How To Find The Best Burial Insurance Arizona In 2023 (Rates)

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance Arizona In 2023 (Rates)

It’s not always wise to go with the cheapest burial insurance in Arizona. Finding inexpensive burial insurance is more difficult. Keep in mind that quality matters, particularly when it comes to settling a death claim.

We pledge to offer you the finest protection and value for your particular requirements.

Most individuals see life insurance in terms of the death benefit and how it would provide financial support for their loved ones when they pass away.

However, there are numerous varieties of life insurance, and each has a specific function.

One sort of life insurance called burial insurance is intended to pay for your funeral and burial expenditures.

You might be wondering if you need burial insurance if you reside in Arizona and how to locate the least expensive policy.

We will go over all you need to know about burial insurance in Arizona in this post, including the typical funeral expense in the region and advice on how to choose the best plan for your requirements.

The expense of your funeral and burial arrangements is covered by burial insurance, commonly known as funeral insurance.

These expenses cover the embalming, casket, and burial costs, as well as the transportation of your body to the funeral home.

Other final costs, including as cremation or burial costs for family members who attend your funeral services, are also covered by the policy.

Who Needs Burial Insurance in Arizona?

Anyone in Arizona with unpaid debts should think about purchasing burial insurance.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for your loved ones to settle these bills on their own if you die away suddenly.

However, they wouldn’t have to stress about paying these costs out of pocket if they had funeral insurance.

Instead, they may pay them off with the money from the policy, which would leave them free to bury you as you would have preferred without having to worry about paying for anything else.

Why Should You Buy Burial Insurance in Arizona?

Because it offers comfort in trying times, burial insurance is crucial to your financial security strategy. Let’s say a loved one passes away suddenly.

In that instance, burial expenses can mount up quickly, leaving surviving family members with a sizable debt they might not be able to repay right away.

For people who don’t have enough savings or other resources available to them, this is especially true.

However, by getting a burial policy, you may assist safeguard yourself from these potentially crippling expenses so that your survivors aren’t saddled with them after abruptly losing a loved one.

How much does burial insurance cost in Arizona?

A sort of life insurance called burial insurance, commonly referred to as final expense insurance, is made to pay for a person’s funeral and other final expenses.

For maximum affordability, you should buy burial insurance when you are at least 70 years old.

The price of burial insurance in Arizona depends on a number of variables, such as:

Age: The premium will increase the older you are when you purchase the procedure.

Gender: Men pay more than women since they statistically have a higher risk of dying young from cancer or heart disease.

Health status: Premiums for those with chronic conditions that could shorten their life are frequently greater than those for healthy individuals.


The price of funeral insurance rises as a person gets older since mortality risk also rises.

The price for a male and female in good health is shown below.

The Free Look Period

During the free look period, you have the opportunity to investigate everything and make sure it all makes sense. In Arizona, free look periods start 10 days after the policy is delivered.

There will thereafter be a 10-day free peek period.

You have the right to cancel the policy at any time, and the insurance provider is required to refund any payments you have paid during this time.

You can terminate a life insurance policy at any moment if you don’t want to continue making payments, regardless of how long you’ve had it. However, you won’t receive a refund for your premiums if you withdraw.

Average Life Span In Arizona

The CDC and Prevention released a report stating that Arizona’s life expectancy decreased from 78.8 in 2019 to 76.3 in 2020.

Due to the increase of 1.8 years in life expectancy over the same time period, Arizona lifespans are now lower than the national average for the first time since 2006.

A natural element of life is death. However, this financial burden is not necessary. Consider buying a burial insurance coverage if you’re worried about the price of your funeral arrangements.

You and your loved ones might have a great deal of peace of mind as a result during an already trying period.

The Amazing Benefits of Purchasing a Funeral Plan

A whole-life policy with a low face value and no health requirements is burial insurance.

  • Insurance cannot expire at any time.
  • No age limits apply to insurance.
  • Payment amounts will remain unchanged each month.
  • The writing is incredibly easy.
  • Optional face values are pretty low.
  • Death benefits can’t go down.

Due to their health, seniors are frequently ineligible for traditional life insurance. In addition, most traditional life insurance plans typically demand a minimum of $20,000 in coverage.

Only final-cost life insurance provides the flexible underwriting requirements required to qualify and lets you buy as much or as little coverage as you like.

How much does a burial in Arizona cost?

A funeral can cost anywhere from $3,235 to $13,830 in Arizona. You may be able to evaluate rates more effectively by using the more thorough pricing list provided by nearby funeral homes.

Everyone, from local funeral directors to regular personnel at funeral homes, is aware that inflation will lead to an increase in funeral costs over time. If prices rise, we advise purchasing insurance with a face value twice as high.

Compared to alternative funeral arrangements, cremation is significantly less expensive. Cremations typically cost $2,505 in Arizona.

The majority of individuals will still face a considerable financial burden even if this choice is more cheap. In the end, it is unfair for any family to have to pay for a burial or cremation on their own.

Our goal is to lessen their sadness and demonstrate our concern for them during this difficult time. As a result, Arizona’s government covers funeral and burial insurance.

Arizona’s Leading Causes Of Death

The top 10 causes of death in the state of Arizona are as follows:

  • Heart Disease
  • COVID 19
  • Cancer
  • Accidents
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Suicide
  • Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis

Does Everybody Qualify for Burial Insurance?

Plans are available from several insurers for adults 50 to 80 years old. The application process for these burial insurance policies is quick and simple.

However, it is possible that some medical issues will lead to the rejection of an application. Most folks can search the market for a plan that satisfies their requirements.

Arizona’s burial insurance comes in two different categories: Very ill applicants are only given questions about their health that are simplified.

They don’t inquire about our clients’ health because we guarantee their acceptance.

Your premiums will likely drop if you provide basic health information, and your death benefit will start paying out right away.

A business that doesn’t query you might charge you more. It’s because they might demand that the insured endure a specific amount of time before getting the full value of the policy.

After the two-year waiting period has passed, beneficiaries can be eligible for a premium refund or a portion of the death benefit.

Finding The Best Burial Insurance In Arizona

You must make a decision. By contacting 20 insurance providers and requesting estimates, you can choose the least expensive provider. Consumers do not purchase insurance directly from insurance providers.

Only agencies are used to sell the low-cost plans offered by the corporation. You will speak with one of their agents when you phone, and they will provide you with a single quotation. You might have to call carriers and wait for hours before getting a call back.

Independent organisations like, which works with numerous insurance providers, provide free services. They will perform a comparison for you among all the insurance providers they deal with.

It will only take you a few minutes to decide which quote is the best one for you once you have collected all the quotes.

Which option do you consider to be best? Having us execute all the labor-intensive work is a great benefit for our clients. We collaborate with so many businesses that we can provide a reasonable price, saving them both time and money.

You should engage with any organisation that assists with final expenses and offers you free access to numerous burial insurance firms, even if is not your first option.

Working Arizona Burial Insurance through a National Independent Agency

There are two distinct agency kinds that you might deal with.

  • The captive agency typically only works with one or possibly two businesses. State borders set them off.
  • A nationally independent organisation that works with over ten A-rated insurance providers. not constrained by state borders.

Because captive agencies are constrained in what they can offer clients, many customers end up with subpar products as a result.

Being a national agency, we can therefore ensure the most affordable rates from the best carrier for your particular needs.

Reasons Why Using Will Save You a Lot of Money

Depending on who you ask, getting funeral insurance could be challenging. The bad news is that lead merchants, spamming websites, and enterprises with outrageous charges are all over the internet. But trust!

You managed to locate us; unlike others, we are special. There is no more knowledgeable group to assist you in finding the most comprehensive burial insurance coverage. These are three of them.

  • We are a national, autonomous organisation.
  • We can discover the best burial coverage for your needs thanks to our expert knowledge.
  • Any questions you may have can be answered by a personal advisor at any time! The development of enduring relationships with our clients is our main objective.

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Final Thoughts On Burial Insurance In Arizona

To sum up, Arizona burial insurance is an excellent way to give your loved ones financial security in the event of your passing.

Burial insurance can lessen the financial burden on your loved ones since funeral fees might be high. To locate the best policy, conduct your study as there are many possibilities.

Get a free estimate from us right now. If you have any questions, please contact us at (855) 468-8900.

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