Benefits Of Keyman Life Insurance For Your Business

A sort of commercial insurance called keyman insurance covers a corporation in the event that one or more key personnel are murdered, injured, or become paralysed.

Having this kind of insurance for your company has several advantages, including defence against legal action and emotional harm; peace of mind knowing that you are protected against unanticipated events; and tax savings because it is an expense that can be written off against your profits.

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Taxation Of Keyman Life Insurance

Above all, you should strive to safeguard the interests of the business when purchasing keyman insurance for an employee. After all, this individual is a huge advantage to your financial situation.

This post will teach you the value of key man protection and how losing a key employee or top salesperson may hurt business owners.

Key employee insurance, also known as key person life insurance, is actually a term life insurance policy that will shield the small business from loss in the case of death or disability. Generally, it is regarded as a type of business insurance because the firm pays the premiums and is the beneficiary. In the event of a loss, you are defending your asset.

The loss of an important employee might have a significant impact, thus you are first and foremost safeguarding the interests of shareholders or partners. According to the proverb, 80% of your business is made up of 10% of your personnel. The death benefit is likewise tax-free, and the corporation can deduct it from income taxes.

The workings of key man insurance are pretty straightforward. The amount of coverage is often a million dollars, or the employee’s pay is multiplied. The employee’s present health will be used to determine the cost of key man insurance. The key person insurance policy’s rate class will then be decided by the insurance company. In turn, this will determine how much the key man policy will cost.

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The Truth About Keyman Insurance Policy, How It Can Protect Your Business

Every company has a key employee. Key Man Life Insurance: What Is It?

For any small business, a stellar employee is invaluable. He or she may be in charge of the significant account at ad agency. Alternatively, a Fortune 500 company executive. even the car shop’s expert mechanic.

Every business runs extremely differently. While some businesses may distribute authority equally among their departments, other businesses might rely heavily on a small number of people.

Businesses would be crushed if one of their few irreplaceable employees passed away. Therefore, it is typical to have a key man policy worth $1 million or more.

The business may fight to stay afloat or work hard to keep things running smoothly. Less than 15% of businesses are equipped to deal with the loss of critical employees, according to recent surveys.

Being so reliant on only one or two people for the entire organisation is really hazardous. For instance, key man life insurance can be beneficial in this situation.

What Is Keyman Insurance Policy

Keyman Insurance Policy Definition

Crucial Man Protection. It is sometimes referred to as Key Person Insurance, Key Man Policy, or Important Employee Insurance. Even if it’s unpleasant to plan for the passing of someone you personally know, corporations need to be protected just like people do.

Business partners purchase key man life insurance to prevent the company from failing if they lose a crucial employee or partner. Most frequently, a cheap, affordable term policy is used to purchase this.

Small business owners that want to protect their families may insure themselves. When they pass away, a life insurance policy will pay for their debts, mortgage, and funeral costs. Business partners and important staff may also be covered by these permanent life insurance policies.

Disability insurance, which is customary for business partners, is another insurance that business owners get. Their key staff are also covered by this insurance. Disability insurance is designed to pay for costs incurred when diseases or injuries prohibit people from returning to work.

Key man life insurance, however, offers a distinct kind of protection. Businesses are protected by keyman life insurance in the event that one of their most crucial employees passes away.

This can occasionally be included in a deferred compensation scheme.

While not every business needs key man life insurance, there are some situations where doing without is quite perilous. Purchasing a key employee is therefore seen from a commercial perspective as an investment in the safety of the company.


Whenever a key employee passes away or gets handicapped, business owners might suffer significant losses and/or place their organisation in a difficult financial situation.

The success of the company depends on important individuals, who in some situations act as the cement holding the bricks together.

The following are some of the occurrences that a key man life insurance policy will guard against:

  • Assemble temporary staff and, if required, provide funding for the recruitment and training of a successor.
  • insurance to safeguard the business’s revenues. For instance, compensating lost revenue from lost sales
  • Losses due to the postponement or cancellation of any projects in which the key person was active.
  • insurance to safeguard the interests of partners or shareholders.
  • It is crucial to understand that the corporation would be the benefactor of the key man insurance.

You are the superhero of your company, therefore make smart investments.

Deductibility Of keyman Life Insurance Premiums


You must ascertain whether or not your business is largely dependent on a small number of people.

For instance, top executive life insurance protects the business’s founder. Key figures may also include a company’s founders. Even some lower-level personnel could at times be crucial to the business.

Fundamentally, you need to assess if your business would struggle to survive with the death of a person. The important guy life insurance is a wise investment if the response is yes.

There is no general rule because every business is different. Instead, the business considers which type of coverage will be adequate on a standalone basis.

Keyman Insurance Definition


In fact, keyman life insurance works very similarly to traditional life insurance. The company purchases life insurance on its important personnel, and it is also the beneficiary.

Business partners are responsible for maintaining coverage and paying the premiums.

The business receives the predetermined sum of money if one of the individuals covered by a key man’s life insurance passes away while the policy is still in force.

A few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars may be involved.

The most common policies for a Key man are as follows:

Taxation Of Keyman Life Insurance


Under the Pension Protection Act of 2006’s COLI Best Practices Act, premiums are typically not tax deductible in the United States unless they are paid for by the insured employee.

The death benefit of the policy is tax-free because it is an employer-owned life insurance policy and the premiums were paid with after-tax money. This indicates that the company will get the policy’s full face value.

Above all, keeping track of critical men life insurance is crucial.

In addition, a highly compensated employee at a small business is a cornerstone of that corporation, making it essential for the company’s viability to have a personal life insurance policy on the important individual.

If a key employee’s life insurance cash value accumulates, the company may borrow money against it as a tax-free business loan.

This is only one of the many advantages the business has when implementing this kind of policy.

Taxation Of Keyman Life Insurance Proceeds

Are Key Employee Life Insurance Proceeds Taxable?

Above all, are the proceeds of a key man life insurance taxable? They can be in particular situations.

For instance, if a business pays premiums into an insurance and then decides to cash it out after the cash value has increased significantly over the amount paid in premiums, this may result in a taxable event.

Again, unless they are included in the key person’s remuneration package, the premiums paid are not tax deductible.

Key Man Insurance Buy-Sell Agreement

Can a crucial person be a business partner? is a common query I come across from time to time.

The response is a resounding yes.

For instance, if you had two partners and one was the one who handled the finances and the other was the one that went out and brought in the business, both of them have a crucial role to play.

Now, the surviving partner will take over the company if one of them passes away. But what about the partner’s family who recently passed away?

This can be an issue in the short term. The last thing you need is legal complications, such as an irate family suing for ownership of a business they have no knowledge of.

So, a buy-sell agreement handles this.

Requirements for notice and consent are a component of the key man policy. This lays down the laws specified in the contract. They consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • The owner engages in a trade or business, and
  • The owner (or a related party) is a beneficiary (direct or indirect), and  
  • The insured is an employee at the time of policy issue, and
  • The insured is a U.S. citizen or resident.

A buy-sell arrangement now requires the partners’ consent in order to be funded. Occasionally changing these due to a buyout or finding a successor if it’s a keyman is also usual.



  • The company’s owner or partners
  • The top salesperson/go-to person, or a management reporting to the owner


  • Keep the coverage terms and limits in mind
  • Entire Life vs. Term (we will discuss this below)
  • Your coverage limits could vary as your firm expands. Be adaptable!
  • A business exchange rider might be included.
  • At this point, if necessary, you would have the option of replacing your current Key Person with a new Key Person.


What is the price of keyman insurance? The kind of product you use for the key person insurance quotation will depend on this.

A crucial individual is typically covered for ten years. Nonetheless, the majority of deferred compensation programmes will use a whole life or permanent life insurance policy.


Keyman Term Life Insurance is an inexpensive choice for your company.

The term options are 10, 20, and 30 years. Also, instead of a disability policy, you might wish to consider a term policy with living benefits.

Inquire with your agent about a business that will provide no exam coverage of up to $1,000,000 for a crucial employee. Hence, if your important employee is unwilling to take the exam, this is a possibility.

Remember that there are numerous alternatives available, with prices ranging from $20,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

Consult your agent for advice.

They will be better able to direct you through the procedure if you provide them with accurate and thorough information.

Total Life:

Whole life insurance lasts the entire insured’s lifespan and accrues monetary value. In fact, an advantage of cash value life insurance will let you borrow money against the policy without paying taxes on the interest.

Sometimes this is referred to as endless banking.

Use it as an additional incentive for your top employee to remain with your business until the full maturity of his or her policy.

Not to mention, increase your company’s liquidity.

Contact your agent to discuss your keyman life insurance prices and to inquire about term vs. whole life insurance. Ask about Single Premium Whole Life as well.

Keyman Income Protection Insurance

How much key man coverage do I need?

It’s usually a wise business decision to compare insurance quotes because the amount depends on how much the company pays in premiums.

Hence, profitable companies with larger resources may afford to provide better coverage. This works out since more prosperous companies have more to lose, therefore they should absolutely think about having the right protection.

Determine the value of the individual you are covering for the business before selecting how much you want to pay in premiums.

Following the same general principle is typically a good idea; the amount should ideally be at least 5 to 10 times the insured’s annual earnings.

You should also think about how much it will cost to fill the position with a new employee or how much it will cost to carry out their duties without them.

Of course, figuring out these parameters involves a fair amount of math.

People and corporations can find the best and most economical coverage by using an independent insurance agent.

The best life insurance providers can be reached through an independent insurance agent. Also, they can address any queries or worries.


  • Protective
  • Banner
  • Prudential
  • John Hancock
  • AIG



Your independent agent can provide guidance on what to anticipate during the application and underwriting processes, but typically, key man insurance underwriters are interested in the following information:

  • What kind of business do you run?
  • Not everyone is valued highly enough to hold key person positions, according to the key person job.
  • The key individual’s skill set and experience in that skill; the more experience they have, the more important a position they play in the company.
  • Income: This influences how much insurance is required.

The cost of key man insurance will primarily depend on a person’s medical history.

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