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How To Get Life Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions in 2024

February 19, 202414 min read

Regarding life insurance with pre-existing conditions, things aren’t always peaches and rainbows. Life insurance comes in a wide variety of forms, each of which has its regulations, advantages, exclusions, and restrictions.

As a result, it may be challenging for customers to locate coverage and decide which kind best suits their needs.

In reality, receiving a deluge of index cards for guaranteed issue life insurance with a waiting period in your mailbox only adds to the confusion. Making ensuring you can obtain affordable life insurance is important.

If your health is good, you should be aware of your possibilities for the finest insurance.

Overall, you could believe that having a previous disease makes it impossible to obtain coverage on the first day. We at will help you and demonstrate the greatest life insurance option with reasonably priced premium payments.

No exception can be made in The Truth About Burial Insurance with Pre-existing Conditions [2022 Review]. I hope this post is helpful as you continue to read.

COVID-19 is changing the way we live… Find out right now what you need to do to protect your loved ones from the financial burdens. Get final expense insurance today! Don’t keep kicking the can down the road!

Why Do I Need Life Insurance For A Pre Existing Condition

What Is the Final Expense Insurance

Are there any life insurance companies that cover pre-existing conditions?

Do you have a pre-existing condition!? 

You undoubtedly have a lot more questions; NO PROBLEM! That is accurate! There is no issue. With Day One Coverage, you can get a coverage right now with qualifying pre-existing conditions!

Why is having funeral insurance coverage important? To begin with, when you pass away, your family may be severely burdened by the cost of your funeral.

You then ask yourself, “Can YOU get life insurance with a pre-existing condition?” right now.

Yes! First off, this is a burial insurance policy, often known as final expense insurance or funeral insurance, depending on who you ask. You can not only qualify for, get approved for, and receive a policy on the same day as burial insurance that is reasonably priced!

How To Get Life Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions in 2023

What Are Considered Final Expenses

Medical fees, debts, funeral costs, casket charges, travel costs, and more are all examples of final expenses.

In the event of your passing, do you want to leave your family in financial ruin?

I’m positive that’s not the case. Because of this, I understand your curiosity about…

What is the truth of Same Day Approval Burial Life Insurance Coverage (funeral insurance?)

You do, however, have a few health issues that are already present. How can I get life insurance with a pre-existing condition? may be on your mind as you feel overburdened.

You CAN receive coverage, It is doable, and we will hold your hand through the entire procedure, I am here to assure you with these thoughts and many questions in mind.

But before we get into the specifics, I find it useful to go over some of the questions that a lot of our clients frequently ask.

Life Insurance For Seniors With Pre Existing Conditions


Here are some commonly asked questions on how to get the best life insurance policy for pre-existing medical conditions.

Is there a medical exam required for same-day approval of burial insurance?

NO, there is no medical exam required with final expense life insurance. Even life insurance for seniors over 70 NO MEDICAL EXAM! 😉

(If you were applying for a traditional life insurance plan such as, a term life insurance policy, then you would be required to have a medical exam scheduled.)

What type of life insurance is this?

Final expenditure insurance with Same Day Instant Approval is actually a streamlined entire life policy. Life insurance that doesn’t require a medical checkup.

You may be familiar with the kind of insurance firms that provide this kind of policy, such Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors, and Prosperity Life Group, to name a few. The most straightforward simplified whole life coverage for our seniors is no exam life insurance!

How does the same-day rapid approval funeral insurance application process work?

We qualify you first. The amount of the death benefit you would require is determined second.

Third, we discuss insurance prices with you so that you are aware of what to expect in terms of monthly premium payments.

The application is then processed through a same-day approval process. Either “Voice Signature” or “Email Signature” could be used here. This is insurance for today!

Will the provider of my burial life insurance inquire about my medical issues?

Yes! You will be asked a few health-related questions while applying for any sort of insurance.

Whether it is a high risk condition or not, the carrier needs to be aware of your past before processing any issue of a policy.

Best Insurance Policy For A Pre Existing Condition

Getting the best burial insurance when you have a pre-existing condition is easy to get. Here are the fundamentals!

To clarify, this is standard procedure. You must be very honest and to the point. Only answer the questions that are asked, most questions are a yes or no answer.

In rare cases you may qualify with a guaranteed issue policy. Guaranteed whole life insurance no medical exam no health questions asked.  (We will get into that more later in our article.)

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Quotes For PreExisting Medical Conditions

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Quotes For PreExisting Medical Conditions

  • How do you qualify for same-day approval burial insurance for seniors and what is required of you?

  • There are many common health impairments/conditions.  We will go over the details of how the insurance carrier will look at you.  Remember, there is no “One Size Fits All” in burial insurance.

  • Ultimately, will guide you through the step-by-step process of same-day instant approval. The best thing since sliced bread!

Burial Life Insurance Policies Without A Medical Exam

Can you get life insurance with pre-existing conditions? 

How do I qualify for final expense burial insurance with same-day approval?

Once more, final expense life insurance aids in paying for your final expenses. A final expense policy safeguards your loved ones from monetary strain right now!

This is obviously a huge financial relief for your family, as funeral costs and funeral home charges are a significant financial burden.

There is no waiting period either. That’s what same-day approval is. As soon as you are approved, you will receive immediate coverage at the conclusion of a phone call in less than 30 minutes.

What Does Final Expense Insurance For PreExisting Medical Conditions Cost

The type of policy you qualify for and what your monthly premiums will be monthly will be determined by the following factors:

  • Age

  • Health

  • Prescriptions you are currently taking

  • Prescription history plays a role as well

Being open and honest with your agent is crucial. This is important since they will be able to identify the carriers you are eligible for and provide you with accurate information and rates.

A final expense policy is useful for whom? YOU! Times are unpredictable, particularly in light of COVID 19. Their top goal right now is giving our clients as much peace of mind as possible. We have adult children phoning to inquire about final expenditure insurance for their parents. They are aware that when their parents pass away, they will be the ones to shoulder this financial responsibility. For your future security, take precautions now.

Many carriers have updated their policies, including Royal Neighbors of America. As times become more uncertain and additional carriers may follow suit, you don’t want to put off making a decision for too long.

Can You Be Denied Life Insurance For High Blood Pressure

Is high blood pressure a disorder that already existed? No and yes. High blood pressure is a pre-existing disease, but as long as you don’t take numerous drugs in addition to several fluid retention meds, most insurance companies are understanding.

Can a pre-existing condition prevent you from getting life insurance? Yes, but hold on. Do Not Panic! There is always another carrier that will accept you if the first one rejects you. The finest coverage for your needs will be found for you if you follow your agent’s advice!

According to the insurance provider, this poses a risk of a few medical conditions, including congestive heart failure.

How do insurance providers determine whether a patient has a pre-existing condition? When discussing your medical history with your representative, be very detailed and explicit.

To help you acquire the coverage you want and need and be able to protect your loved ones, your agent must work with complete transparency.

When you and your agent submit your application, there are prescription checks, some underwriting, and some qualifying even if there is no medical exam or nurse visit.

How To Get Life Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions in 2023

How To Qualify For Burial Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions itself can be frustrating. Finding insurance that will accept you might be as frustrating, but it is not impossible, as we have described throughout this post.

Overall, there is a product out there for everyone; you simply need to identify your pre-existing diseases and choose a carrier that specializes in them.

Based on life insurance with pre-existing medical issues, some instances of who and which carriers will qualify are provided.

*Remember that this only applies to medical conditions; treatment and drug combinations may change the rating class.

Best Life Insurance Policy For Pre Existing Conditions

Out of 249 health impairments, Mutual of Omaha’s Living Promise would give you a level death benefit 137 times. No wonder why they are our Go-To carrier.

They also give level coverage for seniors up to age 85!

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Quotes For PreExisting Medical Conditions

What Are The Cheapest Life Insurance Quotes With PreExisting Health Conditions

What will the burial life insurance company look at on my application?

  • Prescription history

  • Your MIB records

  • Finally, the answers to the health questions your insurance agent asked you.

Starting to finish, the application takes about 30 minutes. You will almost always receive an immediate approval.

For instance, the carrier may request further information depending on the data provided and the data on your MIB report. Because of this, Do Not Worry, this is normal!

Can You Get Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

Here are some of the benefits of having a burial insurance policy for preexisting medical conditions.

  • Benefit amounts vary by each carrier. ($1,500-$40,000)  All in All, every carrier is different.

  • BURIAL INSURANCE DOES NOT REQUIRE A MEDICAL EXAM! (Traditional life insurance companies require a medical exam and have intensive underwriting guidelines. Term life insurance coverage is an example of this) 

  • Funeral insurance is simplified permanent life insurance. You have the coverage your entire life!

  • Did You Know?! The median cost in 2019 for a burial policy for a 70-year-old female, non-smoker with $10,000 in coverage is $50.81.

  • IMPORTANT TO REALIZE! Any amount of coverage you choose is better than nothing. So if your goal was to purchase $20,000 in coverage to help cover your funeral costs, but you find this to be out of your reach financially, do not opt-out of getting coverage altogether. SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. Our suggestion, lower your coverage amount. This will lower your monthly premium cost and your family will be relieved of great stress.

Applying For Life Insurance For PreExisting Medical Conditions

Your application

You may be asking how to obtain burial life insurance if you have existing medical issues.

Which form of life insurance coverage you qualify for will rely on your health concerns and replies.

It’s likely that the carrier will not object if you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions if they do not inquire about them. You’ll be shocked to learn that most final expense insurance providers, like AETNA, are ok with some health issues.

For instance, we have the qualifying process because there are many other possibilities for burial insurance, including same-day approval, if one business does refuse to cover you because of a pre-existing health condition.

The great thing about is that we shop you around to several carriers at once!

In actuality, it has never been simpler to obtain rates for burial life insurance with pre-existing problems!

Burial Life Insurance No Medical Exam or Health Questions

Life insurance with pre-existing cancer. Am I Covered?

What pre-existing conditions are not covered?

Level, modified, and guaranteed issue policies are available. We will provide a guaranteed issue policy with no health test and no health inquiries where someone has a nonqualifying pre-existing health condition, such as current COPD requiring oxygen use or cancer.

This kind of policy has a two-year waiting period. This means that the beneficiary will get all premiums put into the policy plus 10% if you pass away from natural causes within the first two years of the policy.

Your beneficiary receives the full death benefit if you pass away in an accident.

Whether you die away from natural causes or an accident, the entire death benefit is given to your beneficiary after the initial 24-month waiting period has passed.

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Quotes For PreExisting Medical Conditions

Prescription History Burial Insurance Policy Application

Applying for life insurance… When applying for life insurance, your prescription history is important!

What to anticipate in terms of your past medical history and the prescription medications you currently or previously used.

During the application process, businesses query applicants about their medical histories. They also request a list of your previous and current prescriptions.

Remember that your insurance agent will collect this medical data from you in order to determine your life insurance premiums after you are eligible for same-day approval.

It’s important to keep in mind that same-day approval for burial life insurance plans has a different underwriting process because, as we already mentioned, they don’t call for an exam.

However, the insurer will check your prescription records to determine your eligibility for life insurance. A typical scenario and potential warning sign would be:

Let’s say you have prescribed a blood pressure medicine that you are no longer taking. But you fill this prescription. As far as the burial carrier is concerned, you filled it, you must be taking it. Furthermore, if you filled this prescription you must have the condition it is meant to treat. 

funeral insurance with pre existing condition

What is a MIB File

The Medical Information Bureau is known as MIB.

The life insurance firm will submit a report about you to the MIB when you submit any kind of life insurance application to a business partner of the MIB.

The report contains the data that you entered on your application.

Its members own the MIB. Since 1902, they have been in effect.

Why is the MIB there?

Simply defined, it is to evaluate and inform underwriters of any inaccuracies or misrepresentations by you during the underwriting process.

Your medical history is not retained by the MIB. The data on the MIB report was supplied by YOU in your application; it did not come from your doctors.

The MIB is also set up to ensure that you are being honest on your application. Be truthful!

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies 

For seniors with pre-existing ailments, burial life insurance is crucial. This guarantees that your loved ones won’t have to bear this burden.

Our consumers frequently ask us, “Can you get life insurance on anyone?” regarding no medical exam life insurance. Both No and Yes are the short response. Right, it’s confusing.

No signifies that it is against the law to insure someone without their knowledge and agreement. Yes, which means you are allowed as long as they are informed, provide their consent, and arrange a meeting with a qualified agent.

In fact, we’re experts at approving high-risk life insurance policies! These are the current quotes for final expenditure insurance!

Call us right away, and we’ll be happy to address all of your inquiries. (855) 468-8900

If you want additional details about health and fitness.


The truth is, that there are a lot of myths about burial insurance for pre-existing conditions. We hope this article has dispelled some myths and provided insight into the realities of such policies.

If anything here sparks your interest in getting more information on how to protect yourself or your loved ones from funeral expenses, we encourage you to get a quote for coverage today!

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