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Top Reasons to Join Our Team

  • One of the fastest growing teams in the country with the blueprints to duplicate our success!
  • #1 Agency & Representing the Top Final Expense & Mortgage Protection Insurance Companies the Nation.
  • Recession Proof
  • Timing & Market- The senior population is the largest growing segment in the country. A baby boomer retires every 8 seconds and will continue to do so for the next 19 years.
  • Our Carriers issue 98% of their written business.
  • Our Carriers pay daily and weekly commissions. The day they receive the business, they deposit the money into your account once the policy is issued!
  • Leads, Leads, and More Local, Exclusive, Fresh, Generated Leads waiting for you!
  • No limit on income or growth.
  • Residual Income.
  • Exotic company incentive trips for contest winners.
  • Own your time, schedule and freedom.

Kendrick V.

Hello, my name is Kendrick V., and after years of searching for the perfect storm I am now apart of Diabetic Insurance Solutions. I so appreciate that they’ve taken the the time to help me when unemployment is so high, people are disgusted with their jobs, and uncertainty is always near, to cater to individuals who are highly driven like myself, to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

I’m so excited about the income opportunity that was given me to make an additional $1,500 a week, on top of my current salary. I’ve always had a dream to never worry about money again. Since partnering with this Agency, the dream is now becoming a reality! I’m elated that I’m going through the licensing process, as it is very easy. For this opportunity, my main focus is to help people in need. My mission, aligns perfectly with Diabetic Insurance Solutions, which is to turn a family’s life around to where they never have to worry, financially or economically. Thank you Diabetic Insurance Solutions for giving me this opportunity!

Michelle S.

Four years of college and afterwards attaining a Masters Degree, I’ve always wondered if there was something more out there for me. Working in corporate America has its ups and downs, but the idea of owning my time and freedom lead me to this Agency.

Diabetic Insurance Solutions helped me expand my mindset more than I ever expected. I’m excited about the endless income opportunities. Most importantly, I am jacked to help diabetics and people with pre-existing health conditions, in this perfect niche market. People are looking and wanting another chance, and this is my way to give more people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the vision of earning residual, override income to change their lives forever! WILL YOU JOIN US?! SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW…

Janna J.

I love working with Diabetic Insurance Solutions because I get an opportunity to assist countless families and get paid great money simultaneously. But in order to obtain this money, you have to invest in yourself and buy a sufficient amount of leads.

The number 1 rule is LEADS, LEADS, LEADS! The more leads you buy, the more money you make. As a result of the simultaneous success while helping others is the ultimate reason as to why you should join our team and transform your life. I made $6,000 in commissions my 1st 2 weeks with ZERO experience because of our phenomenal training system.

J. Wilson

I enjoy working with Diabetic Solutions because it allows me to help a group of people that would otherwise be forgotten and would not have access to get life insurance. My philosophy is that if I can help enough people get what they want I will eventually get what I want. I love the way the lead system is set up where you are not looking for people to serve, but going out and assisting the people who request your service.

Working with Diabetic Solutions allows me the opportunity to work on a part-time basis and still make a full-time income. If you enjoy working with people and the ability to make life changing money I would recommend you not only take a look at the opportunity, but take action and apply.

Maxine N.

Working for Diabetic Insurance Solutions gives me interesting challenges, flexibility and individual commitment to do the things that I like to do. Namely, helping people with important services and products in their time of need.

The lead structure and high compensation gives me great rewards for doing a good day’s work. People need quality life insurance coverage, as well as, simplified underwriting. In this fast paced industry, Diabetic Insurance Solutions offers that and so much more.

Ken A.

Before I joined Diabetic Insurance Solutions I fought tooth and nail trying to find people who wanted my services. D.I.S. changed my life. I received premier training and a lead generation system which assures I always have people to talk to who WANT MY HELP.

At the end of the day I now enjoy what I do, I help a lot of people and I make an extraordinary income doing so. Diabetic Insurance Solutions is not just a company it’s a movement to provide Financial education, protection and freedom. Come join the movement.

Mark T.

Knowing that 6 out of 10 Americans have no life insurance coverage outside of their job, it is indeed a breath of fresh air to be able to offer ALL people, regardless of health conditions or issues some form coverage.

Prior to joining Diabetic Insurance Solutions, I couldn’t make this statement with confidence! Thus, I am very excited and passionate about conquering the quest of lowering the stat of Americans without any insurance coverage.

Kennice S.

If you’re looking for a professional, vibrant and energetic company, Diabetic Insurance Solutions is the place! Because it is a professional energetic company, our main objective is to help Americans of all ages and backgrounds life insurance coverage, but most importantly, provide average people a REAL opportunity with fresh leads to make $3,000 a week part time.

Diabetic Insurance Solutions is a great company because you can work a full time or part time schedule depending on how much money you are willing to earn per week, and I love this seeing that I’m a mom and nurse; this stood out to me because large earning potential.

Each and every individual is offered the highest compensation when starting with the company working your way up to 140% of compensation. This is a great company to work for if you are ready to make good earnings each week to add on to your daily income. I love the training, extra income and team.

Joel N.

I chose Diabetic Insurance Solutions because they have a strong emphasis on growing your own brokerage. The encouragement and the support given by the team members is one of the main reasons other than making money why I love to work with DIS.

Their incentive program challenges you while making you realize the money you were missing out on. If you want to make a six figure income, and stop depending on others, you need to come work for Diabetic Insurance Solutions.

Hasani B.

I’m Excited to start as a Diabetic Insurance Solutions Agent. I believe that this is the future for me, also it will put many in a position to be financially stable for years to come for themselves and their family.

Daaryn’ah W.

Hi, my name is Daaryn’ah from Ohio and I am so excited to start my journey as an agent! When I look for ways to provide income for myself, I look for opportunities that allow me to make the best use of my communicative skills. Diabetic Insurance Solutions has provided a place for me to use my verbal, listening and rapport-building skills along with teaching/training me on skills that will help further my success as an agent.

In 2018 and beyond I’m looking forward to waking up excited to start my day as an agent at Diabetic Insurance Solutions. I also see myself double or possibly tripling my income from the previous year

Kenneth H.

I really enjoy working at Diabetic Insurance Solutions because it allows me to help a group of people that have traditionally been under served. I have been a dialysis patient for over 10 years, and finding life insurance had been a challenge to say the least. Diabetic Insurance solutions allows people like me to obtain insurance when we otherwise could not.

We only talk to people that express interest in what we have to offer. If you work and follow our proven leads system, you will not fail. We offer the highest commission plans in the industry. If you have the desire to earn a way above average part-time income, join our team today

Tomika T.

I am so excited to work for Diabetic Insurance Solutions. This company offers a vast amount of solutions for those who are challenged with obtaining Life and Health Insurance. Being a person who has a passion for helping people this company is a perfect fit for me. I am looking forward to being able to extend myself and my services to not only my community but to actually be able to provide and attend to someone’s actual need.

With these vast array of products I can help them to rest easy at night knowing their family will have one less financial worry is huge! With a company like Diabetic Insurance solutions I know that I can not only provide a service but actually meet all of my customers needs. Thank you so much for the opportunity to to work with such a fantastic company.

Jimmie T.

My reason for working at diabetic insurance solutions is working with markets who seem to care about helping people that can’t get coverage in “traditional” marketplace.

I also love the training I’ve received and the compensation is also unlike any company I’ve worked for. The room for financial growth is very high and anyone who comes to work for this company will not be disappointed

Marilyn B.

Working for Diabetic Insurance Solutions enables me to help people get insurance that have illnesses and cannot otherwise get insurance anywhere else, which is heartbreaking.

After helping get someone qualified, my clients have huge smiles on their faces knowing that they won’t leave their families with the burden of funeral expenses which in turn makes me feel like winner! My first 3 Sales I made a total of $1,785 working part-time!!! Don’t miss this amazing chance to change the lives of others!

Lepolen B.

Because of Diabetic Insurance Solutions, my life is changing. I currently have a good job with great pay, but it takes up all of my time, and I still live check to check. I now have a plan to change that with Diabetic Insurance Solutions.

With the highest pay structure, and fantastic lead sources, I finally found the path to Financial Freedom and getting my life back! No more Rat Race! Join our team! It will be the best decision you will ever make! GOD Bless You All!

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