The Truth About Life Insurance With COPD [2022 Guide]


It is only normal as we get older to be concerned about what might occur in the worst case scenario.

Finding life insurance with COPD might be difficult, but it’s essential for everyone who has been given this diagnosis.

What information is required?

We’ll explain how to get reliable COPD life insurance rates right away!

Can You Get Life Insurance With COPD

Can I be protected by life insurance if I have COPD?

If you have recently received a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, and are wondering whether this condition disqualifies you from purchasing life insurance, the answer is no.

It will primarily depend on your rating class rather than your ability to obtain coverage if you have COPD.

When it comes to COPD, every life insurance company has a distinct set of rules.

Nonetheless, the severity of the COPD diagnosis will determine how easy it is to find low-cost life insurance premiums.

Moreover, let us know if you use oxygen and what treatments or drugs you are currently on.

Life Insurance For COPD Sufferers

I suppose the query, “Can I receive life insurance if I have COPD?” has been addressed.

When it comes to COPD life insurance underwriting, a few factors will again be important.

Choosing a carrier will affect the cost of life insurance and COPD insurance.

A knowledgeable independent agent will help you make the right decision.

In general, mortality is the basis for life insurance.

Hence, the answer to the question “can you die from COPD?” is yes.

Yet eventually, everyone will pass away.

You are simply getting there faster if you have smoked.

The simple line is that quitting smoking will prolong your life.

Life Insurance For Smokers With COPD

Life insurance companies will inquire as to the date of the diagnosis.

They will also inquire about your smoking habits.

In general, if you continue to smoke, you will be viewed as high risk and, depending on your therapy, may not be accepted.

Once more, having a lung condition like COPD combined with active smoking is a double whammy!

Hence, you might want to put down the cigarettes if you’re seeking for insurance quotes that are the lowest possible.

Does moderate COPD qualify for disability?

Above all, COPD is a chronic condition that will shorten your life by years.

Also, you are disabled if you are gasping for oxygen and are unable to perform basic tasks.

Nonetheless, Table 4 would be the highest ranking for moderate COPD insurance coverage.

As an illustration, consider infrequent infections treated without steroids but with ongoing drug use.

The Best Life Insurance For COPD Obtaining

Getting The Best Life Insurance For COPD

One of the most frequently asked questions when discussing COPD life insurance is this one.

No matter what, we will find you a policy if you have COPD.

The price you pay will be based on each of these ratings.

Furthermore, if your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is extremely severe, there is always a guaranteed acceptance policy available as a final resort for a death benefit.

Remember that the following will be done during the underwriting process:

  • Health Concerns
  • medicine and therapy
  • Medical Exam Results of the most
  • recent pulmonary function test
  • Health Records

Also, have you lately been hospitalised for chronic bronchitis or shortness of breath?

Term Life Insurance for COPD

Above all, a term policy is definitely the best option if you want to safeguard your loved ones who financially depend on you.

Even if your COPD is minor, it will affect the cost of the insurance.

For a $100,000.00 15-year term, the costs for a 65-year-old with mild, moderate, severe, or extremely

You must be aware that if you have a pre-existing ailment like COPD, the sickness will only worsen.

In general, underwriters have the same opinions.

Thus, a precise risk assessment is necessary.

The fundamental underwriting that we discussed before in this post will be this.

It might be better to complete a COPD Questionnaire, though.

What Questions To Expect On The Application

COPD Underwriting Questionnaire

  1. Diagnostic Date
  2. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, restrictive lung disease, etc. are examples of lung conditions that can be identified with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  3. Has the proposed insured ever received treatment for the condition in a hospital?
  4. Does the potential insured currently use any medications, including inhalers and oxygen?
  5. Have you ever had a pulmonary function test?
  6. What type of build is the potential insured?
  7. Have you had a chest X-ray?
  8. Has an ECG recently been performed?
  9. Exist any more medical issues with the intended insured?

If so, elaboration is requested here.

Once more, the underwriter has a better chance of making a wise choice if they have more information.

A crucial thing to understand is that you can obtain a lenient process if you make the underwriter’s job easy.

Which Exposure Accounts For Most Cases of COPD

80–90% of COPD cases are ultimately caused by tobacco smoke exposure.

Other cases are typically connected to occupation, passive smoking, and pollution.

COPD is the third most common cause of death in the US and a progressive condition that takes years to develop.

Is COPD a progressive illness? It is, indeed!

Best Life Insurance For Seniors With COPD

How about life insurance for COPD-affected seniors?

When you reach retirement age, your life insurance normally changes in amount.

You are currently regarded as an empty-nester.

In actuality, the only person who depends on you may be your spouse.

In this situation, if you are 65 or older and in need of life insurance, these are the finest options.

Long-term care insurance (Require protection against a mortgage or other obligation)

GUL for Guaranteed Universal Life (This is the most cost-effective permanent life insurance policy)

Insurance for burial costs (Including burial; face amounts range from $100 to $40,000)

Burial Insurance With COPD

Insurance for Funerals and COPD

Getting final expenditure or funeral insurance while you have COPD can be difficult.

Yet, as long as you are not using oxygen, a lot of life insurance providers will start covering you right away.

You will have to make do with a graded, modified, or assured issue policy if you use oxygen.

  • CVS (Aetna Accendo) Standard
  • Foresters (PlanRight) Standard
  • GCU Standard

Life Insurance For People on Oxygen

Here are our recommended insurance providers who will provide COPD coverage starting on the first day of coverage.

Accendo Standard Foresters by CVS (Aetna) (PlanRight) Standard\sGCU Typical Life Insurance for Oxygen Users

There are not many possibilities for using oxygen, despite the possibility of non-oxygen COPD life insurance solutions.

You see, an insurance provider will be sufficiently alarmed to avoid taking a risk if oxygen consumption is added to any high-risk pre-existing ailment.

But, we do work with a burial insurance provider that will offer you a customised policy with a coverage level of 30% in the first year, 70% in the second year, and 100% after the second year.

Please get in touch with us to learn more.

A guaranteed issue life insurance policy can be your only choice if you also suffer from gastrointestinal disorders or other serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Is COPD Classed as a Critical Illness

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is often seen as a handicap.

In actuality, the ADA requirements would apply to any health condition that significantly limits or lowers quality of life.

When it comes to “critical illness” insurance, however, conditions like cancer and heart disease would be covered if they were brought on by COPD.

To learn more, you should speak with your life insurance expert.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can cause a wide range of symptoms.

You run the risk of developing COPD if you smoke cigarettes or are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke, claims the Center for Disease Control.

It could be time to buy life insurance now if this sounds like something that might occur to you in the future.

We really hope that our list has aided in your decision-making regarding the life insurance policy that would be most advantageous given your existing and anticipated health risks.

Give us a call right away so we can assist in identifying a cost-effective solution that will guarantee financial stability for many years to come.

Do you have any other queries? Simply ask!