This blog post is for you if your application for life insurance was recently denied due to health reasons! We’ll outline the main reasons life insurance companies turn down applications and how to obtain coverage.

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These days, everyone is eager to save money, so when a business provides a low-cost plan that appears too good to be true, it might be alluring. But if they reply “no,” what does that mean? One in four customers who request for individual coverage are denied, according to a recent LIMRA survey.

Pre-existing diseases, applicant age or gender, and family medical history were the top three cited justifications. There are ways to overcome the rejection letter, so don’t let it discourage you.

What If I Was Declined Life Insurance

You might be feeling perplexed, irate, and despondent if your life insurance application was denied. But try not to mope around. It’s not necessarily true that you won’t be able to get covered just because your life insurance application was refused. Also, it does not obligate you to choose a no-exam life insurance policy.

You can apply for life insurance and learn why you were rejected by doing the following. Don’t lose up on finding affordable life insurance; there are still many things you may do to achieve this.

why would you be declined for life insurance

The first thing that needs to be determined is the cause of your declination. If you learn that you were rejected because of a pre-existing medical condition or another factor, such as a DUI, you will have a far higher chance of being accepted the following time.

This is so that, after the problem has been identified, you can look into life insurance providers who are more tolerant of applicants who fall into that particular high-risk category.


You must be confident that your background will not hinder you from receiving coverage when applying for life insurance. Receiving a rejection after applying is disheartening. Don’t give up, even if there is a decrease. You can find the best carrier with the help of an expert independent agent, such as the professionals at PinnacleQuote.

Overweight or Obese

These disorders raise a red signal for life insurance companies since they frequently result in serious health complications, especially cardiovascular problems.

Although being overweight or obese may not always be the cause of a fall in premiums, it will frequently do so. Furthermore, whether or not it coexists with other health hazards, a decline is very likely.

Income Limitations

If a person’s salary is below a specific threshold, some life insurance firms won’t write a life insurance policy for them. The amount will differ between insurance companies. They don’t have to provide coverage for anyone with incomes below a specific threshold, which is why they place this restriction.

For instance, it can result in the creation of several small policies with modest premium flows. For the businesses, this is a method of cost containment.

If you desire a $1,000,000 life insurance coverage but have no assets and an annual income of $20,000, you can’t. You have a very good possibility of not getting coverage.


Not necessarily having high cholesterol is the main cause for concern in this case; rather, the combination of high LDL and low HDL cholesterol is. You are more susceptible to stroke and cardiovascular disease as a result of the combo.

Life insurance companies prefer to see your blood pressure more under control before offering you a coverage if you have untreated high blood pressure and a history of excessive readings.

An elevated liver function

An increased liver function could be a sign of liver cell inflammation or injury. This could result in the cells releasing more substances into the blood than they should.

Most frequently, the condition is transient and the altitude is low. Life insurance companies are concerned since on occasion it may be a symptom of more severe liver issues.

One of the challenges for a candidate is that they can learn they have increased liver function right after undergoing a life insurance medical examination. Since you haven’t had an opportunity to receive additional medical care, there is no way to tell if your condition is transient or more significant.

Nonetheless, the life insurance provider may assume the worst and reject your application.


These are a few of the most typical medical conditions that will result in a deterioration.

Background of Cancer

Despite recent significant improvements in cancer outcomes, life insurance companies still consider cancer to be a high threat condition. A lot depends on the type of cancer you had, how far it spread, and how long you’ve been in remission.

The more serious kinds, including breast cancer, might be given greater attention.

High Glucose or Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes may be indicated by elevated glucose or blood glucose levels, which presents the possibility of a variety of unpleasant medical problems that many life insurance companies would prefer to avoid.

Another ailment that frequently goes undetected by the applicant until they have a medical examination for life insurance is that one. This is due to the fact that high blood sugar or glucose levels typically don’t cause any symptoms, especially in the beginning.


Once therapy is finished, a diagnosis of hepatitis B or C is not a justification for denial. It can become a problem, though, if it is discovered before to applying for a life insurance policy or surfaces during the actual life insurance exam.

You’ll need to start counselling before you can apply for life insurance, but after you do, you might be approved for coverage at a later time.


Will HIV prevent you from getting life insurance? Despite the fact that AIDS and HIV are today better understood than in the past and that survival rates have significantly increased, some life insurers still see these as warning signs and may reject your application. Yet, there are companies out there that provide life insurance, and you must apply to them.


Most life insurance companies will refuse coverage if there is a risk of life-threatening action, combined with the harm that alcoholism causes to one’s health.

When alcoholism is a current problem, waiting to apply for life insurance until you have given up drinking is the best course of action.

The life insurance provider needs to be aware that enough time has passed for the claim of sobriety to be supported.

denied life insurance because of drug use

Can I lose my life insurance because I use marijuana?

Although life insurers are starting to embrace marijuana use. due in large part to how legalisation is being implemented in an increasing number of states.

When you apply for life insurance, your application will often be automatically rejected if you have used more potent medications and admitted to doing so.

The ideal approach, much as with alcoholism, is to stop taking the meds and start building a history of drug-free days even if you have a drug dependency. This could take up to three decades, on average.


Similar to engaging in risky extracurricular activities, a spotty driving history can reveal that you lead a dangerous lifestyle. Automobile accidents are one of the major causes of death, and they are particularly common among young men and women, so this is not something to take lightly.

A history of several accidents, citations, or most definitely multiple DUI/DWI incidents raises red flags for a life insurance carrier. If you apply for life insurance before you can provide proof of a sufficient driving history, it might be hard for you to do so.

Past Declines on MIB Report

While it is possible to hold the Medical Information Bureau accountable for this problem, life insurance firms use the system as part of their subscription, allowing them to communicate with other insurance providers about approvals and denials.

The system’s primary objective is to warn insurance companies about applicants who misrepresent their medical status. Such applicants frequently switch insurers in an effort to pull off the major lie and obtain the desired policy.


Risk is more prevalent in some professions than others. If you have a job that is very dangerous, life insurers may be hesitant to issue insurance. See below:

  • Logging personnel
  • Fishing professionals and related personnel
  • flight engineers and airline pilots
  • Roofers
  • labourers in structural iron and steel
  • collection of recyclables and waste
  • electricians who install and maintain electricity lines
  • truck drivers, salespeople, and drivers
  • Agricultural managers, including farmers and ranchers
  • contractors’ helpers

If you hold one of these positions, don’t be surprised if your application for a life insurance coverage is rejected.

What Other Options Do You Have If Your Insurance Is Rejected? For any of these or additional reasons? This list’s goal isn’t to explain why you can’t purchase life insurance. Instead, I’ll list the most common causes of denial and, more importantly, what you can do to stop it.

Finding the specific causes of the rejection is the first step. While it could be fairly specific, make sure to find this information in paper and note more than one reason.

To choose your next course of action, you’ll need this information. Applying to another life insurance company is typically required for that. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t proceed unless you are aware of the reasons behind the denial. You can avoid a persistent refusal in this manner.


It’s crucial to realise that just because you’ve previously been rejected for a life insurance policy, it does not necessarily follow that you will never be accepted by another life insurance company.

Denied life insurance coverage ~ now what?

What can I do if my life insurance application is rejected? First off, choosing the lowest coverage is not necessarily the wisest course of action if you have health difficulties. The correct insurance provider, one that will offer trustworthy coverage, is more crucial than ever.

Regardless of whether it is full life insurance or term life insurance. Your life insurance agent is well-versed in the underwriting standards used by all insurance companies. If one refuses to cover you because of your smoking or health issues, another will.

Second, even though we always advise clients to compare quotations from different life insurance providers before choosing one, you shouldn’t submit applications for all of them at once. You should undoubtedly research the top life insurance providers. But, they won’t be as likely to cover you if they learn how many companies you are currently applying with.

Last but not least, request copies of any medical records that the life insurance firm used to reject your application. These documents need to be thoroughly examined to make sure they don’t contain any misleading or dubious information.

If you encounter any, make sure the information is corrected because it will show up in the database, to which almost all insurance companies have access.

can you be denied life insurance for high blood pressure

With high blood pressure, life insurance is still possible. In reality, you will still be accepted even if you use medication. The fact is that many carriers will consider your symptoms to be under control if you are taking treatment. or is absent.


How can you then obtain life insurance after being turned down? Never give up trying to get life insurance after a downturn. One of the most important purchases a person can make is life insurance. Without it, in the sad event that something were to happen to you, your loved ones would be financially vulnerable.

Your family will inherit all of your debts if you don’t have life insurance. They’ll also be responsible for covering your final fees, which often run about $10,000.

Also, keep in mind that your family will no longer benefit from your wage or retirement income following your passing. You might wish to think about using your life insurance policy to replace any lost income.

You should talk to your agent about how much death benefits you’ll need. By figuring out your wage and the age of your youngest child, he will give you an estimate of the amount.

This is probably your most crucial tactic. Whereas one corporation might turn you down, another might accept your programme and business. For instance, certain life insurance companies view smokers differently from others.

Use just those carriers that have a favourable opinion on smoking if you smoke. You will receive lower smoking life insurance rates from these carriers. You are unable to identify these businesses since you do not work in the market.

Hiring an independent insurance agent is the most efficient approach to find life insurance. An agent is knowledgeable about the business.

They’ll locate the insurers with the laxest medical underwriting requirements. Regardless of any medical issues you might have or of any other factors that may have led to a prior life insurance denial.

In summary:

  • Collect all the details and ask why you were rejected.
  • Verify the accuracy of all the medical information in your MIB report.

Make a call to your independent agent and work with them; they are working for free on your behalf. Be truthful and let them to assess the situation. Inform him of your most recent exam scores as well. Every carrier will view every individual differently. Let him examine your health and lifestyle background. If one carrier rejects you, a different one will. Be tolerant!


The amount of life insurance to purchase is a significant decision. Make sure you purchase a sufficient amount of life insurance to provide for your family following your passing. We’ve included a few topics you might want to think about including below:

  • mortgage(s), any outstanding debts
  • college costs for kids
  • Last costs (the average cost of funeral services is $10,000)
  • replacement of income from a salary or retirement

When you’ve decided what you want covered, it’s time to figure out how much it will all cost. You’ll know how much life insurance you’ll need to purchase after that.


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