The Truth About Final Expense Insurance for Diabetic Retinopathy


Eyes are impacted by diabetes. If not treated appropriately, it can cause blindness as well as minor issues like nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Consider a final expense insurance coverage that will pay for any therapy for your diabetes-related eye disorders if you have retinopathy, the most prevalent kind of diabetic eye illness.

Before deciding which choice would be best for you, you may need some time to consider your options and learn more about how this form of insurance operates, but in the interim, we hope this blog post has been helpful!

Burial Insurance For Diabetic Retinopathy

One of the key components that makes up our quality of life is vision.

Our sense of sight accounts for 80% of the information we take in from our environment.

Our gift of sight allows us to see the faces of our loved ones and helps us remember special occasions.

As you may already be aware, diabetic retinopathy is caused by chronically inadequate blood flow to the retina’s blood vessels, which are found at the back of your eye.

If diabetic retinopathy is not treated in its early stages, blurred vision and eventually blindness will result.

Finding an insurance provider for final expense insurance will be quite challenging if you have diabetic retinopathy because it is a pre-existing medical condition.

not to mention obtaining burial or final expenditure insurance at reasonable premium rates.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors With Diabetic Retinopathy

How can I get my parents’ burial insurance? For individuals with diabetes, locating affordable final expense insurance is not too difficult. We can help you in your quest for the most affordable burial insurance for your parents.

Insurance companies routinely reject applicants who have diabetes problems including diabetic retinopathy.

The majority of insurance companies have a negative attitude on survival because they think that acquiring diabetic complications is a solid evidence of poorly controlled diabetes.

The Truth Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period For Diabetic Retinopathy

Fortunately, diabetic retinopathy sufferers can now find reasonably priced final expenditure insurance coverage. All you have to do is locate knowledgeable Final Expense Insurance Specialists who have connections to top-rated A+ insurance providers who offer insurance plans built to cover the dangers of diabetic consequences like retinopathy and neuropathy.

As you continue reading this page, please keep in mind that has the knowledge and tools necessary to offer ANYONE with diabetic retinopathy (or any other diabetic issue) the greatest final expense insurance coverage available at a fair price.

How Final Expense Insurance Companies Will Evaluate Applicants With Diabetic Retinopathy

Let’s simplify this now. The quality of the insurance company offers you receive will directly depend on when you develop diabetic retinopathy.

You are more likely to develop diabetic retinopathy if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, especially if you depend on insulin. Always consult your doctor if your health situation changes.

24 Months Look Back Into Diabetic Retinopathy

Category 1: Diabetic Retinopathy OVER The Last 24 Months

Any insurance provider will accept your claim for last expense insurance if your diabetic retinopathy was diagnosed more than 24 months ago.

You can purchase policies with immediate insurance coverage from any insurance provider (no waiting time period)


If you’re on this category, please use the instant quote tool on the right to get instant quotes from top-rated A+ insurance companies with the lowest prices.


Category 2: Diabetic Retinopathy WITHIN The Last 24 Months

If you have had diabetic retinopathy within the last 24 months, your opportunities and offers will be limited. Here are some of the kinds of policy offers you might get.

No Offer—Most insurance companies will reject you as soon as they learn you have diabetes and have developed complications like diabetic retinopathy within the last 24 months. Some insurance companies would not want to do anything with diabetic applicants who have developed retinopathy or other diabetic complications.

“Many insurance providers don’t offer policies that cover high-risk diabetes conditions like retinopathy. They will either reject you or present you with policies that have a waiting period and the highest payment rates.”

  • A Policy Offer with Waiting Period – High-risk clients will be offered policies with a waiting time period, usually called “graded” period. A minimum of 2 years waiting time period is common from insurance companies.
  • Higher Payment Rates – This is pretty much straight forward, you will be charged higher payment rates. How much higher you’ll pay depends on the insurance company that you applied from.
  • Higher Costs WITH Waiting Time Period – High-risk applicants will be given this sort of coverage, which is typically referred to as a “Modified” type of policy. This merely implies that you have been identified as having a low likelihood of survival due to uncontrolled diabetes that caused a condition like retinopathy. If the client passes away after the waiting period of 24 months, the beneficiaries can receive the entire benefits coverage amount; this is also true if the client dies in an accident at any time. This policy will cost more (depending on the insurance provider).Important Hint: Depending on your circumstances, a guaranteed issue type of policy may be a better option than a modified type of policy. Therefore, to receive the finest policy, it will be wise to speak with a seasoned final expense insurance specialist.
  • Guaranteed Approval with No Questions Asked – This sort of coverage is referred to as “Guaranteed Issue,” meaning that no underwriting evaluations or questions are required. There are no health-related questions or assessments of current health.Your acceptance is assured so long as you have a legal guardian or are mentally capable of forming a contract. Thus, the name.

Expect The Following When You Avail A Guaranteed Issue Policy Type

Payment Rates will be from 40%-50% higher – Since a guaranteed issue insurance provider WILL NOT ask any health questions, they are substantially faced with practically incomprehensible risks which is why they simply charge a lot more.

2 years minimum of waiting period – Since the insurance company provider is taking all of the risks on guaranteed issue policy, they will additionally require a waiting period with usually 2 years minimum. If the client accidentally within 2 years from day 1 of approval, the client’s beneficiaries will receive the full face amount benefit.

How Can You Help You Find The Best Final Expense Insurance Possible

Now, keep in mind that can always locate you the greatest ultimate expenditure insurance policy, regardless of how light or severe your diabetic retinopathy is.

We have access to a few well regarded A+ insurance providers with plans built to cover the significant risks of diabetic retinopathy and associated problems, like amputation.

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Over 95% of our clients with diabetic problems have benefited from our assistance in negotiating the best terms with reputable A+ final expenditure insurance providers.

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What’s The Best Funeral Insurance For Diabetic Retinopathy

We just need a few minutes of your time to ask you some crucial questions about your health and the state of your diabetic retinopathy over the phone.

We will show your proposals and possibilities from the best top-rated A+ insurance companies, like Royal Neighbors of America, using your information and our in-depth understanding of every step of the underwriting process used by final expense insurance firms.

Funeral Insurance Quotes For Diabetic Retinopathy

Our experts in final expense insurance have more than 26 years of expertise and are authorised to practise in 49 states. We have you covered whether you’re seeking for information on diabetic retinopathy South Texas or Long Island.

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to learn more about diabetic retinopathy.



A sort of insurance called final expense insurance pays for your final costs of living. It’s intended to cover funeral, burial, or other end-of-life expenses, and it can also offer financial support to help settle any unpaid bills you may have accrued prior to passing away.

It may be time for some coverage from Final Expense Insurance if diabetes has rendered you unable to see without undergoing significant medical procedures. Call us at 855-380-3300 right away to talk about how this policy could help you and your loved ones in the case of a tragic accident or sickness.