Burial Insurance And Cancer Recurrence: A Complete Guide

When a person has cancer, they must manage the stress of having the condition as well as the stress of trying to figure out how to cover all the additional costs that are associated with it.

Getting affordable cancer recurrence burial insurance is one approach to assist relieve some financial stress. This can aid when through a second or third round of treatment.

“It is preferable to risk starvation than to pass away from an illness.” When taking into account funeral insurance and cancer recurrence, this proverb is very pertinent.

It can be challenging to work on your insurance policy, particularly when attempting to determine what coverage you require and how much each policy would cost.

If you have financial difficulties following your initial course of treatment,BestBurialPolicy.com advises that everyone think about purchasing cancer recurrence burial insurance. Let’s examine what it means to have a cancer recurrence, your options, and how it can affect your life if you need insurance for such an occurrence.

Burial Insurance And Cancer Recurrence: What is it?

Recurrence is the term used to describe cancer that returns or recurs after therapy. Cancer can spread (metastasize) to other body areas or return in the same location as before.

Recurrence is more likely in several malignancies, including breast and prostate cancers. Recurrence may occur months or years after the completion of treatment.

While some people with early-stage malignancies never experience a recurrence, others discover their illness returns years later.

Let’s say you have a burial insurance coverage and are told you have cancer. In that situation, if your illness worsens and a recurrence happens within two years of the date of diagnosis, you can be entitled for further coverage.

If you have another life insurance policy or a disability policy that covers this incident, your insurer won’t pay payments.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, can you still get life insurance?

It is still feasible to obtain coverage if you or a loved one has cancer and doesn’t already have life insurance.

For further information on what has to be done, get in touch with us.

What determines how much coverage you’re entitled for and how much you’ll ultimately pay depends on:

  • Your cancer type
  • What stage is it at?
  • Your prognosis.
  • Your treatment strategy

Is it possible to get life insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, it is the answer. If you have cancer, it is still possible to purchase life insurance, but there may be some restrictions based on the type of illness you have.

Cancer patients can purchase life insurance, but they may need to meet certain criteria. For instance, before the application may be granted, certain tumours must have a particular amount of time in remission.

Others may require regular checkups and blood tests to ensure that cancer does not recur.

The most common cancers are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Melanoma Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Liver Cancer 
  • Thyroid Cancer

When searching for life insurance for a cancer patient, it’s important to consider how much protection they’ll require and how long they’ll need it for.

It would be beneficial if you also thought about whether any further medical issues would impact their ability to obtain coverage or pay for premiums.

Most of the time, two years after diagnosis, you may still be eligible for coverage and receive standard rates if you have a disease like breast or prostate cancer with a high survival rate.

More aggressive cancers with shorter life expectancies in the US are less likely to be accepted for life insurance using the standard procedure.

But once more, obtaining a funeral insurance policy is possible even if cancer is active.

Cancer can be difficult to insure against; the earlier it is discovered, the better. After two years following the last treatment, stage 0 or stage 1 malignancies may still be insurable and even qualify for standard rates.

Even if they adhere to their treatment plan and have a favourable prognosis, it can be difficult for cancer survivors to purchase life insurance.

The issue is that burial insurance coverage doesn’t operate in the same manner as conventional life insurance.

How does cancer recurrence affect burial insurance?

Because recurring cancers are regarded as pre-existing diseases after two years following diagnosis, funeral insurance plans do not cover cancer recurrences.

Your policy would not cover any claims for the first two years if you bought funeral insurance while suffering from cancer or another serious illness.

If it has been more than two years since your previous treatment, though, getting an immediate policy with no waiting period shouldn’t be an issue.

In fact, if you wish to shield yourself from future medical expenses, you have a number of options.

For example:

  • You may be able to obtain life insurance through your employer or other group plan offering guaranteed issue coverage (coverage guaranteed regardless of pre-existing conditions).
  • You might also consider purchasing a guaranteed issue whole life insurance either through an existing plan or through an independent broker/agent specializing in writing these policies.

Can my burial insurance policy cover my cancer recurrence?

Yes! If you become terminally sick, certain burial insurance policies will pay for your funeral as long as your doctor certifies there is no hope of recovery or remission from your illness.

As long as the policy was active and a level policy, your plan will pay for all funeral expenses if you are still receiving treatment but are anticipated to pass away within a year of diagnosis.

If you accelerate the benefit, most burial insurance policies will only pay up to 100% of the funeral expenses, such as embalming fees or burial plot prices.

However, it’s good looking about before choosing a policy because some businesses give coverage for up to 50% of these costs!

Understanding these three alternatives can help you choose the right rate class when looking for a policy:

  • If you are currently diagnosed and are receiving treatment, then the only policies available are graded/guarantee issued whole life. These are 1-2 year waiting period policies.
  • If you have had cancer in the past, and treatment has ended over 24 months ago, then you are able to receive level day one coverage.
  • If you have a history of cancer in your family, my advice, get it soon and early.

How Life Insurance Works if You Have Cancer

Some life insurance firms insist on the old-fashioned physical exam method if you are in remission or were just diagnosed. It makes it difficult to pay for the necessary level of coverage.

However, these insurers only have a 2-year lookback period for burial insurance. This means that if your treatment ended more than 24 months ago, you will be paid at the same rate as if you had never had cancer.

Keep in mind that there are numerous factors to consider while selecting life insurance. Every firm has its own underwriting policies; if Company A doesn’t work for you, Company B might.

This is why speaking with an independent agency, such as an agent from BestBurialPolicy.com is SO IMPORTANT.

It could take some time and effort to find the proper fit, and there may be a few applications turned down along the road. We can, however, quickly identify the appropriate carrier.

Please don’t go it alone if you’re seeking for life insurance for cancer. You already have a lot on your plate; finding a policy shouldn’t add to it.

We at BestBurialPolicy.com are a company with connections to many of the leading life insurance providers, and we can assist you in obtaining the coverage you require.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the best A+ rated insurance providers in the nation. We can make sure that our customers are receiving the optimum coverage in this way.

Additionally, we provide cutting-edge supplementary features at no additional charge.

No-Medical Exam Required to Apply

A form of policy called no-medical exam life insurance does not call for a physical or underwriting examination.

It implies that no medical examinations are necessary for the insured person to be approved for a policy.

The sole prerequisite is that they can demonstrate that they are in excellent health by answering a series of health-related questions and that they have not received a cancer diagnosis or treatment in the last two years.

We are experts in providing economical no medical exam life insurance.

Call us right away to speak with an agent and learn what kind of insurance you might be qualified for when it comes to dealing with cancer.

Life Insurance for Stage 4 Cancer Patients

Patients with stage 4 cancer can get life insurance just like everyone else. The distinction is that in the event of death, this kind of coverage covers the expense.

Despite the fact that there are numerous variations of life insurance policies, they all have one thing in common: they all distribute a certain sum of money to someone after your passing.

When they have children or want to be sure their family will be taken care of in the event of their death, many individuals get life insurance.

Patients with stage 4 cancer may purchase a coverage to pay for their final expenses. Nevertheless, it’s critical to comprehend the types of coverage that are offered so that you may decide for yourself whether or not you require it.

We are able to assist you there.

What are the benefits of burial insurance for cancer patients?

Your loved ones will be relieved to know they won’t have to incur debt as a result of your passing.

It can assist in avoiding the possibility that your family would liquidate their assets to cover your final costs, leaving them with no savings or investments. or even worse, incurring debt.

When a primary breadwinner passes away unexpectedly from cancer or another sickness, it gives surviving spouses and kids financial security.

Can burial insurance cover cancer recurrence?

Yes! Because they assume that burial insurance is primarily meant to cover chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, many people feel that cancer recurrence won’t be covered by it. However, this is untrue.

Second tumours are also covered by several policies:

Your family would be able to receive benefits under the policy if you were initially diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent successful treatment for it, and then developed lung cancer. In this scenario, you would have passed away. The reason for this is that, despite having the same exact underlying aetiology as breast cancer, lung cancer is regarded as a distinct disease (for example, smoking).

But what if, as a result of your initial diagnosis, you acquired lung cancer and passed away within two years of diagnosis? (but after treatment).

Depending on the type of insurance you bought, some restrictions might be imposed on your claim in that situation. These two-year waiting time regulations exist.

What are the options for coverage if my cancer recurs?

If you’ve been given a cancer diagnosis, you might be worried about your financial stability. Fortunately, there is assistance available to safeguard your family.

Three categories can be used to categorise cancer insurance policies:

Only policies for cancer. Specific types of cancer are covered by these policies, while other medical issues are not. People with a high risk of developing a certain type of cancer are most suited for this kind of policy. Usually in accordance with their ancestry. Or possibly because they worked somewhere where they were exposed to a recognised carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer).

General health protection includes a cancer treatment clause. Everything from exams and medicines to hospitalisation and surgery is covered by a general health insurance plan. However, some insurers will cover the expense of your treatment if you are diagnosed with cancer. Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage for these fees (Medi-Cal in California).

Options for health insurance that cover cancer. These plans offer thorough coverage for every element of your care. Included in this are prescription medicines, in-patient stays, and other costs related to your disease.

How to Get the Best Life Insurance for Cancer Recurrence Patients?

We are aware that any coverage for a cancer recurrence is probably essential for you. For any impairment, we provide a variety of coverage options. Including our qualified team to guide you in choosing the ideal one.

BestBurialPolicy.com is always available to assist clients in selecting the most cost-effective and enticing plan to meet their demands. We can assist if you require assistance with a dated medical condition and want a reasonable, individualised solution.

Most importantly, we are fully conversant with the underwriting and rates of every reputable burial or final expense insurance company we represent.

Since we are independent, we have access to some of the top Final Expense Insurance Specialists out there.

Our staff of highly qualified experts has access to all of the main insurance carriers. We only provide top-notch insurance options.

Regardless of their condition, we have the desire to provide clients with the greatest final expense insurance available.

At BestBurialPolicy.com, we take satisfaction in offering our clients the best solutions based on their circumstances. We pledge to make the procedure as easy and stress-free as we can.

Final Thought

Although it is frequently believed that cancer is fatal, that is not always the case. The alternatives available to persons who have received a cancer diagnosis were covered in this article, including burial insurance.

Funeral and other last costs may be covered with the aid of burial insurance. Those who have battled cancer worry constantly about the possibility of a recurrence.

This article takes a close look at burial insurance and how it might benefit cancer patients.

To get started on obtaining a cost-effective coverage made specifically for you, get in touch with us immediately. Call our agents at (855) 468-8900 or complete the quotation form on this page to receive an accurate quote for burial insurance.