The Ultimate Guide to Mushroom Burial Suit in 2023

A novel idea in funeral planning is the use of a mushroom burial suit.

It utilises less energy and emits less greenhouse emissions than traditional burial, making it more environmentally friendly. But what precisely is a green funeral or an eco-friendly coffin?

Green burials involve the natural decay of the body without the use of hazardous chemicals or embalming. In fact, a biodegradable coffin is often built of wicker or wood.

David Alpaugh and Christina Agapakis, co-founders of Fungus Burial Suit, are one business that is enabling this for people who want to live more sustainably.

They developed eco-friendly mushroom burial suits that quickly eat human bodies by dissolving tissue with enzymes found in mushrooms.

transforming the leftovers into soil that is rich in nutrients for plant growth. Instead of burying them underground, where they could deteriorate, do this.

What is a Green Burial and Why Would I Want One

Overall, the $20 billion funeral services market has grown. In reality, businesses handle everything from funerals and burials to mummification, pre-need planning, and body donations to science.

But because so many people find discussion of what happens after death to be disturbing, the death industry is flourishing.

In addition, dealing with the dead is never easy, and mourning family members also have to deal with it.

Funeral directors are now in an awkward situation as a result of this. They want the last moments of their clients to be as beautiful as possible.

However, it also lessens the emotional toll that funerals have on surviving friends and family.

They accomplish this by giving the impression that the deceased was simply dozing off comfortably before entering heaven (or hell).

Over the course of a lifetime, the human body picks up 219 poisons. These dangerous substances are discharged into the ground or soil when the body is buried.

These include heavy metals like lead and mercury as well as insecticides like DDT.

Furthermore, flame retardants not only withstand heat but also build up in the fat tissue of animals that consume them. Consequently, harming their organs if humans eat them (e.g., PBBs).

In addition, modest exposure levels of the plastic additive bisphenol A can harm both sexes’ reproductive systems.

ECO Friendly Mushroom Burial Suit

Numerous chemicals are produced by the human body as a result of dietary consumption and environmental factors. However, once they are inside of us, they become considerably more dangerous.

Pesticides are among the 229 distinct contaminants that reach the circulation through digestion alone as a result of this accumulation, which also causes physical harm.

It is a sad fact that as we go about our daily lives, we unintentionally impact the environment. People are becoming more and more aware of how human bodies can continue to have harmful consequences on Earth. even after passing.

This occurs as a result of established funeral customs, such as formaldehyde embalming.

Toxins released from the body are spread across nature by these saturating fluids and/or cremations.

The process of decomposition in the ground

In the US, people typically opt for one of two funeral customs:

  • cremation, or reducing a body to ashes. It is a technique that lessens both the expense and environmental impact. It can still be pricey, though, because you need to buy an urn or other container to store your loved ones’ remains.
  • It has been claimed that burial, which involves burying them six feet underground with a concrete slab on top, pollutes more than cremation. Considering both potential groundwater contamination from chemicals used during embalming procedures and transportation emissions from moving remains over long distances, not simply for burial.

Methanol and formaldehyde are just two of the several chemicals used in the embalming process.

When a person eventually starts to decompose after years of waiting, these fluids not only slow down the process but also drain out, poisoning the soil with toxins.

The cremation process is a drawn-out operation that uses 28 gallons of gasoline. This is employed to reduce a person’s body to ashes.

Additionally, acid rain frequently contains the harmful substances that are generated during this process. The health of people may suffer as a result of this.

Mushroom Burial Suit Cost Vs Traditional Burial

Funeral services have advanced significantly during the past few decades. Since the 1960s, the price of burial and cremation has increased by more than threefold. The eco-friendly mushroom burial outfit, however, costs between $1,500 and $2,000.

People continue to opt for it over less expensive options nonetheless. For instance, having their ashes scattered in the wild or being buried.

Nowadays, the average funeral runs between $8000 and $12000. Included in that are caskets, which start at about $3000 or more.

In contrast, cremations only cost roughly half as much. Due of the extensive preparation required before reducing someone’s remains to ash, they can be time-consuming.

Then it is disposed of by spreading them in a natural area, like a wide open field. Additionally, a ceremony of some kind will usually be held.

In some circumstances, followed by choosing cremation, 43% of Americans

The Green Burial Alternative

The green funeral is increasingly taking the lead among Americans who care about the environment.

It has a negligible effect on the world, preventing unneeded deforestation and other negative effects that are detrimental to the general health of our globe.

In addition to conserving natural resources, green funerals use less landfill space than typical cremations or graves by avoiding wasteful activities like the use of embalming chemicals and caskets.

More people have started to select “green” funeral options in recent years, largely because they are worried about how their actions while alive will affect the environment after they pass away. In particular, they are worried about things like potential forest depletion if artificial materials are not restricted in green funerals (i-e: vaults).

Green burials are a cost-effective way for people to pass away in peace, leaving the smallest carbon imprint possible.


How Does a Mushroom Suit Work

Imagine wearing a biodegradable burial suit comprised of mushroom spores that causes your body to finally decay.

That is what it feels like to be buried in an Infinity Burial Suit made of cotton and developed by Coeio in New York City.

These environmentally friendly burial suits are produced using microbes and other mycelium mushrooms that may be found on small farms both domestically and overseas.

Even though not all people have come into contact with these fungus, ingesting or inhaling them is completely safe, so don’t worry about having dreams for weeks after getting laid out with one!

Again, the fabric used to make the fungus burial costumes contains spores from mushrooms.

They biodegrade themselves while also decomposing the body and neutralising poisons before interacting with the soil.

What is The Process and How Does The Mushroom Burial Suit Work

When the green burial suit is buried in the ground, mycelia begin to decompose any organic material that may be there.

The self-seeking tendency of mushrooms is well known, and when exposed to toxins and heavy metals, they operate as a natural filter.

Mycoremediation is the term used to describe this biosorption-based decomposition process.

The fungi are a natural way to cleanse and break down pollutants.

They render these harmful compounds harmless for people, animals, and plants alike by breaking the molecular connections and binding them with chelation in heavy metals. They also replenish nutrients back into the soil so they may be used again.

The mushroom suit burial is an edible compost that promotes the health of the earth, in addition to being a fungus-based solution to pollution and climate change.

When the fungus are through eating you alive, they leave behind clean soil after consuming the toxins in your body. They also leave behind well-known mushrooms like shitake and oyster, which support soil fertility.

Why is The Mushroom Burial Suit Considered a Green Burial

More cemeteries are allowing green burials as a result of the practice’s rising popularity.

By placing the body in a mushroom burial suit inside of a coffin and burying it four feet deep in a space that is filled with wood chips for nutrients, people who want to combine their traditional funeral with a green one can do so without much difficulty.

The mushrooms are sustainable and eco-friendly and will hasten decomposition.

An interment on private land is one of the most popular types. This may occur depending on local legislation in various places, but one should confirm its validity before taking any action.

People who want to be buried in a mushroom suit must tell their family members in advance so that they can carry out their wishes when the time comes and avoid being upset when their loved ones’ wishes are not honoured because they are unaware of the legal requirements for these types of funerals or do not follow them.

How Much Is The Mushroom Burial Suit Going To Cost Me

A novel and creative method to have your loved one buried is in a mushroom suit. Natural materials like hemp or cotton are frequently used to make these outfits.

The body will decompose in just a few days without the application of embalming fluids.

What’s best? With other options for pets in that price range also, you may affordably get an ecologically friendly option for $1,500.

Is it safe for my family to visit me after I die

Yes! People who care about the environment might consider the green funeral.

These funerals have undeniable advantages for the environment, and they also save money because they are less expensive to hold than regular funerals.

To clear up any misunderstandings or concerns from your family before making this decision, rather than after, it is crucial that you have an open talk with them about it.

Where Can I Get More Information About this Type of Burial

A creatively made funeral costume with mushrooms used to cover the netting fabric is available on the Coeio website. “Ninja pyjamas” is the name for this bio-mix.

The website also offers comprehensive instructions on how to buy this item, have it delivered in two weeks or less, and have shipping to US regions like Florida and Texas be free of charge.


These questions may not have a single solution, in my opinion. It all boils down to personal preference and what makes you feel most comfortable in the end.

Get in contact with us if you’d like more details from folks who have actually experienced either a green burial or a mushroom suit (or both)!

We can offer some insight into which choice could suit your needs the best.