How To Get The Best $25000 Whole Life Insurance Policy


A whole life insurance policy for $25,000? What is 25k worth? You’re in the right spot.

This is your fortunate day if you’re looking for the lowest whole life insurance rates but can only locate offers between $50 and $100K. We’ll demonstrate how modest insurance operate and ensure that whichever level of protection is perfect for YOU!

What Is A 25,000 Whole Life Policy And What Are The Basics

The entire life insurance policy for $25,000 is a fantastic method to give your family security. You may be certain that elders will with three permanent benefits:

1) Never experience a price hike or

2) Coverage should never deteriorate over time!

3) The Policy Is Indefinite (As long term as you pay your insurance premiums)

4. What might be better given that the cash value component is increasing each month as well?

The main purpose of life insurance is to provide people peace of mind, but it may also be quite profitable. You have a $25k insurance policy in case something happens and you need money to take care of yourself or your loved ones. There are no conditions!

If their life otherwise ended prematurely, I believe the majority of people would be content with the thought that they have this kind of protection.

The correct coverage is essential because burial and funeral costs can be high. Buying a life insurance policy with an immediate cash payment option is one method to make sure your loved ones are taken care of; this will give them money for their final expense needs without any worry or delay!

How Much Is A $25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

Here are a few sayings about full life insurance. Depending on your present and previous medical histories, these costs may change. However, if you don’t have any significant health issues or diseases that would raise the cost of your coverage, such as cancer treatment plans, they’re often more cheap.

The Price Of A Whole Life Insurance Policy Covering $25,000 For Men And Women

The actual prices for a $25,000 full life burial insurance plan are listed below.


How Do You Qualify For A $25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

This is just what you need if you’re seeking for a life insurance plan with a minimum coverage of $25,000 dollars. This underwriting procedure won’t involve any medical exams and will be quick and simple.

Read all of the questions carefully before responding because some may seem vague, but rest assured that they have specific meanings because how else do we know if something qualifies as being healthy enough? It’s important to keep in mind which questions can affect wherein price range or if there will even be an offer on the table.

The three outcomes for obtaining a $25,000 permanent life insurance policy are listed below.

Simplified Underwriting (Health Questions, But NO Medical Exam)

The approval times for “simplified” insurance policies are quick. They only ask applicants to provide their responses to a few straightforward health-related questions and their prescription history check-up (if they’ve had one recently). They don’t demand medical tests or surveys.

Most applicants complete the procedure in less than 15 minutes on average, however it could take days if your insurance company wants more details before approving you.

Guaranteed Issue (No medical Questions)

Above all, they are the kinds of life insurance plans that you often receive in your mailbox or watch on TV with a paid spokesperson. However, we only make this kind of medicine available to people who are really unwell and have pre-existing diseases, such as people with cancer, dementia, or fatal illnesses.

Therefore, if you are not seriously ill, DON’T GET THIS POLICY since the price will be 30% more and there will be waiting times.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods may be a tough business in the insurance sector. Above all, guaranteed issue life insurance providers will delay paying out on death benefits for any non-accidental deaths for two to three years.

However, they will add an additional 10% and refund all premiums. Please read carefully since this waiting period only applies to specific plans with health questions, therefore it is crucial to keep that in mind. Additionally, some will only provide up to 20,000, therefore there are 25,000 entire life plans available.

Prices for these plans tend to be substantially higher since, as you might expect, the insurers are taking on greater risk when they don’t know anything about their applicants. The fact that everything is so nebulous and optional also means that you have an even bigger financial load!

Traditional Whole Life Has Stricter Underwriting but Still No Exam

The ease of not having to have a medical exam is still available with the policies with these lengthier and tighter underwriting standards. If your health is in good shape or you desire an investment that pays dividends when accepted, it’s worth checking out as approval might take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Lowest Rate

Finding the cheapest life insurance policies can be done easily online. With only that, though, you won’t be able to accomplish much, and it’s not for lack of information either!

There are many businesses that don’t provide their services online, so if you want lower prices than what your current carrier gives, we advise looking into registered agencies as they can make it simpler for everyone to get reasonable coverage.

Calling US is the best approach to receive a great rate on your entire life insurance coverage!

Many people believe that finding the best rates on whole life insurance is all about comparing different companies, but in order to achieve such rates when purchasing a policy worth $25,000, an independent agent is required. is an expert in this field!

As a final reminder, avoid gimmicks like Colonial Penn, AARP, and Globe Life, to name a few.

Whole Life Riders

Specific whole life insurance plans can be enhanced with one of four different types of riders to increase their features and advantages.

Waiver of premium: Policyholders who have waived their premiums will still be obligated to pay the premium in the case of disability.

Accelerated death benefit: The insurance provider will pay a portion of the policy’s face value if a policyholder is terminally ill and has less than a year to live.

Check your policy to determine if it automatically includes this rider without additional cost from the insurance provider. For instance, the company might pay you $750,000 if your coverage is for $1 million.

Term life rider:  Adding a term life rider will raise the death benefit of your whole life insurance policy.

You can add a term life insurance policy and enhance the death benefit of your whole life policy at a cheaper cost than if you increased the death benefit on the whole life policy.

Guaranteed buy option rider: If you have this rider, you can increase your life insurance by $50,000 when you turn 60 without having to undergo a medical examination.

For instance, a healthy 30-year-old can increase his life insurance by $50,000 when he becomes 60.

What Are My Options If I can’t Afford A $25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

Your greatest choice for life insurance protection is to work with a well regarded independent agency. In the event of their passing, funeral and burial arrangements can be customised to match any budget, ranging from $2k to $50k!

Our Top 3 Carriers For $25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

Your medical history should be taken into account while choosing the finest final expenditure insurance provider. By doing this, we can discover a solution that will satisfy all of our requirements, safeguard us from any emergencies or issues that may arise in the future, and give us today’s peace of mind.

These three represent our top picks, with American Amicable and Liberty Bankers just missing out.

Mutual of Omaha

Living Promise Level, a product

Age range available: 45 to 85

Health-Related Questions:

No waiting period

A+ rating from AME Best Company (superior)

For seniors in good health, the firm has a fantastic policy with immediate coverage and incredibly low costs. This will be your best choice if you meet the medical requirements!


Accendo Level/Continental Life is the product.

Age range available: 40 to 89

Health-Related Questions:

No waiting period

Rating from AM Best: A (excellent)

Seniors with certain medical conditions like lupus, bipolar illness, or COPD may find this plan to be a terrific option. This is another top-notch insurance provider to take into account with day one coverage! Additionally, they provide discounts if you have an AETNA-affiliated medical product. Making this item a preferred choice for elders over 80.

Greek Catholic Union Life

Product: Outside Benefit

Age range available: 45 to 85

Health-Related Questions:

No waiting period

Rating from AM Best: A (excellent)

Since 1892, GCU has been in existence. They are a nonprofit fraternal organisation. They offer non-smoker rates for other tobacco products besides cigarettes as well as underwriting niches for COPD, CAD, Chronic Hepatitis, MS, and other conditions. They also break the bank in terms of price!

Do I Need A $25,000 Whole Life Policy

For someone who wants to pay for funeral expenses, this coverage amount is ideal. No matter what other costs are left over, the recipient is free to utilise the funds in this plan insurance as they like!

What about these policies do you like most?

They’ll relieve your remaining family members of any load if they have unpaid last utility bills or even medical obligations, so you won’t have to worry about attempting to balance everything else after their passing.

$25000 Policy May Be Good For:

  • The level of coverage
  • Failure to qualify for a fully underwritten insurance owing to heath difficulties
  • level insurance premiums
  • avoiding medical examinations
  • No savings for final expenses
  • true lifetime insurance
  • Pay for final expenses

Will $25000 Be Enough

It is important to take financial threats seriously, which is why life insurance is available. Make sure you choose the appropriate sort of coverage for what matters most in this case; $25,000 of coverage can shield your family from lesser costs like last bills or debt left behind.

A whole life insurance policy may appear pricey at first, but it will pay off by offering greater security than any other form could—especially if there is ever an urgent need for money.

Why Is The Best Option For Your Burial Insurance Needs

Many people believe they are not worth the cost, but if you want assurance that your loved one will be cared for in the event of their passing, then doing so might actually be beneficial.

We will guide you every step of the way. Our main objective is to deliver outstanding service by responding to your inquiries and offering the greatest alternatives. But these are the primary three justifications:

1) We are independent and have access to more than 30 A/A+ rated carriers; we do not work for any life insurance companies. You will receive the best rate and value as a result of this.

2) The agents at are experts in simplified whole life and focus on the elderly market.

3) We DO NOT Try to Sell You Anything. Our first concern is providing the best service possible to you. So that you never have to do this again, we want to give you the finest alternative.


The finest 25,000 whole life insurance coverage is one that meets your demands and budget. We can assist you in determining the appropriate level of coverage, whether you want to purchase a term or permanent policy.