You might be thinking about getting an Index Universal Life insurance policy as a Senior Consumer. You can use the information in this blog article to assist you in making that choice.

It will also address the frequently asked question: Should I buy this kind of life insurance if I have Medigap coverage and am on Medicare?

What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Does it fit your needs?

Above all, I’ll examine Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL) from a variety of angles.

In fact, I’ll deconstruct it in this piece. Additionally, I want YOU, the customer, to be able to decide whether or not this product is right for you.

So, we shall discuss the IUL’s benefits and drawbacks in equal measure. It is in your best interest to be aware of these before selecting a certain type of life insurance coverage.

Remember, it’s crucial to understand these things because eventually, your family will depend on them!

How Does Indexed Universal Life Insurance Work

What Is the Process for Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

The nature of Index Universal LifeWorks The insurance company receives the premiums directly, just like with other life insurance policies. With IUL, however, you have the option to allocate your cash to either an equity index account, a fixed account, or a fixed interest account.

By investing in stocks, bonds, and other types of investments and indexes like the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500, the cash value accumulation can become volatile. As a result, the rate at which your cash value increases is influenced by the performance of your investments.

These insurance policies also provide tax-deferred cash accumulation with a death benefit.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Let’s Begin With the Negatives!

Index universal life insurance plans are hence perpetual life insurance plans. Unless they are? Theoretically, they are.

Making the minimum payment, however, will result in you learning nearly too late that this was not the right product for you. Potential clients who have been contributing to an IUL for decades call me every day! The final result is typically that their cash balance is exhausted or that the insurance provider requests a greater payment to keep the policy in force.

In actuality, you typically can’t afford it when you have a fixed salary. What’s this? The house triumphs!


Why is index universal life criticised so much?

  • Lower face amounts are undesirable.
  • You’ve reached your limit for the accumulation.
  • You are correlated to an index in a bear market.

In this case, either the salesperson did not adequately describe the product, or young customers do not seriously consider death, or perhaps it is a combination of the two.

It’s crucial to understand that there are breakpoint years and that the premiums will rise as a result. Again, if you only make the minimal payments, this is what will happen.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that an IUL is linked to stock indexes, so if the market has a terrible year, your policy will too. This is because the cash value will not be credited with any interest.

To be clear, the objective of an IUL is to gain from upward market moves.

The 30 year term or 20 year term will be a better alternative if you are just starting off with your family and earning the typical pay. Simply purchase the coverage at the lowest cost and put the difference into an IRA or 401k plan. Below, we’ll get into this more detail.

Also, you should be careful to distinguish between the policy’s guarantees and non-guarantees.

Recap On Index Universal Life CONs

To summarise, in my perspective, the biggest drawback is that these insurance typically have higher premiums and are issued at the wrong years—retirement. It takes time for your financial growth to start paying off.

In fact, you will have to pay fees and commission over the first few years. Furthermore, even though investing in an index fund on your own can be more profitable, the insurance company has complete control over your investments.

The main drawback, though, is that the premiums for these products are frequently very costly. It takes time for your financial growth to start paying off. In fact, you will have to pay a commission over the first few years.

Furthermore, even though investing in an index fund on your own can be more profitable, the insurance company has complete control over your investments. IUL might not be the ideal choice for seniors over 75 looking for life insurance.

The PROs Of Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life Index’s Advantages Because of the cash value build-up in universal life, you can profit from rising market trends. Thus your cash value is also on the rise when the market is soaring!

Also, the growth of your cash value is tax-deferred. In fact, if the market is bullish and your cash worth rises, your premium payments may be covered. Your premiums are therefore flexible.

You have no yearly contribution caps with IULs, which is often true and one of their main selling points. That’s correct! So, for whom is this policy ideal? Deferred compensation tax write-offs sought by business owners!

In fact, you might have made a good profit on that stock or real estate sale. If you wish to put off paying taxes, an IUL might serve as a nice storage space. Returns on investment annually might be as high as 13–15%. It’s much better than the banks’ meagre performance. 25%. These regulations are designed for excessive funding!

A universal index life insurance policy has the potential to build up a significant cash value while providing guaranteed protection against turbulent markets, which is a great advantage.

Is Indexed Universal Life Good


Indexed universal life insurance advantages

  • Compared to other permanent life insurance policies, this policy is inexpensive (but be careful! (See above)
  • Cash Value benefits from an uptrend in the market.
  • Adjustments can be made to premiums, sub-accounts, and face amounts.
  • Distributions are simple to access and are free of charge at any time.
  • Countless Contributions


In conclusion, these regulations are frequently quite flexible. Your payments can be tailored however you desire. Also, the majority of policies come with a guarantee. No matter how well the index performs, this guarantee ensures that you will be accruing some sort of annual cash build-up (i.e., a minimum of 2%).

When purchasing an IUL policy, you need be aware of a few factors, which we’ll cover below. Bottom line: Unless you have a game plan with your CPA or CFP, I am not a fan of this product. I frequently witness customers being harmed by this product. here…

Another important aspect is that both the agent and the insurance companies profit greatly from these policies. With these goods, agents occasionally receive extensions for up to ten years.

Understanding the various life insurance policy types will therefore enable you to select the one that is best for you and your family. Give us a call, and we’ll assist you with your research!

About wraps up the benefits and drawbacks of indexed universal life; if you have any other queries, please get in touch with me!


First of all, if you have some money that you don’t want to sit in the bank earning peanuts, IULs are a great investment instrument. especially if you increase your return and interest. These items are also excellent for deferred pay for businesses seeking tax breaks.

So, I concur that using an IUL for these purposes won’t put you in danger under these circumstances. Once more, you must have a goal. So, in this instance, I support investing in index universal life.

But, this is not the greatest option if all you’re interested in is a cheap premium payment and a life insurance coverage. I concur with Suzy Orman and Dave Ramsey’s recommendation to buy term and invest the difference.

Again, using indexed universal life insurance for retirement will put you behind the eight ball if you do not over-fund or pay more into this policy.

Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance Good For Retirement

Individually using an IUL policy for retirement is not recommended, and it’s surely not my first choice.

But, if funded properly, it can offer benefits, particularly in an economy with high interest rates. Furthermore, mutual funds or stock market investing may be your cup of tea if you’re seeking a more riskier return.

Using an IUL for a deferred compensation plan might have a lot of benefits if you are a business owner. If you use a nonqualified deferred compensation plan, you can make deferred compensation contributions for key employees to keep them on staff without having to pay taxes on the payments.

Often, a remuneration package for a prominent individual includes $1,000,000 in life insurance.

Index Universal Life Insurance vs 401k

In general, a 401k plan is all you need for retirement planning if you work as an employee who reports to work every day and punches a clock with the intention of staying for at least 20 years before retiring.

A generous salary package will help a company keep a vital employee who is a benefit to the business, though.

An NQDC is a little more than insurance coverage because it provides a chance to obtain income tax-free after retirement. As a result, taxes and income are postponed while the employer contributes.

Also, the average participation rates are 11.65%, which is far higher than a bank! Hence, you may simply take loans against the cash value when you retire as it multiplies over the years.

Zero-interest loans are convenient because it’s like having your own bank. Read more on infinite banking to learn more about operating your own bank.

What Companies Offer Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Top Ten Index Businesses Universal Life

We haven’t exactly been complimentary of the IUL product, after all. We have a valid cause. A lot of life agents have cheated their clients by touting the benefits of their low cost and potential returns.

Not teaching people about the drawbacks. Again, these items are fantastic for specific situations, but they are not universal. Exercise due diligence!

The top 10 IUL companies are listed below.

  1. Pacific Life
  2. American National-Best Living Benefits Built-In with cashback Features
  3. North American
  4. Lincoln Financial Group
  5. John Hancock
  6. AIG
  7. Principal
  8. Prudential
  9. Protective Life
  10. Mutual Of Omaha

Call me at any of the lines listed if you want to learn more about any of these carriers. We are Nationwide Independent Agents.

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It’s okay if you believe that universal index life insurance policies are not suitable for you. There are several different life insurance alternatives available. Choose the well-liked whole life insurance or term life insurance for a less difficult policy.

The simplest and most affordable type of life insurance is called term life insurance. These policies provide coverage for 10, 20, or 30 years, depending on the plan. If you decide to do so later, you can choose to have your term life insurance policy renewed.

Term life insurance is the most cost-effective option for people who want coverage for a limited time, such as until their children reach adulthood or until their mortgage is paid off. As long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums, your term life insurance will continue to protect you.

Of course, cash value growth is not a feature of term life insurance. In fact, if you decide to get a new coverage later in life, your rates can increase dramatically. Moreover, layering term life insurance contracts might help you save more than 50%.


One of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make is how much life insurance you should buy. Before determining how much life insurance you’ll need, you should take into account the following:

  • Mortgages and Debts – One of the main goals of life insurance is to keep your family from inheriting any of your debts after your passing. When deciding on the amount of life insurance, determine how much you owe.
  • Substitute Income – After your death, individuals who depended on you for money will no longer be able to profit from your income. You could want your life insurance policy to provide coverage for replacing your income.
  • Final Costs —The average cost of a funeral is $10,000. Last expenses are a significant financial burden to leave your loved ones, which is why life insurance plans frequently pay for them.

Go here for more useful details about cash value life insurance policies and how they operate.

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Which Is Better Whole Life vs Indexed Universal Life

These two are the first that come to mind when considering permanent life insurance. The two, however, differ greatly from one another.

Should I purchase whole life insurance

What a wonderful question! Let’s learn more about this permanent life insurance’s properties. These types of insurance are most frequently used as burial or final expenditure policies. Sometimes it’s utilised as a long-term cash flow tool with a single payment, a 7-year payment, or a 20-year payment term.

These are some things to think about:

  • Depending on the company, you can earn dividends
  • You can borrow against the cash value
  • Fixed premiums
  • The death benefit is guaranteed as long as you continue to pay your premiums. 

Whole life is employed as an unlimited banking technique, which is another rationale. Here are some drawbacks to living a full life:

  • Little Cash Value Early On
  • Rate of Return is small
  • Dividends Fluctuate

Benefits of IUL Index Universal Life

Is investing in indexed universal life insurance a wise choice? Yes, this policy has great advantages if you use it as a means of overfunding.

These are a few advantages of an IUL:

  • Possibility of receiving a high rate of return
  • can obtain a loan
  • Cash Value Increase
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • less expensive than Whole Life

But, if you only get this for the death benefit, you will later regret it when the cost of insurance increases. When insurance costs increase with age, they must find a way to cover the difference if you continue to make the same tiny payment. It typically requires a loan from the face value or cash value.

These are a few drawbacks of IUL:

  • Premiums may rise.
  • Investing performance is not guaranteed
  • Complicated To Understand
  • management fees are difficult to comprehend.


In the long run, hiring an expert can really cost you much less money. The best life insurance carriers can be reached through an independent insurance agent. They’ll know where to get you the most affordable coverage, and they’ll provide you frank and complete answers to all of your queries.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at PinnacleQuote (855) 380-3300 if you have any queries.


Although if INDEX UNIVERSAL LIFE has been available for some time, it’s not too late to join the activity. The business offers low rates but large commissions on life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and other financial goods. In this essay, I’m going to tear down their sales pitch by demonstrating how they trick you into purchasing from them rather than offering a substitute where your money will be used more wisely. The time has come to change! Please get in touch with us right away if you have any inquiries or would want to learn more about the services we provide at our office so that we can help you with all of your questions.