How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

If you have been looking for Texas burial insurance but are still undecided, reading this will help you decide.

Even if you have health difficulties or have been turned down, Texas burial insurance, also known as Burial Insurance Texas, is simple to obtain.

In actuality, choosing the appropriate agent is more crucial than locating the best deal.

We all understand that death is inevitable and that our lives will inevitably come to an end, but what comes next?

When you pass away, will your family be able to pay the funeral costs you left behind?

What if they don’t have the money or ability to cover everything for you? This is when Texas burial insurance is useful.

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

Final Expense and Life Insurance Texas

Your family is protected from the costs associated with typical end-of-life situations with Texas burial insurance.

A final expense policy can also assist with making house payments, car payments, and other anticipated debt payments while providing you with peace of mind that they will be paid for.

It can be difficult to purchase burial insurance for seniors in Texas, but

provides the greatest plans to protect you.

There are numerous things that all prospective clients should be aware of before purchasing their insurance from us, and the process is the same no matter where you live.

Please note that ALL burial insurance is regulated, regardless of whether you see state-licensed burial programmes advertised.

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Texas

What is the price of a funeral in Texas?

Texas has an average funeral cost of roughly $6,950, which could seem like an astronomical sum to fork over.

It’s really lower than the national median, though!

You see, this amount includes not only what you’ll spend at your neighbourhood funeral home, but also all other related costs, like flowers or cremation urns, for example, assuming families have some extra money saved up before making any final arrangements, which many don’t.

So…… What’s the cost of a funeral in Texas?

Funeral planning is not a simple task in Texas. You must budget for the following costs:


Funerals are expensive, and the price can vary based on your coworkers.

According to a 2017 report by the National Funeral Directors Association, funeral expenses in America have risen by 6% annually for the past five years.

How Much Does a Cremation Cost In Texas?

In Texas, cremation costs roughly $3,700 with services and just under $2,000 without. Before you purchase an urn, make careful to shop around since prices might vary by source and are often under $300.


You must decide what is the best course of action for you when dividing the costs of cremation versus burial in Texas. Overall, compared to Florida, the expense of a funeral in Texas is lower than the national average.

What Do Final Expense Life Insurance Policies in Texas Cost

Depending on the firm and your needs, different final expense policies have different costs. Based on age and gender, the best prices are listed below.

To get you started, here is a list of quotes:


We offer coverage from $2,000 to $50,000. Filling out the form on the right will show you rates in a matter of seconds, giving you a better sense of whatever you are searching for.

How are the Burial Insurance Rates Calculated

There are four variables that can affect the cost of funeral insurance for older citizens in Texas. These consist of:

  • The most crucial factor in choosing the kind of burial insurance plan you are eligible for is your health. Your premiums will be more affordable the healthier you are, and with this particular programme, once coverage is granted, there are no price changes regardless of how old or young we may grow!
  • enrolling as soon as possible to secure your future before costs skyrocket later owing solely to the rapid ageing of the elder generations
  • Gender is a factor because it is well-known that men pay more for life insurance than women do. This is due to the fact that they typically live four years longer and have significantly fewer chances to list accidents or illnesses as the cause of death in their obituaries, which favours male deaths over female ones.
  • Your premiums will go up the more coverage you purchase. But there is a cost to it!

Regulation has a long history in the Lone Star State, and it is still practised there today. Since paying too much for insurance won’t do you any good, the state’s Department of Insurance is in charge of regulating the costs that consumers will pay for their policies.

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

Facts About Texas Funeral Statistics

Funeral services can be expensive, but fortunately there are a variety of costs to fit any budget. You’ll pay more to be buried in Midland than anywhere else in Texas:

Compared to more expensive places like Housten ($8,443) and Corpus Christi ($8,252), the average cost of a burial is $7,861 and the average cost of a cremation is $6,363.


Most Cost-Effective Cities For Burial and Cremation In Texas

Not Including:

  • A headstone, monument, or marker.
  • A cemetery property plot of land and a columbarium

Make sure to take these costs into account when determining how much anything should weigh in your budget because they are all things that, if not planned for beforehand, might cost you dearly.

Texas Cremation Laws

Texas law upholds the inherent worth and forbids needless handling of all people.

Strict regulations must be followed during the cremation process, including a 48-hour waiting period before beginning burial or other disposition procedures.

Some families only have a brief window of time to plan for the loss of a loved one.

This deadline may be waived by the county medical examiner or justice of the peace, allowing the family to make preparations at no charge.

They include emergency instances where a person’s right to their body under state law must be protected and immediate disposal is required.

A number of funeral establishments provide waivers upon request.

Texas Cremation Statistics

Just over 50% of Texans chose cremation as their method of disposition in 2020. According to predictions, this number—68.4 percent—will grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come by 2030.

The law forbids handling a person’s remains before 48 hours have passed after passing, unless a medical examiner or justice of the peace signs a waiver.

There are numerous ways to bid someone adieu.

  • If the landlord agreed, you might have your cremated remains dispersed on their land, buried in a cemetery alongside some rosebushes, and also interred there.
  • Alternately, perhaps keep them at home by their loved ones.
  • scattered around rivers, beaches, and unrestricted public spaces
  • Columbarium

Whatever they decide, there will always be something unique about preserving memories that will live on even after we are gone.

Leading Causes of Death in Texas in 2017

declining health No issue!

We have burial insurance providers that accept all of the terms listed below.

Above all else, we can support you. In fact, whatever your circumstances, we will discover an insurance tailored for you and make sure it complies with any financial restrictions as well.

When evaluating their alternatives, Texans have more than one choice when purchasing a final expenditure life insurance plan via

Most importantly, there is always an insurance prepared to accept even challenging circumstances like chronic disease or disability.

So, preserve money while maintaining your ability to enjoy life should the unexpected occur.

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

What Is The Life Expectancy In Texas

Texas’s life expectancy varies widely depending on factors including gender, population, and location. The average life expectancy for men in 2018 was 76.6, compared to 81.7 for women.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that this Texas funeral insurance plan will always be less expensive than any other.

Making future plans can protect your family from financial disaster and provide for them in the event that something were to happen to their loved ones.

Do not take your health for granted—any change could result in increased rates or even longer wait times until coverage resumes!

With the help of the map above, learn which groups tend to live longer than others. In the orange and red zones, there are older consumers who have pre-existing medical issues.

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

How Long is The Free Look Period In Texas

Texas offers a whopping 15 days, compared to most states’ 30-day free look periods for life insurance.

You have the ability to decline an offer within this time and receive a refund of any money you paid!

It’s crucial to cancel an insurance as soon as possible since if you wait too long, you won’t be eligible for a refund. You can be eligible for a reimbursement if a payment error is made occasionally.

Should I work with a captive or independent agent?

When requesting a policy, you have a choice between two different agents. What kind should I pick?

Taking Agent

One of the most prevalent categories of insurance brokers in America are captive agents. These people are only permitted to represent one supplier under the terms of their contract.

Since you aren’t exposed to shopping around for various businesses, greater coverage, and most importantly, BETTER prices, this is actually absurd.

What Kind of Agent Should I work With Captive or Independent?

Unaffiliated Agent

Meet your ideal partner: an impartial agent. These experts can provide you the most affordable Texas burial plan for your particular needs.

Independent Agent

They have agreements with several carriers, enabling them to provide you with a coverage that is more affordable and provides better value based on your needs.

How To Find the Best Burial Insurance For Seniors In Texas

It is crucial to be in good health. Finding a health insurance provider that will cover all of your medical issues is crucial.

Find the ideal company for you by shopping around. There are businesses out there that can assist.

The only remaining query is, which ones?

Work with a final expense agency that represents several businesses if you want to discover the greatest burial insurance in Texas.

Get the best insurance plan for you with the aid of They will thoroughly assess your health and evaluate several plans so you may find a cost-effective one that is nevertheless of high quality.

When you work with a company like all the difficult tasks are handled for you like you had a personal assistant.

By making only one phone call instead of ten to various insurance providers, you can actually save time and money!

How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas (2023)

Is Purchasing a Burial Policy for Parents That Live In Texas Ok

Buying Texas funeral insurance is a terrific option to assist pay for the expenses of burying loved ones. However, there are several guidelines you must adhere to when applying:

  • As a result of your relative’s involvement in the procedure, they will be able to sign their names and respond to any medical inquiries that may arise during an agent or policyholder interview.
  • Despite being able to obtain such coverage, you cannot take out burial policies without getting permission from your parents and any other relatives who might need it.

Texas Pre-Need Funeral Insurance

A Texas Prepaid Funeral: What Is It? It involves more than merely making funeral arrangements in advance.

Make sure you fully comprehend the laws of prepaid funeral plans before agreeing to one as they are governed by Texas’ Financial Code (Chapter 154) and have certain permit requirements.

Living Expenses In Texas

When compared to other states, Texas’ cost of living index is an unexpectedly low 100.

Try to shop where the prices are the lowest possible to save money. But despite your best efforts, there will always be items that are out of your price range.

Before you spend a lot of money on something, think it over thoroughly.

Texas’s cost of living is 93.9 while the national average is 100.



Anyone who might require it must get burial insurance in Texas.

Whether you are purchasing this insurance for yourself or on behalf of your family, be sure to purchase adequate coverage, and don’t be hesitant to inquire about the many policies that are offered.

There is no reason for any Texan to live in fear of what will happen to them after they pass away at these rates. Get a Quote RIGHT NOW!