The Truth About SelectQuote Life Insurance [BEWARE]


They claim it’s hard to compete against SelectQuote Life, but I’m Danny Ray, the founder of PinnacleQuote and an independent national insurance agency with clients in every state in the U.S.

I must disagree! Also, why does our motto “Put The Customer First” contradict what Selctquote does?

We prioritise YOU by providing trustworthy advice that prioritises your interests as well, in contrast to those other guys who only care about getting your money without giving a thought to what can occur in the long run if something goes wrong.

Personal Service Vs Volume

I’m a small man with big dreams, and each day, I face off against SelectQuote Life Insurance in an effort to win your patronage.

They beat me on both volume and marketing budget, I’ll admit that. What does this mean, though?

However, if you allow me to demonstrate how much value YOU derive from our relationship, we can still be somewhat successful.

It can be difficult to find someone who has access to all of your options and will give you a price that fits what YOU want when you’re looking for the right kind of coverage.

Because of this, I have MORE life insurance providers waiting (and providing quotes) than SelectQuote. This translates to more coverages at lower rates.

Numerous life insurance companies contact potential customers using pushy sales techniques. It is not just about how much money someone can put towards a policy; I am firm but fair, coming in with no pressure at all and letting you make your own decisions about what coverage is best for you based on budget or any other needs that may be crucial to consider, like goals and objectives!

Let’s discuss options today if this sounds good. To view rates, complete the form on the right.

SelectQuote Uses Aggressive Sales Practices

Life insurance providers like SelectQuote make significant advertising investments and pay Google and other search engines to display their ads at the top of search results. They do this so that consumers will be compelled to purchase their goods as soon as they see them!

Facts About SelectQuote

In a contact centre, the sales agents for SelectQuote have the unenviable task of closing five life insurance applications each day. 1200 over a year, then!

How are they ever supposed to keep up without being let go?

You might not speak with them again because each person has a quota for how many days they want or need coverage, so they can’t, which results in high employee turnover (or at least try).

The goal of the SelectQuote sales professional is to sign you up for their business as quickly as possible. They’ll persuade, bribe, and nag you until you’re ready!

The “one call close” technique used by these specialists has been proven effective because of how quickly they are able to pressure prospects into completing an application or medical exam—sometimes even before the person is aware of what’s happening—which means that once things get going smoothly and this strategy is laid out in front of them, they won’t give it much thought anymore.

SelectQuote Customer Service is Horrible

Ultimately, it is obvious that the application and underwriting processes for Choose quote life insurance have certain flaws.

For individuals that require speedy approval or simply want knowledge on what they provide but lack the patience to independently look through all these intricate data, the wait period might be agonisingly long.

What happens if you submit an application but are given approval for a different health class?

It will take time to shop the medical exam and any medical documents gathered by the original life insurance company to various companies.

I was previously insured by SelectQuote, but I’m now applying through them again because my old coverage ran out – there wasn’t enough room left over at that end after all of their processing fees were taken into account just so we could shop around! They have 5/day quotas on new applications, and there are no other options available in this situation.

Don’t assume that just because you’re chatting to a representative that they will sign your application. The individual who has been designated by numerous businesses as the agent of record is always that person, and they may even contract out their services if necessary.

What happens if there is a problem after purchasing life insurance or if you just want the amount of coverage to be changed?

Now who do we call?

Not our own tiny button guy; before this one could be resolved, he moved on to his next potential customer

Or, to put it another way: You’re stuck outside in the rain without a cover! That reminds me of Lincoln Heritage!

SelectQuote Life Insurance Versus Independent Agent

Prices for life insurance vary depending on three factors. You should expect your pricing to vary depending on the size of the insurance, when it expires, and what health class you qualify for. But don’t panic! There are no better offers than what you may get from us.

Why You Should Buy Your Life Insurance With Us

Receive a quick online quotation from ALL of the top-rated companies to get the most affordable price for your life insurance while saving time. No high-pressure sales techniques!

It’s preferable to take your time and do it well so that we can provide you with greater customer service if you enrol in a different health class or have certain interests or routines, etc.

I’d like to handle your life insurance needs. We can have a customised application available for you in a matter of minutes, and it’ll only take me 20 seconds. I have the quickest approval with this company because I’m quick (and if not already signed on as an applicant myself).

There is no question that what they offer will completely fulfil all needs given that my licence has been in existence since 1992, a long time before most other agencies began operating in the regions of the nation or state where they are based.

Applying for life insurance is quick, simple, and convenient.

I’ll be your agent if you require one-on-one assistance!

SelectQuote Customer Complaints

Normally I don’t read reviews, but following my own SelectQuote experience, I wanted to see what other people thought before visiting.

One technique is to look at businesses and their clientele; by doing this, I was able to discover more about the agency in general and any unfavourable comments from prior clients.

I discovered some information that is rather revealing, such as the number of people who have trouble receiving updates on their claims or locating insurance that is suitable for them.

the positive news Even if you require the insurance of another company, they are always eager to assist individuals who have been wrongly refused just recompense!

Anybody would want to avoid speaking with the customer support representatives after hearing the concerns about them. You can’t predict the experience you’ll have, so I wouldn’t advise it!

Consumers claimed that certain salespeople sought to upsell them on unnecessary coverage and policies.

Choose Quote encourages agents, so regardless of the good or service you’re selling, this will be a standard practise among all salesmen!

SelectQuote Cons Explained

Since application processes might take up to seven weeks, it could be ideal for your position if you look for alternative choices if you need insurance right now.

The time it takes for policies purchased through Choose Quote to be delivered or sent via email might range from four to seven business days.

When you give Select Quote your information, we will call for quotations and come back to you with the best prices.

We’re dedicated to giving our clients convenient services without making them wait around on hold or deal with trying phone calls!

Please be advised that SelectQuote is not licenced in all states and may not be able to offer life insurance coverage to South Dakota residents. If you reside there, you’ll want another company!

SelectQuote Pros Explained

You can acquire high coverage amounts of up to $5 million with SelectQuote. Nobody else in the industry provides this, unfortunately!

Without the need for further medical exams, Selectquote provides a simple method for converting your term policy into a whole or universal life policy.

The greatest method to safeguard your family’s financial stability is with term life insurance.

When your term policy expires, a new one can be added for just cents on the dollar in premiums each year, and it will be renewed without requiring a new medical exam.

Plans Offered By SelectQuote

Via SelectQuote, you may obtain estimates for both term and whole life insurance. An agent will contact you once you submit your information to discuss choices that suit YOUR priorities!

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is frequently advised due to its low cost. Your beneficiaries only receive a death benefit if you pass away during the covered term; however, how can they predict when their loved one will pass away? It offers you interim coverage.

The range of coverage is $50,000 to more than $5 million! Depending on what suits you most, you can select terms that are 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years long.

From the age of 18 to 80, you can also obtain coverage. Thus, you 20-somethings should start appearing young.

Protective Life, ANICO, Prudential, and Foresters are our go-to insurers. additionally to another 25 or so that target niches related to health impairments.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides coverage that lasts forever. As long as you make your payments on time, it will never expire because it is made to last your entire life.

Also, whole life insurance policies contain a cash value that can build up over time or be taken out when needed for large expenses like retirement money. But, there are many various types available, so whether this happens entirely relies on which sort would best meet a person’s circumstances.

We offer the best possibilities if you’re looking for simplified solutions for your entire life. Also, we will work with our specialist carriers to offer the best participating whole life insurance.

Available RIders

SelectQuote may provide several riders that you can add to your plan at an additional cost if you purchase a life insurance policy from them.

For instance, because it is less expensive than purchasing separate plans for each individual, some people purchase spouse or child’s term insurance and use them as their primary coverage. Nevertheless, this does rely on the firm that offers the specific service!

SelectQuote Complaint Index

Examining customer complaints is crucial when deciding which insurer to pick.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has statistics on how frequently a particular company receives complaints relative to the size of the company in comparison to other companies; a higher number indicates that they received more complaints than anticipated, while a low number indicates that there is less controversy surrounding them.


Ultimately, SelectQuote would always be a better fit for any customer than we are. We have more carriers available, and we focus on pre-existing problems. Above all, we put the needs of our clients first.

Thus, give us a call if you want the greatest pricing from the carrier that is right for you. Alternately, complete the quote form on the right, and we’ll contact you.