age of 80 is offered without a medical checkup.

However, you can always choose a no-exam life insurance policy for seniors if you have health issues like diabetes or multiple sclerosis that might prevent you from acquiring coverage.

You will be protected in this way even though you are a high-risk person. But bear in mind that even the best-term insurance will be rejected if a health problem is not under control and you apply for coverage after age 75.

The only option for people over 75 may be a funeral policy!

The advantages of no medical exam insurance plans include lenient acceptance requirements and prompt coverage.

The start of coverage is only a few days away.

So, it’s an excellent choice for individuals who want coverage as soon as possible.

Lower coverage limitations and higher costs are disadvantages, though.

In general, getting an exam life insurance policy with an examination requiring only approximately 30 minutes may make sense if the customer is in good health.

We’ll help seniors over 75 find the best term life insurance available.

Facts About Senior Citizens’ Life Insurance Over Age 75 With No Medical Exam

You might therefore assume there is no life insurance for anyone over 70 without a medical exam. You can obtain a no-exam insurance from a few carriers as long as you are not permanently confined to a nursing home.

In the end, many senior folks would prefer not to undergo an exam in order to acquire senior coverage for life insurance.

In general, it’s possible that you dislike needles, are elderly or in poor health, or all three.

To ensure coverage, you can choose a no-exam option.

As a result, the plans will cost more than a typical policy.

With a no medical exam insurance, you can, nevertheless, become covered considerably more quickly.

You may need to check into specific risk coverage if you lead a risky lifestyle.

Also, the 20-year term life insurance policy is the most reasonable term if you are in your late 50s.

A 30-year term, however, is not offered to anyone over 60 who want insurance.

For instance, how much would a no-exam life insurance policy cost for a 75-year-old?

Above all, it’s critical to understand that certain policies have more possibilities incorporated into the policy than, instance, a cheaper alternative when looking for affordable life insurance ages 75 and over.

As you can see above, American-Amicable is more affordable, but the Foresters insurance policy is a far superior option.

Foresters offers no-medical coverage up to $150,000 and more than 70 life insurance policies!

A Critical and Chronic sickness rider is available from Foresters for the insurance.

By doing so, the insured can access the death benefit without passing away. It is most commonly referred to as a Living Benefits rider.

That might be a requirement at this point in time.

Also included with the sweetener is a rider for family health benefits.

This assists with the costs associated with family health care after natural catastrophes like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Also, it may take a few days to a few weeks for life insurance rates for seniors over 70 with a non-medical to be authorised.

Can I Get A Funeral Policy For Over 75 Years Of Age

The best course of action in terms of funeral arrangements is to talk to a family member to discuss the details of the funeral coverage.

Funeral insurance for senior citizens is crucial, whether they choose cremation or a conventional burial.

Especially for seniors over 75 who need life insurance.

Top 10 Burial Carriers:

  • Mutual Of Omaha (Living Promise)

  • United Home Life UHL

  • Foresters (Plan Right)

  • Sentinel Security Life (New Vantage 1)

  • Royal Neighbors Of America

  • Liberty Bankers Life

  • Prosperity Life

  • AETNA (Up To Age 89)

  • AIG (Guaranteed Issue)

  • Gerber Life (Guaranteed Issue)

These carriers all provide various life insurance products, including senior life insurance coverage. Knowing that underwriting resembles health insurance for seniors over 75 is vital.

Use your common sense when making decisions. Regardless of your health, underwriters will restrict their leniency as you age.

Age is a significant factor in mortality in this situation. Be healthy, schedule yearly checkups with your doctor, and engage in physical activity. Resting makes you RUST!

Do You Have A High-Risk Lifestyle For Life Insurance For Age 75

Particularly for seniors over the age of 75, purchasing insurance when leading a high-risk lifestyle, such as having a history of DUI, may have an impact on the costs.

Also, a permanent life insurance coverage is essential for customers 75 and older because they do not intend to shop in the next years.

It’s crucial to understand that premiums for life insurance for seniors over 75 might increase by 50% or more for every year you wait to buy it.

The Truth About Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors Over 75

It’s crucial to distinguish between Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) and Guaranteed Life Insurance (GI) (GUL).

What is life insurance with guaranteed acceptance?

The term “guaranteed life insurance” or “guaranteed issue whole life insurance” refers to a small graded whole life policy with a 2-year waiting period and a maximum coverage amount of $40,000.

Those who have health concerns and who might otherwise be denied due to their health impairments can get life insurance that is guaranteed acceptance.

It offers significantly higher premiums and a smaller death benefit.

Due to the lack of a mandatory medical check, the application process is fairly straightforward.

Prior to receiving the benefit, you must have held the policy for at least two years.

In actuality, having coverage is preferable to having none at all. even when the premium is larger.

By doing this, you are preventing the financial burden of your death from falling on your loved ones.

In actuality, over 60, it is the greatest age to purchase assured life insurance. You are approximately 15 years away from the mortality age.

The Truth About What To Expect For Over 75 Life Insurance


You should be aware that the leading insurance providers typically make the assumption that customers will live to be at least 90 years old.

As long as there are no health concerns, term life insurance quotes are typically between 10 and 15 years of coverage for seniors over 75.

Also, having pre-existing medical conditions will undoubtedly impact your coverage selections and the cost of your insurance. insurance, especially for seniors over 75.

Do your research to determine which businesses are providing the greatest services for you.

Seniors can purchase reasonable life insurance between the ages of 60 and 65.

Also, you must choose between burial and cremation insurance.

Be sure you comprehend the cost differences between various coverages if you’re budgeting.

The average cost of a burial is between $8,000 and $12,000, and the cost of a cremation is between $1,500 and $5,000.

The simple part comes when you actually purchase coverage after you have determined your goals.

Getting Life Insurance Age 75

Are you searching for life insurance for a lady or a guy who is 75 years old?

The rates for a healthy male or female aged 75 to 80 are listed below.

These rates are from one carrier and are around 35% less expensive per month than the following premium!

So, this is a must if you’re seeking for life insurance for anyone over 75.

As a fraternal firm, this carrier also provides living perks and potential premium rebates if business is good.


What You Need To Know About Purchasing Life Insurance, Defined


Because you made wise financial plans, you have enough money to enjoy your retirement.

What about the people you leave behind, though? How about your mental stability?

These 3 benefits of coverage ensure their future success:

1. It equally divides your estate.

The right insurance can be helpful if you’re having problems allocating assets between the children. It provides a one-time payment equivalent to the market value of a home, company, or other collection of assets, ensuring that both children inherit the same sum.

2. It Isn’t Probate Subject.

You want your house, your possessions, and whatever money you left for your children to pass to them. Nevertheless, they won’t—at least not until your will is approved for probate. It can take up to six months to complete this. What if your children actually require that cash? Benefits from life insurance can be distributed right away and are not subject to probate.

3. It provides money to pay income and estate taxes.

Your children will be required to pay income tax on any money you leave them. They will have to pay a 40% tax to inherit your property if it is worth more than the minimum required to trigger estate taxes. Proceeds from the Death Benefit are entirely tax-free.

We can use a trust to help your heirs avoid the estate tax, so don’t worry about that either. The greatest option for you may be universal life policies if you’re thinking of overfunding a policy.

How much does life insurance cost for a 75 year old

She also possessed a sizable net worth. I have a client who was a widow in her late 70s. Guaranteed universal life insurance might be the best choice in this situation.

Just a 10 year term is offered at this age, and it is more affordable than whole life. The ability to select an age is a GUL’s greatest advantage. 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, and 121 are a few examples.

Let me assist in securing the financial future of your loved one. Give me a call for a free private consultation:



You must choose between whole life and term insurance if you want affordable life insurance beyond the age of 75.

The ideal candidates for whole life insurance for seniors are those who anticipate living a very long time.

For those who only need coverage for a little period of time, term insurance is more suitable.

Nonetheless, you can save money by stacking term insurance contracts, but you must do so before age 71.

After all, whole life insurance rates may be significantly more expensive than those for life insurance for people over 75.

In any case, you should always take your budget into account before selecting a coverage choice.

Affordable senior life insurance over 75

One can choose from a variety of policies, for instance.

All things considered, comparing prices before applying for an insurance is still a wise move.

In fact, doing so may aid in your search for the most affordable coverage.

Thus, you have the choice of only purchasing final expense insurance if money is a concern or if your policy has expired.

The premium payment, though, can be more.

First and foremost, it clearly pays for any funeral expenses so that your family is not responsible for them.

In fact, compared to a term policy at this age, a funeral coverage for people over 75 will be quite closely priced for males than for women.

The most important thing to remember is to always look at the company’s rating; we utilise A.M Best because it is the best rating agency.

Be aware that an index universal life insurance policy may not be appropriate for life insurance for individuals over 75 due to the absence of guarantees in specific circumstances.


To be clear, obtaining coverage may be more challenging if you suffer from any serious medical issues, such as diabetes.

After all, in addition to receiving increased rates, you can also receive a general coverage denial.

You can always choose assured whole life insurance in this situation.

In this way, regardless of your medical conditions, you will be covered.

The rates for acceptance that is guaranteed, in contrast, will be high.

A straightforward burial policy would be adequate in some circumstances. These regulations are also enduring.

As a result, research suggests that multiple sclerosis patients may have a higher overall level of disability if their high blood pressure is addressed (MS).

Yet, a retrospective study finds that the pace of disability progression may be slower than in people without hypertension.

Moreover, several research have previously revealed a negative relationship between high cholesterol levels and the occurrence of brain lesions in multiple sclerosis patients (MS).

Once more, if you are healthy, the application process is generally fairly similar to the process of purchasing health insurance. especially one without a doctor.

The Easy Procedure of

We do not deal in the sale of insurance. In fact, giving our clients the greatest information and options is our top priority! based on the client’s unique profile, those choices. Therefore we create a life insurance policy just for you!

What You Need To Know About Health Impairments Ratings For Seniors Over 75 Before You Apply

Seniors and those over 75 looking for coverage will have more of a challenge getting coverage.

Especially with the following preexisting health impairments.

  • Atrial Fibrillation – A standard rate is possible as long as it’s Paroxysmal/Intermittent/Recurrent, but normally table rated from T3-T7. If current heart failure, then a decline.

  • Sleep Apnea Disorder – If the diagnosis is minor sleep apnea and the patient uses a CPAP every day, a standard rate for the condition may be attainable. Table 2: Serious and feasible; non-compliant is a deterioration.

  • Type 1 or 2 Diabetes – Type 1 in seniors with more than 7 years from diagnosis is a deterioration. Type 2 diabetes is feasible if it develops after age 66 and has a regulated A1C.

  • Cancer Patient Survivors –Those who have survived cancer Depending on the kind of cancer, never better than a standard rate, and in the majority of instances, cancer-free for more than 5 years with no side effects.

  • Bipolar Disorder –If a senior has mild bipolar disease and has never attempted suicide, then a standard outcome is likely if antipsychotic medication is not taken.

  • Epilepsy/Seizures – Complicated partial epilepsy/seizures, table 3, 3-5 years from last seizure, table 2, after 5 years possible standard, after 6 months to 2 years from last seizure. Simple partial table 3 if within 2 years of most recent seizure; standard if beyond 2 years. Metabolic brain illness; auto-decline within 5 years.


What is the best life insurance over 75, as many of our senior clients frequently inquire?

Consequently, we will talk to you about the best term life insurance for those 75 and older as well as the top providers!

The companies listed below provide excellent coverage for elders over 75:

  • Foresters Life

  • Protective Life

  • Prudential Life

The life insurance providers listed above for seniors over 75 have lax underwriting.

To get your proper rating class, you will need to speak with us.

In this manner, we can match your particular profile with the finest possible solution for you.

This will ensure that you get the greatest life insurance for people over 75 overall.

The Truth About Buying Life Insurance For Over 80 Years Old

Seniors over 80 who need life insurance

It’s crucial to purchase life insurance at any age if you do not want to leave your loved ones with a financial hardship.

Make sure you locate the best life insurance option.

There are very few products and carriers that offer life insurance for people 80 and older since they do not want to assume the risk.

Because of the mortality rates, these risks provide a greater risk to the insurance companies.

The issue

  • Mortality rates are used by insurance companies as a benchmark for the level of risk they are willing to accept. In fact, carriers believe that people in their 77s and 80s are living on borrowed time.

  • Also, given that we have the finest senior over 80 carriers on the market, some carriers will accept the risk.

The Solution

  • Working with an independent agency like a agent will help you get the most affordable life insurance for seniors over 80.

  • We will shop you around to more than a dozen A+ rated insurance providers who focus on YOU, the senior over 80. We will, at the very least, offer seniors over 80 the best burial insurance!

The Truth About Buying Life Insurance For Age 85 and Over

Above all, it is feasible to obtain affordable life insurance estimates for seniors over 75.

But what about customers who buy a life insurance policy after they turn 85?

On your search for the finest life insurance for people over 85, you’ll discover that 99% of the providers don’t have anything available.

In fact, the majority of agents are unable to deny that such a policy is offered!


Seniors up to the age of 90 can receive life insurance coverage from, a specialty of ours.

We can offer seniors over 85 complete life insurance, albeit our options are limited.

These are burial policies, and AETNA is our go-to insurer!

For seniors over 85, these are most frequently referred to as final expense insurance!

Contact us for more information; underwriting is quick! often accepted in a day! Indeed, even up until age 90!

So, any life insurance for people over 80 is acceptable!

Is Life Insurance For People Over 85 Years Old Available

There aren’t many options available if you’re over 85 and looking for life insurance.

In actuality, last expense coverage is the most typical type of permanent life insurance for seniors.

Seniors over the age of 85 are also past the male and female mortality ages.

The variety of life insurance is again somewhat constrained. For instance, seniors won’t be able to purchase simplified whole life insurance.

For streamlined final expenses, the insurance coverage or death benefit will be capped at $10,000 or less.

For this kind of goods, we use a single carrier.

Moreover, insurance premiums at this age will be somewhat expensive. AETNA is the life insurance provider we always use for this.

The Truth About Life Insurance For Seniors Over 89

You will find it difficult to purchase life insurance if you are over 89 years old.

Above all, no reputable life insurance companies give coverage for people over this age.

The age limit for purchasing senior life insurance is 89. In actuality, it might cost up to $10,000 for burial.

In addition, John Hancock, which will provide a UL up to 89, is available if you need further coverage.

This insurance calls for a medical examination.

What Is The Life Insurance Policy Age Limit

Knowing which products are offered and to what ages is a smart idea if you’re looking for life insurance for seniors.

For a term policy, the cutoff age is 80, for instance.

You can also get a conventional whole-life insurance policy up to the age of 80.

Also, while AETNA offers up to 89, burial insurance is often 85. John Hancock offers a UL product of up to 89, as was already mentioned.

When purchasing a term policy, you should wait until you are at least 70 years old because this will still be an affordable age.

As we mentioned above, as you approach mortality age, life insurance coverage for people over 70 will get more expensive.

Thus, don’t wait to buy life insurance for those over 80 if you want affordable insurance quotes for seniors.

By this time, 99% of policies or company offers will have significantly decreased.

Is There An Age Limit On Term Life Insurance

You might assume that there would be no age restriction on life insurance.

Unfortunately, because to the typical maximum age for term insurance, the majority of companies do not provide solutions for seniors above 75.

In fact, some insurers set age restrictions on terms for life insurance that don’t go beyond 80 years old.

You won’t be able to find life insurance for those over the age of 80. Also, if you receive a term at the age of 80, it will not exceed 10 years.

But what if your family is known for their longevity?

What happens if you require coverage after turning 90 for a while?

A guaranteed universal life GUL is an alternative to this policy.

Up to age 121, this kind of policy can be assured.

What Is The Maximum Age For Term Life Insurance

After the age of 80, is life insurance still available?

Agreed, but just not as a phrase! Actually, the choice between whole life insurance and universal life will be your only option if you’re seeking for life insurance for elderly parents.

Seniors’ term life insurance Although it is the most affordable option, term life is not an option if you need life insurance above the age of 80.

The possibilities for life insurance for people over 80 are extremely limited. Here are several examples:

  • Secure Universal Life (GUL) The age ranges covered by these policies are 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, and 121.

  • Other names for burial policies include last expense policies. These insurance have a limited face amount because the majority don’t go above $25,000.

Does No Age Limit Life Insurance Exists

As mentioned above, some items have an age restriction. You are meaning something for life if you are looking for a no-age limit life insurance coverage.

We have affiliates for health insurance even though we focus on life insurance for people of all ages. We work with some of the top affiliates for people over 70 who need health insurance.

Hence, get in contact with us if you’re seeking for medical insurance for seniors over 75 because we can connect you with the greatest options.

Nevertheless, we do provide Medicare supplements via Mutual of Omaha, AETNA. Get a quote from us at any time to find out if you are paying too much.

We also offer several policies that can provide critical illness and hospital indemnity coverage up to age 80.

But once more, if you’re seeking for health insurance for seniors over 70, our associates will do a fantastic job.


At, we focus on serving seniors over 75 and offer the best solutions for a wide range of health issues.

To find the greatest fit, we often ask a short list of questions about health and lifestyle. The top senior carriers are under contract with us.

In actuality, they all operate under distinct rules and will view you in various ways.

Also, that implies that each of them will offer you a different pricing.

Our responsibility is to find the best carrier at the greatest pricing.

There may be a few questions, a prescription check, and a MIB search, making it sometimes as simple as purchasing a health insurance policy.

It only takes five minutes to complete this.

extremely effective method.

Who We Are

In 49 states, is a nationwide independent life insurance agent with a licence.

Founder and independent agent Hassan Sanders, with its 26 years of experience in the investment and life insurance sectors, will offer you the best service possible to safeguard your family.

If they own property in the US, we can even offer life insurance to over 75 UK citizens.

BONUS: is a fantastic resource for elders; they provide everything from in-home care and nursing homes to entertainment and geriatric doctors.

More importantly, feel free to check out our reviews or get in touch with us at (855)380-3300 if you have any queries.

Remember that we all have insurance for our health, vehicles, homes, cellphones, and other technological devices.

Life insurance, the most crucial of all, is also the one that is most frequently ignored.

Nevertheless, this one is for the people you leave behind, not for yourself.


We can assist if you’ve been looking for term life insurance but haven’t found a plan that works for you.

We have specialists who know where to go for the finest insurance at prices designed especially for seniors over 75.

With our assistance, getting high-quality protection with features and benefits that make it simple for you to live independently in retirement won’t require you to break the budget.

There is no commitment when speaking to one of our helpful agents by phone or online! Call 855-468-8900 to get started right now, or fill out the form on the right, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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