Life Insurance After DUI {What You Need To Know}


Consumers in their senior years have concerns about life insurance and how a DUI will influence it. With the aid of a specialist in this area, we are here to respond to all of your inquiries. Continue reading to learn more about the different types, some examples of each type, and reasons why they could be suitable for you.

The intention is to give readers enough knowledge to enable them to choose the policy that best fits their needs.

Can You Get Life Insurance With A DUI

  • Can I Still Get Life Insurance If I Have A DUI On My Driving Record?
  • How can I get the greatest life insurance prices even though I have a DUI?
  • What is the best life insurance for someone with a DUI?

So many inquiries! Let’s start!

When it comes to cheap insurance with DUI or life insurance after a DUI, the effects of a recent DUI—typically within the last 12 months—will prevent a client from obtaining either of these products.

You might be shocked to learn just how many other things an insurance company will take into account when you apply for life insurance.

Effects of DUI on Life Insurance

It’s not just about your general health as a result. In reality, your life insurance will almost probably be impacted by your driving history.

In the end, having a DUI on one’s driving record may result in a drop. This isn’t always the case, though.

Also, you ought to be able to acquire coverage if you have a history of DUI. Yet, it typically takes years of sobriety before you are qualified for the best rates for DUI insurance rates or vehicle insurance after a DUI.

After all, they might view you as a high-risk candidate, raising the cost of life insurance.

How Far Back Do Insurance Companies Check For DUI

Typically, the lookback time lasts 3-5 years or more.

How do insurance providers learn about DUIs? They’ll conduct a DMV search and, perhaps, compile an inspection report.

Also, the fact that you are more likely to “die” with a DUI on your record and have a higher likelihood of future offences is another factor contributing to the increase in your rates.

It is believed that you lead a high-risk lifestyle. Also, it could take some time to find affordable DUI insurance, whether it is for life insurance or auto insurance.

DUI And Life Insurance

Everything you should know about life insurance after a DUI conviction…

Life insurance following a DUI… If you are discovered driving while intoxicated, whether it be a DUI or DWI, you will not only be arrested but your insurance rates will also have gone up.

With a history of alcohol misuse, getting an insurance estimate from your independent agent will be expensive.

But keep in mind that you need to think about more than just your vehicle insurance premiums. The long-term impact this has on your family as well as your mind, body, and spirit.

We will frequently remind you to be upfront with your agent throughout this essay.

You can only acquire the best, most economical prices with the help of your agent.

You do not want your reputation to suffer as a result of your dishonesty. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and driver’s licence are researched by underwriters.

DUI offences and underwriting standards

Table 2 (most carriers charge a flat rate of at least $3.50 or postpone) for a single DUI within the past 12 months

Basic Plus (most carriers have a minimum $2.50 flat) for a single DUI that occurred more than a year ago

Single DUI from more than three years ago: + (most carriers go Standard)

2 DUIs in the last 5 years: Table 5 (most carriers postpone 2-3 years after the last DUI)

2 DUIs from more than 5 years ago Table 2 (the $2 flat rate applies to most carriers)

2 DUIs from more than ten years ago No further rating

Every record will be available. It is preferable to pay a somewhat higher premium than to receive that life insurance denial.

In the end, it will be your family who will be hurt.

Let’s move on.

Does Life Insurance Cover Drunk Driving Death

Is DUI Covered by Life Insurance?

Everything You Need To Know About How A DUI May Keep You From Receiving Life Insurance

A conviction for driving while intoxicated carries a number of long-term repercussions.

such is a suspended licence, probation, a possible jail term, and years of expensive auto insurance.

But, your life insurance rates could be significantly impacted by a DUI conviction. Also, it can impact your ability to obtain it.

The truth is here!

  • If you have had a DUI conviction within the last year, many life insurance companies won’t even consider writing you a policy.
  • If your DUI occurred within the preceding year, some insurance companies may still sell you a policy, but they will charge you more.
  • typically a subpar rate plus a flat fee per 1000. If your DUI was recently, you’ll need to shop around to find a business willing to sell you a policy.
  • If your health also qualifies you for the best rates, it can take five years (or longer, depending on the firm) after a DUI to be qualified for them.

Best Insurance for DUI

Which insurance policy for DUI is the best?

If you were purchasing life insurance before or after would determine this. The bottom conclusion is that the only option if you recently had a DUI and are still in court is an accidental life policy.

But, you should be aware that this accidental policy will not cover death if you get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

It is likely that getting affordable insurance after a DUI will have to wait until after treatment and/or court. Before you can access the top prices, the life insurance provider will also require a few years of consistency.

Will Life Insurance Pay if Drunk Driving

This is a really good query. In reality, you shouldn’t have any problems getting a death claim reimbursed if you are the victim of a drunk driver.

However, the carrier will dispute this if you were drunk at the time of the accident and died.

Would life insurance pay if the insured person dies as a result of drinking and driving?

The likelihood that the carrier will reject the death claim is very high. The recipient will often receive a full refund of all premium payments.

Life Insurance companies That Cover DUI

Once more, when it comes to life insurance following a DUI, several insurers may completely reject candidates who have received a DUI conviction during the previous calendar year.

After just one DUI, many life insurers, including SBLI, Banner, and AIG, make applicants wait several years.

Carriers, however, may need you to wait a decade or two after a DUI before they will consider you for a coverage if you have numerous DUIs.

Insurance companies that do offer cover to those with DUIs often charge higher premiums plus a flat additional fee.

Most life insurance companies will deny applicants their best, “preferred” premiums if they have been found guilty of DUI within the past five years.

regardless of how well they are doing.

Some insurers require consumers to wait ten years after a DUI in order to be eligible for preferred rates.

During three to five years, life insurance providers often do not provide “standard plus” prices, which fall between ordinary and preferred rates.

 Life Insurance Denied Due To DUI 

Do you employ an independent agent?

Impact of DUI on Life Insurance?

Those who apply for life insurance but are rejected are most likely not applying to the correct life insurance firms.

To put it another way, you shouldn’t apply to a few unrelated life insurance firms if you have a DUI on your driving record.

Instead, you should do some research.

After a DUI, life insurance

Thus, we constantly advise evaluating various life insurance providers before making a decision.

After all, underwriting will vary depending on the life insurance company. As a result, there will be a wide range in how the organisations evaluate risk.


In other words, keep trying even if you are rejected once or twice.

Basically, you should maintain applying and maybe research the best life insurance providers to see which one tends to be more understanding towards applicants who have a DUI on their record.

Contacting an independent life insurance agent is the key to get the finest advice and assistance in locating the best quotation!

They are connected to the leading carriers’ underwriting departments.


How likely am I to get approved for life insurance with a DUI? Without a doubt, we’ve already done all of the company comparison.

This situation not only makes it more likely that you will be granted life insurance approval.

Yet, it also improves your chances of obtaining less expensive life insurance.

In actuality, there are additional ways to reduce your life insurance premiums.

One of the finest things you can do, for instance, is to be well-prepared for any inquiries they may make regarding your driving history when you apply.

Most importantly, the likelihood that an insurance provider will accept your application is higher the more truthful and complete your responses are.

Applications with a lot of missing components typically raise questions for life insurance providers.


Buy Life Insurance After DUI

Can I Still Get Life Insurance If I Have A DUI On My Driving Record?

In relation to life insurance following a DUI…

As many insurance companies evaluate each case on its own, you have the opportunity to find an experienced agent who will evaluate your situation favourably.

Some carriers only assess surcharges for a year after a DUI, so delaying use can be advantageous.

If you’re young, you might wish to purchase a temporary accidental life insurance coverage.

Locate a self-employed life insurance agent to assist you in comparing various providers.

Some agents specialise in helping high-risk clients buy life insurance.

AGAIN, It is crucial that you tell your agent and your life insurance provider the truth about your DWI from the beginning. Insurance companies often evaluate applicants’ driving records.

Hence, it is unlikely that you will be able to get away with a DUI from an insurer.

Any fabrications made on an application are considered fraud, and the insurer has the right to cancel coverage for the first two years if the fabrications are discovered.

Thus, they have the right to refuse to pay your beneficiaries. The contestability period is at issue here.

Be prepared to provide a lot of information about your driving history and alcohol consumption.

Treatment, arrests, convictions, and, in some situations, probation will all fall under this category.

Life insurance firms may refuse your application or suggest higher rates if a report of moving offences or medical symptoms of alcohol abuse appears on a medical examination.


Make sure to inquire about the possibility of submitting an application for a premium reduction in a few years with your independent agency or insurer. This will be taken into consideration when choosing a company.

Life Insurance and Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) 


This is precisely what a carrier will consider during the underwriting stage of your life insurance policy following a DUI!

Hence, the only game in town is honesty.

After you sign the applications, the carrier will pull this information two to three days later. Hence, dishonesty will be exposed rather quickly.

It is often referred to as your driving history. Also, your DMV will always understand exactly what you are referring to.

Your MVR will include officially reported violations, such as:

  • traffic tickets
  • Vehicle infractions
  • Accident statistics
  • points on a driving record

DUI convictions, or using marijuana or other substances while intoxicated

Depending on your past, your MVR can include infractions that date back one to two decades.

You can obtain a copy from the DMV in your area. You might need to spend money on your copy.

Go here to find out how to purchase your MVR from your state’s licencing service.

You can fairly accurately predict what your life insurance insurer will think and whether your premiums will be increased once you obtain your copy and review your history.


Here are a few illustrations of questions they might ask you to help explain:

  • Do you currently have probation?
  • Second, has your licence ever been revoked?
  • Third, how many DUI convictions have you had?
  • And last, do you still drink alcohol?
  • Finally, when did you last get a DUI?

In fact, these questions aid insurance firms in determining your degree of risk.

Your life insurance prices could be significantly impacted by this as well. Whether or not the application is approved.

As a result, your rates will be better the earlier you purchase life insurance.

It will be significantly less expensive to purchase life insurance when you are 40 than it will be to wait until you are over 50.

DUI And Getting Life Insurance

Life insurance providers are reluctant to give those with a driving record their lowest rates.

In fact, engaging in behaviour that results in a string of moving offences has a direct impact on the risk that an insurance company assumes.

Several insurance providers may overlook one moving infraction that occurred during the last 36 months.

But, insurance applicants who have multiple moving violations on their record pose a greater danger to the insurance provider.

Because of this, insurance firms now demand greater premiums.

There are a few providers who are willing to offer excellent rates. even if the MRV indicates that you have had two moving infractions in the last three years.

Thus it’s worthwhile to take the time to comparison shop.

In just one phone call, your insurance advisor will compare you to more than 50 companies!


After a DUI, with life insurance…



Above all, when it comes to DUI and life insurance, it is crucial that a person is aware of how their driving past may affect the best rates when purchasing a life insurance policy.

When responding to inquiries on any information pertaining to moving offences, it is imperative to be entirely accurate.

DUI convictions or other dangerous driving practises will have a negative impact on the rate.

For those with spotty driving records, it may be advantageous.

Working with an impartial insurance agent, for instance, who is aware of which insurance companies are frequently lenient.

Finding out which carrier and rates are impacted by an applicant’s driving history is crucial.

Over the years, this will help you save thousands of dollars.

You must know where to look for insurance providers who don’t penalise drivers.

Or, at the very least, be able to pay life insurance rates even with a spotty driving history.

DUI Conviction And Life Insurance

A DUI will often stay on your record for up to 7 years.

That might be permanently recorded on your criminal record.

Your rate will return to normal once the ticket is removed from your driving record.

Bear in mind that your rate may remain high for up to three years.

Depending on the circumstances, the number of violations, etc.

Best Term Life Insurance With DUI

After a DUI, there are actually additional options to reduce the cost of your life insurance.

Getting quotes from several of the best life insurance providers, as an example.

We have already discussed how it can be helpful to be ready to respond to inquiries in order to get the best coverage.

Making a good impression at your medical exam is another suggested strategy for lowering your life insurance costs.

As I’ve previously stated, life insurance firms will charge less to customers who are in good overall health.

Here are a few other actions you may take to reduce the cost of life insurance:

  • Exercise plenty
  • Eat healthily
  • Take measures to reduce your blood pressure
  • Lose excess weight
  • Stop any unhealthy habits —  without question, life insurance for smokers, for example, can cost two to three times more than for nonsmokers. Furthermore, quitting tobacco usage a year before applying will have a significant impact on your quote!

Of course, you could want to skip a medical exam if your health isn’t good. Additionally, there is always the possibility of no medical exam life insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the costs of these plans are typically higher.


How can I file an anonymous DUI report? How can I report a drunk driver? What number do I dial? Call 911 if you witness drunk driving taking place or if you need assistance immediately.

If the following information is provided to local police, they will be able to locate:

  • Where the driver is going
  • Location
  • registration number
  • Describe the driver
  • The brand, model, and colour of the car
  • They can offer advice and recommendations.

The National Council on Alcohol can be reached at 1-800-NCA-CALL.


You can also get counselling and 24-hour emergency lines.

Moms Against Drunk Driving, for instance (MADD).

These hotlines are available around-the-clock to assist you, your family, and victims of drunk driving.

1-877-MADD-HELP is the phone number for MADD.

You have access to assistance at all times!! Never hold back!


We don’t mean to pass judgement; all we want is for you and your family to be secure. Use the button below to request a free estimate from us right now, or call 1-855-380-3300.


In life, defence is always better than offence!

Having said that, contacting your independent licenced insurance agent is your best line of defence in the world of life insurance.

This has been brought up a few times.

A licenced independent agent will have years of expertise with the best carriers in situations like these, Life Insurance after a DUI, and will know which ones to choose.

They will provide you with the finest rates, and once more, they have dependable, long-lasting ties with underwriters.

Please feel free to call PinnacleQuote at (855)380-3300 if you have any questions about life insurance following a DUI.

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