Single-Premium Whole Life [2022 Guide]


Single-Premium Whole Life insurance is an investment that pays out a single sum of money upon death, with rates typically being higher than term life insurance. But, what about the other time?

What if you need to use your Single-Premium Whole Life policy for one reason or another before you die?

The good news is that many policies have options for withdrawing some of the funds while you are still alive. There are also ways to trade in your Single-Premium Whole Life policy for a less expensive option like Universal Life Insurance.

This blog post discusses how Single-Premium Whole Lifers can make their policy work better for them!

What Is Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

When a customer buys a whole life policy and pays a single lump sum premium, the policy is referred to as a single premium whole life policy or single premium life insurance. Consumers that act in this manner typically have a large amount of cash on hand.

Moreover, a single pay whole life insurance policy is referred to as a Modified Endowment Contract, or MEC. These pf policy varieties have unique tax characteristics.

An SPWL is a cash value life insurance policy that, in contrast to term life insurance, begins to accrue cash value right away.

How Does A Single Premium Whole Life Policy Work

You are not the only one who is curious about how this kind of policy operates. In reality, I frequently talk to customers about this, and the client may find it puzzling. For instance, you hear about the implications of taxes and all these acronyms.

These sorts of plans also include a lump sum payment with a guaranteed death benefit up until your passing. The cash value deposit, on the other hand, is instantly available for loan withdrawal but is subject to MEC tax.

Benefits Of Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

The advantages of purchasing an SPWL policy are excellent. You have insurance against inflation, for instance. In addition, there are additional tax benefits that are tax-deferred if you make no withdrawals.

Also, since you paid the premium in one lump sum, you won’t need to make any more payments. The benefits of SPWL are listed below.

  • One-time Payment
  • Insurance for long-term care
  • terminal disease
  • Investment with Cash Value

The life insurance contract is legally binding between the insured and the insurance company once the premium has been paid.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance With Long Term Care

Let’s face it, as we age, our medical expenses will increase. Buying an SPWL policy can make sense if you’re just about to become eligible for Medicaid coverage.

If long-term care costs increase, life insurance companies that provide long-term care benefits through cash value life insurance, such as a whole life policy, will give you options. An SPWL will actually reduce the cost of long-term care because the cash value increases more quickly due to the lump sum payment.

Above all, nursing home care might be as much as $250 a day. So, having a paid-up, tax-deferred whole life insurance policy will assist defray those expenses.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Pros Cons

Let’s keep it easy. If you’ve read this far, you probably already know why you would purchase this policy. So let’s review.


  • Tax-deferred
  • Cash Price growth starting today
  • Money available at the start
  • advantages for accelerated death


  • MEC for a Modified Endowment Contract
  • big initial premium payment income taxes resulting from policy loans

Is A Single Premium Whole Life Policy A Mec

It is, indeed. Any whole life policy with a single premium qualifies as a modified endowment contract and will be taxed accordingly. An SPWL policy is regarded as permanent life insurance that builds cash value more quickly than a lifetime pay whole life policy.

This qualifies as such since it exceeds the IRS thresholds according to the seven-pay test.

What Is The 7 Pay Test

The 7pay test establishes the maximum amount of time and money that can be invested in a life insurance policy for the first seven years. In actuality, the Technological and Miscellaneous Revenue Act, or TAMRA, was passed by Congress in 1988.

Life insurance policies were quite appealing before TAMRA became legislation. Until 1988, a large portion of this money could be withdrawn tax-free and it grew tax-deferred.

A 10% tax will be applied to all withdrawals made before the age of 59 1/2 overall.

The death benefit is never subject to taxes!

Single Premium Whole Life Carriers

Above all, who you buy a single premium entire life from is just as crucial as where you buy it. You must work with an agent who is knowledgeable about these policies.

In actuality, the majority of insurance companies will offer various payouts and interest rates. To achieve your unique objectives, you must be with the best carrier possible.

The top 5 carriers we utilise for SPWL are shown below:

  • American National ANICO Foresters Financial
  • Assurity Life
  • Protective Life
  • Lincoln Financial Group

Single Premium Whole Life Carriers

It will mostly come down to the illustration when you are looking for the best single premium whole life insurance. You will learn about the dividend, interest, riders, living benefits, and long-term care, for instance, from the image. Perhaps most crucially, the growth in monetary value

This is a video of me creating an image for a 50-year-old healthy male with a single income of $100,000. Until retirement, cash value will be examined annually.


We hope that this information has made it easier for those of you who are still debating to make a decision. Otherwise, don’t worry! We will soon release a number of other blog pieces to address various life insurance queries and worries. In the interim, click this link to get started right away if you’re seeking for a quotation on single-premium whole life insurance or any other kind of coverage from one of our agents.