The Truth about Life Insurance for Smokers


The future-planning process must include life insurance. What if you smoke, though? The fact is that smokers have a higher chance of passing away early than nonsmokers.

Hence, in order to obtain the correct coverage for your needs if you smoke and want to purchase life insurance, you could have to pay higher rates or acquire a lesser policy amount.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a smoker has a three times greater risk of dying than a person of similar age who doesn’t smoke. Also, smoking makes persons significantly more likely to pass away early than the average person.

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Smoke

Stunning Data From PinnacleQuote, Smoker Vs. Non-Smoker: What You Need To Know Right Away!

Does smoking have an impact on life insurance? Obtaining life insurance might be significantly more difficult for smokers. Nonetheless, because it safeguards our families, life insurance is essential.

Fortunately, there are now many life insurance firms that offer policies for smokers at affordable rates, as it has been so difficult for smokers to find life insurance plans at a fair price in the past.

In fact, if they know where to seek and depending on the type of tobacco, smokers can get rates that are comparable to those provided to non-smokers.

This is where PinnacleQuote can help; we can conduct all of the necessary research on your behalf and put you in touch with the best business.

An insurance provider that provides smokers with top-notch life insurance options is Banner Life Insurance.

Above all, they frequently provide smokers the most affordable life insurance, which is excellent for saving money!

The CDC has some interesting statistics on the mortality rates among smokers:

  • The life expectancy of a smoker is, normally, at least 10 years shorter compared to somebody who doesn’t smoke.
  • Should you stop before age 40, you could have the ability to lessen your chance of dying from a cardiovascular disorder by nearly 90%.
  • Smoking can triple a middle-aged individual’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease

-aged person who smokes has a threefold increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

The primary causes of smoking-related fatalities are:

  • Cancer (lung, larynx, esophagus, as well as the oral cavity)
  • Esophageal disorder
  • Heart Attack

Life Insurance for Smokers

Absolutely, even with the higher premiums, you still require life insurance. Here’s why.

Why is purchasing life insurance a necessity? We should clear this out first before moving on. Indeed, you need life insurance coverage, even at higher prices!

The only way to guarantee that your loved ones will be financially taken care of in the worst-case scenario is to purchase life insurance. Several thousand dollars is an expensive sum to spend on a family that is already grieving a loss. Particularly if you have a history of pre-existing medical issues, you will require it.

In fact, purchasing even a simple funeral insurance coverage will help you sleep better at night.

Having protection for your family against expensive costs, for instance. But, you also must consider any debts, house/car payments, and, if you are employed.

The fact that you won’t be able to support your family financially is the most significant factor.

So, life insurance is crucial for anyone who wants to safeguard their loved ones after their passing.

Furthermore, most carriers view smoking as a high risk or special risk for life insurance.

Is Life Insurance Far More Expensive For Smokers

It’s significant to note that chewing tobacco in general carries a higher premium for life insurance than smoking does. Users of oral tobacco might be charged at the same rates as those who smoke frequently. This indicates that compared to a non-smoker, you might be paying twice as much for life insurance.

Of course, you should compare insurance providers to locate the one that will be most understanding of your bad habits. After reviewing term life rates, the data demonstrate that life insurance for smokers is sometimes nearly three times more in price than for non-smokers!

Term Insurance For Smokers Vs. Affordable Whole Life Insurance For Smokers

  • What is Term Life Insurance and How Does It Work? How does it function? For specific periods, such as 10, 20, or 30, a term life insurance coverage is excellent. It goes without saying that you will pay greater premiums if you do smoke.
  • What is full life insurance and how does it work? How does it function? Smokers can benefit from whole life insurance for the rest of their lives. Because the policy will create monetary value, you can borrow against it. Whole life insurance rates are generally higher for non-smokers than for smokers. Consult your independent insurance agent as soon as possible. They have the ability to simultaneously compare carriers for you. In terms of life insurance, there is no one size fits all. Each person has a unique lifestyle, set of health issues, family history, etc.

It is possible to compare costs on your own, and we even advise doing so.

Having said that, it is also a difficult undertaking that may cause frustration, and we frequently hear our clients mention this as one of their reasons for delaying.

*Please Note: If you have abstained from smoking for a year or more, many employers will consider you a non-smoker.

Best Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

It’s crucial for everyone, but it’s especially important for smokers, to meet with various life insurance providers, compare prices and policies, and pick the best offer.

The cost of life insurance for smokers varies greatly depending on the provider you contact. By comparing prices from multiple providers, you can drastically reduce the cost of life insurance for smokers. Years of smoking may in certain situations be the root cause of treated blood pressure.

Occasional Smoker Life Insurance

What Qualifies As Smoking According To Life Insurance Companies

Many smokers of cigars and e-cigarettes may be unsure whether their rates will be comparable to those of cigarette smokers.

Fortunately, the majority of insurance providers won’t penalise you for the odd cigar. Nonetheless, smoking cigars every day would be regarded as being equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

Nonetheless, as previously indicated, you should look about to find life insurance providers. Also, the majority of providers will charge higher rates for life insurance for marijuana users.

How Much Life Insurance Will I Need

From person to person, this differs. Keep in mind that the primary goal of life insurance is to relieve your family of the burden of covering debts and funeral costs. This covers mortgage, auto, and other bills.

Secondly, life insurance is a way to replace your income in the event that you pass away. Following the death of a loved one, families are financially devastated.

Above all, you should make sure you have enough life insurance to cover all potential costs for your family.

Does Smoking Affect Life Insurance Rates

First of all, we wish to get you the cheapest life insurance rates for smokers.

To obtain the most affordable and effective policies, you should compare several life insurance providers.

Additionally, there are things you may take to dramatically cut your rate prior to applying. This can involve giving up smoking, eating healthier, etc.

For those with health concerns, such type 1 and type 2 diabetes, rates will likely be higher. Nonetheless, most insurance companies may provide relatively inexpensive rates to people who try to stay healthy for a year before applying.

By category, you can shop. You can locate recommended life insurance for cigar smokers if you smoke them frequently.

We at PinnacleQuote are here to support you along the journey and ensure that you receive the greatest coverage at the most affordable prices. Above all, term life insurance will be highly expensive if you smoke and are looking for life insurance for seniors over 75.

Best Life Insurance Companies For Smokers

  • Banner Life
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Americo
  • John Hancock

Remember that each carrier will view each person differently.

Life insurance is not a “one size fits all” product.

Provide an accurate account of your medical history. If you smoke, tell your agent. so they can link you with the finest carrier possible.

Cheapest Life Insurance Rates For Smokers And Non-Smokers

Let’s look at a life insurance pricing comparison chart.

40-year-old 20-year, $500,000 policy for men 40-year-old 20-year, $500,000 policy for men

Favored Plus: Protective Favored Plus: Protective

$32.30 for non-smokers Smoker: $221.16 per month

The figure above illustrates the significant pricing difference between smoker and non-smoker rates.

Consider this if you get life insurance at a smoker’s rate and then decide to give up smoking. You could be eligible for a premium discount.

Insurance For Smokers Who Have Quit

Don’t wait until you retire to buy life insurance.

Get life insurance right away because doing without it would be riskier than having it.

Life Insurance For Ex Smokers

Make quitting smoking your reason for that monthly premium!

When you haven’t smoked for 12 months, call PinnacleQuote so we can re-evaluate your current coverage.

You would have to re-do a medical exam. But isn’t it worthwhile to save hundreds of dollars? Yes, I would say that.

Does Smoking Void A Life Insurance Policy

What will the insurance company look for? You are currently aware of the rates for smokers’ life insurance. In actuality, a life insurance policy provider will take into account smoker rates for a variety of tobacco use in addition to your own smoking.

When you inquire for coverage, they will ask about your prior history. As they will be receiving a paramedical test that calls for a blood test, it is advisable to be sincere. Should you use additional tobacco products, such as cigars and other tobacco items, such as:

  • Cigars chewing/smokeless cigarette
  • Digital cigarette
  • Patches/gum
  • Marijuana

If you use any of these items, you might have to pay more for your life insurance coverage than you would otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Best Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

In the USA, around 13 billion cigars were sold in 2014. That does not necessarily imply that you cannot occasionally have a cigarette in case a real party starts.

Yet, it could affect your premiums even if you only indulge a few times annually. Your charges will vary depending on whatever carrier you use. There is no one standard, and each person will view you differently.

Nicotine Patches and Gum: It is rather obvious that you are trying to break a habit if you are currently utilising a nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum.

In terms of determining if you are a tobacco consumer, this may appear to be a step in your favour, but it is likely to work against you.

Hence, regardless of how it enters your body, it may increase your risk of developing heart problems, which may not sit well with insurance providers.

Because of this, it is best to speak with a qualified agent to determine whether using marijuana is permitted before submitting your application if you use marijuana for any reason and want to purchase a life insurance plan.

Each insurance provider has a distinct perspective on marijuana use in general. Some states have made it legal. Others haven’t. As a result, they keep letting their belts down.

Is Life Insurance More Expensive For Smokers

Due to the higher cost of their life insurance than non-smokers, tobacco users typically pay higher rates. Why?

Those who smoke and use tobacco products have a higher risk of dying early than those who do not.

In the US, smoking is a factor in more than 20% of fatalities. That is more than all homicides, crashes, and cases of HIV/AIDS put together.

Compared to non-tobacco users, a life insurance company is significantly more likely to need to pay out benefits to the insured and much sooner. In addition, nonsmokers who are in good health will be given a higher grade than smokers who are not in the best of health.

The best course of action for you is to shop around for the finest coverage for your needs.

There are many other variables at play, so working with an independent agent that handles all of these issues on a regular basis might be helpful.

Crucial to keep in mind

But, just because you’ve been classified as a “smoker” or a “tobacco consumer” does not necessarily mean that you will always have to pay higher premiums. Let’s assume that you give up using tobacco and tobacco-related items for an entire year. ………… a.. a.. a.. a.. a.. a..

Lying About Smoking On Life Insurance

When you apply for life insurance, one of the first questions you’ll probably be asked is about your use of cigarettes or nicotine.

  • Do you utilise?
  • Can you cease within the previous 365 days?

Maybe you gave up years ago. and into that and all of that, and all of that, and all of the and to and. and all of that, and all of that, and all of that, and all of that, and all of that, and all of that, and all of that, and and a.

Maybe you gave up six months ago. Perhaps the entire year has passed. Some insurance companies won’t provide you a special “non-smoker” life insurance quote unless you have been free from using any tobacco-related products for as long as five years.

The insurance provider believes that the time is a problem, even though the insurance company will determine how much of a problem it is. To find the finest coverage, it pays to do your research and shop around.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Test For Nicotine Use

How much time does cotinine remain in your body? It is crucial that you tell the truth about your cigarette consumption on the application for a life insurance policy.

Lying is considered fraud, and the truth will eventually surface after you get a health assessment that probably includes testing on your saliva, hair, blood, or urine.

These tests all find nicotine.

It may take weeks, potentially even weeks, or even longer for nicotine/cotinine and other tobacco-related substances to leave your system.

Hence, if you smoke these products, you will still test positive over time.

How much and how long you’ve used it really depends on each of those factors.

The outcome for you specifically? The insurance provider simply raising your rates and labelling you as a smoker is the best-case scenario. Nevertheless, being rejected a policy-or much worse. The repercussions of lying on your life insurance application are not worth them: First two years of the policy are the contestability phase. In the event that you lied on your application, the insurance provider may refuse to pay out your death benefit.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Smokers

When deciding to buy life insurance, the majority of people frequently need to have a medical checkup.

If you decide to participate in a no-exam policy, which certainly seems like a great option if you smoke or use products related to tobacco.

In truth, you can avoid the exam, but the cost will undoubtedly be higher. Why? The insurer may be more at risk if they provide a coverage because they don’t know much about your health.

Life Insurance For Smokers With COPD

First, let’s define COPD.

lung disease that is chronically obstructive.

an issue with the lungs. Those with severe COPD are more likely to develop chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.

Over 30 million Americans are thought to be affected by COPD, according to the COPD Foundation. More than half of them exhibit symptoms but are unaware of it.

Across the world, 210 million people are thought to have COPD. Throughout the next ten years, the overall death rate will rise by more than 30%. an an an an an an an an a d d. number of the people in the the

Your underwriting score when you apply for a policy will depend on how serious your illness is. It is crucial to provide your medical history with your agent, who will be able to recommend the finest carriers at the lowest possible cost.

You may be asked the following questions:

  • Date of first onset/diagnosis
  • Do you smoke/have you ever smoked
  • Health history/health problems
  • What type of lung disease do you have?  Such as bronchitis, emphysema, etc.
  • Your list of medications

What Are The Four Stages Of COPD

  • First stage: Mild
  • Level 2: Moderate
  • Stage 3: Extreme
  • Stage 4 – Extreme

Following a diagnosis of COPD, you can expect an average lifespan. Estimate a death rate of 40–70% over the course of five years. It largely varies on the COPD stage. End-stage COPD symptoms can include:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • increased or regular generation of phlegm
  • Blood oxygen levels changing
  • Persistent coughSmoking And COPD

It is a fact that smoking is linked to heart disease. Lung damage from smoking. Chronic flare-ups could result from this.

Will COPD improve after stopping smoking? is a common question we get from customers. If you stop smoking right away, neither the disease nor the damage will be undone. Your symptoms, however, will be milder and more acceptable.

COPD And Life Insurance Rates

As we’ve already stated, smoking will result in higher premiums. Also, you will pay more if you have a COPD diagnosis.

Having said that, your independent agent will be able to shop you around to other carriers simultaneously.

Owner and representative of PinnacleQuote is Danny Ray.

He has connections with the top-rated A+ carriers’ underwriting teams and over 25 years of experience. He will be aware of the carriers who will provide you a good deal.

How Does Smoking Affect Diabetes

Smoking is a health hazard for everybody, but for persons with diabetes or a high risk of developing the illness, light up can contribute to major health issues.

Researchers have known for a long time that diabetics who smoke have higher blood sugar levels. Their disease is more difficult to control, increasing their risk of complications like blindness, nerve damage, renal failure, and heart issues.

Today, the most conclusive evidence for why comes from a recent study. Nicotine in cigarettes is to blame.

Hemoglobin A1c, which combines glucose and haemoglobin (which carries oxygen), is a common marker of the body’s blood sugar levels.

Smoking has always been known to worsen diabetes, according to doctors. According to studies, nicotine increased the haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels in human blood samples by up to 34%.

Let A PinnacleQuote Independent Agent Place You With The Best Policy

If you smoke or use tobacco, you have a wide range of options for the best and most affordable life insurance coverage. Although it takes a little time and work, it is really worth it. You could not have enough time, which is the problem.

An independent life insurance agent is what? We at PinnacleQuote will work with you to conduct this research and assist you in selecting the best coverage.

You won’t have to sift through the internet at random in search of the greatest option.

alternatively, what you consider to be the best choice.

We go beyond pricing comparisons. And PinnacleQuote is the fastest. Our procedure is quite effective.

We provide immediate life insurance estimates and use technology to quickly issue coverage. We operate the sector’s most effective life insurance process.

For more information, please contact us. regardless of your medical history, family history, or state of health. We can locate the finest coverage for the lowest cost for you!

You can get help from a certified independent Pinnaclequote agent. Call 1-855-380-3300 just to find out how to get the greatest life insurance rates possible for you. Check out our reviews as well.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test For Tobacco

Easy Response: At your paramedical examination, yes.

Before your application is approved, a nurse will draw your blood, perform a urine test, and occasionally take a mouth sample.

The results of each test will reveal nicotine consumption. It is best to be totally truthful. An increased premium is preferable than a complete decline.

How Long After Quitting Smoking Can You Get Life Insurance

What will happen if I stop smoking right now?

Contact PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Experts 12 months after quitting, is the straightforward response.

We’ll evaluate your existing policy again.

If you haven’t smoked for at least a year, your rate will go up!

CLICK HERE for additional details on stopping smoking.

or contact a professional by clicking HERE (hotline)


Life insurance firms are growing less willing to insure smokers as a result of the rising number of illnesses linked to smoking. It might be time to look into some other possibilities just in case the worst happens and you pass away too soon from a preventable sickness if you’ve been denied coverage because you smoke or have had to pay more premiums than someone who doesn’t smoke like you. If a smoker doesn’t meet the requirements of typical carriers, there are fortunately many more companies that do offer affordable life insurance for them. See how simple it is to find a policy today by using our quote box to the right.