Financial Literacy for Women

March 18, 20242 min read

Women have been shattering boundaries across every aspect of society, surmounting the proverbial glass ceiling in myriad fields. They're increasingly becoming the pivotal stewards or principal sources of family wealth, wielding control over nearly half of the United States' investment wealth. Projections suggest that by 2030, women could be at the helm of up to two-thirds of the nation’s wealth, marking one of the most profound economic transformations in recent times.

This ascendancy in economic power is not just about women amassing and stewarding greater wealth; it's about reshaping the very contours of the economy. Globally, women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship, launching and leading new ventures at unprecedented rates. In the U.S. alone, women are the majority owners of 9.9 million businesses, spanning various sectors, as reported by the Small Business Administration in 2016.

Beyond business, women are integral to cultivating and safeguarding family wealth, from instilling values in the next generation and pursuing philanthropic endeavors to making pivotal investment choices that secure the financial well-being of their families and themselves. The evolving landscape underscores the imperative for women to take an active, informed, and confident role in overseeing their financial destiny.

Despite their expanding economic influence and authority, women still find themselves trailing in actively investing in their financial security. The construction and preservation of a financial legacy are imperative for women, making the protection of their assets through instruments like life insurance a cornerstone of family financial planning. Nevertheless, a 2016 study by LIMRA unveiled that merely 56% of women have life insurance coverage, in contrast to 62% of men, despite the critical reliance of families on a woman’s income, caregiving, or other indispensable contributions to maintain financial stability.

In our forthcoming series of blog posts, we will delve into the evolution and significance of life insurance for women, addressing topics from retirement planning to bridging the gender gap and reevaluating life insurance's role. Our discussion will highlight the urgency for women to fortify their financial legacy for themselves and future generations, ensuring their rightful place as guardians of wealth and influencers of economic change.

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