Banner Life/William Penn Life Insurance 2022 Review


This is a comparison of the life insurance plans offered by William Penn and Banner Life. We’ll examine each company’s attributes, benefits, and drawbacks in order to help you decide which one could be best for you.

Because there are so many different types and coverage levels available, understanding life insurance can be challenging. But don’t worry! No matter how much or how little experience you have with this kind of product, we’re here to break it down in a way that’s simple to understand.

Let’s get going!

Banner Life Insurance Reviews

What is the best and most affordable life insurance provider?

A global multinational financial services organisation includes Banner Life Insurance Company, also known as Legal General America and William Penn of NY.

Life insurance, general insurance, pensions, and international investments make up their line of work.

This piece will serve as our review for 2021. Please be aware that Banner Life is one of our preferred carriers and offers some of the best prices and products in the business.

Is Banner a Good Life Insurance Company

Of course, it depends on what you’re after. Some of the most cost-effective term life insurance is available from Banner Life.

Furthermore, they offer assured universal life insurance policies at very affordable prices.

Also, Banner Life’s rates are the best in the business, making them ideal for smokers who need life insurance.

Ensure the Future of Your Family with Banner Life Insurance

Above all, it’s advised that you compare options before settling on a life insurance provider. Because every business is different, your chances of discovering the perfect fit for you will increase as you do more searching.

Of course, there are several top-notch life insurance providers to take into account, including American General AIG or Protected Life.

Banner Life History

One of Legal General America’s companies is Banner Life. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’ve been meaning to for a while.

The business continues to have its headquarters in London and has operations in both North America and Asia. The ninth-largest life insurance company in the world is this one.

Within their global Legal General Group, they also have a large number of subsidiaries.

Financially sound and stable companies are Banner Life and Legal & General America.

Approximately 1.3 million customers in the US. In terms of annuities, they distributed more than $717 million to over 21,000 annuitants in 2017.

In terms of annuities, they distributed more than $717 million to over 21,000 annuitants in 2017.

Around $53 billion in new coverage has been issued by the corporation alone in 2017.

$5 billion in assets and $703 billion in active insurance.

Facts/timeline of Banner Life’s Story:

They are still in operation thanks to their financial stability.

That is quite remarkable.

Undoubtedly a firm that is here to stay!

  • 1949: Soon after becoming Banner Life Insurance Company, Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO) was founded.
  • 1963: The Modern Life Insurance Company was established in 1963. But in 1975, it became William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York.
  • In 1981, Legal & General Group Plc’s wholly owned subsidiary GELICO was established. And in 1983 that name was changed to Banner.
  • 1989 saw Banner Life acquire William Penn as a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2011: The creation of Legal and General America, a single brand.

BANNER LIFE’S Insurance Reviews and RATINGS 

  • A+ (Superior)  ~ as per A.M. Best
  • AA- (Very Strong) ~ as per S&P
  • AA- (Very Strong) ~ as per Fitch
  • 94 COMDEX score ~ a score compiled of all the ratings above that a company receives.

Click here for additional details about Legal General America Financials.

Call us for more information or a thorough analysis of Banner Life Insurance.


First off, Banner Life offers flexible terms and a range of payment alternatives for its life insurance.

However, the cost of life insurance varies, so it is advisable to look about a little before choosing an insurance provider.

Additionally, Banner Life welcomes clients up to the age of 70.

To emphasise, they are far more age-friendly than traditional life insurance providers.

Also, Banner Life’s universal policies offer a remarkable degree of customization.

Both permanent and term life insurance are offered by Banner Life. Policies are guaranteed for both term and permanent use.


Like we’ve covered, term life insurance has a set premium for a certain duration.

When that period is up, coverage expires.

Whole life insurance is different, though.

additionally referred to as permanent life insurance.

Your entire life is for you to live.

It is a little more expensive than term life, though.

At PinnacleQuote, we tend to advocate whole life insurance more for senior citizens. Indeed, full life insurance is an easy matter.

including customers looking for funeral and last expenditure insurance.

Please don’t be hesitant to call us if you have any questions about these two possibilities.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


if you are looking for a…

Despite having a licence to operate in 49 states, Banner doesn’t operate in New York.

They do, however, provide affiliated businesses (as we discussed before), such William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. In actuality, William Penn only does business in New York.

Nonetheless, Legal General America is still in 2018 (Legal General Group, plc). They are situated at William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York Valley Stream NY.

Life insurance is not a “one size fits all” product, keep in mind.

In accordance with each person’s health and lifestyle, life insurance differs.

States have different requirements for a life insurance product.

But, your knowledgeable independent agent will aid you because they have experience.




  • Flexible Payment Options: Quarterly, Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Yearly
  • *Term Riders: These offer ad hoc protection for a limited time. This goes above and beyond your default policy.
  • It does not take its position.

Example of a Term Rider in action: **

A 30-year basic plan with a flat premium is where you should begin. Add a 20-year rider to cover the repayment of your mortgage and home.

Later a 10-year education protection rider was added. Consult your personal agent! Any and all queries are always welcome, of course!

Does Banner Life Insurance Offer Riders

  • Children’s Rider ~ Death Benefit Protection For Families With One Or More Children.  All You Need Is One Rider. This Covers All Children In Your Family. 
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider ~ If You Become Terminally Ill, The Accelerated Benefit Is A Lien. This Accrues Interest. If You Die, The Benefits Payable Are Reduced By Total Benefit Lien.
  • Waiver Of Premium ~ The Carrier Will Waive Premiums In The Event You Suffer A Serious Long Term Illness/Injury.  If You Become Totally Disabled.  Your Family Will Remain Protected.
  • Policy Conversion ~ Notably, you May Change Your Term Policy To A Permanent Policy. What Is Fantastic About This Is.  Underwriting Class Will Remain Same As Your Term. If You Have Some Changes In Health, You Will Be Exempt From A Change In Class.

Your Family Will Continue to Be Safe.

Notably, you can convert your term insurance to a permanent insurance policy. The amazing thing about this is. The Underwriting Course Will Continue During Your Term. You won’t need to change classes if your health has changed in any way.

If you have any questions regarding any exclusions related to Banner Life Insurance, ask your agent.


Several elements will affect your rates:

  • Health
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Lifestyle

These are Banner Life Insurance Rates in more detail.

Men and women between the ages of 40 and 60 are being used to compare rates:

As we can see from the chart above, rates are often lower for women because they live longer than men. The mortality rate for males versus women is the basis used by life insurance firms.

Also, as you age, your rates increase immediately, as seen above. This is why we advise you to purchase life insurance NOW. It won’t be any less expensive than it is NOW!

What Is Temporal Life?

OPTerm life insurance is provided by Banner Life. They are renewable and convertible. With this term life insurance, you’ll receive a fixed death benefit.



A term life insurance that will offer you a ten-year period of level premiums. From the eleventh year forward, your premium will rise annually.

Legal & General America will additionally provide OpTerm 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30!



You and your family have a few alternatives with Banner Life.

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Annuities
  • Universal Life


Those who have been given a diagnosis of a potentially deadly illness may find it difficult to get life insurance plans. Offering MediGuide together with any of its insurance plans is how Banner Life distinguishes itself.

As a result, they are the only insurance provider to take this action.

Among other things, MediGuide can assist you in getting second opinions from physicians and getting the finest medical care available.

Above all, for all the reasons already mentioned, Banner Life is regarded as one of the top providers of life insurance.

To sum up, Banner is one of the top carriers for post-cancer treatments, and life insurance for cancer sufferers needs to be aware of this.

How to possibly buy term insurance online

By this point, your brain must be spinning!

You’ve likely called many insurance brokers to ask about online life insurance. to compare life insurance premiums. common inquiries regarding the many kinds of life insurance.

Getting life insurance shouldn’t be difficult and is not.

Any minor effort you put forth to purchase a property online or through a local agent will ultimately be well worth it.

Given this, it is generally advised to avoid local auto/home insurance bundles.

Although they are fantastic for auto and home insurance, purchasing term life insurance from them or purchasing life insurance in general will ultimately cost you more.

Ads for Haven Life Insurance, StateFarm, or even AARP will predominate.

Give us a call if you have any questions. Not trying to sell you anything is our aim.

In truth, it is our intention to provide you with the data you require. You then choose what you wish to do.


Generally speaking, Banner Life is renowned for offering affordable term life insurance rates. In addition, compared to other life insurance firms, Banner Life has a lax underwriting policy.

Also, this implies that those who might have trouble obtaining life insurance, say, due to diabetes, may still be able to qualify for Banner Life Insurance.

Also, Banner Life provides crucial security in the form of death benefit insurance that doesn’t accrue interest. Remember that you have a variety of insurance policy options.

But, this is what allows them to give appropriate coverage and the right amount of death benefit without going through the roof for premiums.


Every individual will be viewed differently by every firm.

Every person is unique. Your ability to be insured is greatly influenced by your medical history. Including the cost of your premiums. Being a smoker has a significant impact on your premiums.

Underwriters consider the following:

  • Family history
  • If you are or were a tobacco user
  • Height and weight
  • Age
  • Medical history


Their level-premium term life insurance includes products with terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.

Also, Banner Life prides itself on offering affordable life insurance and appreciates customer service. In light of this, consider the following illustration of Banner Life’s underwriting:

  • Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco
  • Preferred Non-Tobacco
  • Standard Plus Non-Tobacco
  • Standard Non Tobacco
  • Preferred Tobacco
  • Standard Tobacco


The world just got easier!

Obtaining a licence to practise law in the United States is a complex procedure that requires a number of steps.

PinnacleQuote’s owner and agent is Danny Ray. He will quiz you about your lifestyle and general health.

With your assistance, we will complete the application over the phone in around 5 minutes.

Then he will simultaneously shop you around to many carriers, including Banner Life.

The wonderful thing is that Banner currently offers the lowest market rates for term life insurance!

In particular, their rates recently increased.

So, depending on your health level, they are competitive when you enter table-rated circumstances.


We’ve listed a few aspects of Banner Life that can disappoint you below:

Medical Exam ~ All of their policies demand a medical exam, which may deter some applicants with serious medical issues. To stress this, these individuals could choose to move to a different life insurance firm that offers coverage without a medical exam rather than being classified as high risk by the underwriters of life insurance.

Low Rates ~There aren’t many insurance options available with Banner Life. Similarly, their low charges can only be sustained if they are somewhat restricted in what they offer.

Takes their time ~ Another important factor is that Banner Life’s approval process takes longer than typical. Since many people looking to purchase life insurance do so urgently, this may therefore be unsettling for some. But, the main reason for this is because Banner Life charges less, thus they have to screen candidates a little more thoroughly than other businesses.

As you can see, most of Banner Life’s negative features are a direct result of having reduced prices.

Which life insurance policy you select ultimately relies on your situation, your preferences, and the price you are offered.


While being a part of Legal & General America, Banner Life and William Penn have different security professions contact information and customer support phone numbers.

Do you have a query regarding your policy? In search of the following?

  • Forms for Banner Life Insurance
  • Questions concerning Banner Life Insurance claims

The contact details and phone numbers for Banner Life are listed below.

Banner Customer Service

William Penn Customer Service

Contact details for Banner Life Insurance are as follows:

Banner Life Insurance, 3275 Bennett Creek Ave., Frederick, MD 21704-7608.

Call Banner Life insurance at (301) 279-4800.

Banner life insurance medical exam

What happens once I submit my application for life insurance? After submitting, you will schedule a time and day that work for your medical examination.

It takes quite a few days for the process to be finished for underwriting to be reviewed after your exam.

They might ask your doctor for more details or records.

We’ll keep you informed, and please ask questions if you have any.


Over the years, we’ve received several inquiries about complaints about Banner Life Insurance Company. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Banner Life an A+ rating even though they are not accredited by the BBB.

Also, 3 customer complaints have been noticed and resolved as of this writing. In fact, there have been no complaints in the past year!

One of the greatest life insurance providers we can recommend to customers is Banner Life.

We recognise the value of your time.

Dealing with automated phone systems can occasionally be annoying.

Call PinnacleQuote at (855) 380-3300 if you have any questions at all.

Our direct line is here.

We occasionally assist different clients.

Leave a message, and we’ll give you a call as soon as possible!



You must comprehend the significance of WHY you require life insurance.

Just take a glance at your family and kids. That ought to cover the why. But too frequently, my clients continue to put it off.

Whether you’re single, married with kids, or both.

Each of us requires it.

This is the reason,

In The Event That You Die ~ Your Paycheck Dies With You. Should you pass away, your paycheck will also. Your family is left shattered and in financial ruin as a result. I’ll explain:

When you are single ~ Even though you might not have young children yanking at your leg the entire day or when you get home from work while you are single.

You are still a family man. Most likely in their later years, your parents are your parents.

They will be forced to pay off your debt when you pass away.

When you die ~ By purchasing life insurance, you may rest easy knowing that your debts, as well as funeral and burial costs, will be covered. Apart from that, “GO FUND ME” is NOT life insurance!

Your wife/husband and kids depend on you financially if you have a family.

Your paycheck passes away when you do. How will your family manage their finances? Furthermore, how long?

Founder and independent agent Danny Ray

I realise that nobody enjoys contemplating death.

I can’t say I blame you. We also don’t want to picture ourselves getting into a serious vehicle accident or being told we have a terminal illness. But we have no power over it.

Consider it in this manner.

For instance, Hurricane Michael recently wreaked havoc on the Florida Panhandle.

There have been over 17 fatalities.

Destruction of homes. Destruction of families. Anything can occur at any time. Your life changes in an instant.


Banner Life and William Penn are both options to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a life insurance plan that will undoubtedly meet your demands. Before deciding which company to employ depending on your particular situation, we advise requesting estimates from each. We hope this blog post has made it easier for you to choose an insurance provider, whichever one you decide to go with!