Simple Burial Insurance For Dialysis Patients [2023 Guide]


You are aware that making arrangements for your death is crucial since you need renal dialysis. Burying a loved one might be one of the many costs that come with passing.

Buying a funeral expenditure insurance coverage would be one approach to assist you get ready for this event and ensure that you won’t be caught off guard when the time comes.

You want to ensure that all costs associated with your funeral are paid for and aren’t left unpaid or distributed among your loved ones.

Kidney Disease Life Insurance

Purchasing a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is your best course of action for life insurance. The polycystic kidney disease (PKD) coverages on ESRD patients’ profiles are one example of a life insurance policy that guarantees coverage regardless of your medical examination.

The three requirements to qualify for guaranteed issue life insurance policy are:

1) you must be a U.S citizen;

2) your state offers the product and

3) It’s available for ages 50-85 (or younger if there is an age limit),

Above all, 75% of applicants will have their application denied so call us when applying!

Final Expense Insurance For Chronic Kidney Disease

The reality of dialysis patients’ life insurance It may be challenging for someone with renal illness or a pre-existing condition to obtain life insurance or final expense insurance coverage. This is accurate, particularly for applicants whose chronic kidney disease (CKD) has advanced—if you’re speaking with the wrong insurance agent, that is.

In reality, renal disease has a very real chance of having the lowest rates with instant insurance coverage, just as Type 2 diabetes.

Our knowledgeable Final Expense Insurance Specialists at have assisted many clients with kidney disease in finding the finest burial insurance plan available.


Every Insurance Company Will Ask About Kidney Disease 


“Life insurance and kidney disease, what will the insurance

providers need from me?”

You should be aware that every provider of funeral or final expense insurance will question you directly if you have kidney illness. Every life insurance provider offers a different insurance plan depending on the stage of kidney illness.

In order to find out which top-rated A+ life insurance company provides the finest coverage options for kidney disease, it’s crucial to contact a final expense insurance professional.

Getting The Best Final Expense Insurance Coverage With Kidney Disease 

Everyone seeks ultimate expense or burial insurance with affordable premiums and quick insurance coverage. Common names for this policy include Simplified, Preferred, and Level. Let’s utilise Simplified in this article.

We at will use all reasonable efforts to obtain you a simplified form of policy even if you have kidney disease. What stage are you currently in?

There will always be categories, stages, or severity levels that correspond to a certain policy type, much like with any health pre-existing condition to life insurance providers.

You must go through the underwriting process of an insurance company to find out if you qualify for a simplified life insurance policy that has the lowest premium and quick insurance coverage.

Kidney Disease Underwriting Process 

You will be asked some questions about your health and specifics on your kidney disease situation in order to determine if you can qualify for a simplified insurance plan.

Your prescription history will also be evaluated by the underwriting insurance company for cross-referencing.

Life insurance companies would most likely inquire about your glomerular filtration rate if you have renal illness (GFR). The GFR test measures the level of renal function and establishes the stage of kidney disease.

End-Stage Renal Disease And Life Insurance

Pre-End (Early) Stage Renal Disease 

The rate of your Glomerular Filtration Rate determines your current stage 

  • Stage 1: Your GFR is 90 or greater 
  • Stage 2: Your GFR is 60-89 
  • Stage 3: Your GFR is 30-59 
  • Stage 4: Your GFR is 15-29 

In fact, in these 4 stages, you can still have a good chance with a simplified policy type and other options if you won’t get offered a simplified plan. 

There is stage 5 which is the End-stage Renal Disease, we will discuss that further in this article. 

Health Questions For Underwriting Kidney Disease 

All insurance companies will specifically ask about kidney disease or chronic kidney disease which would mean the same thing with life insurance companies. 

  • Have you been diagnosed with kidney disease? 
  • Have you been treated or advised to have treatment for kidney disease? 
  • Have you had or been treated for kidney disease in the last 2 years? 

The majority of the inquiries will centre on your history of renal illness and treatment.

As some renal disease therapies will tell what stage your kidney disease is, treatment for kidney disease would also show how serious your kidney illness is.

Life insurance agents must be aware if you have polycystic kidney disease.

We still need to know if you are receiving medical treatment right now, what stage you are in, etc. despite the fact that your health disability is primarily genetic.

Medications For Kidney Disease 

Below are the common medications used to treat chronic kidney disease. Insurance companies will confirm you have chronic kidney disease if you’re taking these medications. 

  • Aranesp
  • Calcijex
  • Calcitriol
  • Calcium Acetate
  • Carnitor
  • Cystagon
  • Eliphos
  • Fosrenol
  • Hectoral
  • Levocarnitine
  • Omontys
  • Phoslo
  • Renagel
  • Renvela
  • Rocaltrol
  • Sensipar
  • Zemplar 

How Insurance Companies Will Offer Final Expense Insurance Policies If You Have A Non-Renal Failure Kidney Disease 


A company’s underwriting will take into account all aspects of your health, which will influence the quality of the insurance plans they offer. 

Below is an extensive list of possible offers from insurance companies on kidney disease:

1) They will utterly decline your application 

There are insurance providers who categorically refuse to accept applicants with CKD. This merely indicates that they lack regulations appropriate for CKD.

There are several top-rated A+ insurance companies out there that will accept candidates with CKD, so don’t worry.

2) Highest payment rates with 24 month waiting time period 

The monthly cost of the funeral or final expense policy will increase by between 40% and 80%. Additionally, there will be a 24-month waiting period before getting the entire death benefit.

If the client passes away within the two-year waiting period, we will return all funds plus 10% interest.

The highest-risk clients will be provided with this plan, which is typically referred to as a “modified” plan.

Sometimes, depending on the insurance company, a “Guaranteed Issue” is much more valuable than a “modified” plan. So it’s critical that your Funeral Expense Insurance Specialists have access to dozens of top-rated A+ insurance companies to have a better range of insurance policy offers. Contact us and let us help you sort this out. 

3) Payment rates will cost a bit more with some death benefits being available within the 24 months waiting period 

If you pass away during the first 12 months of purchasing this burial or final expense policy, your beneficiaries will receive coverage of between $30 and $60 per month more. Then, if you pass away in the following 13 to 24 months, your beneficiaries will receive roughly 70 to 80%.

It is common to refer to this design as a “graded” plan.

4) Payment rates will cost a little bit more with immediate insurance coverage 

This funeral or last expense policy will cost roughly 30 to 60% more per month than the graded insurance plan above, but it will begin providing complete insurance coverage right away.

This kind of strategy is known as a “Simplified” plan. This may indicate that your kidney disease is in its early stages and that, with a healthy lifestyle and effective renal disease management, you have a high chance of living a longer life.

Do you believe you qualify for a simplified plan then? You’re told by your doctor that you’ll need to wait before starting dialysis therapy. If so, we encourage you to complete the quote form to the right so that you may receive the finest estimates from renowned A+ insurance providers.


Life Insurance Kidney Disease End-Stage Renal Disease (Stage 5) 

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) 15 is a marker for stage 5 chronic renal disease. Can someone who is receiving dialysis purchase life insurance?

In order to aid your kidney in filtering your blood at this point, your doctor will prescribe dialysis treatment.

When a patient with chronic renal disease reaches stage 5, a kidney transplant will also be the main course of treatment.

We at pray that if you or a loved one is in stage 5, you may be blessed with a kidney donor as soon as possible. Never skip a dialysis session, and adhere to the nutrition plan exactly.

If you have chronic kidney disease, these will be asked to determine if you’re on stage 5 

  • Awaiting kidney transplant 
  • Dialysis 
  • End-stage kidney disease 
  • Kidney failure 
  • Kidney transplant 
  • Renal failure 

The Reality With Stage 5 Renal Disease 

There is no insurance provider in existence that can offer insurance coverage commencing on Day 1 within the next 24 months.

We regret to inform you that stage 5 renal failure is a high-risk stage for chronic kidney disease and that insurance providers are not permitted to provide immediate coverage.

But do not lose hope, if you’ve been continuously reading this article, we mentioned a policy that will accept you as long as you are legally capable of entering a legal contract or have a legal guardian. 

When all else fails… enter the “guaranteed issue” policy plan 

You’re in a really challenging scenario because you have stage 5 renal failure… So instead of a modified insurance plan, let’s provide the most straightforward option that may also be significantly superior.

In fact, a guaranteed issue will cost more and not provide quick insurance coverage, but when you have stage 5 chronic kidney disease, this is better than nothing.

Can You Get Life Insurance With Chronic Kidney Disease

Top-rated A+ insurance providers that will be providing guaranteed issue insurance plans won’t inquire about your medical history or ask you any inquiries. A guaranteed issue will be presented to you without bias if you are able to get into a contract legally.

A whole life insurance plan for stage 5 or end-stage renal disease is only available from a small number of top-rated A+ last expense insurance providers.

Contact us right away for assistance with this; we can approve you in within 30 minutes or less..


How To Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Clients With Chronic Kidney Disease 


If you have chronic renal illness, you’ll need an insurance representative who can explain everything to you before you navigate the complexities of obtaining final expense insurance.

Whatever stage your chronic kidney illness is at, we here at can assist you in finding the best burial or final expenditure insurance possible at the lowest rates.

We were founded by a group of life insurance specialists that are passionate about helping people with chronic renal disease who need funeral expense insurance get the finest possible burial insurance policy.

In reality, we have helped insurance clients for over 26 years, and we are authorised in 49 states.

Only a small number of top-rated A+ insurance providers offer cost-effective final expense insurance policies for people with chronic renal disease, and we are experts in these providers’ CKD underwriting procedures.

We only require a little of your time so that we can learn your specifics.

Contact us right now! We guarantee you a straightforward, stress-free interview process.

To learn more about kidney disease.


We can assist if you’re worried about finding burial charge insurance for someone who has kidney disease. We have access to reasonably priced insurance plans that will pay for your final costs and allow you to reminisce peacefully knowing that your loved ones are taken care of. Request a price today!