Step By Step Guide On What To Do When Someone Dies


Grieving is already a challenging process for spouses, siblings, or kids of a deceased loved one. It can be difficult to have to manage their affairs while also having to pay off any debts they left behind and settle their estate.

This article will give you some useful advice on what to do in the event of a death, which could help you through this difficult time.

How To Prepare Before the Funeral

Obtaining a proper death certificate for a loved one is the first thing that must be done following their passing. Their doctor will carry out this work on their behalf if they passed away while receiving care at a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility.

But, there are some things you can do on your own if it happened at home without hospice care present, such making sure you have any DNR orders available and any cremation documents prepared because someone might show up sooner than you expect!

You can decide. You can either obtain some help from friends and family by informing them of what happened in advance so they will be there for support when the time comes, or you can leave everything to chance and pray that everything goes well.

Having someone nearby who understands how terrible this scenario is to experience alone may not seem like much, but it actually makes all of those early calls worthwhile!

Friends and relatives are there to support you during the grieving process when a loved one goes away. Sometimes this include caring for whatever pets they may have previously owned (watering plants or feeding them).

Nevertheless, it can also entail cleaning up closets full of items of clothing that will never fit again. Just because someone is ready doesn’t mean you should continue dressing in your old prom dress every day!

What Professional Support is Available to Someone Who is Grieving

It can be challenging to go through the dying process with a loved one. If they passed away, it would be even harder because there are so many issues that need to be resolved but may not have even crossed anyone’s minds.

If at all possible, get assistance before any type of funeral occurs by getting in touch with experts like doctors or lawyers. In reality, these individuals knew your family member well enough to already be aware of the appropriate steps to take when it comes time to make arrangements following their loss.

Otherwise, we run the danger of making mistakes during this tough time that can lead to more misery in the future.

Contact The Life Insurance Agent

The impartial insurance representative The agent who assisted them in acquiring a whole or term life insurance policy will endeavour to secure funds for the funeral for you or the dead person’s spouse.

Reach Out To The Financial Advisor

Their financial advisor will take action after their passing to free up the money you require to pay all of your final expenses and estate taxes.

Contact Their Certified Public Accountant CPA

The CPA will take good care of you. They can aid you in gathering all of your loved one’s tax records, and they are available to help when it comes time to filing final taxes.

Contact The Attorney

You will get official documents, such as a letter of testamentary, during the funeral preparation process from the person who created your will, trust, and other end-of-life paperwork.

In the event that any issues develop during the estate settlement process, if they are not an executor or trustee for this document, it is possible that one may be located by contacting people in accordance with their instructions.

Contact Your Local Probate Court (If Applicable)

Having a will can make things easier for family members who are left behind in the event of an unexpected death, even if you’re not the spouse or next of kin. To begin the process of settling their estate, get in touch with your nearby probate court!

What Documents Are Needed When You Die

You’ll need to make copies of several documents and send them out in order to complete final arrangements.

The experts who were contacted after your loved one passed away can give the spouse or next-of-kin several records that are required, such as:

Your most valuable belongings are in the hands of persons who might not be able or willing to protect them after you pass away. By drafting a will before it’s too late, you may ensure that those memories endure forever!

Important papers including birth certificates, marriage and divorce licences, and possibly even military discharge papers can be kept in a safe deposit box.

But if these varieties aren’t offered, you should first speak with banks because they occasionally have unique arrangements that allow beneficiaries to acquire property after a death without going through the probate court process (which could take years).

Death Certificate

Having several copies of your death certificate on hand at all times is a smart practise.

Keep one on you at all times, and spread the other two out somewhere secure where they will remain dry, cool, or both until you need them again. You never know when it will come in handy!

Probate or Will

A person can make legal plans for the future of their loved ones through a will.

Ask other family members and friends who may have seen it or overheard mention of such an essential event in passing if you are unsure whether one exists. Most importantly, lawyers are adept at discovering these things!

Life Insurance Policies

After a loved one passes away, it’s critical to get in touch with the life insurance company as quickly as you can.

Make sure these paperwork are prepared before contacting an agency or provider because they will require them in order for you to receive payment under their policy!

Military Service Documents (If a Veteran)

For the surviving spouse to be eligible to receive any benefits, a record of service is also required. Veterans may be qualified for complimentary military funeral honours, such as an honour guard, flag folding, and “Taps” playing at their cemetery, depending on the circumstances

Read this article, “Planning A Veteran Funeral?” to learn more about these possibilities or how you can arrange for your loved one’s funeral while also taking care of yourself.

How Do You Make Sure Your Funeral Wishes Are Followed

If a funeral and burial or cremation arrangements have been made in advance, they are frequently honoured.

If your loved one experienced this, it’s crucial that you get in touch with everyone involved to ensure that everything goes according to plan for them.

Respect the dying desires of your loved ones! Respect their wishes for the hereafter, like as spreading ashes or donating organs.

If you’re unsure of what they would desire, it can be worthwhile to consult nearby relatives or acquaintances. A lawyer is also available if necessary.

How Do You Plan a Budget For a Funeral

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, so make sure your loved one understands this from the beginning so they don’t worry about it when they are grieving.

Funerals are a painful and expensive occasion. Funeral services typically cost $9000, but some can cost well into the tens of thousands, with caskets going for as much as $5,000 or more!

These fees do not include flowers or other floral things (which may be gratis), obituary notices ($40-$150 typically), necessary transportation costs, grave monuments or footprints, etc. It’s vital to plan ahead so you are aware of what will happen beforehand.

What should you do if your loved one cares deeply about the cost of a funeral and doesn’t want any snags in their final arrangements?

Get a second opinion. By purchasing from independent distributors, you could be able to save hundreds or even thousands. But, bear in mind that there are drawbacks as well.

Make sure before proceeding with anything that sounds too good (or bad)to be true because certain facilities may not have what’s best for everyone on hand.

Choosing The Best Funeral Home

When it comes to making last preparations for a loved one who has passed away, a funeral director is your finest resource. Pre-arrangements or waiting periods that give you time in between speaking with various professionals are just a couple of the alternatives available to you (and arranging any specific details).

Before visiting their office at this time, phone them to find out what day and time of availability works best for you as there may already be someone else scheduled during those periods.

Finding the ideal funeral home is now simpler thanks to the internet, but do your homework before choosing one.

Take your time when making this crucial choice because there are many options available and prices will vary depending on the services each location provides.

What Is The First Step In Planning A Funeral

Above all, if you are unsure of your loved one’s ultimate desires, choosing to make funeral arrangements can be challenging for you. Some of these significant choices include:

  • Will I bury them or cremate them?
  • While watching or visiting,
  • how frequently should they take place, and where should the family gather during those times (viewing room)?
  • Which kind of service would you choose
  • Lunch will be served on-site in a tent close to the gravesite after the open casket burial with military honours.
  • Offsite ceremony held
  • delivered a eulogy
  • preference for cremation

You might believe that your options for selecting a wedding are restricted, but because to the many ways in which weddings can be personalised, this is not the case.

You will plan for flowers, background music for the ride, and frequently after as well. Making all of these decisions with the assistance of an experienced friend or family is also much simpler!

The Obituary Needs To Be Written

A spoken eulogy is similar to an obituary. It gives a simple account of a person’s life and can be written by family members or close friends. These people frequently distribute it at funerals so that others might benefit from the lessons they experienced in life, even if they are difficult ones.

the positive news Since you’ve been busy and don’t have anything scheduled for today, you have plenty of time to draught this crucial document before the funeral, when everyone will need copies made available once the ceremonies are over.

What Happens After The Funeral Is Over

What to do following the funeral for your loved one may be on your mind. The settlement of their estate and closing of any credit cards or bank accounts they had prior to passing should be done first.

Given how difficult it is to deal with big estates worth more than $50,000, it may even be beneficial to consult with an attorney during this process.

Put a stop to all deliveries, including newspaper, home-meal, and nurse visits. In order to prevent mail from being delivered while you are away, go to the post office to halt or forward mail with a neighbor’s address (you can also ask them if they would make an exception).

Receive the federal government’s unique lump-sum death benefit as soon as you can when someone passes away because it can be difficult to determine who the deceased person’s eligible heirs are.

But, in some cases, getting these monies will require additional time for paperwork, so surviving spouses should apply first.

After submitting your application, you should cancel your spouse’s email account because most social media sites allow users to request account deletion.

One individual cannot handle the logistics of managing the estate and organising a funeral. Because of this, families frequently experience financial hardship after the passing of a loved one, especially if they have never experienced this kind of circumstance before.

The price of funerals has also been rising over time; without the right advice or planning from professionals in these areas, there is a chance that family members will spend more money than necessary out of emotion – hundreds of thousands of dollars can easily pile up quickly!


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When someone is there to assist you, it can relieve a lot of your burden. You may be sure that your loved ones will always be remembered since nothing less than having their friends and relatives carry them in their hearts for all time would be acceptable to them.