Simple Burial Insurance For A Blood Clot [2023 Guide]


Blood clots are one of the various illnesses and conditions that senior persons are prone to. Blood clots can be extremely harmful and even fatal.

You should be aware that thrombosis life insurance can be a possibility for you if this is a worry. Dial (855) 380-3300 to get in touch with us right away if you’ve been told you have a blood clot.

To ensure that applicants don’t pay higher than necessary in monthly premiums, we can assist in matching them with the appropriate sort of coverage.

Burial Insurance For Applicants With Blood Clot

Is pulmonary embolism a condition that already exists? We shall discuss the effect blood clots have on burial insurance prices in this article. The most important factor is that having blood clots is a pre-existing ailment that is typically significant.

We shall describe below how this is a recognised health impairment in which we are experts.


How Final Expense Insurance Companies May Respond To Blood Clots

Now, some insurance providers will particularly inquire as to whether you’ve recently experienced a blood clot, while others won’t.

Like any insurance provider, some only offer insurance plans that are built to cover the risk of diseases that fall under their purview.

You can get the best prices with no waiting period from burial or final expense insurance firms with insurance plans that readily absorb the dangers of blood clots.

On the other hand, if you submitted an application to an insurance company that has reservations about blood clots, they would simply reject it on the spot or present you with higher-cost options with a longer waiting period.

For that, you need a highly skilled final expense insurance specialist who has connections to numerous top-rated A+ insurance providers who offer plans designed to cover the risks associated with developing a blood clot.

No matter how minor or serious your blood clot problem is, our team of skilled insurance agents at can efficiently locate the greatest deals from top-rated A+ final expense insurance companies for you.

So please call us and we will help you breeze through all of the “hoops and hops” that insurance companies may have.

How To Get The Best Final Expense Insurance Policy If You Have A Blood Clot

The terms simple, preferred, or level are occasionally used to describe the ideal sort of last expense insurance coverage. This is the greatest because it includes fast insurance coverage and the lowest payment rates (no waiting time period).

You must go through an underwriting process in order to acquire this, which entails answering some questions about your health and blood clot history.

The Truth About Burial Insurance Underwriting With Blood Clots

Is DVT a condition that already exists? It’s crucial to have assistance from a knowledgeable independent insurance agent who knows which insurance companies are worth applying to because the sets of underwriting questions from various insurance companies greatly vary.

Now, if you had a blood clot and underwent treatment, the underwriting questions from insurance companies will centre on what kind of blood clot you had or have, when it was found, any drugs or surgeries you may have undergone, as well as any other health conditions you may have.

What might essentially be asked is listed below:

  • When was your blood clot diagnosed?
  • Where you prescribed with medications? What medications and when? Blood Thinners?
  • Did you have any surgeries to treat your blood clot?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis?
  • Do you have other health complications and medications?
  • Did the blood clot cause a heart attack?
  • Were you ever diagnosed with a mini-stroke or full-blown stroke?

“If you decide to move forward with us, we will need these kinds of details for us to determine which from the dozens of top-rated A+ insurance companies will give you the best final expense insurance possible.”

With the information provided above, insurance companies frequently check for pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and whether you underwent surgery to remove the blood clot.

Final Expense Insurance For Deep Vein Thrombosis And Pulmonary Embolism

Deep vein thrombosis can progress to pulmonary embolisms, in which blood clots from the legs detach or fragment into numerous blood clot clumps and become lodged in one or more pulmonary arteries.

As a result, the lungs have a harder time getting oxygenated blood to the remainder of the body, especially the heart.

Since these conditions have the potential to be fatal, the majority of final expense insurance providers ask about them up front.

It is essential to call our Final Cost Insurance Specialists if you have or have had a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism so they can expertly assist you in locating the greatest final expense insurance provider and the best insurance policy.
Final Expense Insurance With Pulmonary Emboli

The Importance Of The Timing Of Your Circulatory Surgery To Treat Your Blood Clot

Unfortunately, if you underwent surgery to remove your blood clot, your options may be limited.

The two procedures that are most frequently used to treat blood clots are vena cava filter placement and surgical thrombectomy, both of which may have additional health effects that may require extra drugs, changes to the way that care is provided, or even (rarely) other procedures.

In any case, the quality of insurance policy offers from insurance firms will directly depend on the timing of any circulatory system surgery.

How Insurance Companies Offer Policies Depending On The Timing Of Your Surgery

You had surgery within the last 12 months

Most final expense insurance companies will only offer policies with higher payment rates 15 to 30% more with 2 years waiting time period. This would be a guaranteed acceptance policy.

You had surgery after the last 12 months but within the past 24 months

The majority of the top-rated A+ insurance providers that we will research for clients who need blood clot surgery only have a 12-month look-back evaluation.

We can possibly get a simplified policy kind of final expense insurance with the lowest payment rates and instant insurance coverage if you don’t have any other concerns other having had blood clot surgery within the last 24 months (no waiting time period).

Your surgery was over 24 months ago

In this case, most of the top-rated A+ insurance companies that we will recommend for you will ignore the fact that you had blood cloth surgery more than 24 months ago. You will definitely receive a simplified or level final expense insurance type of policy with immediate insurance coverage from day 1.

How To Get The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance Policy After A Blood Clot

How will assist you in finding the best burial insurance available.

Our company was founded by a group of responsible last expense insurance experts that are passionate about giving everyone access to the greatest insurance coverage. We are authorised in 49 states and have more than 26 years of expertise. We only provide the greatest coverage from rated A+ insurance providers with cutting-edge extra features offered at no additional cost.

We are proud of the fact that we were able to assist over 95% of our clients who had blood clots in obtaining the greatest last expense insurance policy with the lowest payment rates and fast insurance coverage.

We only require a brief period of your time to ask you crucial questions about your health and the status of your blood clot condition over the phone.

Blot Clot Life Insurance

Talk to us now! We promise you a simple interview process with no non-sense requirements.



Although we are aware that final expense insurance can be difficult to understand, it doesn’t have to be. If you have diabetes or another medical problem like blood clots, you might require professional assistance with this type of coverage. Call us right away because our staff is available to you around the clock!

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