What’s the difference between PMI and MPI?

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PMI protects the lender, not you, against the risk that you will default on your mortgage. Conventional financing requires PMI when the loan-to-value ratio, or LTV, is over 80 percent of the appraised value. Understandably, many homeowners don’t like the added expense of PMI. But it can help people buy a home when they don’t have the funds for a 20 percent down payment. Not everyone who obtains a new mortgage is required to get PMI. Read More

Sales & Closing

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Closing Insurance Sales

Using the concept of the closing pyramid.

Insurance agents, this is your help website.
Each topic page on our website is a mini training experience.

Closing insurance sales can be easy if you understand and implement this closing pyramid concept.

Closing Insurance Sales

Closing insurance sales has a right way and a wrong way.

See the two different closing pyramids below and the caption below each one. Understanding the underlying factors between the right way and the wrong way, to close a sale, is what we will discuss in this article.

One is labeled Relationship Building and the other is labeled Knowledge Based Selling.

If you are not clear on this, then you should take a few minutes and read this article on “selling is a 95% people business and 5% product knowledge business.” Read More

How to Spot a Winner Early On

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Winners focus on action that produces improvement and results.

People change, but they don’t change overnight.
If you’ve got a business to run, you need to add people who can make a contribution right away. Of course they’ll need training before they reach maximum effectiveness, but they need to be able to add some kind of productive value to the team right from the start. It’s great to have a loving heart and want to help people, but you can only afford that luxury if you are successful. Add too many overly needy duds to your team, and you’ll soon get bogged down and drown. Read More

3 Tactics for Busting Out of a Slump in Your Career or Life

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Winners break out fast to avoid imminent death.

When I started out in my sales career, I wasn’t very good. Actually, I was awful. I worked daily with my mentor and sought out help immediately. I gained a lot of skill and knowledge, tested hundreds of ideas, and eventually branched out and opened my own office in Chicago. My experience was certainly helpful in building a new agency. Read More

3 Ways to Prove Your Coachability and Attract the Best Mentors

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Coachability isn’t a word, really, but managers, leaders, and mentors are using it more and more. In fact, if I had to use one word to describe the traits of people destined for repeat success, 6 days out of 7 it would be “coachability.”
As I wrote in my previous post, you might win once or even a couple of times by hitting a certain level of skill or knowledge. But you won’t achieve new, bigger, more thrilling and fulfilling goals unless you keep improving. How? Read More