Simple Guide For Final Expense Insurance With Type 1 Diabetes


You are aware of the death benefit as the first aspect of life insurance, correct? Wrong. The cash value is a whole life insurance policy’s most important feature.

One additional crucial factor needs to be considered if you’re in good health, and that is Type 1 Diabetes. Continue reading to learn how, if you have this disease, your coverage might improve.

Can I Get Life Insurance With Type 1 Diabetes

Can Type 1 Diabetics Get Life Insurance

“How is life insurance impacted by Type 1 diabetes? This is a really good query! It depends on a number of variables, such as when you had your diabetes diagnosed. Given that we do have carriers who specialise in this, you can definitely acquire level day one coverage if you have Type 1 diabetes. Additionally, it will rely on your overall profile, including your present age, any prescription prescriptions, and whether you have any diabetes-related issues.”

The Positive News We are experts in senior citizens with diabetes burial insurance!

Do not let worries for your loved ones consume your thoughts as the days pass. Regardless of any pre-existing conditions, getting final expense insurance will provide you piece of mind, which is invaluable.

To get the best type 1 diabetes insurance plans, you need independent final expense insurance specialists with a lot of knowledge.

They actually require access to top-tier A+ final expenditure insurance providers. These businesses are required to provide inexpensive plans with free additional benefit features.

Whole Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetes

These are same-day instant approval whole life policies that remain level for the rest of your life.

We here at take pride in our insurance specialists. The founder has over 26 years of experience helping thousands of diabetic applicants get the best affordable final expense insurance policy possible.

Our specialists have access to dozens of top-rated A+ companies that provide excellent burial or final expense insurance policies at prices that no other insurance company can match.

“We only need a few minutes of your time to gather your information; the rest, we’ll handle, and you can relax. We guarantee that you will have the most affordable final expense insurance available.”


Getting The Best Final Expense Insurance For Type 1 Diabetes Applicants

So you might be asking yourself what makes a burial or final expense insurance policy the best?

In this day and age, the exact answer is…

The one with the lowest rates, immediate protection from day one, and cutting-edge extra benefits features

This type of policy is called a “simplified” or “level”

So, how can you get final expense insurance with the lowest rates, immediate protection, and innovative additional benefits features?

You want to apply for burial or final expense insurance that is easier to get approved for.

The process involves answering a series of questions about your health, lifestyle, and other illnesses that may have been the result of your type 1 diabetes.

These standard questions are simple but they affect the quality of your final expense insurance offers

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Lifestyle

What Is The Best Final Expense Insurance For Type 1 Diabetics

Another Set Of Questions Will Specifically Ask You Details About Having Type 1 Diabetes

It’s important to answer these questions if you want to secure the best life insurance for diabetics type 1.

  • What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?
  • How many units of insulin are you taking a day?
  • What prescriptions are you taking?
  • Have you have gone into insulin shock?
  • Have you ever been in a diabetic coma?
  • Did you have an amputation due to diabetes?
  • How many units of insulin are you taking per day?
  • Do you have retinopathy (eye issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have nephropathy (kidney issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have neuropathy (nerve/circulatory issues due to diabetes)?

You must carefully answer and bear in mind how the questions are worded because every insurance company has a different set of questions and terminology.

Here, the assistance of a knowledgeable final expense insurance agent who has assisted thousands of diabetic patients is essential.

You will receive advice from an experienced final expense insurance advisor on how to answer the questions strategically and honestly.

How you respond to the underwriting questions will be the most important aspect in receiving the finest funeral insurance coverage possible. The insurance company must take note of this.

The decision you make about your funeral policy will suffer if you answer too many questions. Understatements could also be seen as a lie at the same time. Or referred to as false statements.

It is well known that you will only receive a decline if it is determined that you provided fraudulent information to an insurance company.

Affordable Burial Insurance For Diabetics

What Complications Of Type 1 Diabetes Can Make It Harder To Secure Burial Insurance

These are some serious complications of having Type 1 Diabetes:

  • Diabetic Coma Insulin Shock
  • Retinopathy (Eye issues due to diabetes) Amputation due to diabetic complications Taking more than 50 units of insulin a day Nephropathy (Kidney issues due to diabetes)
  • Neuropathy (Nerve/Circulatory Issues due to diabetes)

The most frequently mentioned Type 1 diabetes complications by other insurance providers are these severe ones. The majority of burial insurance providers will charge you more.

Remember that uncontrolled diabetes increases your risk of having a stroke.

occasionally with waiting times. Others will simply refuse or decline your underwriting application for a streamlined or level kind of insurance if you have any of these issues.

Always keep in mind that can provide you with the best final expenditure insurance plan available.

Furthermore, irrespective of how light or severe your Type 1 diabetes may be.

Best Life Insurance For Diabetes

Other insurance providers accept these significant problems. Above all, you require a qualified Final Expense Insurance Specialist who has connections to a number of top-tier A+ insurance providers.

Additionally, an agent who will provide creative extra benefits features on high-quality, reasonably priced insurance policies

It can be challenging to have type 1 diabetes and a level or simplified final expense insurance policy.

Working with us, however, is like having the best final expense insurance coverage with the most affordable premiums and immediate protection, just like anyone in excellent health. This qualifies as a health impairment, in our opinion.


Have You been Denied Burial Insurance Because Of Type 1 Diabetes

But what if your application for a level or streamlined policy is rejected?

We can provide you with the next best policy offers from top-rated A+ companies if you have a severe case of Kind 1 Diabetes and were unable to qualify for a streamlined or level type of policy that has the lowest payment rates and quick coverage.

These are still excellent deals with reasonable prices and unique extra bonuses. The most crucial aspect is same-day coverage.

Modified Final Expense Insurance Policy

This will be made available to applicants who pose some significant risks in exchange for somewhat higher rates and a waiting period.

If you pass away during the waiting period, you might be eligible for partial benefits release, and if you pass away accidentally at any time, you might be eligible for full benefits release.

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance Policy

This policy can be obtained with same-day approval in less than 30 minutes. This often has the longest waiting period—at least two years—and the highest rate.

Additionally, if you pass away during the waiting period, you might be eligible for a partial benefits release, and if you die accidentally at any time, you might be eligible for a complete benefits release.

Let’s get right to the point: receiving a modified or guaranteed issue insurance coverage just indicates that you might have some additional health issues or ailments.

Life Insurance Diabetes Questionnaire

Before presenting any policies, which may be very complicated, all insurance providers will be comprehensive and look at your full health profile. This is why you require Final Expense Insurance Specialists who are familiar with every top-rated A+ insurance provider and have access to them.

As long as they are from top-rated A+ insurance firms, just offering modified or guaranteed issue insurance policies shouldn’t be unsatisfactory. These still have the best rates for this kind of policy and are still reasonably priced.

These A+ insurance providers also offer additional cutting-edge benefits including coverage for chronic diseases. This is only partial coverage for the time of death when you are still waiting and paying interest on your previous payments, etc.

What Can Do To Help You Get The Best Final Expense Insurance Policy

Thousands of Type 1 diabetic cases have benefited from our over 26 years of experience in helping them find the appropriate final expense insurance plan.

Our top objective is to provide you with the greatest coverage at a price you can afford from the many top-rated A+ insurance providers who will provide more advantages than any other providers out there.

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cost

The price will wow you with how reasonable it is!

We’ll make it very simple for you; there won’t be any absurd criteria, and the application procedure will be quick and straightforward with same-day approval in under 30 minutes!

To learn more about Type 1 Diabetes,CLICK HERE.



Although it can be managed, type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects your life insurance coverage. Don’t freak out if you’ve been told you have this specific type of diabetes! For people with the condition, we have carriers that specialise in offering final expense and level day one coverage. It will depend on variables including your present age, your age at the time of diagnosis, any additional prescription medications you may be on, and any problems from your diagnosis. Start now by completing our free quote form!