How To Get Life Insurance For Stroke Survivors In 2023

Do not give up if you have previously been denied stroke insurance coverage. For stroke survivors looking for life insurance, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Your chances of remaining alive ten years after a stroke are only 30%. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard your finances.

Buying burial insurance is one way to achieve this. You can purchase burial insurance, a sort of insurance, to help cover your final expenses.

On purchase burial insurance, complete the form to the right. Below, you’ll find some useful information regarding this product.

Life Insurance For Stroke Patients

Final Expense Insurance for a Full-Blown Stroke 

Can I get life insurance if I had a stroke?

Having a pre-existing medical condition like a stroke will cause any life insurance or burial insurance company to look at you with more caution.

“The burning question….

Does having a Stroke affect life insurance?”

Do you consider a stroke to be a critical illness?

You or a loved one must first prepare the following in order to avoid confusion about getting the best final expense or burial insurance plan conceivable:

  • Know the day that the most recent stroke was identified.
  • Was it a “mini-stroke,” also known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or a “full-blown” stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident? (CVA).
  • the stroke-related drugs that were prescribed to you and how long you’ve been taking them.
  • Any physical or emotional conditions brought on by your stroke.
  • Before the stroke, did you or anybody in your family have any other illnesses or disorders? such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular disease, or hypertension.
  • smoking history any stroke history in the family
  • What type of burial insurance policy you or a loved one should get will depend on a few factors.

Regardless of your health condition, specialises in getting you same-day coverage.

Can You Qualify For Burial Insurance After A Stroke

What you should know about life insurance for those who have had strokes Most importantly, assistance for stroke victims without insurance may seem hopeless. In actuality, some carriers will be kinder than others.

We’ll provide you these carriers, that’s all.

In most circumstances, it is possible to obtain burial insurance for stroke victims, and yes, that coverage will begin on the day of death.

We have insurance companies that specialise in stroke coverage, and they will even provide you with a level benefit if you had blood thinners prescription the day before.

This particular point is vital! It is possible to get the proper carrier and coverage for your needs from day one.

Some employers will inquire about your most recent stroke. This is due to the fact that a stroke could occur again and we are unsure of its severity.

Within a year after a stroke diagnosis, the majority of final expenditure insurance applications for full-blown strokes will be delayed. In fact, it is likely that insurance companies will produce the most expensive policies.

There may also be a minimum waiting time of two years in specific circumstances. The full death benefits will only be paid to your beneficiaries if you die away within 24 months of approval.

We work with providers who can provide same-day coverage right away!

Companies that provide final expense or burial insurance will provide better payment terms, but still with a minimum 2-year waiting time. Upon application, this is with any form of stroke diagnosis within the last 24 months.

Life Insurance For Stroke Victims

After a TIA, is life insurance still available?

Some insurance providers will provide you with a level policy at a reasonable rate if you wait 24 months after your most recent stroke.

With immediate active insurance protection, there can be some amazing extra features available.

Given the highly unpredictable and sudden nature of strokes, you or a loved one should try to obtain an insurance coverage as soon as you can.

Get in touch with our last expense insurance experts, who have connections to numerous A+ insurance providers.

In any situation that you or a loved one is currently in as a result of a stroke, we will effectively assist you in getting the greatest final expense insurance policy.

Life Insurance After Mini Stroke Vs a Full-Blown Stroke

Funeral coverage and mini-strokes

Does burial insurance have a waiting period? Final expense insurance firms will readily give a final expense insurance level policy for minor strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIA), provided there is no permanent damage to the brain (which is rare with TIA).

The pay rates on this policy are the highest, and it offers instant, active insurance protection that could include some fantastic extra benefits.

Learn more about mini-stroke final expense insurance.

Comprehensive Stroke and Burial Insurance

If you had a stroke, is life insurance still available?

You may be aware that a full-blown stroke or CVA, as opposed to a mini-stroke, is frequently quite serious and may result in death or irreversible brain damage.

Companies that provide insurance will provide a plan to those who have suffered a stroke. In order to relieve their family of any financial concerns, this is being done.

This policy will have a 2-year waiting period and somewhat higher payment rates.


Burial Insurance and Activities of Daily Living Score

This merely denotes a rating based on how well an applicant’s final expense can manage everyday life tasks. like eating, dressing, transferring, bathing, and using the restroom.

In fact, the majority of final expense or burial insurance providers won’t even consider a policy application from a candidate who requires assistance with daily life activities.

We are fortunate to have access to an A+ rated insurance provider who can provide affordable level insurance policies with instant active coverage.

We have another A+ firm that can provide the greatest insurance alternative if you don’t pass with them, but with slightly higher payment rates and a minimum 2-year waiting period.

For applicants who want assistance with ADL, learn more about Final Expense Insurance.

Home health care and insurance for burial

“Is life line screening a good idea?

Yes!!! Be proactive today!”

People with stroke-related disabilities may require assistance with home health care up to and including a lifetime.

We have access to reputable insurance providers who will provide insurance plans for stroke victims. The fees are small, and the coverage begins immediately.

Again, if for whatever reason you are unable to obtain a level coverage, the next best last expense insurance offer will also be provided by an A+-rated insurance provider.

With a minimum 2-year waiting time, the price would be slightly higher.

Burial Insurance and Being In a Nursing Home

In any case, a nursing home is the finest setting to promote a quick recovery in order to return a full-blown stroke survivor to the highest level of functionality.

A guaranteed issue policy with no health inquiries or a review of your medical history is your best choice if you or a loved one will be or is already residing in a nursing home.

Getting The Best Final Expense Insurance After A Stroke

After a stroke, is life insurance still available? In any case, there is no time to spare and it is crucial to locate the best final expense insurance specialists who are accredited by A+ rated insurance businesses and certified in nearly all states.

Your eligibility for a particular product will depend on the type of stroke you had and when it happened.

A TIA or Mini Stroke differs from a Full-blown stroke. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with your agent. Being completely open and honest with your agent is even more crucial if you want them to be able to assist you effectively.

Best Burial Insurance Carrier For After Stroke

You’ve come this far; now let us show you the insurance plan that works best for our clients who have a history of strokes.

In actuality, they are experts in both major and minor strokes. The day after the blood thinners were prescribed, they will also provide you with quick coverage!

As a result, Royal Neighbors of America is our top provider of stroke care!

How Does Burial Insurance Work

After a full-blown stroke, we at will work with you and be there for you every step of the way to finally obtain you the greatest final expense insurance coverage.

Call us right away, and we’ll assist you in finding the greatest final expense insurance. –


In actuality, anyone can have a stroke at any time.

It’s critical for those who are suffering from or have recently recovered from a stroke, as well as their loved ones, to be informed about this crippling condition.

It’s critical to act now to protect yourself from future risk factors by altering your lifestyle if you have high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, or heart disease—all of which may lead to strokes.

Call (855) 468-8900 right away to find out more about how burial insurance works after a stroke or to find out if your family should buy coverage as part of a comprehensive financial plan before tragedy hits.