What kind of life insurance do you have? Would you like more? If so, the Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company might be the perfect fit for you.

The business provides both individual and group coverage to safeguard the financial future of your family. The material in this blog article will explain how to begin going. Also, you may learn about their costs and advantages, which is always beneficial when selecting an insurance strategy!

About Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company

Is Fidelity Life a reputable business? Indeed, they are among the best life insurance providers in the world.

One of the most noble investments you can make is life insurance since it guarantees that the people you care about will have money after you die away. Also, it stops any debts from being passed down to your family.

We always advise comparing options before choosing an insurance provider.

By doing so, you may evaluate prices and identify the plan that best meets your needs.

Family and Life Fidelity

Moreover, it would be foolish to not get numerous quotations because there are so many different types of life insurance that are offered. One illustration of a trustworthy life insurance provider is The Banner Life Insurance Company.

A Brief History of Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company

The corporation was founded in the middle of the 1890s, thus it has a long history.

It started out by providing affordable life insurance to blue collar employees in the northern states under the name Mystic Workers of the World. Illinois is where its headquarters are located.

Within a short period of time, Fidelity Life Association accumulated a sizable number of policyholders; by the early 1900s, it had more than $100 million in life insurance.

Even during the height of the Great Depression, Fidelity Life was able to expand their business.

Is Fidelity A Stock Insurance Company 

Fidelity Life evolved into a stock insurance company about ten years ago. They quickly acquired E-Financial and kept expanding.

Fidelity Life is still well-known for providing affordable life insurance to people in the middle class and currently has over $25 billion in life insurance.

Over the years, they have shown to be remarkably consistent.

Anybody looking for life insurance will undoubtedly find their company’s stability to be intriguing.

When choosing an insurance company, we always advise reading evaluations from rating agencies.

Because this data may provide a useful indication of how the business functions generally.

The premier insurance rating organisation in the US, A.M. Best, gave Fidelity Life an A- rating despite the company routinely receiving positive evaluations.

Is Fidelity Life Life Story Term Coverage Term Life Insurance Available? Select from 10, 15, 20, or 30 years of coverage. Maximum coverage is $1 million. for anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 65.

Can I get term life insurance with Fidelity life 

  • Life Story Term Coverage — Choose to be covered from 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. The coverage maxes out at $1 million. For anyone between 18 and 65 years old.
  • What is Hybrid Life Insurance From Fidelity? —Very quick; you might be covered in as little as one or two days. The medical examination can be delayed or avoided entirely, but doing so will increase your rates.
  • Fidelity Life Rapid Decision Express —a term life insurance policy with a fixed death benefit that is valid for ages 95 and up. Rapid acceptance rates since no medical examination is necessary.
  • Rapid Decision Senior Life Term and Whole Life —For people between the ages of 50 and 85, Quick Decision Senior Life offers both term and whole life insurance. Choose either a Rapid Decision Final Expense plan or a Rapid Decision Guaranteed Issue insurance.

can i get fidelity life insurance for seniors

Can a person who is 70 acquire life insurance? Perhaps even an 80-year-old, yes! Get on reading!

Quick Decision, as we previously mentioned, is without a doubt the finest policy for our older citizens.

Age 50 to 85: $10,000 to $150,000 in face amount. according to your age

Any cause of death occurring after the third year will result in payment of the entire death benefit to your beneficiary.

Call us at (855) 380-3300, extension 2, for more information on senior life insurance policies that are affordable.

what is the difference between accident death policy and life insurance

Your family is protected by life insurance, which also provides a beneficiary with a death benefit in the case of your passing. any kind of demise.

The death benefit under accidental insurance is only paid out in the event of an accident. not a disease.

  • Benefits for Accidental Death — Your level of coverage in the event of an injury will increase as a result.
  • Advantages from the workplace and sponsors — Insurance plans that cost less than $5 per week! has a set premium that won’t fluctuate, even if your health begins to deteriorate. Plans for both families and employees may be offered in this way. Coverage maxes out at $250,000. People in this age range span from 16 to 70. They might include…
  • Benefit for Accidental Death
  • Child Dependent Benefit
  • Premiums are waived, and there is an accident death benefit for long-term care.

How much coverage does fidelity life offer 

You may be eligible to receive up to $250,000 if you are under 45.

To be clear, the maximum sum is $200,000 for a 55-year-old.

Fidelity Life insurance without an exam is offered.

Yet, a few straightforward inquiries regarding your health will be made of you.

What about graded benefit term and whole life policies 

If you have a graded death benefit, your beneficiaries will only get any premiums paid, plus interest, in the event that you die away within three years of initiating the insurance.

Both term and whole life graded benefits are available from Fidelity Life.

Another important element is that Fidelity Life is a great life insurance provider for people who don’t want to undergo a medical examination.

Before making any judgements, as was previously stated, be sure to compare all of the top life insurance providers.

Fidelity life insurance company contact information 

What is the corporate address of Fidelity Life?

Life Fidelity Association

W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, 8700

Room 900S

Illinois 60631

Life Fidelity

Questions about Fidelity Life Insurance’s policies or customer service:

send an email to

Fidelity Life’s telephone line is for inquiries regarding policies or claims: How can I revoke my life insurance coverage with Fidelity?

(800) 369-3990


Life insurance is challenging. Fortunately, Fidelity life insurance offers a simple way for people like us to determine if they will be covered by them or not. There are many factors to take into account, and it’s not something you can just pick up off the shelf at your neighbourhood grocery store. In our opinion, they are one of the best firms out there when it comes to affordability and dependability. We really hope that this information was useful to you in identifying the best provider of coverage for all phases of your life’s journey. Get a quote from FIDELITY LIFE ASSOCIATION INSURANCE COMPANY right away so we can start figuring out how much protection you require!