After a long day, lighting up a cigar is a terrific and tasty way to unwind. These can be enjoyed on the porch by oneself, with family, or even with friends. But did you know that smoking cigars may raise your life insurance premiums if you’re over 50?

Before lighting up their next stogie, cigar aficionados should be aware of this information even if it’s not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. For your benefit, we have some advice to assist keep your life insurance prices reasonable. Put down those Cubans and continue reading to learn more about cigar smokers’ life insurance!

Does smoking cigars affect life insurance ~ everything you need to know now!

Get Life Insurance Even If You Smoke Cigars

Do cigar smokers qualify for life insurance? Before providing you with a quote when you apply for life insurance, the firm will take into account a number of criteria.

The cost of life insurance can be significantly impacted by habits like cigar smoking. Thus, not nearly as much as it would be if you smoked cigarettes.

In each of these categories, some of the finest life insurance companies have varying medical underwriting standards. To discover the greatest life insurance coverage for you, it is crucial to compare rates from a number of the finest life insurance providers.

If you’re seeking for life insurance after a DUI or with multiple sclerosis, these would affect your pricing significantly. One of the most common term life insurance policies is one that lasts for 20 years.

What if I only Smoke Cigars Occasionally

How often do you smoke cigars? As previously stated, you should always research multiple life insurance providers, such as Banner Life Insurance.

Finding a firm that does not lump cigar and cigarette smokers into the same category is important because doing so will surely increase the cost of the coverage.

In reality, if your urine tests positive for cotinine, the majority of carriers will take this particular risk into account. Also, unless cotinine is present, life insurance policies held by those over 75 will not be impacted.

So, what does life insurance consider occasional cigar smoking to be? Although it’s not certain, it is possible to demonstrate that you are nicotine-free on a medical exam if you occasionally smoke cigars. But, while applying for life insurance, you should always be truthful and be sure to disclose any current medical concerns that may have an impact on your health.

If an insurance provider discovers that you smoke, they’ll probably classify you as high-risk. In general, smokers can anticipate paying twice as much for life insurance as non-smokers do! In most circumstances, they won’t rate yours differently if you smoke cigars and have treated cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Yes! Some of the best life insurance providers have policies that won’t classify you as a high-risk group with smokers. The majority of the cases, nevertheless, a nicotine test is required before you can receive these top life insurance prices. Some carriers will not allow you to smoke a cigar if you have diabetes.

How Does Cigar Smoking Impact Life Insurance?

You shouldn’t be paying incredibly expensive rates if you simply smoke a few cigars per month or fewer.

Hence, be sure to keep looking if you receive a quote that appears excessively exorbitant. Most importantly, costs for life insurance vary from company to business.

You may always work with an agent to assist you in this. We at PinnacleQuote will know just which businesses to introduce to you.

Our clients will benefit greatly from knowing which organisations have flexible medical underwriting policies.

We may even be able to help you save a significant amount of money on your affordable life insurance plan.

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company, for instance, has some excellent underwriting niches for smokers of cigars and pipes. You’ll be seen as paying non-tobacco prices. Nonetheless, be open and truthful about all medical conditions as well as your smoking habits.


Many cancers continue to be linked to smoking cigarettes. Lung, mouth, and throat cancers are a few of the cancers mentioned. In addition to being strongly linked to cardiovascular illness and lung disorders, smoking is also strongly linked to pancreatic cancer, as is the case with all types of cigarette use.

The fact that cigars have a far higher tobacco concentration than cigarettes is one of the underappreciated aspects of cigar smoking.

In truth, this may be accurate, at least in part, as it may take one or two hours to smoke a large cigar. You should also take into account how secondhand smoke affects those in your immediate vicinity.

If you’re a true intermittent cigar smoker, that many insurance carriers deem this to be one cigar per month or not, you can be eligible for non-smoking rates. If, as is typical when smoking cigars, you do not inhale, you may also be eligible for flat-rate levels.

In these cases, you would have to have very little to no cotinine in the urine samples you give to the doctor during your physical.

Your body detects that molecule when nicotine is present in the bloodstream. It’s crucial to carefully plan your medical exam if you just smoke one cigar per month or less. It might not be a good idea to plan your exam for the morning after the annual poker party.


Cigarettes come with a warning label for a reason, and cigars come in a nice package. Unfortunately, they used candy, chocolate, and fruit flavours to advertise.

Also, cigars are taxed less as singles, unlike a pack of cigarettes that come in a 20 package.

While marijuana use has declined over time, cigar smoking has increased in popularity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, there were over 5% of adults in the USA over the age of 12 who were projected to be 12 million cigar smokers.

The good news is that cigar smoke contains cancer-causing and poisonous chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and non-smokers. Smoke from cigars is actually more toxic than smoke from cigarettes.

Also, using any tobacco product while diabetic may be frowned upon by life insurance providers.

  • A higher degree of toxins: Less porous than smoke wrappers, cigar wraps contain more poisons. Cigar tobacco burns more completely than cigarette tobacco thanks to the nonporous cigar wrapper. As a result, compared to cigarette smoke, cigar smoke includes higher levels of pollutants.
  • A higher degree of Hazardous substances: A greater concentration of dangerous substances: The result of the fermentation process for cigar tobacco is elevated quantities of nitrosamines, which cause cancer. If a cigar is smoked, several compounds are released. Compared to cigarette smoke, cigar smoke has higher quantities of nitrosamines.
  • Excessive amounts of tar: Smoking raises the risk of heart disease and heart attacks regardless of how much you smoke. The hazards will also increase due to nicotine addiction from secondhand smoke.

Why do I need to quit smoking cigars? Lung, esophageal, laryngeal, and nasal cancers are all brought on by smoking cigars. Pancreatic cancer could result from it.

Also, everyday cigar smokers, particularly those who snore, are more likely to develop heart disease and other lung conditions.

Smoking can also cause high blood pressure, cardiac disease, and an increase in heart rate. There are numerous negative health impacts, including long-term ones like chronic obstructive lung disease and withdrawal symptoms.


Visit a local support group to break the habit. Hypnotherapists and nicotine replacement therapy may also be helpful.


When applying for life insurance, you must be completely open about your tobacco use. These businesses are worth billions of dollars.

They always have ways to find out. Just be truthful! If it turns out that you misled about your tobacco usage on a life insurance application, the insurance company may penalise you by reducing your death benefit to the amount that your premiums would have been on a policy for smokers.

This is the epitome of what can go wrong if you are not HONEST!

If you falsely claimed on your application that you had never used tobacco products and were given a 20 year, $1,000,000 term insurance policy for only $49 per month.

Your habit of smoking cigars once a week was revealed by the life insurers during the contestability period. The $1,000,000 face amount of your insurance suddenly becomes $175,000 because it is exactly what the $49/month smoker-rate will cover.

If it turns out that you lied after you pass away, the carrier may contest all or a portion of the death benefit that was supposed to go to your beneficiaries.

Trying to deceive the insurance company is not profitable. Some insurance companies are more tolerant towards cigar users than others. We will therefore make sure to visit all those carriers with your scenario if we are aware in advance that you smoke cigars.

Thus, don’t worry if you light up a cigar to toast the birth of a child, grandchild, or anyone else! In order to safeguard your loved ones, we could still locate you fantastic life insurance rates.

Nobody ever plans to use their life insurance, yet unexpected events do happen. Get a term life insurance quote today for nothing and be ready.


The problem with occasional cigar smoking, though, is that the term “intermittent” is ambiguous. For instance, if you “only” smoke a few cigars a week as a cigar smoker, you can consider yourself a non-smoker.

In contrast, the insurance provider can consider the threshold between a smoker and a nonsmoker to be more than one cigar consumed each month.

According to the life insurance provider’s criteria, if you consume and smoke 8 to 12 cigars per month, you can be considered to be a smoker.

It’s crucial to compare prices and understand which carriers will and won’t offer coverage.

It Is Just Not Worth It To Hide Your Cigar Habit!

Life Insurance and Smoking Cigars

There is a good probability that the insurance provider will discover that you actually smoke. Despite the fact that you might declare on a life insurance application that you do not smoke. It’s just not worth cutting corners. Your loved ones will only suffer if you pass away.

Are Cigar smokers considered smokers

Many customers believe that smoking cigars shouldn’t or doesn’t have any impact on life insurance. Yet, it does so as a result of your health’s risk factors.

Each carrier has its own standards and will evaluate every applicant differently. How frequently do you puff on cigars? Do you have any health issues? As much tobacco as a pack of cigarettes could be found in certain cigars.

It’s not difficult to get life insurance if you smoke cigars. As we have indicated, we strongly advise speaking with an independent agent who can help you navigate the process because they will be aware of which carriers are the most liberalIt depends, really. Do you already suffer from health conditions like emphysema, a history of strokes, or lung cancer? If so, smoking cigars is not recommended.

Check the two charts below to discover how much higher the smoker rates are! Holy smokes, the number of Prudential Life Insurance cigar smokers is significantly higher.

Remember that insurance companies will often define an occasional cigar as one cigar per month or less. If so, you might be eligible for non-smoker rates.

In conclusion, are cigars regarded as smoking? Keep in mind that a full size cigar is regarded as having the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

How long does it take to get tobacco out of your system for life insurance

Really, it depends. often between one and three months after you have stopped. possibly more. If you are classed as a smoker and your rates are high, take this into consideration. Give off cigars for at least a year. Reevaluate your insurance by contacting your agent.

The Hazards of Cigars: Facts

  • Some interesting cigar-related trivia you might not have known:
  • One cigar contains the same amount of tobacco as one pack of cigarettes.
  • Compared to cigarette smoke, cigar smoke is thought to be more harmful and concentrated.
  • By smoking one cigar each day, you raise your risk of developing cancer.
  • Cigar smoking can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Smoking cigarettes can result in tooth loss and gum disease.
  • The number of persons smoking in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years.

Dimensions of cigars:

  • Large Cigars: 5 to 20 grammes of tobacco, 7 inches in length. Will take between one and two hours to smoke.
  • Cigarillos: Cigarillos are tiny cigarettes. tobacco weighing 3 grammes.
  • Little Cigars: Around the size of a cigarette, little cigars. commonly come in packs, much like cigarettes. They have roughly 1 gramme of tobacco.

Help Quitting Cigars and Tobacco

For further information, get in touch with the National Cancer Institute.

Another option is to dial (800) QUIT-NOW.

CLICK HERE if you have any questions about the food and drug administration and smoking cigars.


Yes. One of the most selfless actions one can take is to purchase life insurance. It guarantees the welfare of your loved ones after your passing and guards against their assuming responsibility for your debts or burial costs.

A guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is an option if you are unable to obtain term life insurance.

It’s critical to move quickly. You’re taking a big chance by waiting. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. The fact that life insurance rates vary by age is another justification for not delaying.

For instance, getting life insurance quotes when you’re 30 will be far less expensive than waiting until you’re 50.

Be sure to research any insurance provider before picking them to provide you with coverage. The corporate ratings provided by rating organisations like A.M. Best are a useful resource.

Calculate the amount of whole life or term life insurance you’ll require. This necessitates taking into account a variety of things, including debt, mortgages, and replacing your employment or retirement income.

The worst thing would be to buy a high-risk life insurance plan that doesn’t cover everything that you’ll need. You should consider how many people rely on you for their financial stability.

additionally, future college expenses for your kids. Our best recommendation is to purchase life insurance as soon as possible. Nevertheless, you should also make sure you conduct adequate research and calculations before committing to a policy.


If you smoke cigars and wish to purchase life insurance, the insurance provider may inquire about your smoking habits. Do you smoke cigarettes, for instance? How many cigars do you smoke each day?

How old are you on average? Companies can decide whether to give coverage for smokers like you based on the responses to these questions.

If you have any questions about purchasing life insurance as a cigar smoker, get in touch with us right away so we can assist you!


Jacksonville, Florida’s Duval County is where PinnacleQuote is situated. In 49 states, I hold a licence as a national independent life insurance agent.

I have connections with many carriers. I’ll compare you to many top A+ rated carriers in a matter of seconds.

In any case, if you’re seeking for a straightforward procedure, let PinnacleQuote lead the way.

Hence, we will give you the most competitive life insurance premiums available.

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