Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that is still prohibited in many states and nations.

Yet, as more people use marijuana for medical reasons, there has been a growth in support for its legalisation. Even some drugs made from this chemical that are used to treat conditions like cancer or AIDS have FDA approval. What does this entail for the cost of life insurance?

If you don’t smoke cigarettes or drink too much alcohol, your life insurance rates will be lower, but marijuana is a different story. Check out what we discovered below to find out how much your life insurance would cost based on your marijuana smoking habits!

How Will Marijuana Use Affect Life Insurance Rates

What You Should Know

still seen as a recreational drug by many.

Has marijuana had an impact on life insurance?

Can cannabis smokers obtain life insurance?

The carriers are starting to follow as society becomes more understanding of marijuana users. If you currently use marijuana, getting coverage is not very difficult. Finding an affordable life insurance policy, however, is a another matter.

With a few exceptions, marijuana users are typically classified as tobacco users. Employers frequently view marijuana users as high-risk candidates.

But, there are a number of steps you can take—which we’ll cover in greater detail below—to help you get reasonable life insurance even if you use marijuana.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test for Marijuana

Does life insurance test for Marijuana?

Worried about how to Pass the Life Insurance Drug Test?

Don’t be…

Above all, simply be truthful in both the application and the exam. Marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drugs will all be tested for. If you consume marijuana on a prescription, your insurance rates won’t increase because of this; instead, you’ll be assessed based on your underlying medical condition.

Yet, most life insurance companies may view those who smoke marijuana recreationally as a risk. Do life insurance companies test for drugs? is the issue that my clients come to me with most frequently.

The reply is “yes”! The paramedical test for a fully underwritten life insurance policy will be carried out by a professional examiner. In addition to height, weight, and blood pressure, this test also requires a little sample of blood and urine. The carrier will cover the cost of this examination.

You can actually acquire reasonable life insurance as a marijuana user by working with an independent agent. This is because an agent will be knowledgeable about which businesses have the most accommodating underwriting policies for marijuana users.

In reality, a reputable independent agent might be able to locate a firm that charges you a regular life insurance premium.



While it is possible for a marijuana user to find a business that offers them a standard rate, be aware that most firms will group marijuana smokers and tobacco smokers together when it comes to life insurance drug testing.

Which, given that the rate is substantially higher, is unjust to marijuana users, according to the majority of contemporary study!

Thus, it is essential to compare firms while buying an insurance. You’ll be able to locate an organisation in this way that does not consider your marijuana use to be a high danger.

There are many top-notch businesses to pick from. Look at a few of the top choices listed below; they are the providers we utilise for marijuana users to get a non-tobacco pricing.

Above all, it’s crucial to realise that if you speak with a knowledgeable independent agent, they will be able to tell you which firms will classify you as a non-smoker.

Generally speaking, your agent will know which firms to shop you to that will consider you a non-smoker, regardless of whether the use is for medical purposes or recreationally.

Usage of marijuana and life insurance

Smokers pay easily three times as much for life insurance than non-smokers do.

Give your agent the chance to know everything about your medical history; do not omit any details.

Furthermore, simply be truthful—these carriers will always be able to ascertain the reality! They can disclose the complete tale thanks to their numerous THC and nicotine testing!

AIG Life Insurance Drug Test

Does AIG drug test? YES!

Will marijuana in a blood test life insurance exam show up? Yes, it will!!

Above all, the insurance company will want to know what kind of lifestyle activities you submit yourself to during a life insurance exam drug test. In addition, do they screen for drugs other than marijuana for life insurance? Indeed, it is the answer.

Do life insurance firms do THC tests? Definitely, since it is the primary component of marijuana.

The life insurance provider will conduct drug testing as part of the application process for the following list of banned substances.

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

Expanded Opiates

  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Hydromorphone
  • Oxycodone
  • Oxymorphone
  • Fentalyn

Furthermore, the Lincoln Financial drug test is fairly comparable. LFG life insurance conducts cannabis and all other types of drug testing.

It’s crucial to be aware that when you apply for life insurance, a background check will be conducted in addition to a paramedical exam that includes a blood test for life insurance marijuana usage.

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Smoke Weed


Is It Possible to Get Life Insurance If I Smoke Weed? is a common query from clients.

Or do life insurance companies run drug tests?

The best way to prepare for the questions they will ask you is to apply first. Businesses will be incredibly curious about your marijuana use. Being truthful and detailed in your responses is crucial. If you give false information, life insurance companies might be less likely to insure you. We’ve provided a list of some questions below to help you when applying.

  • How frequently do you smoke cannabis?
  • Do you ever operate a vehicle while high on marijuana?
  • Do you possess a marijuana prescription from a doctor?
  • Since when do you smoke marijuana?

A Preferred Smoker rating is often the highest rating that can be given to someone who uses marijuana sometimes during the month.

Preferred Smoker life insurance products will be significantly less expensive than ordinary smoker life insurance policies, even though you will still pay more than nonsmokers.

You will pay more money for a life insurance coverage if your blood test for THC is higher. Moreover, a urine test for life insurance may reveal THC residues.

The level of marijuana use for recreational purposes will typically define the health class. Nonetheless, a good rate can be achieved by a recreational user, who will also select how frequently and for how long they use it.

The most effective recreational carriers are

  • In Minnesota
  • General American
  • Nebraska National
  • Prudential

Once more, the ratings vary according on how frequently a month.

Medical Marijuana and Life Insurance

Benefits and Symptoms

The usage of marijuana for medical purposes has increased recently. There seems to be a new health condition every day, and medicinal marijuana is used to alleviate its symptoms.

Keep in mind that those with life insurance and a medical marijuana certificate will only be evaluated based on their underlying ailment.

Your primary care physician and/or specialists may not have used medical marijuana as the first line of treatment in the past.

In reality, people would try various medicines first and turn to medicinal marijuana as a last resort. That’s altered. If you reside in a state where it is legal, a doctor may recommend it as an additional treatment for you.

Inquire about how marijuana can aid in the treatment from your professional since it is increasingly being the usual.

Always consult your specialist, whether the matter is recreational or medical.

Research has just begun. Yet, some studies suggest it can cure MS side symptoms such as:

  • Firmness Or Uncontrolled Muscle Developments – Medical marijuana may calm your fits and enable you to move your arms and legs more freely.
  • Overactive Bladder – Does MS make you feel as though you need to use the restroom a lot? The drug can help with the fits that cause your subsequent urge to urinate.
  • Nerve Torment – It might make you feel less pain, which might make it easier for you to sleep. Several patients claim that marijuana reduces their discomfort. It serves as a better substitute for aspirin in some circumstances.

Medical Problems That Have Been Present Before:

  • Several Sclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • People with cancer
  • Epilepsy


What Are the Risks…

Some doctors have indicated that marijuana has some symptoms and long-term risks. Whether you use it as medicine or just for enjoyment, they are the same.

In the near future, you might have:

  • Expanded heart rate
  • Moderated response time
  • Coordination and adjust issues
  • Dazed
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Trouble doing complex thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings



Life Insurance, Weed, Law ~ what you need to know…

Since they worry about potential legal repercussions, many people are reluctant to acknowledge they use marijuana.

All medical information does, however, protect the client due to a national policy on drug testing. Because of HIPAA regulations, nurses, the carrier, and independent agents are required to maintain the privacy of what is deemed medical information.

As a result, all medical information must be protected and there is a national insurance policy on drug testing. The medical information bureau, sometimes known as the MIB, then receives this upload.


Legalizing marijuana?

Insurance companies are wholly orthodox when it comes down to it. If your entire line of work revolved around assessing the risks posed by everything around you, you would be as well.

In actuality, one notable form of protection—medical insurance—has made this debatable.

The majority of health insurance organisations do not cover restorative marijuana treatments, despite the fact that it is legal in half of the states in the United States.

Their alert is appropriate given that they have medical insurance. In reality, whenever elected laws clash with state laws, it is wiser to support the administration. Another huge challenge?

Because marijuana is still organised by the government at a uniform level. They require a distance from drugs like heroin, meth, and other vile addictive substances. Cannabis is a relatively challenging substance to use in medical tests.

Nevertheless, shouldn’t something be addressed regarding life carriers?

A potential client’s life is investigated by a life insurer. Also, they would remark that they are a good driver. Do they engage in any risky sports like scuba diving? Do they go on long missions where there are hundreds of miles between hospitals?

Why does marijuana fit in?

Will they generally turn away marijuana users because it’s an illegal drug?

Or, on the other side, would they claim to be more impulsive when it comes to using a medicine for fun that is often safe?

We spoke with medical directors frequently to acquire a better understanding of how life insurance companies view marijuana customers.



For life insurance for marijuana smokers, various carriers have varied underwriting standards. When comparing quotations for marijuana users, we actually only consider six carriers.

For instance, one carrier can offer you a preferential rate for infrequent use, whilst another might reject you if you use their services more than 13 times per month. Once more, a carrier will rate you according to how frequently you utilise their services.

What qualifies as a heavy marijuana consumer?

Remember, there is no restriction on use if it is only for medicinal reasons. It will be difficult to get covered if you consume marijuana recreationally more than 15 times per month.

Also, the customer will have a much harder difficulty obtaining a reasonable rate than someone who only smokes once a week or once a month.

Is Marijuana Considered Tobacco

What a wonderful question! If you use marijuana, carriers will typically classify you as a cigarette user. In actuality, the price of tobacco will be 3–4 times higher.

If you use cigarettes, nicotine will also be detected during a life insurance drug test. But, does marijuana contain cotinine? NO! When nicotine is present in the bloodstream, the body discreets cotinine.

Prudential is an excellent chewing tobacco carrier to utilise. But does Prudential do drug tests? Indeed, it is the answer.

Working with an independent agent like me is essential if you want us to be able to shop you around to different carriers. We collaborate with six carriers for our marijuana clients, as I mentioned previously.

According to underwriter Mike Woods, most carriers consider consuming marijuana for recreational purposes to be on par with smoking cigarettes.

“Cannabis includes carcinogens, and evidence suggests that heavy cannabis use may be associated with lung, throat, oesophagus, and oral cavity growths,” Woods added.

Once more, most carriers are simply lagging behind, and it might take them a few years to catch up.

Some could argue that using marijuana is significantly less dangerous than using tobacco.

That so, it is quite challenging for experts to determine the precise risk level of marijuana. This perspective will not change unless studies can demonstrate that smoking marijuana has more advantages than smoking tobacco.

How To Pass a Life Insurance Test for Tobacco or Marijuana

Is cotinine present in marijuana?

Above all, it is possible to attempt to pass a life insurance test while actually smoking. But, you may prevent causing your family anguish and suffering at the worst possible time when death comes.

Give the life insurance company no justification to challenge a policy. These are multibillion dollar companies, and they have means of learning. It’s the same with marijuana consumption. Always be truthful and acknowledge your use.

The Distinction?

The main distinction between marijuana use and tobacco use is that with marijuana, the less you smoke, the better your rating class and the cheaper your premiums will be.

My marijuana customers had the ability to be evaluated as non-smokers, similar to how life insurance companies handle “celebratory stogie” smokers.

Yet, it is usually advisable to admit use while having a blood test for life insurance and having marijuana.

Does Life Insurance Test For Weed


Above all, you will typically need to pass an exam if you are receiving coverage throughout a term. In reality, the urine test will reveal if you have nicotine or cotinine in your system.

Also, your premiums will increase if you test positive. For instance, a consumer will wish to quit smoking if they are applying for a policy.

Once more, you want to make sure that your loved ones receive the entire death benefit when you pass away. If the carrier suspects you are lying, they may in some circumstances ask you to do additional tests.

Thus, candidates for life insurance may be required to submit to a hair or saliva test. They will help the carrier by picking up on any substances, including nicotine.

Carriers typically do nicotine tests, so if you misled on your application, the carrier might just reject you outright. So even if you tested positive, it’s always preferable to be honest. So simply be honest, knowing that they have a more thorough means of testing to detect nicotine.

The other choice is to apply for coverage without a life insurance medical test and just pay extra money for it.



Will Medicinal Marijuana Be Covered by Insurance? Clients frequently ask this question. Toby Bloom, President of Integrity Insurance, stated that even if a medicinal weed customer is endorsed, there is a chance they will have a rating as a smoker. Most backup plans would contemplate therapeutic weed clients “following restorative records survey,” Bloom added.

Marijuana Use On The Underlying Condition treatment, What’s The Rating Class?

Life Insurance and Medicinal Marijuana

According to Woods, medical marijuana is intended to aid in the treatment of “crippling indications.” Whatever the case, seriousness is a personal matter and subject to interpretation.

Restorative marijuana is a double-edged sword: if the underwriter doesn’t think your ailment is real, you’ll be treated like a recreational customer and given a higher rating, with excessive use potentially resulting in a downgrade.

Having said that, the condition is also likely to be uninsurable despite being considered to be honest (AIDs, disease and severe joint inflammation are a few illustrations).

The cost of the coverage will be considerable regardless of whether the actual condition is insurable.

Wait patiently for the administration to clarify its guiding principles regarding the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. In the future, marijuana might be a common treatment for everything from minor aches to terminal cancer.

Life Insurance Test Marijuana

If you Smoke Weed, Whatever you do, Always Tell The Truth On Your Application!!

This applies to both marijuana users and non-users of the drug. Lying on an application is the worst thing you can do! Furthermore, you will be stigmatised and it can be challenging to obtain a policy in the future if the carrier finds out and declines you.

I’ve had clients who were turned away because they lied about using marijuana. Also, if you get away with lying and pass away, the corporation may challenge the policy.


Remember, give the truth even if you reside in a state where marijuana is illegal. In the end, underwriters are not covert members of the police.

Keep in mind that the life insurance provider wants to charge you as much as they can.


If I act as your agent, you may be sure that, not only will you receive the greatest deal based on your honesty, but also that your death benefit will be secured as a result!

Life Insurance Blood Test THC


How would using marijuana effect me? Underwriters typically demand paramedical exams from their clients, which also include blood and urine tests. except if you’re applying for a no-exam policy, of course.

Depending on how frequently the client uses cannabis, THC can be detected in a blood test for life insurance between 3 and 14 days after consumption.

Depending on the amount consumed, marijuana can be detected in urine for up to a month. In actuality, fat cells store THC. Activities that make you sweat will speed up the metabolic rate by causing it to be burned off more quickly.

Recall that marijuana is tough to conceal, whether it is found in blood or urine. Be sincere with your insurance provider at all times.

Where can you buy medical marijuana?

You are able to legally purchase medical cannabis if you are a marijuana patient. As of December 2018, 33 states and 10 states for adults had approved medical marijuana. An ID card is necessary for any medical use.

There is a medical marijuana programme offered by the department of health. As of July 2014, the Compassionate Care Act had been made a law by New York Governor Cuomo.

This initiative keeps an eye on medical marijuana sales. ensures that it is properly administered to safeguard the health and safety of the general public.

The list of conditions that medical marijuana treats includes glaucoma, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and more. State-legalized medical marijuana is increasingly turning out to be our clients’ only hope.

But, before beginning any new medication or treatment, always speak with your general care physician or a physician who specialises in internal medicine.

There are several dispensaries all across the United States; these are just a few random locations where you can go:

  • Riverhead, New York’s Columbia Care Dispensary.
  • Milford, Connecticut’s Arrow Alternative Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary.
  • REN Health | Milford, Connecticut Medical Marijuana Physician, Dr. Alex Bibikau, M.D.
  • Clinics of Florida for Medical Marijuana Therapy, Summerfield, Fla.

What do the companies test for when buying life insurance?

During an exam, the carrier will check for a variety of items. In addition to testing tobacco and marijuana, they are also testing:

  • Cholesterol
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • HIV
  • Triglycerides

Also, they may discover health issues or limitations during your checkup that you were not even aware you had. Additionally, they can even ask you to visit your doctor for additional consultations, depending on what the tests reveal.


Tell your agent the truth in all respects!

We are aware that we just made it clear how much you must abstain from smoking in order to pass your medical exam. Once more, we must exert pressure on you to tell the truth to your insurance company.

In the event that they reject your coverage after learning you lied to them. Also, even though that company won’t reject you, finding coverage from other carriers will be difficult. The majority of them run the risk of rejection.

Get assistance from your agent in locating the top marijuana-friendly businesses.

In the unlikely event that the carrier discovers that you lied to them, they will file a complaint with the Medical Information Bureau, or MIB. Consider the MIB to be similar to your credit report.

In general, you cannot simply miss a payment on one credit card and then agree to take another Visa without paying a penalty. The same is true for protection: you cannot lie to one insurance company and hope that other organisations won’t find out about it.


There are various things you can do to lower your premiums if you use marijuana and are searching for affordable term life insurance.

Naturally, a lot of these involve actions that Anybody can take to reduce their rates, such enhancing general health through a good diet and frequent exercise, lowering weight, quitting tobacco products, etc.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the most crucial thing you can do as a marijuana user to obtain the most reasonable life insurance rates is to compare life insurance quotes. It is imperative for those who fall into the high-risk category to compare businesses.

In example, there are many varied viewpoints on marijuana. With so many recently passed restrictions still in effect at the federal level, some insurance providers may be more liberal with marijuana users, while others may still classify them as cigarette smokers when they apply for life insurance.

Employing an independent agent will enable you to compare options and get any queries you may have answered.

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Even if you use marijuana, you should constantly search for low-cost life insurance rates. We can help you locate an inexpensive plan that will suit your lifestyle needs and financial constraints because so many carriers are now providing coverage to people who use cannabis recreationally or medicinally. Don’t worry about privacy—we will keep your information to ourselves! Fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us right away, and we’ll handle the rest. Your needs for life insurance are our first priority!