The Truth about Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis


Elderly clients frequently struggle to comprehend the different types of life insurance. While in fact they are receiving multiple plans, some customers may mistakenly believe they are only receiving a single type of policy.

Multiple Sclerosis-specific life insurance is one such instance. Before enrolling in one or more policies, seniors should be aware of their alternatives and how these plans may effect them financially and emotionally.

Life Insurance For MS Sufferers

I have multiple sclerosis; are I eligible for life insurance?


While getting life insurance will probably be more difficult if you have Multiple Sclerosis, a severe auto-immune condition. To qualify is still very much a possibility.

You’ll be classified as a high-risk applicant, and you might not be eligible for preferential rates. A number of criteria, including the severity of your MS, your general health, and the duration of your MS, must be taken into consideration. The specifics of life insurance for people with MS are explained here.

We will go through everything MS, including term life insurance for MS sufferers, underwriting, symptoms, and who to contact for help finding the best policy for your requirements.

Let’s start… Life Insurance for Multiple Sclerosis

Life Insurance For MS Patients

It is common to wonder “does insurance cover multiple sclerosis?” when dealing with a pre-existing ailment like MS.

In actuality, it will all rely on whether you were given the diagnosis of “Definite MS” or “Suspected MS”. In general, unless there are serious anomalies or masked MS symptoms, coverage is provided to those with multiple sclerosis.

Does Multiple Sclerosis Shorten Your Lifespan

This is a question that underwriters ask themselves as well as one that I frequently am asked. For instance, they will take mortality into account when choosing.

The life expectancy for someone with MS is around 7 years lower than that of a person without the condition, despite significant advances over the past 25 years.

Does Life Insurance Payout for MS

In general, MS life insurance is handled in the same manner as other medical conditions. In actuality, the compensation will vary depending on the goods you bought.

In general, if you have an active whole life or standard term insurance policy, it will begin paying benefits as soon as you pass away. But, you would be subject to limitations for the first two years if you had severe MS and could only obtain a guaranteed issue insurance.

Only GI or graded/modified policies will delay payment to MS patients’ life insurance policies. As an illustration, graded/modified policies will distribute a portion of the death benefit over two to four years. The carriers and the merchandise will determine this.

Also, the carriers may contest the policy if a suicide occurs within the first two years of a conventional policy. This also includes any criminal actions that led to your demise.

Multiple Sclerosis Quotes

It all depends on the agent you choose to work with if you want to get the finest life insurance rates for MS. In reality, a freelance agent will be able to connect you with the best MS tolerant carriers now accessible.

Standard (possibly Preferred) is an option IF MS is suspected in your case.

Yet, a poor grade is more likely if you have a confirmed diagnosis of MS. The length of time since diagnosis will also be important. The carrier will then be aware of how quickly the illness advances.

WHAT IS Multiple Sclerosis ( MS)

The brain and spinal cord are both impacted by MS, a disease of the central nervous system. It removes the nerves’ covering of defence. As a result, the body receives instructions from the brain more slowly, making motor tasks challenging.

Rarely is MS deadly or completely incapacitating. Some MS sufferers will have mild symptoms for numerous years of their lives, but they won’t lose their ability to function as a result.

Yet, some people may get symptoms suddenly and find themselves unable to take care of themselves very rapidly.

Is MS inherited? is a common question. It’s not. The National MS Society claims that having a close relative who has MS enhances your risk.

Your probability of getting Multiple Sclerosis is 0.1%. But, if you have a sibling or parent who has the condition, your risk rises to 2.5–5%.

WHAT IS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ( ALS)

The terminal Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) progresses over time. Lou Gehrig’s disease has a serious impact on the brain and central nervous system.

In a healthy body, motor nerves in the brain send signals to every part of the body, instructing the body’s systems to move in a certain way. These neurons are slowly destroyed by ALS, which prevents them from functioning properly.

Finally, ALS completely eliminates the neurons. Those with late-stage ALS become paralysed during this time because the brain is unable to communicate with the body any more.

What Are The Early Signs Of MS And ALS

MS vs. ALS

Both illnesses damage and attack the body, impairing nerve and muscle activity. As a result, they frequently discuss the same symptoms, especially in the beginning.

Initial signs include:

tiredness and stiffness in the muscles

loss of coordination and muscle control

the challenge of moving limbs

ALS vs. Multiple Sclerosis (The Conclusion)

The subsequent symptoms, however, change significantly. Those who have MS frequently have more psychological disability than those who have ALS. Those who have ALS often experience more physical issues.


The following are some of the horrible disease’s most severe symptoms:

  • Pain in the muscles, nerves and your joints
  • Tremors
  • Sensory Disruption/changes
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence. UTI’s and even constipation.
  • Mobility disruptions and weakness in the upper and lower extremities

Life Insurance For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The severity of your multiple sclerosis and your general health will in fact influence whether you have to pay a little higher premium.

Don’t wait around for a long time. It’s possible that your health issues or your multiple sclerosis diagnosis could worsen in the future. It could be more difficult to achieve the desired death benefit the longer you wait to buy life insurance.

There is never a better moment to talk to your independent agent, whether you have mild, moderate, or even relapse MS.

Why are you holding out?

Can Critical Illness Cover MS Sufferers

Yes, MS will be covered as long as you lived through 14 days following diagnosis. It is necessary to have a confirmed MS diagnosis and proof that MS-related symptoms exist in order to file a claim.

Keep in mind that an underwriter will contemplate the following.


MS can reduce a person’s life expectancy by at least 7 years even though it is not a fatal illness. It is crucial that you get medical attention as soon as you see any early symptoms or stages of this disease.

You will be able to overcome whatever difficulties you encounter moving forward with the aid of a healthy diet and a positive view on this illness!

Buy Life Insurance Multiple Sclerosis

How strict is life insurance underwriting? You will be questioned extensively by a life insurance advisor about your Multiple Sclerosis. It’s best to be completely ready for the responses! We’ve provided a list of some typical inquiries you might have below:

  • Do you take any medication to treat your MS?
  • Have you undergone any sort of therapy?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Throughout time, has your MS become better or worse?
  • How recently did you have an attack?
  • How frequently have you suffered seizures?

You must be completely sincere in your responses. If they don’t have enough information, underwriters will be worried. You run a larger chance of having your life insurance application rejected or getting a poorer rate if your description of your MS is not comprehensive.

Complete Underwriting:

MS is suspected but not yet verified:

Table 4 lists the following: • 2 years of incident; • Table 3 lists the following: • 4+ years; (preferred possible)

Definite MS:

  • < 2 years of event – Table 6
  • 3-5 years – Table 4
  • 6-10 years – Table 3
  • After 10 years – Table 2
  • Severe Abnormalities, immobility – Decline

Non-Medical with Multiple Sclerosis


Phoenix Safe Harbor Term:
  • Mild, Standard to Table 2Moderate, Table 2 to DeclineSevere, DeclineAge < 45, Decline

American National – ANICO
  • Table 2 – Decline 



Phoenix Safe Harbor Term Express
  • Under Age 45, DeclineAge 45 and up, Possible Accept

Sagicor Life
  • Decline​​

Foresters Your Term Express
  • Decline



AIG Guaranteed Issuance Accept

Age 50-85, $5,000-$25,000 face values,

Gerber Guaranteed Issue Accept:

Ages 50 to 80, Face Amounts $5,000 to $25,000


Also, it’s crucial to remember that MS places you in the Impaired Risk Group according to life insurance providers. also referred to as high-risk or special risk life insurance. Also, this makes it more challenging for seniors over 75 to obtain life insurance.

Moreover, smoking may hasten the growth of MS if you have MS and are seeking for life insurance for smokers. The financial stability ratings for the airline you select will be provided by A.M. Best.

The most popular life insurance policy when purchasing it is a 20-year term policy.

Can I acquire life insurance if I have MS?


  • Clinically Isolated Syndrome —The initial signs of Clinically Isolated Syndrome are brought on by swelling in the Brain.
  • Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis — The most typical kind of multiple sclerosis is relapsing-remitting. There may be an increase in attacks when CNS symptoms deteriorate.
  • Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis — Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) is the stage that typically follows relapsing-remitting MS. One’s MS may now be classified as active or inactive.
  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis — The most severe form of multiple sclerosis, primary progressive, impacts daily living due to spinal cord injury.

what stage of the MS you are in. More critically, your life insurance coverage may be impacted by how active your MS is. Since there are many different life insurance companies, it stands to reason that their MS underwriting standards will also vary.

Thus, working with one of our experts at PinnacleQuote to help you locate the finest, most affordable life insurance rates available can help you save a sizable sum of money.


The life insurance provider will evaluate your application for life insurance and determine how serious your MS is. While receiving a preferred plus or preferred rating is uncommon for those with MS, it is still feasible to get a standard rating.

Yet, those with MS will be given a poor rating, particularly if they smoke or have any other health issues. Diabetes is included here. If a person is diagnosed with MS during the application year, there are declines.

Although the rate at which impairment advances may be slower than in those without hypertension, studies have indicated that treated high blood pressure may be associated with greater total disability in adults with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The study, which involved a significant number of MS patients, aids in debunking a variety of conflicting theories on the ways in which heart and metabolic issues may affect the progression of this illness.

Also, numerous studies have previously revealed a detrimental relationship between high cholesterol levels and the occurrence of brain lesions in multiple sclerosis patients (MS).


Always keep in mind that guaranteed issue life insurance is available if your application is denied. Guaranteed issue life insurance offers prompt approval following application. In actuality, you won’t have to undergo a medical examination.

These policies cost more money, though. Additionally take note that alcohol has a number of immediate consequences that might make many MS symptoms worse. Thus it will be more difficult to acquire the best rate with MS if you have a history of DUI.

We at PinnacleQuote are able to address any of your inquiries about life insurance with MS and ensure that you are put in touch with the appropriate life insurance providers.

Since we conduct all the research for you and have the means and contacts to get you the best prices on your life insurance, working with us might possibly save you a significant amount of time and money.


According to recent study, women with MS are more likely to experience cardiovascular problems such a stroke, heart attack, or coronary disease. Torment, tiredness, irritation, and even difficulty relaxing are all possible effects of weakening trunk muscles and nerve damage along the spinal rope.


Obstructive With MS, sleep apnea may make fatigue more severe. In all population research, the curable problem of rest and breathing is a known cause of weariness and accompanying symptoms.

Also, this poses a serious risk for cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, engine vehicle accidents, decreased profitability, psychological damage, and poor quality of life.

Yet, despite its impact on the general populace, little is known about how much OSA contributes to MS patients’ fatigue and how widespread OSA is in MS.

Although some argue that OSA is more prevalent in MS patients than in the general population, heterogeneity in the participants studied, example sizes, and outcome measures have led to very varying estimations.

Moreover, no formalised method has been developed to identify clinical cues that may signal increased OSA risk in MS patients.

Study on distinguishing OSA highlights from other sleep-related signs of exhaustion in MS patients may help physicians better separate patients so they can benefit from rest assessments and improve weary management.

This study had a tertiary MS emphasis and its goal was to examine the recurrence of assessed OSA and increased OSA risk among MS patients.

To assess the relationships among MS patients receiving outpatient care between the seriousness of tiredness, OSA, OSA risk, and sleep quality.


MS and medical marijuana

Whether you’ve had multiple sclerosis for a while and tried a variety of methods to ease your suffering or stop those muscular cramps.

Yet you’re simply not experiencing the relief you need. You wonder if it’s appropriate to concentrate on all the debate surrounding medical marijuana. Would you be open to the prospect of it?

It is plausible.

The use of medical marijuana has helped certain people. It occasionally helped the tingling in the hands and feet stop.

Several MS sufferers have reported having the taste of root beer in their mouths or smelling ammonia. Thus, marijuana has a reputation for easing MS patients’ symptoms.

Life insurance companies will rate you for your underlying disease, not the marijuana treatment, if you’re receiving it for your multiple sclerosis.


sensory system damage associated with MS

Signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis can vary greatly from person to person and over the course of the illness depending on the location of the affected nerve filaments. They may consist of:

  • Deadness or weakness in at least one of your appendages, usually on one side of your body at a time, or in your legs and trunk.
  • Vision loss that is partial or complete, usually affecting one eye at a time, and frequently accompanied by pain throughout eye development
  • enlarged two-fold vision
  • Shivering or pain in specific body sections Electric-stun sensations brought on by certain neck movements, especially bowing the neck forward (Lhermitte sign)
  • Tremor, a lack of coordination, or a hesitant gait
  • slurred speech
  • Exhaustion
  • Wooziness
  • bladder and entrail malfunctions (At the point when to see a specialist.)

The following is a collection of the most common questions we get from our customers.


MS is like buying high-risk life insurance. The great majority of MS cases progress slowly in terms of spreading illness. They experience periods of fresh symptoms or reversals, which develop over days or weeks and typically get slightly or completely better.

These reversals are followed by calm intervals of health improvement, which may have occurred months or even years earlier.

Little increases in body temperature may unintentionally lessen the symptoms and indications of MS, but these are not regarded as disease reversals.

An enduring pattern of side symptoms is developed in 60 to 70 percent of those with relapsing MS. This comprises auxiliary dynamic MS, with or without times of decrease.

Issues with portability and stride are typically included in the lowering of adverse effects. Individuals with optional dynamic MS see significant variations in the rate of disease progression.

A few MS patients experience a steady onset and ongoing progression of symptoms without relapses. It’s actually called essential dynamic MS.


As you may expect, the parallels between ALS and MS could sway life insurance underwriters’ decisions when deciding whether to approve coverage for MS.

Both of these illnesses share a number of similarities. Yet, important distinctions determine how the prognosis and therapy differ from one another. Always in decline is ALS.

Lou Gehrig’s disease, generally known as ALS, is fatal and progresses over time. In actuality, the brain and central nervous system are significantly impacted.

In a healthy body, motor neurons in the brain send signals throughout the entire body, instructing the body’s systems of muscles and organs on how to do certain tasks.

These neurons are eventually destroyed by ALS, which prevents them from being adequately functional.

Ultimately, ALS completely destroys the nerves. People with late-stage ALS become paralysed at these moments because their brain is unable to send commands to their body.

MS Society Life Insurance

According to the National MS Society, a survey suggests that there are roughly 1 million MS patients living in the United States.

Moreover, 2.3 million people are thought to have MS worldwide. In actuality, 200 new instances are reportedly detected each week in the US.

How long will someone with multiple sclerosis live? According to statistics, the average lifespan for patients with MS is 5 to 10 years shorter.

Statistics on Multiple Sclerosis and Life Insurance


How can someone with MS maintain their optimism? While you are going through all the emotions that come with having this disease, support groups can be quite beneficial. Sharing your ideas, worries, and experiences with others who are experiencing the same things as you can have a profound effect on your mind and body. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Motivation for those with MS and Life Insurance

In addition to choosing the appropriate life insurance policy or carrier, living with a chronic condition might present a number of other difficulties.

The difficulty sometimes lies in simply getting through the day.

We often become angry and depressed.

It is easier if we alter our perspectives and the way we look at things.

Also, it strengthens us.

Multiple Sclerosis Inspiration and Life Insurance

We assist our customers.

In reality, we are here to not only make the life insurance buying process simple, but also to provide you with a great deal of help.

Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

Resource for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

If you have inquiries and have multiple sclerosis.

This is an excellent source for you.

Callers can reach the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at (800) 344-4867.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America can be reached by calling (800) 532-7667, ext. 154.

Danny Ray, the owner and agent at PinnacleQuote, specialises in ALL health limitations.

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ALS Foundation for Life
Below is their phone number (508) 655-4381 if you would like further details and resources about ALS.

Danny Ray, the owner and independent agent at PinnacleQuote, specialises in ALL health limitations.

Call us at any time if you have any inquiries!

To speak with Danny at a time that best suits your requirements and convenience, you may also schedule a phone appointment.

Give me a call at (855) 380-3300; I’m Lisamarie. I can be reached directly at this number or via email at


“With PinnacleQuote, we’ll hold your hand during the entire process!” … Darren Ray

You can probably get affordable life insurance coverage for multiple sclerosis in the current life insurance policy market. Finding an independent agent who specialises in this market is crucial. like PinnacleQuote, where we are. We are specialists in underwriting and can help you choose life insurance providers that are understanding of multiple sclerosis and lenient. On your behalf, we bargain with the underwriters.

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No matter how you purchase your coverage, a commission must be paid by someone. The best companies, like SelectQuote, are unable to give you the individualised attention we can. Who knows if, after calling any huge agency, you might also get the same person on the phone twice. Most of the time, all you are is a voice on the phone and a few letters on the screen. Not at PinnacleQuote; we’ll walk you through the process from beginning to end.

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Here are some excellent MS references:

Explore Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Nationwide Society for Multiple Sclerosis

Center for Multiple Sclerosis

Best APPS of 2019 for Multiple Sclerosis on your I-Phone

Considering the world we live in today with contemporary technology, we spend most of our time on our phones. A minicomputer.

Here are some recommendations for the top Microsoft Windows APPS of 2018. These apps can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis.

  • Free APP for MS Clinical Resources
  • Free APP from MS
  • Free APP called My MS Diary
  • Free mobile app: MS Focus Radio


Many individuals take life insurance for granted until they actually need it. What happens then if you have MS and want to purchase life insurance? Still a possibility! To prevent your family from suffering financial trouble after your passing, we can help you select a policy that works with your diagnosis. Call us at 855-380-3300 right away to learn more about the different types of plans we provide, or just complete our short online form. No matter how complicated your medical condition may be, there are so many alternatives available that we can offer life insurance. Request a price right away!