Smokeless tobacco users are frequently forgotten while discussing life insurance. Many people have consciously chosen to stop smoking as a result of growing public understanding of its risks. Sadly, this doesn’t always result in quitting using smokeless tobacco, which could have detrimental effects on one’s health.

Using smokeless tobacco raises your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in addition to cancer. Before making any judgements regarding your future with life insurance coverage, it’s crucial for you to comprehend these possible side effects!

Smokeless Tobacco and Life Insurance Rates

How do cigarettes effect you? Health insurance and life insurance both…

It’s crucial to understand that even if you only use smokeless tobacco, the majority of life insurance companies will rate you as a smoker.

Using smokeless tobacco will not only triple the rates, but it will also have long-term negative health effects on your body. We’ll concentrate on the carriers who won’t charge you a nicotine/tobacco rate.

But first…

Once more, using smokeless tobacco can make it difficult to get a good deal on life insurance. In reality, there are a number of things that insurance companies take into account before deciding whether or not to cover you. Moreover, what much they’ll pay to insure you.

Smokeless tobacco usage surely affects your life insurance prices. Bad habits might also make insurance firms view you as a high-risk client. Individuals stop smoking every day, yet they continue to deal with the effects of smoking or drinking even after they stop.

Whether using regular cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, the hazardous compounds can result in cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is a major public health concern in the modern world.

If you smoke, high-risk life insurance firms will want to know. Yet, if you use smokeless tobacco, it is still possible to acquire fairly priced life insurance.

In general, you will pay a higher premium because using tobacco products puts your health at danger.

How Does Using Smokeless Tobacco Affect My Life Insurance Rates

Overall, it is dependent on the insurance provider. Moreover, studies have shown that using smokeless tobacco is less dangerous than smoking.

If you use smokeless tobacco, you should look for a company that does not treat all tobacco users equally.

Once more, the majority of carriers will classify the customer as being in the same group as smokers, which will, in turn, cause the rate to, at best, double!

Choose an insurance provider that has far more relaxed policies about smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco is less dangerous than smoking tobacco, as we well know.

In fact, this is the reason we constantly advise comparing quotes from several life insurance providers.

The greatest possibilities will be pointed out to the consumer by locating an independent agent.


Smokers will have a much tougher time finding affordable life insurance, much alone a term life insurance policy, even though there may be many firms that are liberal towards people who use smokeless tobacco.

They’ll probably have to pay prices more in line with those of persons who suffer from significant illnesses like type 1 or type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, or a history of heart attacks.

If you need further incentive to quit, you should know that if you give up smoking 12 months before applying for life insurance, your premiums may be reduced by 50%.

This is so that you can get a typical life insurance rate from several firms after quitting for a year. After 3 years of quitting smoking and abstaining from tobacco, several carriers will offer the preferred best prices.

If you decide to continue smoking, be prepared to be classified as a high risk customer by life insurance companies and to pay two to three times as much as nonsmokers. Nonetheless, many people would rather spend less on their life insurance.

Layering term insurance can also help you save more than 50%, as we can demonstrate. Hence, if you chew tobacco, Prudential and Lincoln Financial are your best bets.


For one thing, chewing tobacco results are severe and might be from an array of health conditions. Chewing tobacco is specifically linked to a number of serious health issues, including as oral cancer, elevated blood pressure, gum disease, low sperm count, and erectile dysfunction.

The CDC made the ensuing gum consequences and data available to the public (Center for Disease Control).


  • Smokeless tobacco includes 28 carcinogens (carcinogens).
  • Smokeless tobacco raises the chance of developing oral cavity cancer and is a recognised cause of prostate cancer.

Oral Fitness

  • Leukemia, a precancerous tumour of the soft tissue at the mouth that appears as a white patch or plaque that cannot be scraped off, has been linked to smokeless tobacco use.
  • Gum disease, dental decay, and tooth recession are all linked to using smokeless tobacco.

Reproductive Fitness

  • Preeclampsia, or a condition that can involve hypertension, fluid retention, and swelling, as well as early birth and low birth weight, are all risks that are increased by using smokeless tobacco during pregnancy.
  • Men who use smokeless tobacco experience lower sperm counts and malformed sperm cells.

Nicotine Dependence

  • Nicotine addiction could occur from using smokeless tobacco.
  • Smokeless tobacco users are more likely to start smoking cigarettes as adults.


The percentages of adults who used smokeless tobacco in 2009 are shown below.

  • 3.5% of all adults (aged 18 and over)
  • 7.0 percent of men
  • 0.3% of women
  • 1.0 percent of African Americans
  • 5.7% of American Indian/Alaska Natives*
  • 0.5% of Asian Americans
  • 1.1 percent of Hispanics
  • 4.5% of whites

Percentage Of High School Students Who Were Present Smokeless Tobacco Users In 2009

  • 6.1 percent of all high school students
  • 11.0% of men
  • 1.5% of guys
  • 1.8 percent of African Americans
  • 1.5% of Asians
  • 4.6 percent of Hispanics
  • 7.5 percent of whites

Proportion of adolescents, including middle school students, who now use smokeless tobacco in 2009

  • 2.6% of middle school students cigarette users
  • 4.1% of men
  • 1.2 percent of females
  • 1.7% of African Americans
  • 2.0 percent of Asians
  • 3.4% of Hispanics
  • 2.8% of Whites

Go here to see the CDC Smokeless Tobacco website, where you may find these facts.

You should be aware that smokeless tobacco contains heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper, mercury, and selenium. The same as normal cigarettes, these can be hazardous.


Using smokeless tobacco comes in a wide variety of mouth-to-mouth forms. If you test positive for nicotine during an examination, the majority of life insurance providers will classify you as a smoker. Yet, we are aware of those who won’t as long as there is an admittance on the application!

Some of the most typical ones are as follows:

Using tobacco orally, orally, or spit

  • This variety of tobacco is available as loose leaves, plugs, or spins that may or may not be flavoured. when chewed or positioned in the gap between the cheek and teeth or gum. Through the cells of the mouth, nicotine is consumed through tobacco. Brown saliva that has permeated the tobacco is spit out (or swallowed) by the customer.

Tobacco for dipping or snuffing, Skoals/Copenhagen

  • Finely ground tobacco sold in cans or pouches is known as snuff. It may have flavourings added and is offered as moist or dry.
  • Consuming moist snuff involves sandwiching it between the gum and cheek or lower lip. The mouth tissues are where nicotine is absorbed. Moist snuff is also sold in little pouches or sachets that resemble tea bags. It is positioned between the cheek and the gum. They are meant to be both “smoke-free” and “spit-free” and advertised as a covert way to make use of tobacco.
  • The powdered version of dry snuff is sold and is inhaled or sniffed up the nose.

Flavored, dissolveable varieties of tobacco have been developed by the tobacco industry. They come as toothpick-sized sticks, strips (like melt-away breath strips), tobacco lozenges, spheres, or pellets.

Several of them resemble candy quite a bit and some of them also have chocolate or sweeteners. All contain nicotine and tobacco. Depending on the type, they are either sucked, chewed, or retained in the mouth until they dissolve. Eventually, the juices are ingested.

Is vaping preferable to smoking

Is vaping more secure than smoking, in my opinion?

My response is no. Your health will be compromised even if you don’t smell like cigarette smoke! The following are some harmful impacts of vaping:

  • Thirst increase causing dehydration
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Develop nosebleeds
  • Smokers cough

Although it contains propylene glycol, it is less dangerous than traditional cigarettes (this is what causes the nosebleeds, it dries out the inside of your nose.)

Moreover, it contains diacetyl, commonly referred to be “popcorn lung”.


Should you consider tobacco, working with an independent life insurance broker like PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists can help you acquire a non-smoker life insurance plan. Life insurance firms have contracts with suppliers who are aware of the specialisations. Top Quote Only a few life insurance companies will take into account the costs of smokeless tobacco, so make sure you’re applying for the tobacco life insurance policy coverage.

The Straight Dope on Chewing Tobacco

  • Three cartons of cigarettes’ worth of nicotine are found in one can of snuff.
  • According to reports, smoking cigarettes is easier to give up than smokeless tobacco.
  • Oral cancer is about 50% more likely to be diagnosed in long-term smokeless tobacco users than in non-users.


And now for the details! A few life insurance companies, for instance, are understanding of the occasional cigar, dip of chewing tobacco, vape, or nicotine gum. Nonetheless, using tobacco in any way is unhealthy. Smokeless tobacco isn’t as dangerous as heavy smokers or chewers.

As long as you don’t test positive for nicotine, some life insurance companies permit smoking. If you test positive for smoking but don’t actually smoke, there are insurance companies that will give you rates that are non-smoker.

It’s critical to acknowledge your cigarette use. You’ll typically need to submit to blood testing to check for nicotine. A saliva test may be required for some carriers.

Because of the various nicotine tests the carrier may want you to undergo, it is usually best to just acknowledge what you do. The last thing you want is for the insurance company to dispute the death benefit on the grounds that you lied on the application.

Life insurance companies will test for nicotine and cotinine when the paramedical is finished. The molecule that your body produces when nicotine is present is known as cotinine. This will provide a good estimate of the nicotine content and the time since the last use of cigarettes.

Working with an agent is the best method to find these tolerant life insurers. Even if you frequently chew tobacco, a local member agent can help you weigh your options for life insurance policy coverage.

Best Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

What are the best life insurance providers for me if I smoke?

All things considered, you should perform some background study before selecting a life insurance provider.

Before you get involved, you may obtain a sense of how dependable an insurance business is with the help of rating organisations like A.M. Best. Make sure you only work with the top life insurance providers at all times.

Each life insurance company has a unique medical underwriting process. The trick is to identify those who are most understanding of those who fall into the same categories as you.

Using the previous example, certain life insurance companies may double or treble their rates for users of smokeless tobacco, but other firms may charge users of smokeless tobacco a standard rate.

Prudential Life Insurance Smokeless Tobacco

If buying life insurance is in your future and you chew tobacco, Prudential should be one of your top carriers.

As long as you acknowledge it, you will still receive one of the best prices even though the insurance company will need the applicant to take a smoke test.

Lincoln Financial Group should also be considered as a carrier. If you use cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, they just take your tobacco consumption into account. The 10 year and 20 year term rates will also be improved by LFG.


First and foremost, always be truthful when filling out a life insurance application.

When considering buying life insurance, you might have to get a medical test to be eligible. You might be required to submit to a nicotine test by the life insurance company as part of that assessment.

Smoking will greatly raise the rate. In reality, taking insurance into account will cause a 2-3 fold increase in life insurance rates.

Above all else, this is the reason that everyone who has acknowledged smoking or who has been suspected of smoking should be prepared for a smoking or cotinine test. If your insurance company requests a smoking test, you must submit to it in any case.

Again, there are numerous ways for life insurance companies to identify cotinine and nicotine. The many nicotine tests are listed below:

  • Hair Test
  • Blood Tests
  • Saliva Tests
  • Medical Exam
  • Medical Record History

These are just a few methods by which carriers will learn. I can’t emphasise this enough! Just be truthful!


Above all, the body detects the molecule cotinine when there is nicotine present. Also, it’s the nicotine test for chewing tobacco and other tobacco products used in life insurance.

Moreover, cotinine is linked to nicotine and is used to determine a person’s smoking status. Nicotine is replaced with cotinine because it is less difficult to detect and wash out of the body than nicotine.

As the material may be found in this way, the cotinine urine test is the most common for life insurance.

Nonetheless, some insurance providers could ask for blood or hair tests to check the substance.

For instance, a blood or hair test will be required if the insurance company has any reservations about your claims. This occurrence is quite uncommon! ) is a……………………………

Cotinine does persist in the bloodstream a little longer than it does in a urine test, but it will be present in the hair for a considerable amount of time.


Insurance companies favour this kind of analysis for a variety of reasons. Thus, let’s start with the obvious truth that it may be able to identify the use of various cigarettes, smoke, and oral marijuana products.

  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Pot
  • E-Cigarette Products
  • Cigars
  • Nicotine Gum and Patches

Life Insurance For Tobacco Users


For people searching for life insurance, particularly high-risk clients, hiring an independent insurance agent can be very advantageous. This is so that those who are high risk, like smokers, won’t likely have to pay as much.

Yet, you might be able to acquire a policy at a significant discount with the aid of an independent insurance agent. A smart agent will locate a business that is likely to provide you a standard rate if you use smokeless tobacco.

The first rule of life insurance purchasing is to compare quotations. You can save a lot of time and effort by hiring an agent to conduct this research for you.

You can always check into no medical exam life insurance if you believe that your health problems, such as uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, will prevent you from being accepted.


PinnacleQuote is here to assist, first of all. Click here for help selecting the best smoking cessation programme.

Second, contact one of our agents, who will be able to address all of your inquiries.

Finally, we can assist in connecting you with the top life insurance providers and locating the most affordable coverage for you. Last but not least, working with us will enable you to save a substantial amount of time, effort, and money.


Above all, you should ensure that you choose an independent agent versus a captive representative when looking for life insurance.

In reality, 49 states have granted PinnacleQuote a licence as a nationwide independent life insurance agent. has connections with dozens of carriers at the same time. In any case, if you’re seeking for a straightforward procedure, let PinnacleQuote lead the way.

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PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Experts Owner/Agent Danny Ray


It’s crucial to understand that even if you just use smokeless tobacco, most life insurance companies will still classify you as a smoker. This indicates that your rates will probably be higher than those of frequent smokers, and they won’t ever decrease. So don’t panic; we can assist in helping you find the appropriate coverage at a reasonable cost. Contact us right away so that one of our helpful specialists can go over your alternatives without putting you under any pressure and let us do the work for you. You deserve the comfort of knowing that there is LIFE INSURANCE FOR SMOKELESS TOBACCO USERS as well as some fantastic savings.