How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance California In 2023

There are two questions you might ask yourself when seeking for inexpensive burial insurance in California.

How much does a cremation in California cost?

It’s crucial to think about your possibilities when making future plans. Burial insurance is one item that plenty of people overlook.

The purpose of burial insurance in California is to pay for your burial and funeral expenditures. It is a sort of simplified issue whole life insurance. The best rates are determined by identifying your precise rate class.

Having a plan in place in the event of your death is crucial, even though it may not be the most enjoyable subject to discuss. The top options for Californians seeking burial insurance for 2022 are examined in this blog post.

We’ll go through everything, from the pricing to the coverage, so you can choose what’s best for you.

We’ll also demonstrate how Funeral Advantage makes life easier for your family following your passing.

What Is Burial Insurance in California?

In California, burial insurance is a sort of insurance that aids in paying for your ultimate expenses. such as your memorial service, burial, and other expenses.

In the event of your passing, this kind of insurance may lessen the financial strain on your loved ones. It is crucial to speak with an impartial representative to receive a free burial quote right away.

Talking to an agent who can compare your profile to many companies to discover the best option is the best method to get the lowest California burial insurance quotation.

In California, there are numerous varieties of burial insurance. The ideal choice for you will also rely on your unique needs and situation.

While some insurance policies solely pay for your funeral, others might additionally pay for your burial and other related fees. It’s crucial to understand the distinction.

Why Is Burial Insurance In California So Important?

Death Insurance California is significant since funeral and burial expenses can be exceedingly high. In reality, burial insurance tends to cost more beyond age 70.

In California, a funeral typically costs $7,000, while a burial typically costs $3,000 per person. If you don’t have a plan, these expenses might mount up and place a financial strain on your loved ones.

By paying for your funeral and burial expenses, California burial insurance can reduce the financial strain on your loved ones. Additionally, this insurance might assist in ensuring that you have the memorial you want.

Family members may also utilise money from your coverage to settle debts such as credit card payments, medical expenses, and other obligations.

Compare different policies if you’re seeking for burial insurance in California.

Before buying the policy, be sure to read it thoroughly and comprehend the terms and conditions.

What Is Burial Insurance in California?

How Much Burial Insurance Do I Need In California?

The quantity of California final expense insurance you require will depend on your unique requirements and situation.

The price of your funeral and burial, the number of dependents you have, and your unpaid bills are a few things to think about.

A coverage worth at least 5 to 10 times your annual salary would generally be beneficial.

It will make sure that your family has enough cash on hand to pay for your funeral costs as well as any other bills or expenses you might have.

What Is The Average Cost Of Burial Insurance California?

Even with $10,000 in coverage, California burial insurance is inexpensive for those aged 45 to 90 if purchased in advance. For same-day coverage, that is.

The amount of benefits you receive can vary depending on a number of things, such as your age, sex, health, and income.

Most senior burial insurance policies don’t require inspection. Plans with no health requirements, however, typically cost more and have a waiting time than those that need health certification.

In general, younger people and women pay less for burial insurance. Your monthly rates will go up the more advantages you get. Here are a few instances:

A male would need to pay $10,000 in burial insurance. No Waiting Period, Immediate Coverage, and Available in Preferred or Standard

  • Level: Immediate Coverage with NO Waiting Period, Preferred/Standard availableGraded: Amount of the death benefit received during the first two years (Disqualifying health Issues for Level)
  • Graded: Fraction of the death benefit in the first 2 years (Disqualifying health Issues for Level)
  • Guaranteed Issue: No questions asked, guaranteed approval, 30-50% more in price, 2-4 year waiting period.
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How Much is Burial Cost in California

Burial cost in California varies. Depending where you live will depend on the price. There is also many contributing factors when determining the cost. Below are some averages.


These are typical funeral expenses in California. The tables above display the average cost of living in cities, followed by the top 5 most expensive cities.

What Is Burial Insurance in California?

How Does Burial Insurance Work In California?

In California, burial insurance works by giving your loved ones a death benefit in the case of your passing.

This death benefit can be used to pay for your funeral, burial, and other associated costs. Additionally, it can be used to settle obligations like credit card or medical bill amounts.

When distributed to your beneficiaries under California burial insurance policies, the death benefit is tax-free.

You can get burial insurance via a broker or agent. You could also inquire if your nearby funeral home offers burial insurance or purchase it directly from a firm.

Although it is frequently included as a rider on a homeowner’s policy, some plans do not. While some providers of funeral services operate alone, others collaborate with Californian funeral establishments.

Depending on the type of casket you select, the cost of burial varies, although most businesses charge extra for their services.

In California, burial insurance can be a crucial tool for providing your loved ones with financial security in the event of your passing. Make sure to evaluate various policies to see which one best suits your needs.

What Is Burial Insurance in California?

What Is The Free Look Period

The free look period in California gives you the opportunity to review the policy and make sure everything is as you anticipated.

Ten days following the delivery of the policy to you, a free look period will begin. You have the opportunity now to do your investigation and confirm that everything lives up to your expectations.

Any cancellation of the coverage within this time will result in a refund of your premiums.

It’s crucial to realise that throughout the free look period, you won’t be able to amend the policy in any way. So, check to see that everything is how you want it before committing.

However, it would be beneficial if you were to remember that you are always free to cancel your life insurance policy, free look period or not.

You won’t get your premiums back if you cancel your insurance after the free look time.


Funeral Insurance Companies in California

What California Burial Policies Are the Best?

Depending on your requirements and environmental factors, California has several top burial insurance providers. Consider the company’s coverage, price, and reputation, among other things.

Some of California’s top burial insurance providers are listed below:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • AETNA/CVS Final Expense
  • Royal Arcanum
  • Security National Life
  • American Amicable
  • Guarantee Trust Life
  • Gerber Life

There are numerous burial insurance providers in California; here are just a few of them. Make sure to evaluate various policies to see which one best suits your needs.

California’s Average Life Span

California has the fourth-highest average life expectancy in the country, according to the United States Census Bureau. Californians are, on average, 80.8 years old. It is a little older than the 79.8-year average for the country.

The likelihood of Californians living into their 80s and 90s is very high. Therefore, it’s crucial to prepare for your final costs well in advance.

California burial insurance can assist in ensuring that your loved ones will be financially taken care of upon your passing.

If you are approaching 80 or perhaps higher, do not be concerned. If you are 85 years of age or older, you may still be eligible for a new final expense coverage.

Naturally, the cost will increase as you get older, so you should take action as soon as you can.


California’s leading causes of death

The following are California’s top killers, according to data from the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  1. Heart Disease
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease
  4. Influenza/Pneumonia
  5. Diabetes
  6. Cancer
  7. Stroke
  8. Lower Respiratory Disease
  9. Accidents
  10. Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis

Burial Expectations in California

The disposition of a deceased person’s body is governed by state law. The standards for death certificates, embalming, and burial or cremation are set by the state government.

Death Certificates in California

Getting a death certificate is the first step in making any funeral arrangements. If they take on the case, the county coroner or medical examiner in California will issue a death certificate.

If not, the next of kin may ask the county registrar for one.

Embalming in California

In California, if a person cannot be buried or cremated within 24 hours, embalming or refrigeration is necessary. These exclusions are provided:

Families may embalm and store the body without refrigeration or embalming when holding the funeral at home.

Before being transported by airline or another common carrier, a body must be embalmed and sealed in an authorised shipping container.

Cremation in California

How much does a cremation in California cost?

Before cremation, a written document with a disclosure statement and payment agreement must be signed. The cremation procedure can be viewed by authorised individuals, however there might be a cost.

The paperwork must include details on the place, procedure, and time of the cremation service.

According to state legislation, cremated remains may be kept or stored without a casket. You may perform the following things legally:

Cremated remains might be interred in a columbarium niche or cemetery plot.

Cremated remains may be scattered on privately owned or public land with authorization, or on bodies of water with the necessary licences.

Cremated remains should be kept at home.

You must purchase an urn if you intend to scatter cremated ashes on public property or land that you don’t own.

Burial in California

The decision of when, where, and how to be buried is generally left to the deceased (by their preplanned directive) or the next of kin.

California has several consumer protection regulations to assure fair treatment during the planning process, in addition to federal laws regarding pricing and contracts.

  • Retail Casket Vendors: All California retail casket vendors are required to offer a documented pricing list that includes all caskets, alternate containers, and alternatives for outer burial.
  • They must also disclose the kind of casket it is, as well as its construction, kind, and material.
  • Coroner Fees: In accordance with state legislation, coroners will be assessed fees for specific services. By county, these costs will differ.
  • Casket and outer container requirements: Caskets and outer containers are not required per California law.

Why Choose

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Final Thoughts

A crucial step in shielding your loved ones from the financial burden of your final expenses is burial insurance.

When selecting a policy, there are numerous aspects to take into account, but the most crucial thing is to choose a reliable firm that matches your demands.

In California, there are many excellent options for burial insurance, including Mutual of Omaha, AETNA, and Gerber Life. Make sure to evaluate various policies to see which one best suits your needs.