Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 70: Best Funeral Plan


The likelihood of having a partner or living family member decreases with age. Instead of living with their wives or children, nearly half of all seniors in the United States live alone or with friends. Because of this, it’s critical to arrange and handle your end-of-life affairs as soon as possible.

Your estate planning needs to consider your burial policy for seniors over 70. It can give you comfort in knowing that even after you pass away, your final desires will be carried out.

The price of a funeral might rise significantly after the age of 70. To alleviate the financial burden of funeral expenses, getting the finest burial insurance early is crucial. If you purchase burial insurance while still under the age limit of 70, it will assist in covering your final expenses.

Consider senior funeral plans that offer extra benefits like a guaranteed pre-paid funeral or assistance with burial expenses. This article discusses some of the top senior life insurance for people over 70 as well as other ways to cut costs on end-of-life expenses.

Best Life insurance policy option for seniors over 70

You can experience more health problems as you age or be more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, because they are aware of this, final expense insurance providers are more likely to reject your claim or your higher rates.

For seniors over 70, getting the appropriate whole life insurance policy is crucial. A strategy for paying for your funeral and burial must also be in place.

There is no question that your retirement planning must take burial insurance for seniors over 70 into account. Some of the top life insurance plans to take into account are listed below:

Term life insurance with burial rider:


In addition to providing life insurance coverage, this kind of policy also pays for all premiums, funeral expenses, and the price of a burial ground. Let’s say you want more freedom in deciding how much coverage you want.

Given that it provides adjustable premium payments based on age and other considerations, term life insurance with a burial rider is a viable choice in that scenario.

However, you might be able to obtain cheaper rates by purchasing term insurance without the burial rider provision if you don’t require it.

Permanent life insurance with death benefit rider:

There are restrictions on how much money may be withdrawn from whole life plans before they mature at age 100, but they do provide assured cash value growth and death payouts when you pass away. Your beneficiaries will receive additional benefits if you pass away while using a bus, rail, or aeroplane thanks to the Accidental Death Benefit Rider.

Therefore, if you need money for an early retirement, it might not be a wise decision. However, if you desire coverage under guaranteed acceptance plans with an end-of-life benefit rider, this choice can be a suitable fit.

Universal life insurance with burial rider:

A burial rider is available on universal life insurance, which is also an investment-based policy that lets you accumulate cash value. However, compared to whole life insurance, these last expense policies offer more flexibility. You may, for instance, take money out of your account while you’re still living.

Seniors who require more flexible coverage but still want to be protected against funeral costs can consider this type of policy because it also lets you adjust your premium payments as necessary.


Why do you need burial insurance seniors over 70?

Perhaps you’ve heard of burial insurance, but you’re not sure why it’s necessary. If a loved one dies, a burial insurance policy is intended to pay for your funeral and burial expenses. You must take care of your loved ones after they pass away because a funeral can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Over the previous ten years, the price of funerals, living expenditures, and unpaid medical bills have all progressively gone up.

Due to this, many people are unable to afford a lavish funeral or burial service when they pass away. For this reason, getting this coverage is crucial to ensuring that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your passing.

What is Best Funeral Plan For Over 70

Before a business will accept you for coverage, you must apply for burial insurance for seniors with that company. The three greatest choices are final expense policies, cremation insurance, and burial insurance.

You could be qualified for affordable burial insurance if you are over 70. For seniors over 70, we have the top insurance providers including Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, GPM, and AETNA Accendo.

Funeral coverage for people over 70:

We have assisted numerous persons in their 70s in getting most burial insurance policies approved.

We can assist you in obtaining insurance even if you currently have health issues.

Once it is authorised, your monthly payment won’t rise as you become older.

If you continue to pay your rates, your approach is guaranteed not to expire.

By completing the form, you can get accepted instantly with no waiting period. Complete this form completely to prevent face-to-face solicitation from TV or mail order businesses!

How much does burial insurance for seniors over 70?


The cost of this kind of plan will vary depending on your age, general health, and the level of coverage you select. The cost of coverage is typically higher for those over 65 than it would be for those under that age.

In addition to your age, your general health might have a big impact on how much a senior burial coverage will cost you.

For instance, let’s say you suffer from diabetes or a chronic sickness like heart disease or previous medical disorders. In that scenario, it might be more difficult for you to locate funeral arrangements for seniors over 70 that are reasonable.

If you are above 80, read this article about purchasing burial insurance.

What advantages do burial policies for seniors over 70 offer?

A respectable funeral can be afforded by you and your loved ones if you have burial insurance for seniors over 70.

What are the benefits of burial policy for seniors over 70?

  • Financial stability for your family: One of the main reasons people purchase funeral insurance is to cover their loved ones’ financial obligations in the case of their passing. If your loved ones are not financially prepared, the cost of your funeral and other final expenses could place a heavy strain on them. This kind of insurance can assist in covering those costs.
  • Calmness of mind: The peace of mind it can bring is yet another advantage of having funeral insurance. You may feel more at ease knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of financially in the event that you die away if you have this type of coverage in place.
  • Flexibility: The death benefit can normally be used in a variety of ways under burial insurance policies. Your policy’s proceeds are your beneficiaries’ to utilise as they see appropriate, including paying off any debts or final costs you may have.
  • Tax-advantaged: The death benefit is often given straight to your recipients tax-free, which is another advantage of funeral insurance. It can be of tremendous help to your loved ones, especially if the insured leaves them with a substantial financial burden.
  • Reasonable prices: The rates are typically affordable and predictable, unlike life insurance.
  • No response to the health inquiries: The majority of standard life insurance policies don’t ask you any health-related questions or demand a medical exam before providing coverage, so getting a quick quotation and buying a policy online or over the phone is simple and straightforward.
  • All covered quickly: You are still eligible for funeral insurance if you already have a health issue.Custom HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT

Burial Insurance Underwriting for seniors over 70

Regarding these life insurance products, you’re very at ease. It is made to address a variety of major health concerns and provides coverage to almost everyone who applies.

How is that even doable?

Customers can discover affordable life insurance policies because to the market’s abundance of final expense providers and their competitive pricing.

Every life insurance provider has a different underwriting process. Some businesses might not accept a certain health condition, while others might.

People having coverage frequently find it simple to become pre-approved by a business specifically created to take on the expenditures linked with all of their conditions because it happens with many health difficulties.

For instance, we can find most final expense life insurance firms that accept all of our customers’ previous health conditions, thus 90% of our clients may get full first day coverage when signing up.

You ought to be able to get accepted for a health plan that meets all of your current requirements, provided that you don’t have any history of chronic or life-threatening illness.

We can assist you in determining which insurance providers will accept all of your health conditions. Simply give us a call, and as soon as we receive the essential details, we will tell you.

How To Find The Best Burial Policy Insurance for seniors over 70?


Contact us if you need assistance with final expenditure insurance. You will engage with BestBurialPolicy.com Final Expense Insurance Specialists at our firm.

We can help you choose the most economical plan that meets your needs because we have access to A+ rated burial insurance providers. Our insurance professionals can provide you with the specifics of the policy. We also provide certain unique perks that are uncommon for this kind of insurance.

Our experts are kind, straightforward, and approachable, and we’ve assisted many people in resolving challenging circumstances. We’re sure we can assist you as well.

By offering the greatest funeral or final expense insurance available, we hope to assist everyone. In this trying time, we think everyone deserves the utmost care and consideration.

Final Thought

It is imperative to make arrangements for future funeral services, especially if you are over 70. Insurance for burial is an excellent option to pay for expenses. This insurance may cover everything from the minimal expenditures of a funeral and burial to full-service funerals.

You should choose a last expense insurance plan designed for people over 70. Choosing the appropriate burial or funeral insurance coverage is crucial if you are 70 years of age or older.

A solid plan will guarantee that your funeral will be held in the manner that you like and that your family won’t have to hurry to pay for your funeral costs.

The best way to acquire the most accurate life quotation at reasonable rates is to speak with an expert. You can reach us at (855) 468-8900, and we’ll be pleased to assist you.