Why Life Insurance Matter for Women

March 18, 20242 min read

Back in 1895, women were often not eligible for life insurance, with their roles in family care and household management not financially recognized. Today, the scenario has transformed, but the need for financial protection through life insurance remains critical.

Studies show that women are the primary earners in over 40% of American homes and contribute significantly to family income in another 20%. This underscores the vital need for life insurance for women to safeguard their families financially in case of any unforeseen events, with income replacement being a key reason for obtaining life insurance.

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Life insurance offers crucial financial protection that can support services such as childcare and household tasks—cooking, cleaning, and maintenance—in families with a stay-at-home mom. values the work of at-home moms at about $175,000 annually.

Moreover, life insurance serves as a legacy for your children, covering significant expenses like college fees, weddings, or a first home down payment. Here are key advantages of life insurance for women:

- Stay-at-home Moms: Despite not earning a salary, the roles they fulfill are invaluable, and replacing these services externally can be costly.

- Single Moms: It ensures financial support for the child and caretakers, besides covering debts.

- Primary Breadwinners: It helps maintain the family’s lifestyle and manage bills in their absence.

- Women Entrepreneurs: For those who've built businesses, life insurance can support buy-sell agreements, securing the company's future.

Benefits Include:

- Death Benefit: A direct financial payout to beneficiaries upon the policyholder's death.

- Cash Value Growth: Offers a potential income stream with tax-deferred growth, accessible through tax-free loans.

- Living Benefits: Policies may allow early access to benefits in cases of terminal or chronic illness.

Life Insurance is an essential safety net, providing vital resources during difficult times. It’s crucial to consider your life insurance options, as the consequences of not having coverage can be severe. To learn more about whole-life, universal life, and term insurance options, call us today at 855-468-8900.

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