Seniors Beware Of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage in 2023

How reliable is the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Insurance?

All in all, my funeral arrangements must be handled when I pass away! Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance: Is It Trustworthy? The Advantage Program: Is it Reliable?

The Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program promises to assist elders with funeral expenses and provides financial assistance. The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, or FCGS, provides it.

This is crucial since funeral expenses are rising, and you want to secure something to ensure that, when the time comes, you may comfortably pay for your final expenses and express your final desires.

What, however, is the reality regarding this funeral advantage product?

Is this an effective last expense insurance product?

Will it pay for my funeral expenses?

We’ll provide you with the necessary funeral benefit information.

How does the funeral advantage plan operate and what are the costs? Will it effectively pay for my last expenses and fulfil my ultimate wishes?

How is the life insurance policy’s underwriting for current medical conditions taken into account? You must have the answers to these questions in order to choose your final expense insurance coverage wisely.

Overall, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate funeral home, pay for funeral expenses, and ensure that the final desires of your surviving loved ones are respected.

But are the Funeral Advantage and Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company worthwhile?

The TRUTH about funeral advantage life insurance is about to be revealed to you!

We DO NOT offer Lincoln Heritage products however we replace them often because of their lack of value. This article is an extensive review of the Funeral Advantage program from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society and why we think it is a gimmick.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Reviews

Finding the correct life insurance provider is crucial when purchasing final expense life insurance to pay for funeral costs and final desires.

making certain that the funeral expenditures and other last charges are paid.

Through its funeral advantage programmes, is Lincoln Funeral planning it? PERUSE ON!!

We’re happy to have been able to assist with any inquiries you may have had regarding Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company’s final expense insurance product or funeral advantage insurance programme.

The idea is to have a life insurance policy that is medically underwritten to accommodate health impairments and pays a life insurance fast cash benefit to meet funeral costs so that your loved ones’ final wishes and other final expenses are fulfilled.

Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients on the funeral advantage programme for final expenses:

I’m very glad I came on this website before making my purchase!

Thank you for this informative and enlightening review.

The funeral advantage uses a specific funeral method that might cost 30–100% more depending on medical conditions! Not a smart funeral strategy in my opinion!

In this overview of the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage programme, we will address all of your inquiries regarding the final expense insurance policy underwriting requirements and pricing, including funeral costs. Click Here To Learn More About The Top Burial Insurance Companies.

You might be considering whether this programme for traditional funerals is worthwhile.

NO, in our opinion. If you’re looking for your parents in particular, there are several places that offer much greater value. But don’t take my word for it—we’ll provide you with the funeral advantage plan’s actual statistics!

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a less expensive final expense life insurance coverage. We are aware of the significance of making funeral arrangements and final desires.

One of the most costly funeral homes in the business, Heritage Lincoln Funeral Advantage charges prices that rival or exceed those of many other businesses.

Additionally, they lure you in with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, sometimes known as the FCGS, a concierge for funeral services. This is a ploy, and the premiums for final expense insurance are 30% or more higher.

So much for the benefit of funerals.

Are you curious about the best part? We’ll demonstrate for you. So let’s start by discussing what the Funeral Advantage programme involves before discussing Heritage Lincoln costs in comparison to those of their rivals.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage

When visiting with a Lincoln Heritage agent regarding the funeral advantage life insurance plan, it’s crucial to be ready because they have a reputation for being aggressive during in-person consultations.

We are all aware that having funeral insurance is essential to preventing loved ones from going bankrupt in the case of a death. Additionally, you want to guarantee that a cash benefit from life insurance is paid out.

You may not need final expense insurance from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, yet, did you know that there are other factors to consider?

First off, funeral costs can be 35–150 percent higher than those of competitors. YES!! You heard correctly.

And second, as compared to other final expense life insurance firms, their underwriting procedure has a lot of opportunity for improvement.

Overall, especially if you or members of your family have health issues and need to pay high rates since they are at risk for developing specific diseases like diabetes.

You can now meet with an agent from the Lincoln Heritage Insurance Company, which is notorious for its exorbitantly expensive products, who will make every effort to persuade you that they are worthwhile. The funeral advantage is not, above all!

They can bring up the Funeral Advantage programme, which offers older citizens nationwide access to special savings at funeral facilities.

It is the FCGS, or the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society. Lincoln Heritage insurance will cost you 30% or more in the end, increasing your overall funeral expenses.

It is a well-known fact that the Lincoln Heritage membership is really a pointless marketing ploy.

Many people are unaware of how it impacts their current coverage, even though it was put in place to persuade customers to pay higher premiums for insurance offered by other firms at lower costs! Once more, the funeral benefit is not worthwhile!


Is Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Legit

Lincoln Heritage: Is it a Ponzi scheme?

The life insurance provider Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage provides burial and other final expense plans with an optional accidental death rider.

Funeral planning from Lincoln Heritage or Funeral Advantage The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society membership that is a bonus death benefit included with Lincoln Heritage insurance will assist you in making funeral arrangements if necessary.

Only captive Lincoln Heritage agents may sell this item.

However, is that the hook? Read more

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Rates Are Out Of Control…. See For Yourself

When we make bold assertions, we always prefer to back them up with FACTS.

The funeral advantage and Lincoln programme help seniors but are 30–150% more expensive than similar services offered by competitors.

Therefore, you may choose which funeral advantage premiums better suit your needs by comparing them to those of one of our top businesses that sells the same insurance.

The following fares compare Lincoln Heritage to our top carrier:

By choosing NOT to use Lincoln Heritage, you would save $3,574.08.

Do you believe FCGC or Funeral Advantage is saving you money on that? NOPE!!!

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage costs more than its rivals and provides a gimmicky offering as a funeral director for hire (Being Funny).

But don’t worry—we’ll make everything okay!

The good news is that you may find final expense insurance at lower rates from other companies, putting YOUR money back where it belongs: in YOUR pocket.

You only need to give us a call or complete the quote form to the right.

Reach out and discuss the Funeral Advantage and Lincoln Heritage programmes with our staff to learn how our last expense insurance rates outperform both them and pre-need (pun fully intended).

Do I need a medical exam to qualify for Burial insurance for Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage?

No. Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage’s burial insurance is not subject to a medical examination.

When requesting funeral insurance, there are simply a few straightforward health-related concerns that must be addressed.

Throughout the application process, you won’t be required to provide any medical records or samples of your blood or urine. Typically, the insurance company will provide you official permission in just a few minutes!

Benefits of Our Lincoln Heritage Funeral Program

  • Price of Our Lincoln Heritage Funeral Program’s advantages Savings and professional counsel on funeral expenses
  • Providing assistance to your loved ones without planning or saving
  • Simplified Coverage is not supported.
  • One-page insurance forms that are difficult to understand
  • An easy qualification procedure
  • Just basic health queries, no physical examinations required? No background checks and examinations?
  • For people and families living on fixed incomes, we offer reasonable monthly prices that are ideal. We also offer inexpensive “intro” rates.

Funeral Advantage Strict Underwriting Means YOU Pay More, Here’s The Proof

Above all, many people with certain health conditions must pay significantly higher premiums.

Additionally, they delay the start of any death benefits provided by a Modified product. This is more of a funeral disadvantage than a funeral advantage.

Paying more than 200% more than healthy people for equivalent last expense insurance coverage as a result! You must shop, then!


Funeral Advantage Program Reviews of Their Modified Plan Underwriting and how YOU PAY MORE

Along with raising the cost of your insurance, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance will also require an additional two-year waiting period before covering any blood thinner or cardiac medicine.

The strict rules of the company are not worth it! The following medical conditions call for the use of a blood thinner:

  • Uneven Heartbeat (Afib)
  • Blood Clots, Circulatory Surgery, including a Stent
  • Stroke with full force or transient ischemic attack (TIA) Little Stroke
  • Arterial Disease of the Periphery (PAD)
  • cardiac surgery
  • Thoracic hypertension
  • Aneurysm

It is likely that your doctor has prescribed blood thinners or other medications if you have experienced a heart attack or one of the major illnesses mentioned above. Actually, the goal is to prevent them from occurring again.

Unfortunately, these medications don’t always function as they should.

This means that Lincoln Heritage life insurance company will increase your rates if they have already been given for any of the events on this list.

Wait, there’s more! Don’t move too quickly!

  • Diabetes-Related Blindness
  • Cirrhosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • A, B, or C hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis Fibrosis
  • renal disease
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Emphysema
  • persistent bronchitis

Just a few examples. Remember, if you have any of these disabilities, we have level first-day coverage.

It’s shocking, but based on reading this shocking review full of facts, I’ll wager it’s not a surprise.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program’s underwriting is so terrible that we can only imagine how relieved you must be if you have any health difficulties and are looking for coverage through this programme.

Well done for digging deeper and discovering this review.

Overall, the agent you choose to work with and the coverage come first when choosing a last expense insurance firm or provider to handle your life insurance needs.

We’re happy you’re here.

Underwriting Knockout Health Impairments

If you respond YES to any of the following inquiries, you are not eligible for Funeral Advantage Insurance:

  • presently confined to a bed, sick, imprisoned, in a nursing home, or receiving hospice care
  • diagnosed with AIDS, a terminal illness, or a positive HIV test

What would happen if you said yes to these health inquiries? offers an insurance that will cover it, so that’s good!

We offer guaranteed issue final expense insurance, so everyone – including those who said “yes” – can buy our services without being subsidised by Lincoln Heritage or through any health history screenings.

NO Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage DOES NOT Pay Claims In 24 Hours

One business, Funeral Advantage, takes great satisfaction in its 24-hour claim payment policy.

We all know that’s untrue, but they say it with pride and flaunt it like someone showing off their new automobile.

One glance at Funeral Advantages’ adverts can reveal a lot about the company. What do you think of when you see them? Pause the TV and read the fine print, please!

The Truth About When Lincoln Heritage Approves A Death Claim

Although the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage company promotes this as true, there is evidence to the contrary.

No matter how many times they or we say anything, if a contract isn’t in place, it has no legal force.

So Mr. Lincoln Heritage, show me that you can pay a death claim within 24 hours!

Do they offer to pay any claims received within 24 hours after claim acceptance, in general?


On their website, there are references to this; yet, when you open your policy, all references to this agreement vanish!

It’s just the change in a noisy, big jar, nothing else!

Call Us To Get 30-200%+ Cheaper Rates Than Lincoln Heritage

A final expense insurance provider called Heritage Funeral Advantage has premiums that are 30%–200%–or-more higher than those of other providers. Even more if you include a rider for unintentional death.

You know what really bothers me, too?

Even worse, they don’t provide the best coverage!

Many families find their minimum value plans to be insufficient, and because their competitors have superior policies in place, they end up paying more than they would with them.

But now I’m going to demonstrate how simple it may be. Just give us a call or complete the form on the right; everything is there.

The ultimate expense insurance market is generally a complicated area.

It’s crucial to avoid making a costly or coverage-compromising decision when looking for the greatest last expense policy. In the event that something goes wrong, this may be disastrous!

Consult with an INDEPENDENT agency like us at as we have access to the best life insurance companies in the country to find the ideal fit for you and everyone who depends on you.

In fact, we represent more than ten carriers, so FIVE will have competing offers for you. So be sure to consult with us before making a choice.

Above all, we assist make it simpler by matching clients based on a variety of variables, such as health status and risk assessment rates vs prices associated with each organisation.

You may be sure you have the best with this!

Seniors Beware Of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage in 2023

Lincoln Heritage Policy Riders

Although these will raise your premiums over what you are already paying, the Lincoln Heritage life insurance business offers a number of add-ons and riders to provide additional benefits while you are still alive.

  • Accidental death insurance is available for any accidents involving the car or truck you keep with you at all times;
  • child riders are included on many life insurance policies that pay for both children’s hospitalisation costs if necessary
  • as well as dental care costs after passing away due to age restrictions being met by the majority of providers today without interruption from other families arguing over what should happen next regarding inheritance money etc.,
  • but there’s also other insurance that covers the costs of death that you can purchase separately.
  • But keep in mind that you are already paying significantly more than rival life insurance firms.

Additionally, some of these carriers will already include add-on riders. Price gouging, Mr. Lincoln Heritage, please!

But let’s act civilly.

Above all, the accidental death and dismemberment coverage offered by Lincoln Heritage is heavily marketed as an add-on.

It provides up to $100,000 in additional cash benefits, but only if you pass away in an accident, which the CDC reports accounts for 5% of all fatalities.

Unit purchases of this are available for less than $15 per month. OUCH!

Depending on what transpires, Lincoln Heritage’s Accidental Death Plan offers a number of payouts:

Comparatively, we can offer you a $100,000 standalone accidental death policy, often known as an ADD policy, for just $9.59 per month.

What value does Lincoln Heritage provide you with? NADA!

Funeral Advantage Does Have Restrictions

People wishing to protect their loved ones can take advantage of the Funeral Advantage service offered by Lincoln Insurance. Boy, does the agent for Lincoln Heritage put a lot of value in. It ought to have “bad” value!

All applicants are subject to the same limitations regarding age, state, and face amount of coverage.

For instance, protection of up to $35,000 is available to anybody 0-80. However, people over 85 are only covered for up to $15,000.

Lincoln Heritage insurance is solely distributed by captive agents, thus you won’t be able to compare rates or features because these agents don’t provide life insurance from any rival companies.

How do you know they are the best?

The funeral homes must be paid, end of story!

Due to its restrictive structure, which mandates that the client (the individual buying this coverage) must always dwell in a single geographic place, the Funeral Advantage programme helps seniors but isn’t available in every state.

Therefore, the funeral advantage programme of this policy may be out of date when searching at funeral homes! Shopping around is crucial because most life insurance providers will provide considerably better coverage.

However, since LincolnHeritage provides coverage across the country, it doesn’t matter where they reside!

The following states won’t allow naming a funeral home as your beneficiary:

  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Tennessee
  • Maryland
  • Dakota, South
  • Montana
  • Jersey, New

Instead of putting your life insurance policy in the care of a funeral home, you might choose to designate a beneficiary.

This will give them (the person you named) control over the manner in which they cremate or bury your body, perhaps saving money on funeral expenses if there is any money left over from the death benefits after the survivor’s or beneficiary’s debts have been settled.

Funeral Consumer Guardian Society Membership

The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, or FCGS, is an impartial group that may assist you in locating the funeral arrangements that are best suited to your requirements.

They are unbiased in their evaluations of various services because they are not associated with cemeteries or funeral houses.

This is DEFINITELY NOT FREE because it’s included in the best pricing, which is 30–100% higher than Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Plans.

Lincoln Heritage Or A Top Carrier Specializing In Final Expense Insurance? YOU DECIDE!

Additionally, a Lincoln Heritage salesperson would use a ridiculous membership they claim is free to argue why their fees are greater. However, as a senior, your knowledge can detect that!

Once more, the majority of life insurance providers will be a superior option.

A Top Carrier Specializing In Final Expense Insurance Or Lincoln Heritage? YOUR CHOICE!

Say you have two possibilities. However, let’s assume that your budgeting was simply $60.00. For your family to not be financially burdened, you wanted to ensure that you had adequate coverage.

So you choose the solution that works best.

  • Option A: Sign up for coverage via Lincoln Heritage, where you can acquire $10,000 in coverage for for $57.40.
  • Option B: Get coverage from one of our top providers while staying within your means; for the same $57.40, you can get $14,334 in coverage.

Which alternative would you pick?

EXACTLY!!! The family would receive $4,334 more in benefits under Option B.

Is Lincoln Heritage a reputable company

Lincoln Heritage, a business that only deals with final expense insurance, was established in 1963.

Their primary concerns are the flagship product and cost! The burial insurance segment of the ultimate expense insurance market is where they sell the most policies.

Call Lincoln Heritage Insurance at 800-433-8181 to cancel your policy.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Reviews Financials, Ratings, And Customer Complaints

The proper credit must be given.

Although Lincoln Heritage is a respectable business, they are not among the top life insurance companies.

However, they do have a stellar financial rating from A-rated agencies, a perfect score with the Better Business Bureau, and complaint index figures that are comparable to those of other sizable insurers of the same calibre.

Even yet, Lincoln Heritage legal disputes do arise.

Although many customers compliment Lincoln Heritage’s customer service, many feel that their representatives are excessively assertive.

When interacting directly with an agent, make sure someone is around or with you so they don’t forceful and overstep limits if you want to buy from them!

Some of the consumers, however, have been extremely dissatisfied. Here are a few testimonials from clients:


For you to make prior plans for your funeral, Lincoln Heritage provides the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.

We pay accepted claims reimbursed in 24 hours to make sure our policyholder families may carry out their loved one’s last wishes. The Funeral Advantage programme from Lincoln Heritage has been the subject of a lengthy and in-depth analysis in this article.

We sincerely hope it was useful to you. Please get in touch with us now or visit to get started if you’re interested in receiving prices for funeral insurance coverage for seniors.

Families deserve respect on one of life’s most trying days, so don’t fall for deceptive marketing strategies like the ones this company is doing.