Get Life Insurance With PTSD Made Simple [2022 Guide]


I’ll be straight with you. I wish to share my story as well as the stories of many other PTSD sufferers. I’m hoping that by sharing this, someone will be able to find a way to move on from painful events.

When an IED struck our convoy, I was in Iraq (improvised explosive device).

I had lost my hearing in one ear due to the explosion, and for years later, I experienced PTSD.

Today, whether you require life insurance due to PTSD or any other mental health problem, we make things simple for you. It took me years of counselling before I could even get up on stage and speak about it. The legislation requires life insurance companies to give coverage regardless of your mental impairments.

Life Insurance For PTSD

First and foremost, life insurance for PTSD THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY, OUR VETERANS!!

PTSD: What is it? Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Individuals with PTSD have gone through a terrible event or episode in their lives.

Like as

  • War
  • Personal violence and/or sexual assault
  • criminal act
  • Natural catastrophe

PTSD is a form of anxiety. You can experience frustration, despair, impatience, anger, or tiredness. Your neural system, immunological system, and bodily symptoms can all be impacted by PTSD.

PTSD is considered a pre-existing ailment by the insurance company, same like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

Would my PTSD disqualify me from life insurance? In a word, yes. The best option is, however, to work with a PinnacleQuote independent agent.

The application procedure will be made simple by your independent agent.

In fact, he or she will make one easy phone call to shop you around to more than 50 carriers.

Life Insurance With PTSD

Chronic PTSD can linger for several months or years.

It will be simpler to get life insurance and treatment for PTSD if you don’t have any disruptions from work or social obligations or activities.

Your independent agent will inquire about your health status and medical background.

Before approving you for life insurance, medical underwriters will ask you a number of questions. They’ll want to know whether you’re at high risk, and they’ll also want to see you for a physical.

PTSD life insurance Some inquiries an underwriter may make are:

  • How long have you had PTSD?
  • For your PTSD, do you currently use any medications?
  • Do you visit your doctor for treatment?
  • Do you regularly see a psychiatrist?
  • Have you considered suicide?
  • Is your illness somewhat severe or not?

Best Life Insurance For PTSD

In the best case scenario, you will be eligible for a normal rate class if you have never been hospitalised, have never attempted suicide, and have been diagnosed with mild PTSD.

Depending on how severe your PTSD is, you’ll have different life insurance possibilities. Your independent agent will ask you questions when you speak with him to decide the best course of action.

Standard to standard + or a drop from a potential table rating.

Do not worry if you are rejected for regular life insurance. You are eligible for a policy of acceptance that is assured. There were no queries regarding health.

Despite the two-year wait, anything is still better than nothing.

If we have to, let’s cross the bridge.

Disorder of Post-Traumatic Stress

Life Insurance For Disabled Veterans

What is S-DVI, or insurance for service-connected disabilities? Veterans who have received a service-connected disability rating from the department of affairs are covered by this life insurance.

Veterans with disabilities who apply for S-DVI and are approved for a waiver might get up to $30,000 more in insurance.

What Are The Best Life Insurance Companies For PTSD

What type of life insurance is most suitable for PTSD veterans?


2-year waiting time for the AIG (American General Life Insurance Company) Guaranteed Acceptance policy.

USAA Life Insurance

Your SGLI will be replaced by a term policy from USAA life insurance.

What is the SGLI? In order to offer our military people affordable term insurance while they are on active duty, SGLI was developed.)

USAA accepts active, retired, and honourably separated officers.

USAA Declined Life Insurance

If you have a serious PTSD diagnosis, your life insurance application can be rejected.

There is, in fact, a limited supply.

You would have to acquire a life insurance policy in order to qualify. Be a member of USAA and purchase any of their products.

You must have been a member of our armed forces or be connected to someone who is.

Long Term Disability Insurance PTSD

Veterans and members of the armed forces may apply for long-term disability.

A claim for disability may be made. It would have to meet Blue Book listing criteria and be classified as a “anxiety condition.”

If your PTSD stops you from working, you can be eligible for social security disability.

PTSD Table Rating Life Insurance

Your diagnosis of PTSD will be grouped into mood disorders, including Bipolar, Anxiety, and Major Depression, for a properly underwritten life insurance policy.

  • A mild, well-controlled, effective drug is preferred to a standard one.
  • Table 3-2 of moderate-standard drugs (maybe antipsychotic)
  • Severe- Table 3 – Decline – Numerous medications, recent suicidal thoughts, a poor employment history, and poor finances.
  • Last year’s attempts at suicide: declining

How To Get Help For PTSD Without Insurance

Defend the men and women who defend our nation and ourselves!

There are people who can assist you if you or a loved one is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For more information, CLICK HERE.


I find it hard to comprehend that getting life insurance with PTSD is made simple. If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, don’t let the worry that your condition won’t be covered prevent you from requesting a quote or submitting an application for coverage. Most life insurance companies will offer coverage to those who have PTSD as long as they meet certain requirements and are being treated by a physician. After an injury or illness, don’t worry about encountering yet another obstacle on your particular path to independence; we’ll take care of everything to make things simpler for you. Additionally, when compared to other service providers available today, our pricing are incredibly competitive. Hence, contact (855) 380-3300 to speak with us.