Voya Insurance Company (ING) Review


We are aware of your busy schedule. We concur. We aim to make it as simple as we can for you to discover the information you require on your insurance alternatives because of this. What they’ll cover so that you have all the information available when it’s time to compare prices or purchase a policy.

This blog post should assist in addressing some of your inquiries concerning retirement planning and life insurance with Voya Insurance Company.

Voya Financial Insurance Company

Starting with the fact that Voya Financial (Formerly Known As The ING Group/Reliastar Life Insurance Company) is a financial investment firm with a stellar track record in the United States.

In fact, one of the things they provide is life insurance policies. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to set up a life insurance plan if you were fortunate enough to have invested with ING in the past. The business even provides quotations for you to determine the precise price of life insurance.

Being a financial behemoth with over $550 billion in assets, Voya Insurance Company is committed to the long term with the Voya Family of Businesses.

However, we always advise obtaining multiple bids. This will allow you to evaluate costs and coverage options and put you in a better position to choose the finest life insurance plan. Costs vary greatly amongst businesses, and each business may have a different perspective on your level of risk.

You can check out many top-notch life insurance providers, including Banner Life Insurance, Protective Life, and American General AIG. Compared to items offered by Reliance Star Life, these carriers can be more affordable.


Who or What is insured by ING Reliastar? In the 1970s, ING Reliastar first emerged. Currently, they employ somewhere around 7,000 people. They serve about 14.7 million customers.

Voya Insurance Company is currently going through a rebranding process as they become Voya. Although it no longer ranks among the top investment and insurance firms, it does so nonetheless.

According to estimates, ING Reliastar had assets worth close to $550 billion in 2016.

Any US state is included in their scope.

We usually advise looking into how rating organisations have evaluated any insurance provider you are thinking about choosing because it will give you a fair notion of how trustworthy they are as a business.

It should come as no surprise that Voya typically obtains an A or A- grade and a positive life insurance business review.

voya life insurance options

Above all, the products offered by ING Reliastar Life Insurance Company are some of the best in the sector. The following are some of Voya Financial’s more basic coverage options:

Term life insurance with Voya is available in the following two forms:

  1. The most fundamental, convenient, and cost-effective term life insurance policy offered by Voya is called TermSmart. It provides protection for up to $1 million. You can choose between 10, 15, or 20 years of coverage for a fixed premium.
  2. Voya Endowment Period Return of Premium — If a policyholder lives longer than the term of the insurance they set up, they will receive a complete refund of all premiums paid. 20, 25, or 30 years of coverage are available.

Permanent Life Insurance Your entire life is covered by this coverage. It provides a death benefit and the choice of investing in cash value. The two choices for universal life insurance are as follows:

  1. Voya Universal Life CV — Includes a minimum interest rate of 3%. The option to borrow funds from the policy is also granted.
  2. Voya Universal Life CV NY — This New York based branch include a minimum interest rate of 2%

Indexed universal life insurance – Offers investing options in the cash value and death benefit. Choose one of the 2 following plans:

  1. Several crediting alternatives are available with Voya Indexed Universal Life Global Choice. includes a 2% interest rate that is guaranteed. Excellent long-term policy.
  2. As you might have guessed, this plan has a guaranteed death benefit: Voya Indexed Universal Life Guaranteed Death Benefit. there are numerous investment alternatives. The S&P 500 makes up the majority of these investments, which are employed for estate planning and potential deferred income tax.

Variable universal life insurance offers a death benefit, adaptable plans, and several ways to accumulate wealth. Look into the following possibilities:

  1. The Voya Variable Universal Life CV is a fantastic choice if you want to accumulate cash value to pay for college expenses, settle debts, or for any other reason you might wish to be covered.
  2. Voya Variable Universal Life DB: This plan offers low premiums, alternatives for building cash value, and the capability of withdrawals and loans.


Voya provides the following two survivorship life insurance plans:

  • Voya Strategic Accumulator Survivorship Universal Life — Enables the accumulation of nontaxable interest. With this strategy, your chances of swiftly building up cash are very good.
  • Survivorship Variable Universal Life CV from Voya — This policy offers a variety of investment possibilities and can cover up to two persons.

What are the Pros to Using Voya/ING Reliastar for my Life Insurance

The adaptability of ING Reliastar is one of its best qualities.

They will have alternatives for you to be covered for however long you desire. They have a premium endowment policy that, after the term is over, reimburses premiums paid.

Also, they offer all-inclusive coverage that will protect you in the long term.

In fact, you could create a fund with this policy to pay for your kids’ educations or anything else you wanted to be taken care of after your passing.

These blueprints can actually be customised quite a bit.

ING Reliastar also offers variable universal life insurance plans.

As ING is an investing firm and variable universal life insurance offers a variety of cash value investment alternatives, these policies really make sense for the company.

The term coverage for people in their 20s is one of several competitively priced policies offered by ING for people from many walks of life.

Voya Customer Service/Reliastar life insurance company

You can send life claims to:

Life Insurance

20 South Washington Avenue

55401 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Call Voya Life Insurance at:

(877) 886-5050

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