The Best SBLI Burial Insurance Review For 2023 

You have found the proper place if you’re seeking for an in-depth review of SBLI Burial Insurance.

It’s crucial to take your death into account when planning for the future. Making enough money to cover your funeral and other costs is part of this.

In fact, if your loved ones are unprepared, the cost of a funeral and a burial could strain their finances.

A life insurance coverage called SBLI Burial Insurance helps with funeral and burial expenses.

You may learn more about SBLI Burial Insurance from this article. It will explain what it covers, how to apply, and whether it is the best option for you.

We will also go over the advantages of arranging your own funeral and burial.

What Is The History of SBLI

In order to offer cheap life insurance to Massachusetts consumers, the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI) was established in 1907.

As a result of SBLI’s growth and expansion throughout the past 114 years, it now provides a variety of insurance products to people and families all around the country.

You can put your trust in SBLI. They have been around for a while and have an excellent grasp of finances. They can easily and affordably obtain insurance.

Independent rating organisations have routinely given it high ratings, including an A+ (Superior) grade from A.M. Best.

Term life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, and burial insurance are just a few of the speciality products that SBLI provides in addition to its standard life insurance products.

By providing them with the coverage they require, SBLI strives to assist its clients. Their loved ones will benefit, and their financial future will become more stable.

The Best SBLI Burial Insurance Review For 2023

How Is SBLI Burial Insurance Product Living Legacy

A life insurance policy called Living Legacy from SBLI is created particularly to pay for your funeral and burial expenses.

It is provided by the financially sound and well-regarded Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI).

The coverage is intended to be straightforward and affordable, with some of the lowest premiums in the market. Age restrictions range from 50 to 85, and there is no need for a medical test to be eligible.

Burial Insurance Product from SBLI The costs of your funeral and burial will be covered by Living Legacy. Funeral services, a coffin or other burial container, a grave or mausoleum space, and a headstone or other memorial are all included.

Additionally, it offers a monetary reward that can be applied to any unpaid bills or debts you may have. even leaving your family a legacy.


Making your own funeral and burial preparations is one of the key advantages of SBLI Burial Insurance Product Living Legacy.

This indicates that you are free to select the type of funeral and burial you desire. Additionally, you may guarantee that your requests are fulfilled.


What Are The PROS And CONS Of SBLI Burial Insurance

SBLI Burial Insurance Advantages

  • Low-cost premiums: The premiums for SBLI Burial Insurance are quite reasonable and among the lowest in the sector. This makes it an affordable choice for people who wish to make sure that their funeral and burial costs are covered.
  • No medical exam necessary: Because SBLI Burial Insurance doesn’t require one to be taken, people of all ages and health conditions are eligible.
  • Flexible payment choices are available from SBLI, including the choice to pay premiums on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. This makes budgeting for your insurance payments simple.
  • Enables you to arrange for your burial and funeral: You will be able to make funeral and burial arrangements thanks to SBLI Burial Insurance, which is one of its key advantages. You can choose the style of funeral and burial you want and make sure that your choices are carried out, which can provide you and your loved ones peace of mind.

The drawbacks of SBLI Burial Insurance

  • Limited protection: SBLI Burial Insurance is a life insurance plan created especially to pay for your funeral and burial expenses. It may not be enough to safeguard your loved ones financially in the case of your untimely death because it does not offer the same amount of coverage as a typical life insurance policy.
  • It might not be an option for everyone since SBLI Burial Insurance is currently only offered in a few places in the US.

Overall, SBLI Burial Insurance is a straightforward and cost-effective choice for anyone who want to be sure that their funeral and burial costs are covered.

People who don’t have life insurance or don’t have enough coverage to pay these costs can benefit from it.

However, it is crucial to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this policy to decide if it is the best option for your requirements.

SBLI Complaint Index

The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI) Complaint Index tracks the volume of grievances brought up against the company with state insurance regulatory bodies.

The overall complaint index for SBLI is 0.20, while the industry standard is 1.0. One-fifth as many complaints are made against SBLI as against its rivals. Therefore, compared to its competitors, SBLI offers higher-quality services.

You should steer clear of certain funeral insurance providers because their complaint index is really high. For instance, AARP, Physicians Mutual, and Colonial Penn’s $10 plan.

The index, which is used to analyse the performance of various insurance firms, is created by dividing the number of complaints by the company’s market share.

It is significant to remember that while assessing an insurance business, the SBLI Complaint Index is just one aspect to take into account.

A high volume of complaints does not always indicate that a business is unreliable or offers subpar service.

The size of the business, the kinds of items it offers, and the general level of client satisfaction are just a few of the factors that might contribute to a firm receiving a lot of complaints.

Let’s say you’re thinking about getting a policy from SBLI.

It is usually a good idea to thoroughly research and examine a company’s financial standing, customer satisfaction scores, and complaint history.

You can get in touch with us too. For more information and guidance in making a decision, contact our burial insurance specialists.

The Best SBLI Burial Insurance Review For 2023

SBLI Third Party Ratings

These organisations assess the performance and financial health of insurance firms and give them ratings in accordance with their findings.

Insurance firms are rated by a number of independent rating agencies, including A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s.

The financial strength, capitalisation, and operational effectiveness of the company are only a few of the variables that these agencies consider when determining their ratings.

It is significant to remember that while assessing an insurance firm, third-party ratings are just one aspect.

Before you purchase a policy from a company, you should review their financial statistics and customer satisfaction levels.

This will enable you to determine whether the business is succeeding and whether its clients are content.

By 2021, independent rating organisations had given SBLI high marks.

  • It is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, Baa1 by Moody’s, and A- by Standard & Poor’s.
  • These scores show that SBLI is a trustworthy and financially sound insurer.
  • What Additional SBLI Life Insurance Products Are Offered

What Other SBLI Life Insurance Policies Are Available

  • Term life insurance: SBLI provides term life insurance plans with 10 to 30 year coverage terms. These contracts offer money-saving coverage for a predetermined time. They are an excellent option for people who require insurance for a particular necessity, such as paying off a mortgage or covering a child’s schooling.
  • Mortgage protection insurance: If you pass away suddenly, the mortgage protection insurance policy from SBLI pays out your loan, relieving your loved ones of the financial strain of paying off your house.
  • Whole life insurance: SBLI provides whole life insurance plans that insure you for the duration of your life and accrue cash value. People who want to provide their loved ones with long-term financial security and the ability to preserve for the future should consider these plans.
  • Accidental death insurance: If you pass away unexpectedly as a result of an accident, SBLI’s accidental death insurance policy will protect your finances.

Along with these insurance options, SBLI also provides long-term care, disability, and pet insurance.

By visiting their website or getting in touch with us at, you can find out more about SBLI life insurance policies.

SBLI Policy Riders

You can add extras, or riders, to your insurance policy. You receive additional benefits or protection from them.

Usually available for an additional cost, riders can be tailored to the needs of the policyholder.

For its life insurance plans, SBLI provides a variety of riders, such as:

  • Accidental death benefit rider: This rider extends the coverage offered by your basic policy in the event of your unintentional death.
  • Rider for premium waiver: If you become disabled and are unable to work, this rider will waive the premiums for your insurance.
  • Long-term care rider:Expenses for long-term care, such as in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care, are covered by the long-term care rider.
  • Children’s insurance rider: With this rider, you can add your kids to your policy at a reduced cost and they will be covered.
  • Spouse rider: With this rider, you can cover both of you by adding your spouse to your insurance.
  • Rider for terminal illness: This rider offers an accelerated death benefit in the event that you are given a terminal diagnosis and enables you to use the proceeds of your policy to cover medical costs or other costs.

The fact that riders are optional and might not be offered for all plans or in all states should not be overlooked. Let’s say you want to upgrade your SBLI insurance with a rider.

To be certain, consult Lisa and Danny. They can aid in determining whether you require a rider or not.

Ways To Contact Customer Service

Call Lisa and Danny at 855-380-3300 ext. 5 if your SBLI burial insurance coverage was acquired via

There are numerous methods you can use to contact SBLI customer care if you need to:

  • Phone: The customer care number for SBLI is 1-800-694-7254. From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, the customer care line is open.
  • Email:Customer care for SBLI can be reached by email at
  • Online chat: Through its website, SBLI provides online chat help. By visiting the SBLI website and selecting the “Chat with us” option, you can use the chat feature.
  • Postal Service: The SBLI customer service address is as follows:

Massachusetts Savings Bank Life Insurance Company 44 Batterymarch Street Quincy 02169

It is significant to remember that the COVID-19 epidemic may limit the availability of SBLI customer assistance.

Try sending an email or a letter to customer support if you can’t reach them by phone or online chat.

Contact the customer service department of SBLI for assistance if you have a query about your insurance.

The personnel you speak with will inform you and assist you in resolving any issues.


For elders, SBLI Burial Insurance is a good choice. In other words, their funeral and burial costs will be covered.

This is a life insurance plan that includes burial expenses. For elders, SBLI Burial Insurance is a good choice. In other words, their funeral and burial costs will be covered.

Additionally, it offers a monetary reward that can be applied to any unpaid bills or debts you may have.

Seniors who qualify for SBLI Burial Insurance do not need to undergo a medical exam.

Anyone can purchase this insurance, regardless of their age or medical condition. Seniors who purchase SBLI Burial Insurance can do so without having to get a physical.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that SBLI Burial Insurance is a restricted coverage plan created especially to pay for your funeral and burial expenditures.

Your loved ones will still be taken care of even after you pass away.

A conventional policy is an option if you want greater life insurance. Additionally, SBLI offers burial insurance.

As a Senior Consumer, Is SBLI Burial Insurance Right For Me?

For elders, this kind of insurance might be a wise option. It will aid in covering funeral and burial costs. It is easy and reasonably priced.

Consider your needs and financial condition before choosing if this policy is appropriate for you.

You might want to enlist Lisa and Danny’s assistance. They are well-versed in burial insurance. You’ll be able to decide in a way that makes you happy.